Mystify Michael Hutchence – Official Trailer

– The amount of experience
that you would go through in doing what we do, is many lifetimes. The problem is holding on to a fixed point for long enough to understand it. ♪ All veils and misty ♪ – You know when
there’s one person in the room that has a special light? That was him. – He was the complete package. – And everyone
wanted a piece of him. – Michael Hutchence.
– So sexy! – Michael always had that aura about him. ♪ Mystify, mystify ♪ – If you’re a sensual being all of your senses need stimulating. ♪ Mystify ♪ – A lot of it was
based around pleasure. Let’s face it.
♪ Mystify me ♪ – I don’t like the idea of goals. I don’t like the idea of success. – He actually wanted to be an artist. – I think it confused him whether he wanted to take
on being Michael Hutchence. – It started to take its toll on him. ♪ To keep me alive ♪ – We were riding home on our bikes. This insane taxi driver got
out of his car and punched him. – And, right from the get-go Michael was kind of different. – I just felt this incredible overwhelming sense of sadness. This is not the Michael that I know. ♪ I, I was standing ♪
– He was a shy kid. He didn’t want to walk into a room full of people let alone sing. – Anticipation, anxiety attack. – I remember asking Michael what his definition of rock ‘n’ roll was. He said, liberation. – Sometimes your stars line up and everything in life clicks. And sometimes you’re fighting
against nature itself. ♪ Worlds collided, shining through ♪ ♪ And they could never tear us apart ♪ ♪ I, I was standing ♪

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  1. Where/how can I see this? Theatre? Netflix? This looks phenomenal. MH was a superstar from when I was 15 in 1984 till his death. He definitely should be in the top 10 frontmen of all time. Sadly sometimes I think he gets overlooked.

  2. We live in Newport Beach and just visited the Balboa Saloon again….neighborhood bar and filming location for their Devil Inside video. I remember writing letters to Michael back in the late 80s because he was my favorite singer…..RIP.

  3. This band has been my all time favorite since I first hearded in 1989. I will never forget seeing INXS in concert in Caracas, Venezuela on April 30th 1994 ( I still have the ticket slipped in the “Live Baby Live” album. When he died three years later I was crushed on November 22nd 1997. I just couldn’t believe it because he was an amazing artist, performer and sweet soul. A few months ago I have felt the urge to look everywhere for videos, documentaries, etc. In order to see them again. I surely miss Michael Hutchence and the band! Looking forward to see this new documentary.

  4. Saw this last night at an advance screening and it is well worth it.Untold amount of unseen archive footage and interviews with those who knew him best with the perspective of time since his passing.Well done Richard Lowenstein.This deserves awards.

  5. Can't believe this is coming out now–my estranged Ex's aura and actions remind me of Michael so much!! He once texted me the lyrics to "Need You Tonight" 😭😭😭 INXS was my band in the late 80's in college!!

  6. God he was a beautiful man and Paula Yates was stunning. I believe if she would have got rid of Bob before her and mic met they would have made it work. I know what its like to have a toxic ex out to destroy anything good in my life. And still manage to come off a Saint!!!

  7. One of the most oustanding performers of all time along with Freddy Mercury , Michael Jackson , Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger.

  8. I remember – i was 17, was hoping for some news of an INXS tour – Mtv news came on and Kurt Loder said Micheal was dead. It's hard to believe I'm older now than he will ever be. Hard to believe he has been gone nearly 22 years. Such a loss. 💔

  9. This looks good. I miss him so much. INXS was my life when I was younger. There music got me through so many tough times. I'm excited to see this

  10. WONDERFUL. As a life-long fan of Michael-I believe this will do great justice and prolong the memory of this remarkably-talented individual-RIP. Everyone talks about Michael based on looks etc-but it is his MUSIC; His ART that we must take most into account, listen to, absorb and appreciate ; for that is what his main intent was for. The MUSIC.

  11. the INXS catalog holds up big time. Put on The One Thing right now… you'll be air guitaring in seconds and loving life. I don't need a documentary to tell me how great he was and this band was the songs say it all!

  12. I have always thought of Michael Hutchence as my generations answer to Jim Morrison! Great Talent & gone, far too soon! NXS, was a class act! 🤗😢

  13. The James Dean of the music industry. He was magical x
    Sure hope Karma has gifted that cab driver a life of total and utter Hell.

  14. I hope they release it in the us.i always loved him.what happened to him was messed up.i hope his daughter have the time to go see it so she can see the side of her father she never got to know and was robbed of.the cab driver who hurted him karma will come back to Bob asshole geldof her fake ass father you can never replace micheal no matter how hard you try tiger lily is his twin you can be spiteful and try to hide the truth,keep her from his family you can never in a million years erase his legacy it forever to stay.paula Yates karma and guilt I think came back for her

  15. Sure hope Karma has gifted that cab driver a life of total and utter Hell.
    He has, still, never received the enormous recognition he has deserved.

  16. I loved INXS, found Michael extremely magnetic and intriguing, and was so saddened by his untimely passing. I'm looking forward to seeing this, though it definitely hurts. Godspeed Michael, and thanks for giving so much of yourself while you were here.

  17. I wonder if that taxi driver ever knew how he changed someone’s life and the lives of many others forever with his actions that night.

  18. Heavenly still dealing with Amy Smith and Cynthia Hill in the inner ear?
    Was excruciating to watch Heavenly deal with that sort of mentally deranged.
    Adam Greenwood would much perfect eternal rest
    As Chris’s Slade’s would say in the 1995-2001
    (The question) Why?
    (The answer) Because!

  19. 2017 🧠👈🏻 (bewildered look of shock) the fuck Mick
    G’day 🤝 Simon
    (Righto 🤔) G’day Adam
    “Why you need” 👁🌊’s

  20. Be a glutton for ignorance but to not be blissful about being ignorant form a observers perspective Has been one of the idiotic psychological frequency of thought pattern that I may have ever seen

  21. Interesting aspect, I do not like being around large groups of people all going to social functions or having much irrelevant socialisation activities but I could very easily and comfortably performance part of a couple of thousand people

  22. Never in my life have I seen anything like him before, he was part animal part human, moved like a cat and had everything… What happened to him was a complete and utter tragedy. That brain injury was far worse than first expected and it killed him in the end. There are lots of internet posts going about over this subject right now and its become apparent where he was heading.. 🙁 He even started to forget lyrics in concerts during 1997….. yeah it all got too much and he was a suicide risk and then it went bang. Totally tragic. A talent like that. The taxi driver who did it needs shooting

  23. Sooooo what is the deal as far as where this is available to watch? I live in the USA and can't find this documentary ANYWHERE. Anywhere I've searched, anyway. Am I missing something in that I'm seeing this has already been released? I've always been a HUGE fan on INXS and Michael Hutchence and desperately want to watch this documentary. 🙁 Can anyone tell me info about where to find it, or why it's not available in the U.S.?

  24. I am a fan of 1000 bands even 10,000 bands….. I am old enough to have remembered the day Elvis died John Lennon died Kurt Cobain died and countless countless other fantastic rock ‘n’ rollers…. but I was never as gutted the day Michael did…. every time I go out or go to a show INXS are part of my go to soundtrack…. We all wonder how much more brilliant music INXS would have given us…. every recording they have ever made that will last 10,000 lifetimes……

  25. Stevie Young That woman is my fucking Heavenly Hutchence, because Steve he’s never get in my GoodBooks and her entire life I don’t care if she fights death like fucking Peaches

  26. What the hell was he doing with Kylie Minogue? After so much written about how sexy he was what was the attraction to that plain, talentless,bimbo?

  27. I saw this film last night. Fantastic, unseen private film footage & well documented. As much as i love INXS & what they done for Aussie music, i was more interested into the Max Q project & his different style moving forward.

  28. A star generally understands when he is confronted with his own… Borg with McEnroe, Senna with Shumacher …. Bono with Michael

  29. I am completely in LOVE with Michael. While watching this trailer, I couldn't breathe and I had a tear or 100. I even dated a man for 10 years because he looked like Michael (wasn't the only reason). I saw the KICK tour in 1988, left the venue soaking wet and I couldn't talk or hear plus I was completely exhausted, I loved it. Does anyone know when this movie will be available to the public???

  30. All well and good but don't make him out to be some supernatural being that's above us mere mortals …please

  31. In walking distance to Thornbury Picture House now for just over a year suddenly had a must watch this today and go there for the first time. Thankfully I did and have just come walked through my door.
    Through out the entirety I was acutely aware of my breathing, lulling around the moment when taxi driver incident occurred and taking it back again once Michael almost regained a sort of conscience. An 80s teenager was always impressed with the name of the band and the deliverance of Max Q, but never a massive fan until there was a song I'm searching into my brain on that Rave night where an INXS song was given a dance beat to it…Then I got it. Wasn't diagnose with ADD until the age of 38 now recognise a lot more about wax lyrical and others not.
    Heart felt thoughts to all and thank you Mr Lowenstein for putting this together.

  32. I’m so scared to watch this, yet I really want too. If there was one person I could go back in time and stop dying it would be Michael. I just hate the taxi driver for what he did…

  33. Amazing, charismatic performer! Brilliant, sensitive and intelligent! I watched this film last night. Michael was definitely an enthusiastic smoker! I can't help but feeling that if he hadn't have died by suicide, he would probably have died from lung cancer by now!

  34. I was blessed growing up in Australia and in the late 70's and into the 80's – music and the pub scene was just mind blowingly fabulous… we had so many talented bands and musos…

    How could you not be intoxicated by INXS and the huge part of that – was purely Michael… his unique voice and of course, just his mere presence that I don't even think he completely understood…

    I can remember being so excited about them being back in Australia – back rehearsing for the last part of the tour in 1997 and couldn't wait for them to arrive in Melbourne for the show.

    I still remember the devastation when the rumours rumbled across the radio airways that awful day – about his passing… it was just pure disbelief… and the tragedy of it – unimaginable… which ultimately all turned out to be true.

    I've seen the movie twice and cried my eyes out – the reality of all of what Michael endured – is just heartbreaking…

    And for all those people in the universe that think that Sir Bob is great… and even the rest of the band's selfishness – is foremost and present…..truth be told, Michael was always irreplaceable… must be hard to be reminded of this…..

    Clearly he was in trouble…. mentally, emotionally and physically – clearly he was overwhelmed and consumed with sadness, heartache, heartbreak and just feeling completely alone… Hard to believe when you are one of the world's most charismatic and charming – flawed human beings… RIP Michael forever… I miss you and your beautiful swagger and voice….

    They were always brilliant live… He was blessed with untapped talent… all unbeknown to him…

    Kylie, he didn't just break your heart… he broke millions of hearts around the world… Thank you for sharing your personal memories and times…

    What an amazing docu – beats the "biopics" that have come out in the last 12 months…

    Thank you for sharing this incredible footage, moments in time and the care and love making it…

  35. I hope this Film is unbiased in its portrayal of Paula and their relationship…so sick of everyone blaming her for his downfall….that began with his head injury long before Paula came on the scene….Paula had experimented with drugs when she was very young but was in no way a drug addict and really only became involved with them after getting together with Micheal, who was known to be a user……..they were both into the same things, madly in love with eachother and both responsible for how it ended…..and please don't forget, Paula gave him the most precious thing in his life, his daughter, whom he adored but chose to leave behind, if in fact he did actually commit suicide, which personally I doubt very much…i think it was accidental. …Paula was devastated and never got over his death, dying herself 3 years later…leaving their daughter an orphan…it was a terrible tragedy all round but piling the blame on Paula for all of it is very unfair, biased against her being a woman, (who always get the blame!)! and very very shortsighted about how their relationship really was…and Micheals part in it.

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