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  1. If the citizens of Virginia allow their newly elected governor to be forced out of office over a picture 35 years old, what’s next?

  2. Wake up. Gov. Northam is not being merely being judged for what he did in College. He is being asked to resign because of the lies he told all weekend long. Why should we justify his actions and have Al Franken resign?

  3. You see The BLACK MAN is forgiving. There would be NO WHITE person that is forgiving if the races were switched. IF A BLACK DID SOMETHING..EVERY white person would be 110% against him. I LOVE HOW WONDERFUL BLACKS ARE AND HOW FORGIVING MY PEOPLE ARE. …IT BC WE ARE NATURALLY People Of THE SPIRIT!!! . GODS CHOSEN. !!!

  4. The Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts are so very different…I think it's good that BSA is allowing girls to join..I do think that there should be specific troops for just boys and just girls and co-ed…I also think the Girl Scouts should allow boys in, if they want to join (although I'd rather do the fun things in BSA than sell cookies). Just my opinion.

  5. SO US is China 100% . Why ? China in the past was building the great wall because Chinese  people were COWARDS . Today US will build the walls because US fear the nation Mexico . In 2008 in front NBC , ABC , CBS , CNN . . Black and white from US opened their big mouths "We are Chinese people" US took Nobel COWARDS in 1981 .

  6. Virginia governor did make a bad chose with the black face … but the real reason the Christian Taliban is after him is this ……

  7. America: The greatest democracy in the world………. But never enter an airport, and never break the law accidentality. Get knowledge, because the government is after you.

  8. whoa. did anyone see how trumps pulled kim jon un close to him when he shook his hand?and kim was like whoa! he started looking around for his security and pulling back but trump practically jerked him toward him, lol.

  9. "…and I said 'absolutely. You can be anything you want to be'". You just can't be a boy, just like boys can't be girls, Bruce.

  10. This is what Chris Hedges calls burlesque reporting. It over hypes and sensationalizes stuff like this(which has zero impact on you and your family) to divert attention away from issues that actually DO affect you and your family such as student loan debt and Medicare for all debate, stagnant wages, over half of working Americans living paycheck to paycheck, and how the ruling financial elites buy off most of Congress and control the mainstream media monopolies.

    I know that black face is an emotional issue and is wrong, but focusing on this isn’t going to resolve your crushing student debt problems or that fact that half the working population makes 30k or less a year. You don’t want to die poor outside on the steps of the hospital? You better pay attention to the real issues and avoid these purposeful msm distractions.

  11. Don't be fooled by those who are claiming to be disgusted by VIRGINIA DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR Ralph Northam's 1984 Year book photos. As Shakespeare once said, "Thou doth protest too much." MEANING… most who are objecting to the discovery of these photos are going WAY OVER BOARD in their reaction. Suspiciously so. The more offended YOU are the more saint like YOU become? Is that it? I say – as someone who is definitely NOT a 'lefty' – Northam should NOT RESIGN. If people can't accept his apology – that's on THEM.

  12. Governor Northam should not step down until Trump does. PERIOD. Northam's yearbook picture was 35 years ago. Even still, it is reprehensible, but President Trump, almost every day, inflames race relations with his endless lies.

  13. This Boy Scout thing is going to blow up in about 2-3 years… watch will here all about how a scout leader was inappropriate with one of the girls during a trip or how the boys used derogatory language. I believe it shouldn’t be both genders as this is going to cause a lot of problems

  14. God this place is emptier than CNN's channel. But hey at least you guys are beating MSNPC and HuffandPuff Post. Looks like the Demokkkrats are losing whatever message they have.

  15. Racist thing. Give it up for gods sake. In that time it was NOT uncommon for blackface. We don't need to go back in time for every thing someone did 30 years or so ago unless its genocide. Everyone did something in his/her past somewhere/sometime they regret. Its called being human. Now its just plain stupid witch hunt everyone. Unbelievable.

  16. come on america please the boy scout is the boy scout and the girl scouts is the girls scouts some thing is best left alone

  17. why are the scouts still a thing? Stop over-paying strangers to teach your kids things they should be learning at home. My 4 yr old can read a compass and my 6yr old a map. It isn't hard, just be a parent.

  18. 12:48 wow what a double standard and congratulations to the SJW by allowing girls to take over a boy's club but not let the boys join the girls scouts

  19. Even if everyone adopted a zero, or very little waste lifestyle, that doesn't mean there would be no more landfills. Greatly diminished yes, but there would still be landfills. The only way to actually get to zero landfills would be if the population was greatly reduced and everyone grew their own food, made their own clothes, cut down their own trees, built their own houses, etc. Everything that she goes and buys got there by truck and in another container.

    I am not against her lifestyle at all and I think we could all learn something from that, it's just even suggesting that everyone could do it, and or should do it is not reasonable. It's also not practical for everyone.

  20. Nellis Air Force Base is controlling two of my daughters and six of my grandchildren and won't let me see them or talk to them.

  21. Yet king and trump and McConnell are still in office. If this man was RepubliKKK’con the maga bombers would call him a hero

  22. So girls can join the Boy Scouts and boys are not allowed to join the Girl Scouts? Sounds like they are just trying to demonize masculinity.

  23. 8:53 they're there for one reason, right? They committed a crime and they were sent there. Why is there any need to abolish prisons? They're extremely necessary.

  24. I feel sorry for the Virginia Govenor. You know if he steps down and resigns no one will hire him. He will be shunned everywhere. His life might be ruined over public opinion. I'm not saying he shouldn't step down as race issues matter and elected officials shouldn't be connected with anything concerning that. I merely feel for the reality of his situation.

  25. So girls can join boy scouts but boys can't join girl scouts? how do women sleep at night knowing that they haven't earned anything in life. they prey off of pity….. complain(which is what they do best) and you get what u want?….. pathetic worthless gender. get and stay in the kitchen where u belong! I'll never hire a woman just because that's what they want! never!

  26. You know What we should prosecute all of our teens for making mistakes. Yeah what a way to stifle creative thought even 30 years later. I get this was bad I am curious about whom has blackmailed this great Governor.

  27. So can boys join the girl scouts? Can they tho ? No they can't?!
    Wait, how is this proper, how is this not discriminatory? How is this not biased ?
    Why do you people think this is ok ?
    Girl scouts flat out says, we only include girls, but it was a issue boy scouts only included boys ?
    You people that believe this is proper are fxckd in the head and I dont feel sorry for you

  28. What? Trump says the Governor's "sins are unforgivable" yet this hypocrite took money from the Ku Klux Klan to fund his presidential campaign! These are "sins" that the governor committed as a young man decades ago, not sins he committed three years ago—as a senior! If the Governor should be impeached so should Trump! The hypocrite!

  29. I really like this nightly news.Lovely commentators. and very good topics and nice voices.Best news forever.Thankyou very much ☺

  30. 15:32 THINK BEFORE you CLICK!!! so allllll this security is USELESS!!! before that is WHY the security in place!! to THINK for you BEFORE you even see it or click it!! The security should THINK before you!!! if now you still have to THINK before you CLICK! then sorry guys those 2 mill $ are a waste of poopoo!!!


  32. Let Him stay. It was 25 years ago… Seriously people Grow up. It don't effect his leadership. Move on.. leave that in the past.

  33. We need to quit holding people accountable for mistakes they made years ago, especial for anyone who has been charged and already served their time.
    Edit: a kid's life shouldn't be ruined because he tried weed prior to legalization and I'm sure others have plenty of other examples they could think of.

  34. Omg. .. I've bn aware of the 3 Rs For Years.. Oh wait… The 3 I've bn aware of are: The Roof.. River, or Revolver. See.. 3 – RRR 's. 😉

  35. 8:15 Would a viable alternative be to release the prisoners? I assume there will be a reckoning, but I have yet to hear the reporting of the actual temperature in the living areas of the jail how. How can a rational opinion be formed? Did the Governor not ask. Or did the news media neglected to report it in order to hype the drama? 8:45 There would be a reason to incarcerate them,, as to say it's not a college dorm – news or drama?.

  36. Has no one put together that the Democrats in the Virginia states ARE the racists!?!? For goodness sakes, former Senator Robert Byrd (Democrat for all his days) was former Ku Klux Klan officer who served as a United States Senator from West Virginia for over 51 years. Bill Clinton and the Democratic party knew that and condoned it! Clinton said once, "Robert Byrd HAD to be in the Klan to rise in the Democratic party!"

  37. Notice how the Democrap reporter falsely states, Racial Tension increased under Trump.? Racial tensions increased under Obummer.

  38. All of you buying so much worthless Chinese junk has allowed them to build aircraft carriers and voice their influence in Veneuela…

  39. Eddie Johnson you are nothing more than a puppet. I can't wait to Emanuel gets the boot and you follow him out.

  40. 15:52 that makes no sense. What does she do when her cloths wear out? They wont fit in a mayonnaise jar. Giving them to charity doesn't count because they are almost wore out! Just the plastic wrap around toilet paper would fill the jar. There are so many more things that it doesn't make sense.

  41. if he was republican we all know trump either wouldn’t have said sh*t or he would have defended him. he’s such a hypocrite.

  42. How about your Israeli passport holding congress put some pressure on the Israeli regime for a change. You've got your snouts stuck in every other country's business !! Shower of warmongers the lot of you.

  43. What a bunch of bull. In ww2 female pilots trained men to fly. There was a bomber that Men refused to fly because they said it was TOO big. A General had to show up and take them to a base where they're made. And low and behold there's one flying doing a turn as the MEN witness a WOMAN in the pilot chair!! Congress voted down Women in the Air Force or their own Air Force after WW2. Media makes u believe it's a new thing. Why?

  44. Many Nighthawk helicopters practicing at night in Los Angeles. This is for a potential action in Venezuela and a not-so-veiled threat as well.

  45. Fire all the racist newscasters. They are mostly anti-white, anti-straight. These jerks are fine destroying a good man's reputation for something he did as a joke as a college student. All to give Kamala Harris a political talking point. I will proudly vote against democrats again in 2020.

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