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  1. Why is it okay for trump to say anything and do anything but other people who disagree with him are wrong on every count when they speak out against him?

  2. Check out all China towns in USA,tell Washington to do this now if you will,Thank you!Or tell President Trump.From a High IQ'D and 6-8 time used advisements,advisor in NC.This virus I think was hid for months before we found out.Thats how China rolls,and it's people here even hide things guy's.Thanks and have a great day!

  3. Harvey Weinstein suffering chest pains? Somehow that's poetic justice. May the pain you suffer be equal to the pain you have inflicted on others.

  4. I did something similar once- when my daughter kept running off out of our yard. I told her if she was going to run off like a dog I was going to have to tie her up like one- so I tied her waist with yarn and tied it in a bow. Lol. And started to walk off… well she never ran off again- the point being that handcuffs are for adults! No 6 year olds! How ridiculous!

  5. I gotta worry about my small ones getting sick because china is a disgusting place. Wow. All because they dont have regulation

  6. The Corona Virus is Trump's worst nightmare with the stock market on a downward slump. I hope that fool don't run his re-election on the economy..lol

  7. America is a, it won't happen to us country. And then to have such a moron in office that's in denial. Wait and watch. The coronavirus is coming to your neighborhood folks. Don't let dummy Donald tell you different. Listen to the experts. Get ready. With all the drug addicts and homeless in America, they don't take care of themselves. This virus will spread like a wildfire. This virus is strong and it will only get stronger as it mutates.

  8. I wish to that little girl not to see any nightmares. I noticed people of color are ruthless to each other. It was her teachers send her to jail for crime of being a child. It was very sad to see her handcuffed. Her parents better use the school so this could be lesson.

  9. The only part of the story left out by MSM, is that the good Dr. Nancy Messonnier at the CDC that pushed the panic button on the Coronavirus, that made the stock market drop 1000 points is Rod Rosenstein's Sister. Nothing ironic about that Right?


  11. Finally, something right done, the officer Lost his job…but that sweet girl may always have the effects of what happend to her at school when she was only 6. staff was responsible for her arrest, they should be responsible for a private education for her. when something happens at home the parents are held accountable, same should go for schools that cause pain to a child..No child left behind…make it right for this child Orlando

  12. Any school faculty or staff who have to call the police to deal with a six year old are just incompetent cowards. They should not be working with children if they cannot handle them or simply don't want to. There should never be any reason for police to come on campus and arrest children at an elementary school, and this sort of incident should be extremely rare at the junior high and high school level.

  13. Inez Qtaish dreamed my brother Anthony wanted my son Keith to let his kids go with my brother Anthony, I was looking at a steep road slope up and down , my brother drove down the steep rhill .made of stone, I was in my brother Anthony car , I asked my brother Anthony to let me out of the car, Anthony drove his car back to the edge of the store steep road, I climbed back up, I found my grandbabies, I was talking with my brother making sure everything was alright , trying to keep the peace, I was trying to make sure my grandbabies was alright, I saw Ann driving in a car with a guy, I saw Pierre , I was trying to make sure my grandbabies was alright, I woke up thinking my son James Jr who I call baby j was in my dream.

  14. No such thing as settlers and puritans or service men and women or cop's they're trained careered murderer jesusville antichrist military religious cult TRAITORS to humanity holding EARTH hostage at GUN POINT extorting money from us while holding us hostage for the foreign owned fed reserve Book The creature from jeckle island details all treasonous Fed Reserve activities thus TRAITOR government owned by the highest bidder, Whatch TehBestDemocracyMoneyCanBuy,also the Bush family fortune also CAPITALISM a love story also SICO and the corporation details the TREASON of the supreme court using the amendment to free black folks and gave right's of human beings to businesses thus garunteeing vehicular homicide as a main stay of the BEASTonome and pacify it on public tv as weather and traffic every 10minutes. No such thing as news casters they are for sale FAKE personalities committing TREASON selling www666ville antichrist churchville government holding Earth hostage Revelations 18 AS NORMAL. we Must reinstate the guillotine march n revolt become secound amendment n bare arms against antichrists traitorous churchville government holding us and humanity hostage for the city of babylon and it's demonic walking talking reproducing servants of MONEY and their demonically created families and institutions before to late and our planet cannot sustain itself or the CIA pays an U.S. TRAITOR to release one in say HUNAN or from investors laboratories surrounding Hunan. Pray for real gods Allah aliens whatever to show up n put these www666ville careered traitors and their demonically created families and institutions holding EARTH hostage in a black hole with their DNAs name in it tailored to their own servitude to money

  15. Holt reads TREASON broadcast. All who sell www666ville antichrist churchville government holding us and humanity hostage are traitors to our people and our planet as are the home town wolves in sheep's clothing who call themselves cop's or service men and women but paid trained careered psychopath murderers holding us hostage for the rich oppressors who own leagalized slaves called employees or taxpayers or tenants. We must March n revolt become secound amendment n bare arms against antichrists traitorous churchville government holding us and humanity hostage before to late and our planet cannot sustain itself

  16. That cop is out of a job but that lil girl is tramatized for life! I just don't get it, the adults can't manage those kids ( this is the second lil girl that I've seen arrested) so they call or notify a cop or resources officer to arrest a child!? Come on now.

  17. What type of virus will live for months and spread this quiqly? A man made virus that had been altered to be highly contagious and live so long that someone gets to make a lot of money on a vaccine.

  18. Bezos isn't lying because 'AMAZON' does pay well for what is basically 'unskilled labor'
    And they do have 'Benefits' like if "You die while working you'll be 'scooped-up' off the floor at some point"

  19. Deep state Con a virus, for cash and fear. Dems are transparent now and expose themselves at every turn.

  20. Bernies answer for everything… tax, tax on a tax oh yeah and tax the tax. Pay a tax in the 30 trillion dollar green deal. Pay for free school with a tax. And any questiin he runs from he just blames trump.

  21. No one wants to pay people anymore! But people is why we live and have needs. We need to interact with people. Corporations are fueled by us. I just made up my mind; I will not order from Amazon anymore. When wages go up in a new administration these people will make a killing!

  22. Stock market was already going to crash, they are just using this a convenient reason to suggest a link. Most investors know this. I would say it's going to help put the nail in the coffin. But for any of you to think or say the recession will be caused by the corona virus are highly uninformed.

  23. playing games while behind the wheel? How lazy and stupid do you have to be? I hope to get a Tesla someday and when I do, I will operate it as I would any vehicle; Responsibly.

  24. Watch Rachel Maddow! Trash Truck has disbanded USA AGENCY for Health Crisis…and money 4+billion$$$= That's missing. 
    Remember New Orleans…Help arrived 6 days after the Storm. Don't expect FEMA (he's been on the job 3 months.)
    Other Crisis agency's THEY were pink slipped 2 years ago…While you watched him cry Witch-hunt. Where is CDC. 
    Warm weather is where viruses Grow. Like EBOLA…SOON IS WILL BE THE DEMOCRATS who Did This.
    …Cause he has gutted all Consumer agents and THE Dept. for Public Emergency Aide…Just Watch and see…

  25. QUESTIONS;> CDC;> Why NOT Force PHARMA LAB to put out the Vaccine on the China contribution to World Economy Man Made VIRUS?;> Will NOT Make Large PROFIT until it becomes Pandemic?;> Blumenthal & Romney;> Blame?;> What have you done?;> Sanders better than Corrupt Biden?;> Obama;> Bush and Clinton Dog?;> Why Supreme Court Justices involved in Politics?;> Not Fit for the Job?;> Weinstein;.> Why only now?;> Why charges were Not Filed when the Crime was committed;> Money?;> Lime light?;> Try to prove good Actresses??? Just asking???

  26. Experimenting on humans with this vaccine is probably why we have so many babies with autism. I was born in the sixties and there were no babies back then with autism. Try the vaccine on drump first.


  28. That’s a kindergarten cop wanna b, instead of looking out for strangers danger, he’s taking a child who needed a nap to prison. Would b funny if it wasn’t so sad. The school says it didn’t want the child arrested, who called the police in the first place.

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