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good evening and thanks for joining us I'm Melissa Simas Jancy is off tonight good evening I'm Bob Clausen what one Little Rock judge described as an act of heroism is under scrutiny by a major American corporation last August we brought you a story about a McDonald's employee who was shot while trying to stop a man from hitting a woman but now McDonald's says they won't pay for his injuries KRK ford warren Trager has more on this top story thanks Melissa well the alleged shooter in this case is behind bars but now a McDonald's employee Nigel Haskett may be fighting a legal battle after already winning a battle for his life surveillance video obtained by ka RK shows what went down on August 26th 2008 a man and a woman are seen first then it appears the man strikes the woman in the face within seconds employee Nigel Haskett is on him dragging him outside seconds later Haskett returns bent over and then collapses police say he was shot multiple times he was an employee of the McDonald's he was at work he wasn't involved in the physical verbal altercation initially he did come to the aid of the female that was involved in the disturbance casket spent over a month in the hospital and his injuries required multiple surgeries a judge in the criminal proceedings called Haskett a hero but a letter from the risk management agency representing McDonald says Hoskins heroism won't be rewarded with workers compensation their letter reads in part quote we have denied this claim in its entirety as it is our opinion that mr. Haskins injuries did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment unquote but Haskins attorney says Haskett was not only a good Samaritan but a good employee breaking up a fight on the premises you know McDonald host argue that that's not advancing their interest directly or indirectly let them do it because I don't think they're gonna win Wilson says Haskett only wants reimbursement of an estimated three hundred thousand dollars in medical bills and they're preparing to take the claim to court I think this is insurance company doing what they do best trying to anyway they can and he adds that others are coming forward in support of this man he's a very very very nice individual and you know just this is a sad state our society that you know something like this happened and he's stuck with all these medical bills and you know good luck goodbye now whether or not McDonald's told Haskett what to do in a situation like this maybe a contention in court now the denial of this claim by McDonald's risk management company is just the first step it will now go before a judge and possibly the Workers Compensation Committee and it could all be appealed as far as the Supreme Court now just moments ago I did receive a statement from the owner of that McDonald's and will have his response coming up tonight at 6 o'clock alright Lauren we look forward to that meanwhile

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  1. What will it take to clean up WCBs? It is unrealistic to think disabled workers whose lives they destroy for greed will simply continue to sit tight and take it. WCBs push disabled workers to lose their minds and all respect for authority and if anyone takes revenge in desperation they can FN well eat it!!

  2. This is so FN sick….but typical of WCB's 'risk management' aiders and abetters. Hiding behind their verbal righteous BS. Fact is the deal with WCBs is that the worker is supposed to receive impartial and fair compensation but they have become so corrupt aided and abetted and protected by government they act like the lowest form of thieving life. Glad this guy has a great and wise lawyer…and can afford one which many of us can't!


  4. I'm done with mcdoalds! The always mess my order up anyways… For every 10 people I tell this story to and not to eat there. They will tell ten more and so on… This employee is a HERO. Who knows.. This guy might have shot her and other people in there. For him to step in… Shows a true man! And one hell of an employee to protect his customers.
    Mcdonalds has insurance. Use it!!

  5. damm I ate McDonalds today….well now I know that wendys and Taco Hell will be my Fast food of choice now!! this pisses me off…McDonalds should pay out of pocket! and not give stupid excuses about a training video- Mcdonalds!!!! Do the right thing- you already pay your employees crap money– he will just sue later- I hope he gets 20 times what you should have paid him!!!

  6. Workers comp is a "no fault" insurance program. It is the responsibility of any company to provide wage loss for any injury on the job no matter who was at fault. In cases like this where a third party was responsible for causing the injury the employee must get his compensation and the insurance company must sue the third party to reclaim costs.

  7. honestly, if you look from mcdonald's point of view, mcd need not to pay him. I know it's a very sad story, but there's policy and people are trained that NOT TO BE A HERO all the time even you are being robbed, safety always comes first that's how mcd train their people. this case doesnt involve injury from workplace which cause from hazards, it cause from his courage, mcd shudnt reli pay him, to be frank. still i feel sorry for the guy…

  8. How ridiculous. The McDonald employee may have averted a shooting of other customers or employees by his courageous action. Where is any common sense. McDonald's should be giving this guy a bonus. In this day, when bonus are given to people who don't deserve it, this is one guy WHO DOES.

  9. ero…Ha, I WISH I was rich, just another working stiff in the GVRD. Our health care system does fine for emergencies, but is sadly lacking when it comes to timely, compassionate care for all those on waiting lists for treatment. How do I know? I am a RN and can see the problems from within. Also remember, each province runs its own health care insurance. What you may get, say in Ontario or Alberta, is NOT what you get in BC.

  10. fucking buearucracy! man risked his life to defend someone at his work and the fucking greed bastards dont even see that

  11. Depressing! McD's can certainly afford $300,000 – What's the matter with them?!? Oh well, with the economy as bad as it is, it won't be too hard for me to boycott McDonald's. …Not a huge thing to cut out of my life. This guy deserves his medical bills paid in full along with some compensation for time off! Really. Common sense.

  12. That is grounds to boycott Mickey Deez if I have ever heard one. It is rare that anyone does the right thing anymore and this is the very reason why. We all think if I get involved what will the consequences be instead of thinking my fellow man/woman needs help.

  13. You couldn't have known the guy had a weapon… and was not a ticking bomb… Your mental retardation makes me, as a human being, ashamed of living in the same world as you.

    Yeah maybe its okay, because the women is black. But still, if your mother got attacked, I doubt yout fat ass wont move and you'll have to rely on others help.

  14. she was talking on the phone the whole time…when your in an argument/engagement there is only one reason to be on the phone…your online with someone who can help you.

    besides its not like the two just suddenly blew up they were arguing for a while, hence why no on was next to them.

    no if it was a man who got slapped, he should have turned around, walked out, and never talked to that bitch again.

    regardless of gender there is no reason to stick around for a beating.

  15. 50% my ass. Maybe from some rich guy, but not at all from the average folk. The hospital bill would have costs me hundreds of thousands, and I would hate to be in a position where I can't afford to save my dad's life. Sure our taxes are higher than the States, but at least it assures that our country can take care of it's own citizens.

    Free market my ass! Only the ambitiously greedy loves such a philosophy.

  16. Free health care in Canada? I don't think so. Why do you think we pay taxes of almost 50% on our wages?? THAT'S what pays for the so called free health care.

    Back to topic….SHAME on Mickey Ds! A&W for now on for me.

  17. I don't care if she was having phone sex in front of him… the thug had no right to hit her… you girlfriend and wife aren't your property … if they wronged you… leave them….

    Also why does it matter what race he is… what's with the "super negro" comment

  18. This didn't happen across the street, it happened right on the other side of the counter IN the Mcdonalds. I guess next time they should let the girl get a bloody face while the police are on the way. Stupid comment.

  19. for all we know that dude must of hit that broad cause she on the phone with another guy. if thats suppose to be his girlfriend, she shouldnt be on the phone with another dude….. and here come this super negro to her rescue, as if he even knew what was going on..

  20. That is bullshit. It is his job to throw people out if they are being rough. If it were a bunch of vandals, and he just stood there and called the cops, he would probably have been fired for not doing more. Because in that situation they would have considered it within the scope of his employment, this should be as well. I hope he lawyers up fast.

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