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  1. Oh Say can You See the Panic in the Democrat Party, by the Dawns Early Light, are Still Silently Failing.  And with Corruption Everywhere, Their Lies Bursting in Air, Give Proof through the Night that the Flag is still Waving.

  2. Stand – up to Trump
    and the shameful
    Insist on a fair and
    open Trial. Contact
    Repulican Committee
    Chair, Todd Young
    202 224-5623

  3. This is so confusing. This whole thing. I’m still wondering what happened to the Russian trial? Wasn’t he working with the Russian?
    I thought that was a sealed deal.
    Now they accuse him of some nonsense with Ukraine?
    What happens next?
    They accuse him of leaving the seat up and try to impeach ?

  4. NBC media is fake media, supporting liers like Adam Schiff,Pelosi and the rest. They are criminals and the media is protecting them. But then, who owns the media?

  5. if you need an "emotional support" animal to get on a plane……maybe you shouldn't be getting on the plane in the first place! how about being your OWN emotional support? you know…..like your grandparents did!

  6. It's about time they cracked down on these a$$holes with "ESA" animals. Pay the $125 you cheapskates! People with valid service dogs already have all of the documentation proving the animal went through various training and vetting. The TSA could simply add a department/ section where folks could upload the documentation and doctor's notes once per year, and then they could be given a TSA cleared document for the animal. I'm tired of seeing news articles about people who have allergies to these other animals- getting removed from the flight while the jacka$$ and their fake service animal get to remain on board. Lastly- if you are that mental that you can't fly without a pig, peacock or pony- you definitely should NOT be allowed anywhere near an airplane!

  7. But it was ok for Obama to wiretap HALF of AMERICA, BUT , They don,t like it when they are the ones being ,,,WATCHED, AND WE ARE AWAKE,,,,,

  8. How do we defeat Donald Trump? Fight fire with fire. Use the media to make Donald Trump look bad. Trump is a fraud. He spreads lies about his political opponents to win elections. Public lying should be a crime.

  9. Coronavirus has been in the states already. The media blows things out of proportion. I’ve treated a patient with this virus before last year sometime. This is nothing new

  10. 1. The impeachment managers aren't directing themselves to the sycophant GOP hypocrites. They're talking to the American people and giving long explanations so working Americans can get what direct information as they can. 2. That process is yielding results as those favoring impeachment and removal has risen from 51% to 57% since the trial began. When you translate that to the 2020 election, the GOP is in trouble. 3. The rules of the trial DO NOT ALLOW anyone to leave the floor of the Senate. Justice Roberts needs to do his job.

  11. The Democratic party is united on one front…dig this hole big enough that they can all jump in it because they are willing to bury themselves together.

  12. Schiff thing Americans are not smart enough to know who we want as a President,so they will just impeach him only cover up is the Coup against this President and everyone had seen this even dems in Oregon and Washington can’t believe what the dems in House has been doing before he was even elected,there ashamed for what has been going on .Well the whole world see it to>>>>>

  13. Trump is bluffing when he said he would love the be at the hearing. That’s the last place he would like to be if he even wants to be there at all 😂 trump is the world’s greatest liar 🤥

  14. In traditional education, a pure free market is idealized as self-regulating, without the need for outside interference, such as government regulation, touting unobstructed trade between "voluntary" parties, with prices determined through supply and demand.

    But "pure" fully autonomous, self-regulating market economy is actually not possible in real life, even though many are still convinced that it could be.

    Simply put, such self-regulatory market forces have a limited range of effect and once factors of fraud, desperation, irrationality, and the host of detrimental EXTERNALITIES come into play, the whole thing falls apart into disorder and abuse, much like how the global world market is today.

    This is where infinite and endless debate occurs over how much interference government should impose. In fact, most of the major economic schools divide themselves along these lines.

    Terms such as "neoliberal," "laissez faire," "deregulation," or "nonintervention" are common to those who feel the market should be more "free" in order to be more economically efficient.

    Conversely, those who argue for increased regulation/state controls, unions, welfare, and increased safeguards tend to be categorized along the slippery slope of derided pejorative bowels of market "socialism."

    At the epicenter of the debate is the degree of faith in MARKET SELF-REGULATION. Adam Smith, the 18th century philosopher largely considered the father of this worldview, coined the now famous term INVISIBLE HAND to suggest that people, acting selfishly in their economic behavior, will paradoxically produce outcomes that improve society as a whole, with what laid the foundation for GENERAL EQUILIBRIUM THEORY.

    This theory sought to explain the functioning of the market as a whole in terms of supply, demand, prices, and argued for a resulting balance to some acceptable degree without intervention, preventing things like banking failures, extreme wage differentials, goods shortages, and other imbalances that have ironically been long constituents and constants in capitalist societies.

    A notable example was the 1999 financial deregulation of US banks through the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, introduced after the Great Depression in 1933 to help ensure commercial banks would no longer get involved with investment banks, pursuing risky speculation with their customers' assets. However, once repealed, after about $300 million in lobbying efforts, commercial banks turned around and engaged in credit-default swaps and other high-risk derivatives, paving the way for the 2008 global financial crisis.

    Not only did the 2008 financial crisis trigger millions of home foreclosures, but an estimated 10,000 suicides between 2008 and 2010 have also been linked to the related "Great Recession" across America and Europe, along with 500,000 deaths worldwide from cancer due to lack of medical attention as a result of financial loss, unemployment, and/or loss of public healthcare benefits.


    It is a system that paints the illusion of a non-totalitarian social order that engages in no real coercion or violence against the population.



    While there are political, religious, and other social aspects to the broadest definition of structural violence, one only needs to look at only the aspects linked to the market economy's organization structure and its derived incentives to see massive SOCIAL POLLUTION.

    Social pollution, or the socioeconomic form of structural violence that correlates to millions of deaths a year through poverty and suffering while arguably being completely unnecessary, with the conclusion that this form of violence kills and harms more than all wars, dictators, genocides, and other direct kinds of violence put together.

    In the words of scholar Joel Kovel, poetically encapsulating the procedural nature of this ongoing yet rather silent tragedy:


    To explain the outline and flow of causality, I'll start by restating that a social system based on property, exchange, labor-for-income, competitive self-regulation, and the capacity to profit from scarcity and suffering, sets in motion this predictable array of outcomes.

    The cyclical consumption needed to keep employment up, along with the need for economic growth to recover from previous contractions, powers the machine's structure. Earthly resources are inventory to be exploited, along with human labor. At the same time, negative externalities flourish, and increasingly so, as our technological capacity grows, often being used for the wrong purposes such as war.

    This is all embodied in the market structure, like the tiny seed that sprouts a towering tree.

    Again, it is often argued that capitalism is a specific mode of market behavior, separate from other forms of market economies. This is a false distinction. While economists often talk about true "free markets" or differentiate between "state capitalism," merchant capitalism," and even "market socialism," these are all variations on a core, foundational theme.

    The tiny seed that grew to a towering tree may produce various fruits, but no matter how diverse they seem, the genetics of that tree remain the same, stuck in monetary exchange and scarcity.

    The system can only produce a limited range of societal variation, along with a limited range of resulting social psychology — such as deprivation, stratification, prejudice, mental illness, violence, and exploitation and oppression.

  15. Total time waster. The Dems will blow millions of dollars for nothing. What happens to Trump will happen to YOU. Your behavior is shameful.

  16. Trump too terrified to testify. Republicans picked a 🐔 who excels only at being a coward, always making up excuses.

  17. The entire GOP Senate is complicit in this cover up. They’ll give unprecedented executive privilege to a dangerous pathological liar.

  18. No, YOU are ". . .a sleaze bag;" Your presidency is the "hoax:" And after being caught time aft time, blatantly lying, how can you state, w/a straight face: "I'm HONEST!" 😂 Everyone knows that is a lie! 😂 Grow up for Pete's sake.

  19. Watching people defending the indefensible whilst the President calls someone a sleazebag to the worldwide press is just sad. This shows how his character is in question and this isn't the first time. Doesn't act like a President or behaves like one 😒

  20. Trump will look great if the Democrats win & wreck the ecomony. Free, free,free,. Nothing is free. Someone will have to pay.

  21. Requiring those with psychiatric disabilities to meet a higher bar of proof than a physical limitation is discriminatory and unfair. This proposed law change won't pass any court challenges.

    Nice try though, greedy airlines!

  22. It's time for the Walmarts to open the Nations desinated concentrations camps. Go to your local Walmart for seating arrangements.

  23. For the truth about service animals,,check the Americans with Disabilities

    The airlines have mistreated the disabled with their helper animals for years.

    First, is was about money.
    Now, complaints of planes being Noah's Arc.

    Why won't airlines find a way to Add flights specifically for disabled and service animals. Call it the Noah's Arc flights.
    At least, twice per week, book accordingly..

    These corporations have yanked out all comfort of flying.
    Airlines have removed comfortable seating, food now blankets, etc,,,from passenger. Raising prices, restrictions, even in first class.

    Instead of treating the disabled humans like farm creatures,, create some flights for the disabled with service And emotional animals.
    Right now, this feels like discrimination against disablied!

    You cannot have it your way all the time, business corporations.!!!

    People with disabilities, are in pain, sick, have panic attacks, depression, may be suicidal etc…
    and You are triggering the symptoms!

    Who are You to
    decide what type of animal they should have just to accommodate the airline workers.

    Do none of you have a dog or cat?

    All the quality is gone out of flying.
    Do something for US for a change!!

    Emotional animals are not with disabled to make them feel happy or entitled. Depression, anxiety, diabetics, seizures and the like is why that service is necessary to the disabled flyer!

    If a doctor prescribes the animal, that person depends on that animal. The disabled ppl cannot leave their helper animal at home.

    You just cannot train an animal to alert the owner when having medical troubles, seizures, attacks, etc… the animal does the ALERT NATURALLY!
    This is the reason the owner needs the animal.

    Trainers are making a killing charging disabled people thousands and thousands of dollars to train an animal, which only needs the most BASIC training. Unless the owner is rich, most disabled people live under the poverty line.

    Another problem is, how to train a peacock to take care of the airlines, other passengers, while helping owner stay alive?

    Check with the ADA online.

  24. obstruction of congress? is there a law against that? routing out corruption I am good with It. If it leads to a Democrat okay. " methinks thou protest too much " if you want to see the corruption look at the deeds behind the words… I would like to see Nancy Chuck and Jerry do this example https://apnews.com/b9894f556c7f4763a34bcb69b7089f50 or this https://www.politico.com/story/2018/05/17/trump-salary-veterans-affairs-595181

  25. Satan has taken total control of the democratic party for the sole purpose of destroying our country. If He succeeds then the other smaller countries in the world which are prone toward
    freedom, democracy and Christianity will fall like dominoes.
    Please believe me.

  26. Rupert Murdoch's ever-relentless disinformation/propaganda machine, with only the interests of the corporate oligarchs at heart and none for the nation. Their only hope, after all, is that they've enough viewers to manipulate in a way that will give votes to Cheetolini, their corporate mascot and Putin's WH puppet. Joseph Goebbels, eat your heart out. https://news.yahoo.com/fox-news-covering-trumps-impeachment-140838351.html

  27. These demoncrats lifers are ruining a perfectly good political party and are to stupid to give it up. The Clintons has got the top members jumping around like dancing chickens and no one else is smart enough to do anything about it. Y'ALL are watching the fall of the world famous U S Demoncrats!

  28. 트럼프를 탄핵시키지 않는다면 그 다음에 어느누가 집권해도 저새키가 망쳐놓은 국가안보적인 위협의 발생의 빚을 떠안아야 한다는 사실은 자명하다. 책임과 본인인 싸놓은 똥은 본인이 치워야하지 않나 싶다 미국의 당이 어느당이고 인종 종교신념등을 떠나서 제일 쓰레기가 도날드라는 것 그리고 외환죄와 간첩죄도 처벌의 대상이다 미국의 유권자들이 잘못 뽑았으면 탄핵에도 동참해야 한다

  29. Our whole lives Have been and will Always be Controlled by CORPORATIONS and the UNITED NATIONS. We are just SLAVES!!! THEY Will crowd All of us Into the Cities and monitor us. They will Take over All LAND by RATIONALIZATION and Control All Resources!!! WE ARE ALL Screwed.

  30. Everyone knows the grammy's are a sham anyway. Just a rigged popularity contest. The people that vote already have their minds made up. Much of the music nominated is garbage.

  31. Drama is correct. It's all just a fake Hollywood TRUE-man show for tell-lie vision. Keeps the m-ASSES in fear, going to work and paying taxes. If you want your world back, STOP using their tools (tv, internet, google, smartphone, online shopping, self checkout, etc).
    Search YT "Animal Farm". A George Orwell story.

  32. The media should print up some newspapers like the Star and Enquirer and put them at the cash registers in supermarkets. They might get some viewers or reader's. I be ashamed to be a reporter today.

  33. If someone was to write a post asking please don’t vote for that obnoxious “A” hole next presidential election who in your mind would they likely be speaking of?

  34. The Democrats should be removed from their seats for using their political positions to abuse the President and his supporters. He has done nothing wrong. He has only worked very very hard, using his own money and time to help others. Impeach Pelosi and Schumer!!

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