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  1. So they can try to dig up dirt on trump but as a sitting president he can’t dig up dirt on Biden ? If Biden is innocent why is this an issue ? Trump already won 2020 election everyone just need to fall back and watch it happen. Trump 2020 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  2. Americans didn't want Trump Hillary won the popular vote.. the crooked people in Washington wanted trump..
    O yea #BernieSanders2020!!!

  3. I have a question when a american gets 100,000 signatures to get a senitor or Congressman to get them out of office and Nancy Pelosi got 250,000 signed petitions delivered to her office. Why is she still in office?

  4. Biden isn't a candidate for president, until after he is declared the winner for the democrat party. So why do people say that Biden is a political opponent for the presidency? Bernie is still in the running and so is Warren

  5. the same politicians going after trump saying he didn't hold up his oath.is the same ones that told the public lies at their time of election.so impeach them to.

  6. The very fact that these mofos think they can insult our intelligence amazes me. End with this debacle!!! What invisible god are they swearing to, shouldn't they have to specify?
    Ugh, the god delusion! 😠😱

  7. funny how quick republicans are to banning guns when it their lives on the line. everyone should bring their guns to the virginia cap

  8. Trump – Great president!
    Snowstorm – Glad I left Minnesota 5+ years ago and moved to Nicaragua.
    Warren – UGH! Who gives a flying f#*@!
    Beltran – Not news worthy.
    Kidnapped – Sad. Castrate all child abusers.
    Airlines – !!!!!!!
    ER death – Very sad in the richest country in the world.
    Streaming wars – who cares.
    Hitting the road – Sigh.


  10. Why you guys hate trump so much I’m not political still why does everyone despise him he’s our president we don’t have to like him we just have to put up with him

  11. This is a nation founded on ideals based on Christianity that doesn’t mean people are perfect but god still uses unbelievers I’m just gonna sit back and make some chili cheese hot dogs

  12. Young! Female! Black! It doesn't matter. She should have been a priority with the systems she had, and the hospital staff had already determined that she had an enlarged heart so why wasn't she given the emergency care she deserved? Her and her family deserve an explanation as well as a winning lawsuit.

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  14. Yang 20/20
    He knows why Trump won- had nothing to do with women- but every thing do with AI , and Amazon! Mall closings etc

  15. 11year old girl thanks to Americans who protect an serve over our police …
    Thanks to them shes home police did nothing

  16. Adam Schiff lies to congress an he's allowed to speak in the senate ???? Really
    The American people need to be your own goverment ,
    Because the government is at war with there selves …ignoring the American people an there rights an needs. …
    Democrats spent our money on a political stunt !!! #Mistrial

  17. He didn't hold back aide that's a lie. ..
    Digging up dirt on his rivals …
    But Comey Hillary Clinton Obama dug up dirt on Trump .ComeyvFBI just admitted to doing the spying wheres that I no NBC ..why isn't Hillary put on trial Hugh ???? Democrats will never be liked nor trusted in America..they are tainted with corruption …an where was this guy during the congress hearings …he's a liar …

  18. The state of Emergency is a fraud …another waste of tax payer money …
    If you are a true blue American an you love the constitution because it protect a you from politicians an government….
    This is hear say…that's it
    Where's your proof . .we've seen nothing of proof …
    This is making people worried for nothing. .using Charlottesville to control your American right . he's an evil baby killer he's a Satan himself … We need protection from him !!! Not the gun supporters

  19. Bernie &Elizabeth are having an affair
    That's what its really about …. Theyve been sneaking around at this Washington Hotel for years 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃👍

  20. i am a common community member. never am i democrat or republican. mainstream media are snakes, including you NBC and FOX.

  21. Ironic how they say lev lacks credibility, when their entire administration are full of lies and cover ups. Lolol every time trump speaks he lies. That ENTIRE PARTY CANT BE TRUSTED so I think we can listen to someone in the lying circle tell on the scum bag traitors.

  22. This is all hyperbole, when it comes to political issues that is because left wing or right wing it is still two wings of the same bird people WAKE UP NONE OF THIS IS GOING TO GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE, they are playing a game with each other and it's a circus nothing more than that people , all of them are corrupted through and through period , you don't get real news anymore not in this country anyways , stop believing that you matter to them none of us do not even our voting it's a slave suggestion box and no more than that and I highly doubt they even count them honestly , pray for salvation through Christ Jesus who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords because things are going faster and faster than you realize, soon they will be causing more larger conflicts and revealing the existence of UFOs that are actually demons with fallen Angel technology WAKE UP AND PRAY FOR GUILDENCE TO SEE WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING

  23. I said that Trump would be presedent the first time and he was, then I said Trump will be presedent this time too, and he will be. There will not be a fair trial, cause they want Trump gone for their personal reasons. They hated Trump well before this. Trump is the best thing that ever came about, and it would be sad the liers had Trump put out for no reasons.

  24. We're Kurdish Syrian very happy thanks too all people's helping impeachment trumps destroying Kurdish country to make USA great shameful for USA people's and fox news bullishit to world walls people's

  25. America didn't want trump by popular vote. He won due to republican gerry mandering. Now millenials are moving into the country. Their system will fail then. We are witnessing the last death hrip of the old and ignorant and ushering in people who aren't so driven by religious bonsense.

  26. Democrats are having an unnecessary war. Btw check my website flavioswritings.squarespace.com as I write about politics, climate change and many more

  27. I don't know why they're so surprised. Football baseball basketball is so corrupt. College ball football baseball basketball corrupt. America does not have the backbone to stand up to it. It's one of those hush-hush subjects. PS let's not forget High School football.

  28. OMG! O! M! G! This is BIG! No, it's BIGGER than big!! What are we going to do??????!!!!! This can't be happening!
    Tens of millions of people!! 64 million people!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Wait…what? They're under a what? A winter weather alert? In January? Welcome to news reporting in 2020 America. Idiots.

  29. Hey there, Jennifer Palmieri – As I recall, Americans did NOT want Donald Trump. Stop promulgating that lie and go back and look at the election results. The majority of voters did NOT elect Trump.

  30. Trump wanted corruption period investigated. Quid Pro Joe just so happens to be part of that but being he's a democRat so it's ok. It's beginning to look like being corrupt is a prerequisite for running as one.

  31. If you love Trump or hate him he has brought the nation out of the nineteen forties type recovery into the twenty  first century. Those born after Pearl Harbor won't understand this.

  32. True American ER is the worst they should redefine the meaning to L S meaning late service they are horrible you wait for hours before they attend to you and then charge you a hold bunch of money for things you didn't even need such as there crappy gown even a bottle water kmt.

  33. I liked Warren before I sew this news ,more I watched news I think Warren is lying n acting badly dramatic! Even he said that years ago ,he thinks differently now or he did mistakenly say something but,people change. And Bernie trying to be nice to her but, she’s acting so mad 😡 I wish she’s acting differently. The more she’s angry makes me think , maybe she’s lying 🤥

  34. What about all the Russian Nationals he bring to have children in the United State to Florida,so they have dual citizenship upon birth


  36. The NBC NIGHTLY NEWS is falsely tailoring the issue because another network on Utube shows the recorded video at a prior Debate(2016 I Think) of Bernie Sanders stating just that, of what she told Bernie today on stage at the end of this Debate.

  37. For over a hundred years the majority ruling by the US Supreme Court says that the government cannot use a testimony of a criminal because the said criminal do have a direct financial interest to "lie"/give falsehood testimony in exchange for the government to later on do a "favor" for the criminal by reducing the criminal charges, or sentance or to serve probation instead of going to priso or jail or just drop the criminal charges all together.
    Now, I understand why the Democrats prior continuing on ignoring the law by continuing on trying to illegally and unconstitutionally use "hearsay" testimony of witnesses in order to convict President Trump …the Democrats only "direct" witness is the said "secret" witness, a inadmissible criminal witneses as their solely only "direct" witness to the incredibly"week" case-in-chief, that even the word, no case at all, is really what these circuses for the past 3 years in the House is really is all it is, described as, "a BIG waste if tax-payers money by the Democratic House instead of doing their job in making "LAW", not totally disrespect and violate the law of the land while in office!
    The House Speaker, Nancy, performance is absolutely borderlinging with Bipolor.
    That is what's wrong with her!
    I Remain,
    19JAN20; 11:04 H.H.

  38. Again, why doesn't any one see this.. The aid was sent before, let me say this again, before the aid was due…. so ??????? Its a bunch of BS and that guy, is a liar.

  39. Warren is a cheap backstabber after Sanders encouraged her to run. Sanders record is clear and consistent. Warren on the other hand is just Hillery lite.

  40. Question: This “great economy” the trump is so proud of, who benefits? I see higher costs for everything and lesser income. So, where is the great? So many people, not just coal miners and farmers, do not get paid “great”. Is it the elite that get all this “great”? Can anyone give a list of all the great?

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