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  1. Looks like virus can be left on items touched by those infected. Money, door knobs, seats. Or virus left in the air. Check where the service men have been that transported the people from china.

  2. why is a cute/smart kid and a regional snowstorm national news? Ugh…..US national, news has become such an embarrassment. Other countries do real news. Otherwise, call it something else –

  3. *Dear Little Rocket Man: 'What was that row of lights, resembling stars, that followed the same path, traveling from the Southwest horizon to the Northeast horizon, which I witnessed early in the morning, last night ?"

  4. In my own opinion, wearing mask (n95) will give some protection against virus, that's why doctors and nurses wear them while taking care of sick patients.


  6. if you want to wear a mask, wear one, N95 is the better one…also if you are not wearing goggles…you can get it also…so get some that are outrageous colored ones..call em steam punk…gl..

  7. *I'm sure that civilians from Syria are not worried about "a deadly virus,"… but about… "those bombs landing on their heads." 👁️👁️

  8. The left and the right should work together to prepare for. It is not the time to politicize . Over 25,000 American people die from the flu each year. So far no American die from the coronavirus. Knock on wood.

  9. Corona depression….whoo hooo 2020, new civil war. Here's gonna get thinned out so hey evolution is amazing, right!? Yeeeahhhhh

  10. What ever happend to the Ebola patients ? Guess that didnt work lets try something else,Betcha the guy selling bats for food in china has probably been executed already

  11. If they run out of surgical masks, wear a Halloween mask, instead, …specifically a Killer Clown Mask. Good Luck !!!😉👍

  12. If you wonder whether or not wearing a mask keeps you safe or whether you should only wear one while sick (LOL) take a look at any Doctor, CDC scientist, Lab worker, Nurse, any of the people dealing with this, they're not sick, but they're wearing masks cuz they don't want to get sick! People on the news don't know what their talking about clearly. If they say that only sick people should wear masks, then anyone wearing a mask might get attacked!

  13. COVID-19 has confirmed thousands of cases into over 50+ countries. This virus is a very serious risk as to the WHO puts an alert on this virus as "VERY HIGH". This is a Pandemic of 2020…

  14. With international trading slowing down, I'd worry more about not having toilet paper available than about a mysterious, deadly virus.🤪

  15. The outbreak is scary .
    We have too do a freeze too all travel we have be more united .
    It time too very careful what we say .

  16. Cant believe that they haven't figured out that the infection in California is that I believe the virus can live in cold wet conditions like food or supplies from China! Check THat!

  17. The paranoia keeps ramping up, for a virus that has killed 3,000 people on a planet of EIGHT BILLION. It's madness! For example, the school that closed was full of healthy young people that would be able to shake it off. It's not a dangerous as the flu, for goodness sake!

  18. Also check frozen foods and vacuum packed foods from China or even Italy where the virus can in my opinion go dormant until you open up a package and warms up!

  19. Harry was born into royalty and the should be protected for the rest of his life. If they could have used their original website, they could pay for it themselves. But if something, GOD forbids happens to Harry, Meghan, or their baby, woe to the Queen when she could have done something about it. How much would it cost to assign 2 or 3 security to them? You can't get them back once they're gone.

  20. It's on now. Another cae in California. New case in School in Oregon, school employee infected. All Children and Staff have to now be monitored and probably quarntined. It's now spreading through communities and schools. And so it begins.

  21. If "establishment democrats" were serious about defeating 45 they would unite behind Senator Sanders. Their plotting and scheming to thwart him and the will of US is nothing short of treasonous. They just don't want their wealthy, privileged apple-cart upset.

  22. How does something as silly as the reenactment of the Beatles be news? Oh, I get it. Shut up stupid. We tell you what the news is. BTW. Who was the first genius to call this stuff news? Beatles got fame by singing and performing black style of music. Like most white artist, the used our style to become popular. After all, we are only ⅗ human? So what does that make others who copy our style to attain fortunes and fame? -0.2% human? Most hated people on the planet. Psalms 83. All things come to an end. Gentiles, their kingdoms are crumbling. Daniel saw it more than 2K years back. HALLELUYAH! A new day is rising! The black Hebrew Kingdom will be restored. Acts 1:6. The judges will be in their places. Father has already awakened us!


  24. Corporate control influence and aquiesence is incompatible with news. CIA infiltration is incompatible with news. Everyone knows not to trust Mainstream Media. Bernie Sanders for President. It's high time for the revolution.

  25. How is that the stock market in China, Japan and Europe drop 4% but America stock market drops 12% ??? And they are hit harder!

  26. I'm a 32 year old white American male with nothing but failure to show for it, and no path forward in life. Bring it on Coronavirus, let's see what you got.

  27. It only affects those who are not children of Mother Earth why should we worry all colonizers do is punish the autochthonous indigenous NAGA’s. And you can’t run to Mars they are going to war soon. No where to run nor hide. Back underground you go. It’s a man made thats patented. That’s why they aren’t really worried because they already have the cure find CDC Timmothy Cunningham before they do and maybe you may find the truth allegedly https://youtu.be/KFS8QnwDc_Q

  28. Why are people worried..just pray to god for it to end..they pray for everything else and claims it always works!!!!! How come no one came up with this solution? In the end they will of course thank god for giving humans the ability to come up with the antidote. SMH.

  29. Wait a minute a peace deal on who controls the opioid cartel. They will control it and let them be the face of it okay we get it.

  30. 17:05 WTF? Wasn't Richard in Korea days ago? Why he and his team still traveling around the globe in this sensitive time? Because Qatar still doesn't got their first case of COVID-19??

  31. Trump is pure evil. Why God is allowing him to continue on is a mystery. Is Trump the Man of Sin the Son of Perdition? Or paving the way for that evil one? I can't see any other reason why God is standing back on Trump. It surely could not be because Trump is blessed by God. There is not one good person in government. I will give respect to Mitt Romney for risking it all to vote to convict the evil one. But really….where is a good person in government? They are all wicked.

  32. You do know that the virus is smaller than a wave of light so them masks do nothing and only a military grade respirator would work.

  33. Close the casinos. What if people don't tell where they got it for fear of going to the hospital where more people may have. What if they don't want to be taken into custody? Who is testing the homeless and their pets? Once the have the cure it would be too expensive for people to get. They already said that it would not be free to the public.

  34. The who should of set the threat at high weeks ago. It’s to late now to act like there is a since of urgency…. 🧐

  35. I'm sorry for critically thinking. How does that make ANY sense that if an infected person wears a mask, it will effectively keep those around them safe, but if the healthy wear a mask, that mask won't protect them. Huh? It's the same mask!

  36. People are coming into the USA all time from all over the world, so who knows, and she's probably not the first, isn't that how they all started? It starts with one here and one there than their many every wheres. they need to ramp up with the new test kits.

  37. Bruh even the cdc themselves said it’s not airborne
    It’s from not washing your hands and touching your eyes or mouth

  38. Trump is such a f**** piece of s***. What are disgusting waste of human skin. This guy needs to just go bankrupt and disappear from the media because no one wants to see his lying cheating raping face anymore

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