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let's begin with a number three it took exactly three minutes for the president to storm out of a meeting with congressional leaders claiming he could not discuss infrastructure policy unless Congress halted its work overseeing the executive branch Democrats say Trump entered the room in full stunt mode refusing to shake any hands and then turned his very angry departure into a chance to lash out in public going to the Rose Garden to unleash something like a live tweet storm vowing to essentially shut down the government until Democrats finish their investigations now this clash is full of theater to be sure but it's theater against the substantive backdrop Democrats holding a hastily called meeting this morning where Speaker Pelosi faced down party leaders asking her to let them begin an impeachment probe Pelosi trying to provide in rhetorical offense what they currently lack in action on the House floor launching this accusation against the president would you believe that it's important for the to follow the facts we believe that no one is above the law including the President of the United States and we believe that the President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up a cover-up that is what Trump responded to during the three-minute meeting instead of walking in happily into a meeting I walk in to look at people that had just said that I was doing a cover-up I don't do cover-ups that is false whatever one thinks Congress should do or not do with the molar report it is a very serious evidentiary document and it shows Donald Trump and his aides lying sometimes in the form of felonies and obstruction like the cases of manna for Flint and Papadopoulos and sometimes in ways that were not charged like lies to cover up the Russia dealings of trumps demand that his lawyer Don McGann lie about trumps potentially illegal attempt to get Muller fired now I mentioned that last line not as another example or just a fact check I mention it because it is part of the core of today's clash and this Trump meltdown because it's the White House's defiance of lawful subpoenas from against testimony that has Democrats pushing harder for an impeachment probe and that's the context for what Trump did today turning the Rose Garden into a kind of a theater for a one-man-show reenactment of Donald Trump's own greatest hits from his Twitter feed I'm the most transparent president probably in the history of this country this investigation or whatever you want to call it with Bob Butler there was no collusion there was no obstruction Jerry Nadler has been an enemy of mine for many years this whole thing was a takedown attempt at the President of the United States and then Trump quoted himself threatening Democrats so I just wanted to let you know that I walked into the room and I told Senator Schumer speaker Pelosi I want to do infrastructure I want to do it more than you want to do it I'd be really good at that that's what I do but you know what you can't do it under these circumstances so get these phony investigations over with now this was all orchestrated we can report that for you tonight because the podium was literally decorated with planned talking points sources saying the poster you see there have been floating around the White House for a while Trump also brought props and handouts which Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer seized on it's clear that this was not a Dainius move on the president's part it was planned he went to the Rose Garden with prepaid prepared signs that had been printed up long before our meeting we should know Donald Trump has of course previously threatened to also stop all work with Democrats if these investigations continue and then he did back down with previous threats it is speaker Pelosi's investigations and her comments that clearly so enraged Donald Trump and she may yet upset him again with this new comment wrapping up today's entire weird unusual angry clash he just took a pass and it just makes me wonder why why he did that in any event I pray for the President of the United States and I pray for the United States of America praying for him now the speaker Pelosi's words got Trump so livid how will he take this news breaking late today as we come on air that after their clash after all this drama I just showed you a big victory for Pelosi's strategy a judge ruling against Donald Trump and backing House Democrats subpoena for Donald Trump's bank records and let's be clear tonight unlike Don Magan or bill Barr Trump has no power to stop the banks from complying with these lawful subpoenas for his financial secrets even for the Trump era I got to tell you this was quite a day in Washington if this day were a duet the Pelosi Democrats sound like the musician vic mensa who famously crooned oh you mad huh oh you mad huh and Donald Trump sounds a bit like his favorite rapper on that same song Kanye West who plaintively responds to mr. Mensa there go another lawsuit in court so much man I should have went to law school hey I'm already Melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

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  1. Is there not one freaking segment that Melber doesn't try to cram in rap lyrics, even when they don't make sense??

  2. The Orange menace—was high again. on adderall or blow, or whatever it is he sniffs before appearing at the podium. Its so obvious.

  3. Yes Nancy and Nadler and company. No one is above the law and that means you too. It's only a matter of time and justice will catch up with you

  4. Ari melber a pathetic LIAR and a good one at that but the whole world sees RIGHT THRU his garbage Spewing out of his Lying mouth. TRUMP WINS 2020 SO EASILY NO COMPETITION FOR HIM and now that Barr has DECLASSED ahhh won't be to many Corrupt challenges for Trump in 2020.i believe there are Military Tribunals and Executions coming.many of them

  5. If Trump wants to shut down the government again for his pet peeves,we should ignore his presidential orders !

  6. Trump "let the peasants drive on dirt roads. and no bridges" I will build a Great Wall on our southern border. and fk everything and everyone else. I'm the Greatest !!

  7. (Spoiler Alert) …He does cover ups, and obstructs justice… poorly…. He only gets away with it because the Republican leaders are corrupt sycophant cowards, as are many of the republican voters. (To be fair I'm completely willing to admit that if there was a Democrat version of Trump, the Dems would also probably be corrupt sycophant cowards, as would many of the voters…It's just that in this case the Dems are in the right…but that probably 60% of the country would support a lying, criminal, narcissist, who's a least a border line sociopath if he promised them what they want should terrify you… especially since odds are if you are reading this, you probably would to if you thought it was to your benefit… and that's pathetic. Roughly 60% maybe more of you on either side are pathetic… SAD.)

  8. Trump's refusal to allow any Americans to know what Putin and him talked about is about the least transparent thing he could do. If he really was transparent he wouldn't be so worried about people finding out the truth about him.

  9. "I don't do cover-ups" UNLESS it's my taxes, OR illegaly blocking people from testifying to CONGRESS. Nixon resigned between the start of the Impeachment investigation, and the full House of Representatives voting on whether or not to actually file the "Articles of Impeachment." One of them was an "Obstruction of Justice" for blocking people from testifying. An "Obstruction of Justice" applies to influencing the actual investigation, it does not apply to it's results.

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