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  1. Sadly a pop singer is dead at age 66? Death rate is 100%; all shall die? Only the Lord Jesus can instantly turn a person's worst-case (death) into his or her best-case (eternal life)? See please (John 11:25)?

  2. No one walks around with a noose and a jar of bleach. They knew who he was and went after him at that place as a statement. It wasn't just happenstance.

  3. Please watch out for everyone around you who could suddenly need help.
    Family, friends, neighbors (young & old alike), strangers on the street and if course any animals.
    Keep extra blankets & towels ready if you can. People who do go out could easily get into trouble & you might be the only one that can quickly help.
    Don't forget the animals either please. If you can before it gets really bad spread dog or cat food around for them to eat. So they have more calories to burn in keeping warm.
    Please make sure all animals are brought inside of have heat/warmth.
    A dog house, even with extra blankets, just isn't enough.

    Praying everyone stays safe.

    And please for the love of anything. Please, please don't send that cold to Tulsa Oklahoma.
    I'm so tired of being cold & dealing with the increased pain from my fibromyalgia. Not to mention my heater sometimes won't turn off.
    At least I have my cats to cuddle with.

  4. Mee too my poor little dog steps outside and her paws freeze to the deck I live upstate NY and it's no joke !
    And I'm moving on Friday into a hotel until I decide which direction I want go and move to. I'm always going to Florida I need somewhere new to venture out to lol warm place .

  5. It's not just apple any smart phone can be turned on & they listen & watch you or what's going on around you. They listen to ppl all the time.

  6. No matter who you are . If you are living by welfare (Welfare from early of 90s had new name call FINANCIAL) , you are not human .

  7. When I was a kid minus 20 or even 30 °C ( down to -25 °F ) were regular events each year. Life didn't come to a standstill. But it is a big difference if it's not a regular event and you suddenly find yourself in that situation. One of the dangers of global warming: it is unpredictable and not regular. I hope you get through this spell of cold, Great lakers. Change your mode of living for this time. It is necessary. And be careful who you vote for at the next election. Elections have consequences. And right now America is the laughing stock of the world. But as global warming concerns us all we do not laugh. We are sad and cry.

  8. "Our friend is hurting and we have to help him." That brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful group of young men!😁👏
    Awesome to see such young people demonstrate compassion, empathy & support.💕

  9. North Korea is no the problem is the unbelieve of some in the administration, late Prophet Kin Clement PROPHECIE the don't be afraid of North Korea nor Iran , for North Korea will come to the table ,event the at ready happen .
    The enemies of America is within the so call US citizens the are not.
    Some of you need to hear what God is saying, and believe God the He us faithful, and has goo an for America.

  10. Tha is show the mayor de Blasio, and Cuomo and DEPARTMENT of transportation are no doig the job,
    What Senators Schuman, bad others ,and new Alexandria cortes are doin???????

  11. PG&E has 100s of billions of dollars, 30 billion is a drop in the bucket for them. bankruptcy can not be an option.
    get every dollar of what they owe. investigate their books and you'll see they have more then enough so they don't
    have to raise their rates passing the cost to the consumers. seize their assets.

  12. Billionaire couple putting millions into overpriced drugs, They should set up a media dept to create content that promotes their cause. ya, then hire us to create the quality work (;

  13. Patents lifetimes should be reduced to 15 years or less instead of increased to 38 years. I can't believe anyone is suggesting that. I hope everyone realizes how increasing patent lifetimes would be horrible for the economy and the progress of technology.
    The cost of drug development should be reduced too. The government makes drug development very expensive, which is how the drug companies justify charging exorbitant prices.

  14. NWO Agenda is promoting mental illness with Men being with Men, women being with woman, children being told that it is okay to cut off your body parts to change what you want to be !…. What do you expect ?…. Bazaar !…. Freak's….. The majority will never go along with it !

  15. This cold I have been through many times before. Just keep warm. What really scares me is our DA POTUS! I have never seen someone with this much power and -0 clues!

  16. This is what most Americans either do not understand or want to turn a blind eye on: autocrats like Trump are against capitalism, against free competing markets. They are against free competing elections in politics and against free competing markets in the economy. They want monopolism in politics, autocratic systems ( the rule of the top 1% by birthright and not performance ) and monopolism in the economy ( the rule of the top 1% of each market ). Trump and all Republicans that support him are AGAINST capitalism. Republicans have been against capitalism for a long while now but could hide it very well. Only the era under Trump brought it out in the open,

  17. Wow, 1minute 33 seconds summary – now I don't have to watch the rest. NBC, it's a 20 minute broadcast. We don't need to hear everything you're going to tell us before you tell us. Use that 1min33sec of prime time to cover another issue.


  19. Not enough elevators?! That's racist ! Boycott stairs boycott stairs boycott stairs !

    Outrage outrage!

    The cold ? Look at these stupid fxckin news people standing outside ! Ah ha ha morons. Sure makes the story real, standing outside.
    Oui your news agency is bogus.

    Roker, just go away already

    Possible hate crime in Chicago? Na man, this is how it is here, I dont feel any more bad for him the the 65 people shot a week in my city. Sucks it happen but stfu. They killers out here no matter

  20. Thank you you NBC Nightly News for allowing me and my Family to see. It sometimes doesn't take a whole army to fight the uphill and down battles we all are facing. Sometimes it just takes Love with heart Still a racing. Great vehicle too. Let us all pray to keep our brothers and sisters warm in God's very special ways.

  21. I am surprise and pleased this channel is able to cover a range of news, not just about Trump Trump Trump and his Viper house that has graduated from being a daycare centre to Con-house, specialising in aiding with lies and twisted truths aimed at 33% of America, the MAGA league = Make America Gross Again.

  22. Hate doesnt care the color ..the race ..the gender..the prefrences ..its a force ..and its can live and grow in anyone ..dont hate gays ..dont hate christians..dont hate the President president..

  23. THANK YOU TO ALL THE KIDS IN THE "INSPIRING AMERICA" SEGMENT! You guys are leaders showing others how to be decent human beings! Keep the kindness up and have a great 2019!

  24. It is VERY cold over here. I live in the Chicago suburbs and it was -22 (without windchill) earlier today… about -54 with windchill.. felt like an iron metal bar was slowly and painfully being fused into my bones when I was standing outside. COLD!

  25. Please, someone listen to me! We white, beige, pink skinned people should be uniting to speak up and march on behalf and in honor of our beautiful black, brown, tan and olive skinned sisters and brothers. They have fought for themselves enough, it's time for them to rest. It's our job now to teach and convince the minority of bigots and haters that it's over. White against white. We won't stand for it anymore. All colors are different but equal in their beauty. We are all equal in the United States of America. We are united in our quest for a miraculous life. It is our only hope to end racism in America. Please, won't anyone join me.

  26. jan— i've heard your remarks all my life- 58- "it cost's sooo much to develop drugs" i don't buy it. the companies are playing both sides- pay to live until you die

  27. Claiming it costs BILLIONS? to manufacture medications is surely ludicrous or they wouldn't be raking in the profits they do. Rightly said though, this is what happens when the Regulated Industry becomes the Regulators. That is the problem we are having in many industries, namely WALL STREET, Oil Manufactures, and the NRA.

  28. Will you people stop! With the wind chill factor, it was -55 degrees this morning in Wisconsin, so I double layered and was fine. Bunch of babies.


  30. I do not think that it's pge's fault I think in everything in life accidents about to happen but suing and blaming other whether it's their fault in trying to get money out of them because that's the only people that you could go for that's terrible

  31. Why is Chicago PD calling it a possible hate crime when he was attacked. rope around his Neck racial slurs call it what it is A hate crime.

  32. It always amazes me that people die from falling down stairs. It just shows you how fragile your life is. Man, did I do stupid stuff when I was younger! Gymnastics is pretty darn dangerous if you don't have good coaches and even then they can only minimize risk. You are fearless when young and fit and take more risks b/c you are in shape with good balance.

  33. "demonstrators" yeah right. More like people Trump probably hired like he did when he announced his bid for the 2016 "election."

  34. somewhere in this cold and 2am, 2 white men carrying bleach and a noose and wearing MAGA hats attacks a man 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Who believes that?! In that same cold the "victim" walked himself to the hospital with a supposedly broken rib. Victim then emerges from hospital few days later with just a little scratch under his eye. Thats the news

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