Napolitano explains why Roger Stone is ‘absolutely entitled’ to a new trial

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  1. Trump was smart to tweet rather than a phone call because the Democrats were hoping he would of called so they could impeach him again.The Internal Revenue Service is the only persons who can end all of this by investigating every person involved in the over throw of government.

  2. Napolitano may be right, but this entire discussion is hilarious coming one week after a "jury" of "impartial" republican senators made their gutless decision to acquit the orange buffoon in the absurd joke of an impeachment trial.

  3. It's unfortunate that somebody got to Judge Nap. He went over to the dark side after Fox put him on probation for a while. He's been a Never Trumper ever since. It's good to see him talking common sense on this issue.

  4. The Judge gave misleading information – there was no phone call from Trump to Barr about the sentence and Trump's tweet did not influence Barr intervening, Barr said he had already decided to intervene. The Judge needs to be more careful with his words.

  5. And why the f*** is shift not behind bars yet I mean he's a f**** liar traitor and deserves nothing less than some like tar and feather s*** let the people have him but then that would be too nice it's probably for the best that we forgive him beat it down a course just no killing just bludgeon scars face so that every time he looks in the mirror he knows not to f*** with the USA and learn to tell the f**** truth no matter what the cost because that's how we seek it

  6. Could you, truly imagine these libturds running the country?! Man Obama was a moderate! How crazy is that to think about?!
    Just think if a “deplorable” Trump supporter pulled this crap on a liberal? They would calling a civil war….

  7. Either Tomeka Hart, the juror in question, lied in her interview, or the judge, Amy Berman Jackson, corruptly selected Hart because she wanted Stone to be convicted. If it was the first, then Hart should be prosecuted for perjury and disbarred. If it was the second, Jackson should be impeached.

  8. Democrats are scum. They are all guilty of treason and the party has to be crushed. POTUS needs to direct immediate election oversight to ensure fair elections across the nation and they need to start firing DOJ SPLC lawyer scum

  9. Let me start by saying that I'm a Trump supporter. However, there really wasn't any reason for what Barr did. Stone's sentencing was within guidelines, and people who don't cooperate or who don't plead guilty usually get stiff sentences, that's how it's been for everyone. Stone is a whack job anyway – I don't trust him further than I could throw him. He'd sell anyone out for the right money – good riddance.

  10. The only way to stop all this nonsense is to vote Republican come November. The delusional Democrats have lost all credibility.

  11. Bias Juror (and she goes to CNN right after for an interview!) and Roger Stone Injustice – Lawyer Explains – Viva Frei Vlawg @jyeE via @YouTube This woman needs to be prosecuted because she had to lie in her juror questionairre to become a juror in this case.

  12. HEY,
    We need to stop caring about what brain damaged crack, meth, coke and inbred bastards of incestuous parents dressed up as Democrats say about anything. Their arguments are not even based in reality, logic or even sense. Just flip them the bird and kick on with your life.

  13. Yeah, well I am quite sure that the Clintons HAVE killed people before.
    Who is a Seth Rich!
    Too bad the cops are too stupid to see a REAL crime.

  14. Judge Eddie Munster is still and always will be a fool!!! Pot smokers for Trump!!!! 420 through 2020 KAG victory!!!!!

  15. Why in gods name would judge Napolitano suggest in the current political climate that Donald Trump directly have communications with Barr about reducing the sentence that’s lunacy I don’t like judge Nap as much of what he says to me seems to be quite flawed

  16. 0:07 "Attorney general William Barr ought to be athamed and embarrathed…" says a lisping queer who lied about serving in Vietnam. Have the Democrats no shame? Okay, stupid question….

  17. people of America, the democrats have no respect for rules. You must protect your President. the evil is actually so obvious it is scary. from SA God protect and bless Pres Trump

  18. I don't trust trump, But I trust the Judge and I would trust if the Judge says he put him on Probation then I would put him on Probation.

  19. Let me see, for a process crime, DOJ prosecutors recommend 7-9 years. Trial heard before an Obama appointee judge, with a jury stacked with politically motivated jurors. I'd say Roger Stone deserves a mistrial if our justice system is worth anything, whatsoever. Then, to see DOJ take a pass on Andrew Mc Cabe? Hmmm.

  20. Wait, wait……is that Blumenthal? The "stolen valor" senator? ……calling for someone else to be ashamed and embarrassed??!! Are you kidding?! What a piece of crap!!

  21. Dems are a disgrace! The GOOD NEWS IS that DURHAM INDICTMENTS are coming !!! Deep State – Swamp is in panic mode and they are not safe from justice !!!

  22. Following the fallout from handling of Roger Stone's case, over 1,100 former Department of Justice officials have signed a letter calling for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr.

    WHY? Well, they have acknowledged that law must not only be just but must be seen to be just.

    The Attorney General has capitulated to the whims and pressure of the Trumpmeister and in so doing diluted the total concept of fair and balanced justice and the rule of law.

    Whether you are a Democrat or Republican when you agree to the president of the day no matter who they are may be able to use his/her power to influence the judiciary then you really deserve the tag of "banana republic".

    I am clearly not a Trump fan, but nor am I just a Democrat supporter. I am a world citizen who has a concern that if American want to be the "World policeman" then the president of the day owes it to the world to respect, and apply the true democratic rule of law which means unbias, fair and balanced justice for all.

  23. Since the socialists and the communists infiltrated the government offices, now people can be arrested and put into jails for 9 years for making silly jokes! (both in the USA and in Canada!)
    That's what I call comedy in HORROR!

  24. Republicans are always crying about deep state. And Roger stone is one of the ugliest dirtiest swamp monster, but yet Trump is trying to get him off. Hypocrisy everywhere.

  25. Shawn Considine

    YOU SAID : " You 're all a bunch of Russian trolls ".

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  26. Those dems all have the same mouth with the buzzwords. Hilarious. I just sit and wait for the new tantrum and what the new buzzword is going to be for all of the androids.

  27. actually ,the whole case should be thrown out due to jury misconduct. and also for false charges stemming from false, conspired Russian collusion. the stupid jury foreman arrested for contempt and dereliction of jury duty

  28. omg lol wow so many are blind or just cant read or are both as the truth is obama was the most corrupt president ever !
    and was indicted buy lots of countries as a war criminal !

  29. Dems you will soon be exposed of your disgusting dirt 'cause impeachment didn't work to hide your evil job. LUKE 8:17 "FOR ALL THAT IS SECRET WILL EVENTUALLY BE BROUGHT INTO THE OPEN, AND EVERYTHING THAT IS CONCEALED WILL BE BROUGHT TO LIGHT AND MADE KNOWN TO ALL".

  30. What irks me is Andrew McCarthy is going around stating the evidence against Roger Stone is OVERWHELMING, so even though he is entitled to a new trial he might not want one.. WHAT?
    1) If Roger Stone is going to be prosecuted for lying to Adam Schiff committee well then WHY ISNT ADAM SCHIFF BEING PROSECUTED?
    2) The whole witness intimidation charge is CRAP!
    So I’m not sure what the hell Andrew McCarthy is talking about, but he is FLAT OUT WRONG.

  31. I personally want Trump tweeting every chance he gets. I trust NO ONE in the DOJ. Stone did nothing wrong. Nothing. Just like Trump's impeachment trial, this whole thong is a sham. Our government is corrupt on every level from Congress to the school board. We need a complete reset. Fire them all!

  32. These democrats have such short memories! When President Obama gave clemency to 70 outright criminals they sat silent and said nothing!

  33. F Stone. He is the epitome of corruption and to say that he hasn't done anything to harm anybody is completely insane. Fraternizing with the enemy is treason. Which is exactly what he did with Julian Assange and Russia.

  34. Judge Jackson shows us exactly how political persecution occured in the early days of Mussolini , Stalin etal .
    She is a disgrace .
    Political Persecution and nothing more .
    God help us .

  35. Trump breathes and Schumer requests an investigation. I hope America is taking notice at how horrible the democrats are and how flippantly they’re willing to waste our tax dollars.

  36. Congress should make it illegal for congress people to lie to we the people. Why don't they? They want to lie to us.

  37. Now everyone likes Napolitano. Last week he wasn't saying what you want to hear. I still value what he has to say about either side. We need more honest people who aren't afraid to say things about both sides

  38. You know all these people asking for the attorney general tso resignthey should resign themselves are thieves and crooks they actually have no legitimate they should worry about yourself more than they should the attorney

  39. If they think Roger Stone is innocent, why suggest probation, or a lesser sentence? There should be no such suggestions. Do you think 9 years is to much, no I think probation is appropriate. Correction, he should get nothing. If you believe that he hasn’t done anything wrong, then probation, or any sentencing should be out of the equation.

  40. New trials for the rich and super rich when accidentally found guilty but the poor must go to prison for the same crime no matter what.

  41. Judge starts off with "I have known him for 40 years but going to take this out of the equation." Then Judge starts his rant about a new trail, unfair gag order and yesterday accused Judge Jackson of political bias. Sounds like Nappy did not take his friendship with Stone out of the equation. The gag order was issued and reissued with more restrictions after numerous violations by Stone including posting a pict of Judge Jackson in cross hairs of a gun site. An appellate court upheld the gag order. Stone's behavior was unacceptable by any standard and he was richly deserving of the gag order. Nappy knows better. Quite disturbing to see Napolitano working as part of a propaganda outlet knowingly misleading viewers about the gag order and Judge Jackson.

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