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  1. The officer warned that he'll shoot, he told him to stop and put the hands up, but the black guy just started running away. Before the end you can notice the gun.

  2. Therman Blevins's never pointed a gun at that officer and God considers his shooting murder even if that officer is never charged. You would be doing him a favor if you did charge him because we will all get what we deserve one way or another.

  3. How could he do anything running at that speed. Police are just lazy and want to shoot people. God's mad.

  4. God hold's the police to the highest standard and they are shooting black males at a disproportionate rate to whites or mexicans. That is people in authority acting on their racism with no consequences. It needs to stop and it never will when these officers face no consequences.

  5. To Body and Morgan: Emmy is in The heaven and God knows it was an accident. He knows your suffering but he does not want you to. I hope this gives you peace. You both have amazing heart's. 💗💗

  6. Trump’s a Traitor and the Traitor is a Liar… Trump conspired with Putin and illegally obtained office and must be removed from office and this wrong must be made right… All Trump’s actions must be reversed beginning with the Supreme and Federal Courts… All down ballot races also implicating many Republicans sitting in Congress right now must also be removed and face Justice… Madam President Clinton must be sworn into office because she’s America’s Choice….

  7. Trump’s Conspiracy illegally obtained office and must be removed and Clinton sworn into office. Clinton is Americans Choice and this wrong must be corrected… We don’t want Putin’s President Of America….

  8. I have NO Trust, Respect or Support for COP anymore. COPS are abusing their authority and killing people unjustly and they are not being punished. I am a Law Abiding Citizen and use to support Law Enforcement but NO MORE. When they are killed in the line of duty I have no emotion of sorrow anymore; why? Because the COPS are the new Street THUGS! STOP killing People of Color!

  9. COPS killed about 500 WHITE PEOPLE last year. Most COP killers are White males. Just some facts for white people posting racist comments in support of DIRTY COPS.

  10. If black males in particular are the only type of people that seem to get shot by cops lets analyze this real quick before the next one dies. Lets see what their doin and what different patterns of behavior they are doing compared to the avg person. Lets start there, first red flag I see in every one of these videos are the male suspect keeps running and not complying. BiNGO prpblem solved already, that easy. Comply and dont get shot, dont comply and dont get shot. Everyone else knows how to follow directions. Took me 2 seconds to figure this out.

    Dont ask for justice and scream unfair when the suspects are the ones committing the crime and then running from it. Yall seriously want us to side with the criminal who runs and doesnt comply?

  11. I taught a lot of people a lot of truths that they would of probably never known otherwise. And its all legitimate except I didn't mean to hurt peoples feelings. That part I don't mean. But they hurt my feelings way worse. And they hurt mine with intentions of stealing from me while I hurt theirs in attempt of keeping what was already mine

  12. Detroit is the most dangerous city in America and is predominantly African-American but our white cops don't run around shooting and killing black men because they fear for their lives. That means these other cops are punks who never should have become police officers. They're also murderers who will pay for their sins.

  13. "Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up a cry or prayer for them: for I will not hear them in the time that they cry unto me for their trouble.(Jer 11:14, KJV). So when you come against God's prophecy Satanists, you WILL get His WRATH U.S. & ABROAD bcuz you know you're coming against God's prophecy. STOP LIEING especially MSM.
    As far as CBS, waited a long time for our heavenly Father's vengeance to expose your wickedness for not allowing an injustice battle to be aired bcuz you want to protect crooked officers/judges/attorneys; did you forget God said, vengeance is the Lord's especially when you touch His predestined chosen anointed & there is nothing hidden or secret that He won't reveal. Satan's lies never overpower Spiritual truths. Amen.

    Last but not least, the malicious killing of yet another mother's child. Although you mk-ultra my only child, son, to cone against me popo whoremungers, you may as well hv killed him when you maliciously set out to drug sm1 with chemicals, solvents, etc bcuz you pale-skinned ppl, not white nor pure, can't accept that the CREATOR chose a "BLACK WOMAN". You know why you have an AGENDA to destroy i.e. killed the black Men/Women/families bcuz you know am fulfilling God's prophecy & your time if power & control & lies are about to exposed by our Lord so you're trying to make our lives as bitter as possible. But God! Not bitter but BETTER. So, just like the holy spirit revealed the scripture above, sorry can't pray/lift up a cry for a disobedient ppl that hv not obeyed God's warnings the past 20 yrs. My obedience is to tge Lord, not Man/Woman. "The TRUTH shall make you free per John 8:32". Amen! Thanks Lord for giving me the wisdom to wait upon you & in my right mind the strength to stand on your revelatory word about WHO/WHOSE I AM IN CHRIST no matter what ppl used by Satan did. Love n Christ anyway, daughter of Zion aka the daughter of His ppl, Jer 6:2, 8:19-22/Is 14:32, Zech 4/Rev 11, et als servant of God not the world. God will get the last laugh heathens, Jer 10.


  15. The problem is simple. That guy thought he could outrun a bullet, its a common misconception amongst criminals. I blame their parents for bad parenting. When a cop says stop get on the ground thats their way of saying "I dont want you to shoot me." when the criminal runs thats his way of saying "Im going to get behind that car or dumpster and shoot you." Sometimes he does shoot the cop, but the criminal doesnt always make it, some times he gets shot. Its a gamble and no one likes to lose.

  16. Laughing stock of the world because of kidnapping babies and trafficking them and deporting their parents. Have all the children been reunited with their parents yet?

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