New BRIDGES and sea level changes | Rust update 21st February 2020

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here once again with your weekly boatload of Rusty development fish and today I have
news for you on sea levels, poo and BRIDGES.. But first! Make sure to hammer the subscribe
button and chainsaw the notification bell in half to stay up to date on Rust news and
more every week if YouTube decides to send you my videos.. As well as plenty of things still going on
behind the scenes, this week we’ve seen a number of changes to map generation and quite
a few fixes.. Firstly, the default size for maps has been
increased from 4000 to 4250 to give monuments more space to express themselves properly
now that we have a ring road system.. Also small monuments such as the stations, warehouses
and spermkets will be able to spawn on both the ring road AND side roads leading to large
monuments.. Although large monuments will be given spawning priority when generating
maps.. The ring road will also now be removed from any maps under 4K in size.. On Wednesday this week a small client and
server update was pushed to address clients freezing and or crashing after joining a server..
And this should also have fixed a problem with melee hit detection that many of you
were having.. Other fixes, currently only on staging, but
which you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of after the next monthly patch to main on
the 5th of March, include: A fix for placement issues with small and
medium wooden signs, the cargo ship not sometimes spawning out of bounds and killing all the
scientists on board… and finally, something that cave dwellers amongst you can rejoice
over.. Shotgun turrets placed below the waterline will now be able to actually do their job
instead of firing blanks.. Praise be! Oh and hide ponchos will now take only 30
seconds to craft instead of 60.. This update just keeps getting better. For those of you interested in the cinematic
side of things (and that definitely includes me, and if you want proof just check out my
latest cinematic, link on the screen about now plus down below, plug plug plug..) There’s a whole studio full of convars and
cinematic tools working their way down the rusty pipeline towards you.. These include player animation settings, such
as controlling the speed of animations. Being able to print out a list of saved camera
positions, and names of all players in the current demo
Better demo playback, including a HUD for demos which can be toggled.
New admin weather commands for use in demos, including wind, fog, rain, cloud cover and
cloud rotation Some camera fixes for low lerp values, FOV
and camera shake for the debug camera.. The ability to turn off the underwater effect,
and most exciting of all, at least for me.. being able to parent the debug camera to an
entity allowing us to orbit it freely.. Ok I understand a lot of you may have had
a whoosh moment with all of that, but trust me it’s a big deal when it comes to creating
content.. If you’re interested in knowing more then check out the video description
where I’ll put details of what I have on these new commands.. In works in progress, the new update to farming
is being cultivated constantly and from the commits we can tell a few things.. firstly,
there’s some sort of electrical sensor being worked on for planters, which I’m speculating
will be used as an automagic switch for the new sprinkler system.. you’ll be able to remove
dying plants for mulch, which can then be composted for fertiliser.. and in an interesting
commit from this Wednesday, a typo was fixed that was making horses poo every 10 minutes..
Thank crunchy for that.. I wasn’t getting anything done.. But seriously this is the
first time something like this has been floated.. and I’ve often speculated about the results
of mixing Rust and Poo.. apart from.. Rust coloured poo.. Which you might want to get
checked out.. This is happening on a separate branch at
the moment.. so don’t go hanging around a horse’s backside waiting for something magical
to happen.. but it does open up some big questions.. will it just be horses? Can we throw it? Will
we be able to throw our own? how many people will accuse the team of copying Ark this week?
Please deposit your own questions and observations down below… In vehicle progress: Blah blah blah engine,
blah blah blah handbrake, something about bumpers etc etc Foliage optimisation is still ongoing as mentioned
last week, not quite sure yet what this will do for us performance-wise but I’m hoping
to get more info on that soon.. And an interesting convar popped up in the
commits this week, that’s not usable yet.. But when it is I can imagine all sorts of
shenanigans occurring.. A convar that lets server admins change the water height… Are
you thinking what I’m thinking? I mean I’ve heard rumblings in the past about dynamic
water height and I don’t know what’s planned for the actual game.. maybe low and high tides?
Or something else.. Either way, you might want to think twice about annoying admins
after this goes live… Let me know your thoughts and ideas down below.. And lastly! Over on Facepunch’s Instagram..
a tantalising glimpse of a new monument possibly, or maybe just a new element for the road system…
A couple of bridges are being created, one concrete and one steel.. they’re currently
only in the greybox stage so no indication of what they’ll look like when completed,
or when that will be.. perhaps they’ll allow for an expansion of the road network so that
it can be used on more varied maps.. who knows at this point, but please stay tuned to the
channel and I’ll tell you all the details when I get them.. Join me on Twitch where I stream three times
a week, link down below, plus support my efforts here on Patreon and stay up to date with my
content on Twitter, Facebook, Discord and my Steeeeeam group and I shall catch you all
soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and Stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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  2. I saw a man yesterday in a "EU" country in the middle of the city just sitting exactly like that painted picture of a man poopoo. He was not from here, that i could tell, but from what i understand is that he clearly have got to testout the new poop rust update. lucky guy

  3. Rust over 2 years ago: comes out of beta
    Rust today: adds basic features, breaks tons of stuff every change, fixes it, breaks it, experiments with transportation(cars? Helicopters? Hot air balloons? Horses?), Runs like an early access beta, otherwise acts like an early access beta in every way

  4. Me: going down the comments as he does his outro
    also me: curiously scrolls back up to see the small clip at the end

  5. i would like tunnels that do the same thing the road is doing now mainly after they have bradley wandering those roads i think it would give nakeds and other players a way to get around to different monuments and to their bases with some degree of stealth.

  6. i personally think that if we have this much transport ingame already then devs should increase the max map size from 6k to at least 8

  7. The bridge would be helpful for wipeless rust they could use it as a point to load a new section of the map mabey have it as an outpost and when you cross it loads the other side

  8. Please stop begging for subscription and notifications. People aren't stupid. If they want to subscribe, they would. It's annoying how every youtuber keeps telling you to subscribe and hit bell button, like i can't decide on my own if I want to…

  9. I’ve always been watching rust videos but can’t play it. I’ve seen it transform over the years and there’s so much new things i feel like it would be too much for me when I can eventually play it, hopefully. Is there any new players here to give me your opinion plz. Sorry about my speech! 😁

  10. I do experience a bug every time when I spawn in the game I died two to three times and sometimes I just spawned directly underneath the ground and the things I could killed with are labeled as unknown

  11. PLEASE, Can you say to Rust devs that we are chain killed in banditcamp by shotgun kamikaz ? fix it plz no enter with shotgun

  12. Dude why are they working a crap ton on plants which are 100% fine and dont need to be worked on when they should work more on the pvp aspect and the huge invalid problems. They should perfect everything else before even doing useless things like vehicles and plants.

  13. Maybe you have to fix your admins for servers cus i got vac ban for nothing and after 3 week my friend got vac too witch we are not using any cheat program i have in my account near 3000 hour they didn’t answer me when i connect to them and they won’t to remove my vac My account in steam (samo860)

  14. i wanna fish in rust like a pro 🙁 fishing on a boat or just at the beach.. i wanna see some big mining monuments i want a item for a horse so 2 players can go on..and i wanna transport the horse with a scrap heli why not? come on facepunch !!!! xD go for it

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