Newspaper Readership Then, Now and in the Future

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  1. Get rid of the hedge funds, accountants and lawyers. Let real newspaper people and great journalism run the newspaper.

  2. An important reason why you should still read newspapers is that they contain Public Notices. Such notices may be intentions to carry out weather modification projects. For example, in Montana: "A person holding a valid weather modification license must receive a permit before engaging in actual weather modification and control activities. Separate permits are required for each operation. A permit applicant must also file a notice of intention. The notice must include the applicant's name
    and address; the nature, purpose, and objective of the intended operation and the person or organization on whose behalf the operation will be conducted; the approximate time during which the operation will be conducted; the area affected; and the materials and methods that will be used. The DNRC must publish the notice at least once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper having general circulation in the affected county(ies)."


    Now you understand why newspapers are still important!

  3. it's time to give the newspaper away free free distribution is the answer everybody gets a free newspaper they will read it

  4. In regards to what the narrator said at 1:08, get your head out of the sand ! What we all call "biased reporting" is the fact that newspaper go out of their way to fabricate news or flat out lie about facts.
    Even you, WSJ are culprit of this (remember when you slandered the biggest youtuber on the platform over fabricated accusations ?) this is why my, and the next generation have NO trust in major newspapers. Either change or you will die out

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