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  1. You lying politicians. Hush money payoffs? How can you lie with straight faces? Some prosecutor you must have been! Plan on a new job, both of you.

  2. So Tell Me Why is this woman being prosecuted?????? If demorats are above the law .so are the people we don't have any laws Remember . This is wrong you hold a citizen responsible but not the politicians. That is my point ..!! Every person should be held responsible for there crimes and most of all Congress .!!

  3. Stop controlling people I don't like smoking but if they want to flavor there vaping that's their business just like we should only have one brand of alcohol no other flavor

  4. if they manage to change the so-called "whistleblower" status to "CIA leaker" (as it's been proven to be the case) then, no protection, name can be revealed.

  5. I bet you because she is a woman and she was crying in court that she will get a lite sentence

  6. The Dems are control freaks, most of them are perverts, look how they control children for sex, they think they are intitled people, they are just naturally control freaks, they have a horrible mental illness, we used to keep some control over these type people, when we had insane aysilyms, since they closed them ,alot of them became congress men and women!πŸ˜†. (not really funny)

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