New governor under fire in Puerto Rico

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  1. PR did had the bancro see law chapter 9 but in 1986 congress took that to no reason given 1996 the 936 and 2006 everything went down.

  2. No disrespect but the young pueetorican need to know her history. The reason why PR is in that situation is because Bill Clinton took the law 936 for PR in 1996 knowing that that was the law bringing jobs because he wanted to do it and that is the truth. And the board is 7 no 9


  4. Wanda Vazquez didnt investgated corruption the stolen food and water. But she did wanted to take a little girl who was bullied to jail because she was black

  5. It is true. The young generation, like myself Im 23 right now at the moment I comment this, are leaving because other generation, like Baby Boomer and Gen X and Z, and even the corrupted system of the government doesnt let us have jobs. We are unexperience, we dont have enough money to even lay dead apon it. We have to work overtime and get very mistreated and worse of all they work us like full time but in our contract say we are working as part timers. This is literally killing us our generation and we really dont want to leave the island but sadly we do so we can provide a better future for our future family and we grew tired and sick of this corruption. Specially mocking the dead people. That was our last straw and again like she said, we dont have nothing to lose anymore because they have taken everything from us.

  6. I'm from Venezuela living in Miami this shows an example to my people that we 2 can take out Maduro this man been stealing from us very corrupt my people if Puerto Rico can do it we can also……

  7. She will resign as well. She's the highest corrupt person into department of justice. The whole world see she wearing a beautiful Orange dress.We the people of Puerto Rico boricuas weren't tolerated those corrupt anymore. So US Congress let's see what u want to do with us. Make PR as the stated 51 or give us the independency. Esta mujer es una corrupta en donde dejo libre uno de dos criminales y al otro le metió 15 años de cárcel en donde su esposo fue el juez del caso. Claro si este que quedo libre era familiar del esposo de su hija cuando robaron en su casa y lo triste y bochornoso para la fiscalia federal es que Rosa emilia la apoya 100%. Que pasa con los federales en los EU que no vienen a limpiar el reguero que tienen en PR. Nosotros seguiremos marchando en las calles, en motoras , en caballos , debajo del mar haciendo protestas hasta sacar estos corruptos desde Rivera chatz hasta Johnny Méndez Rojos y azules dos partidos corruptos.

  8. People are still hurt by what the hurricane did to the island. On top of that, finding out that the government, that is supposed to be working for the people was acting like a child and enriching his pockets instead of working to help the island is worse. People are hurt and showing it! That is a lesson for the next governors of the island, and I am sure that they will think twice before stealing from the people who placed their trust in them.

  9. Why didn't they get upset by Sila Maria Calderon or Anibal Acevedo Vila horrendous acts with PR budget and the stealing they did? They were not from statehood movement. USA is the one getting paid here, another 50 to 60 years of colonialism for the island.

  10. At the risk of sounding right wing , I'm forced to question the view " … telling us how to spend our money …" . The point very much is , that it was not YOUR money . It was OUR money being GIVEN as aid .

  11. Cut Puerto Rico loose, help them become an independent country and if Puerto Rican’s can’t find the integrity to govern,…it’s not my fault but theirs!

  12. third world shitholes at their best…nothing will make the takers happy.  there are Producers v Takers…the world is 90% takers…not gonna work ever.

  13. Lol damn these people acting like babies. Hope noone takes the position and we just watch these morons end their own little world. They'll end up fighting for resources among themselves for being so stupid 😂😂

  14. So lets get this straight, when Trump didn't want to give you more money for hurricane relief because he said the politicians were corrupt everyone called him racist……but fast forward to 2019 and oh look…….

  15. Bet. If trump doesn’t win the next one or leave after that, something like this could happen. Like a Sarah Huckabee presidency, manipulated in by the former administration. Strong no thanks from me

  16. They should get a bartender, and the whole country will hang on every word, and they could be the salvation of the party.

  17. Send AOC down there. They should like her. When she learns how to fix it, she can come back and show us how it's done.

  18. We told you msm dopes Puerto Rico politicians were corrupt when they were caught stealing food water medical supplies and hiding them in warehouses to rot so they could pocket more of our billions taxpayers dollars ! but you kept blaming POTUS Trump you lying jerks coup plotters against our POTUS and Constitution! Ignoramus msm ! POTUS Trump right all along !!! And you still refuse to say POTUS Trump is right no wonder we won't watch MSM lies

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