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was called off police allowed workers to return to their offices shortly before noon and as you can see it's now back to business as usual back to you in the studio Maria well it seems all's well that ends well good thing it was a false alarm back to you Gary oh yes well the situation now has ended and employees are back where they belong hard at work at their own desks back to you Maria okay Gary that's great back to you well that know that that wraps it up here at the scene that is the end of the breaking news it is now time to go back to you Maria in the studio for the other breaking news stories okay Gary great report back to you look Maria it's really uh it's really cold out here the story's over back to you back to you Gary no back to you back to you back to you you you you you ah damn it look I I don't I don't know what you're doing there okay I don't know what your game is but I'm I'm out here in 42 degrees in the rain trying to give a story okay I'm a professional I'm giving a story then you sit there you're behind your desk and you're you just know you're all high and mighty you're warm and you drive on your news desk why are you doing this to me what do you hate me hate you I hate you so much yeah now I'm just angry Gary in your souls but what what no no Larry just what Gary what can I just say something no Gary trust me thank you back to you Gary hello

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  1. MediocreFilms live up to there name. Poor acting, poor idea, poor script (if it was scripted), I could go on but have lost interest. In summary: yawn, shit.

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