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breaking news tonight the victory for 911 victims over a decade in the making the bill is passed the Senate late today passing a bill to make sure the 9/11 fund never runs out of money to care for victims and survivors after emotional pleas by committee and Jon Stewart and first responders we can never repay all that the 9/11 community has done for our country but we can stop penalizing them tonight the measure on its way to president Trump's desk bracing for impact robert muller just hours away from his highly anticipated testimony answering questions for the first time about the russia probe what will congress ask and what will he say the shocking twists in the murders of an american woman and her boyfriend police revealing two missing teens feared to be victims two are now suspects on the run inside jeffrey Epstein's private island the secluded compound where at least one accuser says she witnessed sexual abuse and the warning signs one worker says he saw there a terrifying plane scare the passenger jetliner blowing at its tires after a hard landing the nose gear collapsing thankfully no one was hurt and also tonight the new tornado strike and millions under a severe storm threat as NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt good evening everyone a very public and poignant battle is won tonight for those who bravely confront of the ashes debris and hidden health dangers of Ground Zero bittersweet celebrations today as Congress approved continued funding for the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund ensuring a financial safety net for those sickened by toxic exposure at the site our Jeff Bennett has late details tonight a victory for the first responders who risked their lives on September 11th cheering from above the Senate floor as a bill passes to permanently pay for the 9/11 victim Compensation Fund the yeas are 97 the nays are two the bill is passed the two senators voting no Republicans Mike Lee and Rand Paul both introducing measures to cap payouts which failed this should never have been a fight the compensation fund had been running short on money recently gaining nationwide attention following passionate police for support from first responders and comedian John Stuart your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity time Stuart back on Capitol Hill today we'll spend some time today thinking about the friends that we've lost who gave their last moments really coming down to Washington and fighting for their brothers and sisters Luis Alvarez was one of them the New York Police Detective spent months searching through the toxic rubble at Ground Zero you made me come down here the day before my 69th round of chemo weeks later alvarez died of 9/11 related cancer today his son David in Washington I want to thank you for not forgetting him making sure lawmakers followed through on their promise to his father better sooner than now much-needed relief for first responder Dennis Murphy now battling cancer that spread to seven parts of his body tomorrow he'll have his 57th round of chemotherapy this bill means a lot financially to a lot of people to be honest with you I'd give all the money up to be healthy I think everybody feels the same way I do the next step is for President Trump to sign the bill a White House official says he's expected to do that in a Friday afternoon ceremony surrounded by some of these first responders Lester all right Jeff Bennett thank you another major story tonight we're just hours away from former Special Counsel Robert Muller taking the hot seat in front of Congress to answer questions about the Russia probe for the first time NBC's Kristen Welker now in the most anticipated testimony in years tonight House Democrats huddling in a last-minute practice session preparing to question robert muller in a make-or-break moment for their case against the president I think it's very important that these facts come to light our committee is most concerned about the compromise of national security NBC's Casey hunt is on Capitol Hill when Robert Muller sits down here tomorrow it's going to be the 89th time he's testified before Congress over a long career in public life Democrats know this might be their last chance to convince the American public on impeachment so they tell us they plan to keep their questions sharp and targeted overnight after Muller's requests for guidance the Justice Department instructing he must remain within the boundaries of his public report something Muller said he would do in May no work speaks for itself and the report is my testimony but Democrats blasting the new guidance it's part of the ongoing cover-up by the administration in his report Muller found no criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia but made no determination about obstruction of justice there's nothing there and we're gonna see that tomorrow president Trump today dismissing the hearing as an excuse by Democrats to push for impeachment we have the best economy in history the best employment numbers in history G let's impeach the president I mean you figure these people have gone totally crazy and we are learning tonight Muller has requested that one of his closest deputies sitting next to him that deputy will be there to advise his former boss but is not expected to answer questions Lester Kristen Welker of the White House thanks and join us for our special coverage of Muller's testimony we go on the air starting at 8:15 a.m. Eastern here on NBC a shocking new twist in the case tonight of an American woman and her boyfriend murdered along a remote highway in Canada police now say two teens who were also feared to be victims are now considered suspects and on the run NBC's Morgan Chesky now with the latest it's the newly released video capturing a couple's final hours alive American China dicen our Australian boyfriend Lukas Fowler in an embrace at a gas station tonight authorities have launched an urgent manhunt for the suspects allegedly responsible for their murder a pair of teenagers who in a wild twist just yesterday were thought to be possible victims to cam and Breyer are no longer considered missing the RCMP are now considering cama cloud and Breyers Miguel ski as suspects decent Fowler were on a romantic road trip when their bodies were found outside their broken-down van shot to death police say the break came nearly 300 miles from where the couple was found in British Columbia officers found a truck set on fire but no sign of its occupants the childhood friends who are now suspects tonight investigators say they're likely armed may be disguised and on the run we're asking for the public if you spot Brier or kam consider them dangerous do not approach and tonight police believe those two teams are also tied to another death in that same remote area a man's body found very near where that burned-out car was located Lester Morgan Chesky thank you severe weather padded the Northeast today with a report of a rare tornado on Cape Cod the weather system even ripping the roof right off an inn as terrified family scramble for cover Gorgon Radford has more than that for us tonight a suspected tornado touching down today in Massachusetts on Cape Cod shocking families at local hotels Austin our ceiling lifts up and back down the storm system whipping up winds toppling trees and leaving thousands without power similar scenes played out in New York and in New Jersey crews are cleaning up after heavy rain and flooding overnight it was a miserable experience for everyone in New York normally busy streets turned into flooded rivers and in New Jersey a tree split this home in half sudden the severe weather causing chaos for travelers up and down the eastern seaboard with flight cancellations creating a ripple effect throughout the country we're very frustrated too and we want to go home home to see what else the weather has in store Morgan Radford NBC News New York there were some anxious moments for passengers after a plane made a rough landing today at an airport when its nose gear collapsed here's NBC's Tom Costello from a passing bus in Lagos the ground view of a nigerian passenger jet stuck in place landing on a rain-soaked runway the air piece 737 with 139 people on board came down hard then as the plane exited the runway two tires blew the nose gear collapsed the strut punching through the pavement no one was injured once off the plane a first glimpse of the damage found it six years ago err piecewise mostly African routes on its Twitter page the airline pledges no shortcuts safety first and a statement claiming today after landing safely and rolling to the runway exit the nose gear developed a problem and partially collapsed a Nigerian accident team now investigating Tom Costello NBC News Washington lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein said today they will appeal a judge's decision to deny him bail while he waits trial on sex trafficking charges and tonight we're learning more about Epstein's lavish and odd lifestyle and his secluded compound in the US Virgin Islands Stephanie Gosk is there with a first-hand look at Jeffrey Epstein's private Caribbean getaway in the US Virgin Islands grounds workers still go about their jobs reluctant to talk excuse me can I just talk to you for a second Epstein pleaded not guilty to federal charges he's accused of recruiting a network of young girls he sexually abused at his mansions in Florida and New York no mention of this island but authorities say he declared it his primary residence with a massive main house eccentric statues and manicured lines of palm trees Epstein bought little st. James in 1998 and he built a sprawling compound here for years he looked across the water at this other Island great st. James he bought that one in 2016 now his attorneys say the two together are worth just over 86 million dollars Epstein engineered near total privacy 24-hour security and guard dogs I was absolutely told that things that occurred on the island were matters of privacy and were not to be discussed and that at no time I was ever to interact with any of the guests Steve Scully worked on Epstein's phone lines for six years there were girls that looked young to be there every day under 18 do you think I have no way of knowing that truly but they appeared to be young to me he says he saw pictures of topless girls all over the compound that strike you as odd really odd but it was a conversation with another one of Dean's employees from Palm Beach that made Scully quit his job he said what's with the young girls and I said oh yeah I'm not real comfortable with the young girls thing – is that in West Palm Beach as well he said worse he pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution in Florida in 2008 as part of a controversial plea deal in a civil case against the government about that deal one accuser says she took part in an orgy on Epstein's private island in 2002 with eight other young girls who appeared to be under the age of 18 Epstein registered as a sex offender in the Virgin Islands but unlike in the US where he had level three sex offender status considered the most dangerous here he was classified as tier one it meant he had to check in with local authorities once a year looking back Scully a father of three daughters tells us he regrets not speaking out sooner when you think about the accusations against him what does that make you think of in terms of your your kids I'm awful glad that they weren't visitors on the island if anyone calls for help on that Island Lester it takes police 30 minutes to get there it's definitely how often did he go to this home residents tell us he was there pretty often sometimes twice a month he flies in on his private jet then gets on his private helicopter to get to the island all right Stephanie Gosk and say Thomas tonight thank you police have made an arrest in the murder of a 21 year old student that has shocked the campus of Ole Miss tonight the suspect in custody is a fellow classmate NBC's Blaine Alexander has that story tonight 22 year old Brandon fees belt is behind bars charged with murdering 21 year old University of Mississippi student Ali Costa all he is being healed in our jail without bond multiple sources tell NBC affiliate WL Beattie Costilla was last seen Friday night outside a bar near the University adding a deputy found her body near a lake the following morning about 20 miles from campus with several gunshot wounds both Coastie all antes felled attended Ole Miss today the university announced he has been suspended these pictures show the two of them together these felts father says his son is innocent you know everybody you trust everybody in right now it just doesn't feel like that mourning the loss of one student police believe at the hands of another and tonight there are black ribbons here outside of Ali's sorority house the university's interim chancellor is calling her death and unspeakable loss luster all right Blaine thanks one of America's closest allies as a new leader Boris Johnson London's outspoken former mayor has been named UK prime minister but he's got a big task ahead of him steering through the chaos of brexit NBC's bill Neely is in London tonight it's the job he craved but tonight he inherits a crisis Boris Johnson trying to reassure a divided nation in maverick style I say to all the doubters dude we are going to energize the country we're going to get bricks it done today winning the president's endorsement for a sexy man is tough and he's smart and he's divisive like president Trump blond brash a populist and born in New York once critical of the president I think Donald Trump is clearly out of his mind Johnson now wants a trade deal America's top Ally now led by the eccentric successor to Teresa may who brags it destroyed Johnson wants Britain out of Europe by November today Johnson called this a pivotal point for Britain tomorrow he starts working there and not much time for him Lester to unite this skeptical country all right bill neely in London thank you still ahead tonight we'll take you inside the new way the FDA is targeting the teen vaping also the controversial ice arrests caught on camera and our ice is responding tonight all right we're back now with the bold new move by the FDA to combat the teen vaping epidemic and to stem the use of e-cigarettes Ngati Schwartz has more tonight the new ad campaign hitting the airwaves and making its way onto teenagers phones vaping could lead to try cigarettes TV YouTube Instagram commercials all featuring a magic trick turning things into cigarettes magic statistics the FDA rolling out the new psays this month aimed at getting kids to think twice before trying east cigarettes I didn't think I was gonna get addicted when I first started and I honestly didn't know I was addicted until I would say a few months in the ninth grade Caleb Mints and Phillip Fuhrman were some of the more than 3.6 million teens and preteens estimated to have vaped last year now trying to encourage others to stop in high schools where one in five students is currently addicted no child should have to deal with a nicotine addiction tomorrow Caleb's mom is set to testify in front of Congress over the rural jewel the popular e-cigarettes brand has played in getting kids addicted to nicotine ancien FC the CEO apologising to parents sorry that their child's using the product it's not intended for them the company removing some flavors criticized for targeting teens and has shut down their Facebook and Instagram accounts now ads from the government hoping to push back against a growing epidemic Ngati Schwartz NBC News up next for us tonight a violent arrest by immigration agents raising some questions tonight ice agents are out of the spotlight tonight after the violent arrest of an undocumented Kansas City man while he sat in his car with his family Miguel Almaguer has details for 25 minutes ice agents in Kansas City tried to make the arrest I still have rights but when florencio Milan Vasquez refused to get out of his car agents smashed his window and dragged him out while his small children cried in the backseat and his partner recorded the incident today she spoke out calling Milan Vasquez a fugitive with a prior criminal history that includes misdemeanor offenses I stand by the arrest while community outrage grows in Nashville a similar scene but neighbors here formed a human chain preventing the arrest of a migrant outside his home after a nationwide immigration sweep that aimed in that 2,000 people today I says only 35 have been arrested so far in a separate operation nearly 900 immigrants many with criminal records were arrested tonight their work remains under scrutiny go Almaguer NBC News that's nightly news for this Tuesday I'm Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News thank you for watching and good night hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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