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  1. Everytime someone kills a bunch of people the first thing neighbors & friends >always< say is he was quiet and never did anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps these people should be top of law enforcement profiling.

  2. Trump has a Jewish son in law. Trump deported an actual Nazi from WW2. Trump supports Israel. Trump has denounced anti-semites like Louis Farrakhan. If you're blaming Trump for what happened in Pittsburgh you need to re-evaluate your life.

  3. He finally messed with the people who have the means to bring him to his senses or his knees! Sitting back watching the train wreck that is this Administration.

  4. Nothing but another deep state false flag shooting.
    All words… all optics…no actual evidence ever shown.
    Vegas 2.0

  5. The sun is killing them in Israel. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Yall cant be Jews in the us or enjoy country music. Hahahahahahahaha

  6. Today's America , another week of bloodshed and terror attacks on prominent political figures . the picture is clear , trump fascist propaganda is fueling the hate of the " deplorables " to the level of Hitler's times in Berlin . backed by FOX news and the satanic evangelical christians . this criminal needs to get remove from office , he is a traitor and our worst national security treat……

  7. So now President Trump should have been talking about the shooting while hosting a children's party? Is that what I'm hearing or are y'all just trying to get as much mileage out of this as possible. You've already run up an impressive 10 minutes of reality TV this episode.

  8. Suspects for Hate & Accessory to the Crimes & Synagogue’s False Flags Attacts Are Known Heroin/Meth Addicts ISIS Fugitives Transgender William Buckley jr.alias(Carol Middleton/Betsy Davos),Catherine Middleton,Lisa Page ak(Jasmjne Phathouvong),Bou Kantaphone alias(Maria Amalla,BaronessWarsi/Jennifer Shultz),Premila Jayapal aka(Angela Hernandez). They are also suspect Shooters @ Mandalay Bay Las Vegas & Parkland High School,FL. Shooting Attacts.

  9. Howard you should visit India where Jews have been living more than 2000 years. They migrated Israel after Jews nation was formed.

  10. One of the sadder days in the news. Thanks for a posting. May God comfort the hurting, and
    and may we all get out and vote.

  11. Please observe that these are white families going through this. Signs of the plagues coming upon our enemies.
    Dueteronomy 28: 7; " Also the Lord your God will put all these curses on your enemies and on all those who hated you and persecuted you."

  12. It’s a sad day for all Americans. Domestic terrorism increased because trump keeps encouraging division and hate in his rallies and tweets. A place of worship should be sacred. He’s encouraging his cult to do everything evil against the press and people they don’t like. He’s insincere, dishonest, toxic, a narcissist and unhinged.

  13. Trump supports any group that votes for him so he can make America great again for the rich including the KKK and neo Nazis and Jews

  14. Black church shootings 5 minute coverage then politics then finish with nutty the squirrl skiing jews get shot full coverage.obama was the cause of more rscism but trump hate speeches oh dont see the connection all this going to do ignore the truth good luck good night

  15. Trump nurtures the worst of his base with shared hate, and the love of cruelty. 3 hate crimes in 3 days. Trump supporters have killed 90 people in under 2yrs.

    That brings the total count of murdered, and attempted murders BY TRUMP SUPPORTERS at 102..

    90 DEATHS, 12 attempted bombings, and 2 additional shootings. This includes;

    1 massacre shooting (Las Vegas) 58 DEAD

    1 school shooting (Florida)17 KIDS DEAD

    another mass shooting (Synagogue) 11 DEAD

    (Charlottesville) 1 DEAD by automobile.

    (Kroger shootings) 2 DEAD

    Pedo Pizzagate shooting

    (MAGA BOMBER) 12 attempted bombings, including 2 American presidents.

    I'm sure there are more, but these are what hit the headlines.

    The "left" have one shooting incident (Scalise) NO DEATHS, a number of violent brawls, and threats. Not that it couldn't happen, but have NOT killed one person.

    This sh*t is CRAZY.

  16. Our great President Trump remains firmly in control. All the negative comments only reinforce the understanding that haters will hate!

  17. OMG. So sorry. 11 innocents. My deepest sympathy for the families and friends of the victims. Thank you law enforcement. I agree. You are heroes. ❤❤🌹🌹

  18. Bombs and shootings right before an election,,ok deep state ,we know.. I do not believe much of anything on the news or tv any more …

  19. This is all left's fault, Liberals and Left media are spreading hate everywhere with their fake, directed and hatred news, Democratic party became a shame on the country.
    For the victims R.I.P and deep condolences to thefamilies.

  20. 99.999% population of US are not human . Why ?US population 99.999% are living by FINANCIAL (FINANCIAL is welfare) Real human are not living by FINANIAL .

  21. Perhaps saying you were the chosen people and everyone else are slaves to you and your god is going to bring out the worst in people.
    Don’t believe me? (Only those that are not blinded by a religion will understand) do the research and you should start with Israel.

  22. It’s disturbing to know that they were killed because of their religious beliefs. I hope he faces the full force of the law.

  23. I'm so tired of people blaming Trump and conservatives. I'll just say it's Obama's fault for causing these shootings from school to now.

  24. He is taken in alive but twelve year old with toy is shot dead. I hate the double standard and I hate all this hate. How does someone go into a church and shoot old people. Wtf. I’m so sorry for those 11 people and their families.

  25. Seeing those women on drugs and not taking care of themselves, while in custody of children is sickening. Don’t have kids unless you have your own life together and you are making enough money to support both of you. People treat having kids as if it is catching a movie or going to the mall. These are human beings with souls. It really is disturbing.

  26. A couple of weeks ago there was a mass shooting in Russia that killed 19 people and NBC made no mention of it. A mass shooting in the US that killed 11 gets half of the broadcast devoted to it. Sounds like nationalism to me.

  27. I just want to mentioned that being a jew isn't an ethnicity, My friend is a jew and he is not a Caucasian so why say this act was a racist act? Condolences to the families who are hurting at this time but just another observatory note. Did the flag on the white house flown at half mast when those people were gunned down in the Charleston church like what was done in the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting and now for these victims?

  28. No government or (even more so) corporation will allow the public to directly invest into or take part in its projects both in space and on Earth. In the end, they are only looking to stimulate the demand for products and services that they market to the public. The issue of the public being a part of the elite political and economic class is not even in question. What we propose is a simple way to change the equation: we’ll create our own policies for regulation of these relations, which are currently not at all correct.

  29. So…couldn't spare a minute or two of your entire nightly news broadcast to mention/mourn the two elderly black people slaughtered by a white supremacist on a tear at a Louisville supermarket on the same date the Pittsburg attack happened? (He had been unsuccessful at entering a Baptist church with a black congregation shortly before he hit the supermarket). I don't get it. Unless…black lives really don't matter?

  30. Wow, this Opiod story is beautiful. I only wish they had this kind of support for African american families when the crack & heroin epidemic hit our

  31. You idiots that participate in this antisemitic activity are causing God to make judgement on the US. It's bad enough that we have trump to deal with but we can't deal with GOD. HE DEALS WITH THE ENEMIES OF ISRAEL.

  32. That poor little helpless old lady never had a chance. She lived 97 years for this? That's so very sad. Im sure she's with God now.

  33. This is horrible. My heart goes out to this synagogue and all the members. especially the families who lost their loved ones. How long before America wakes up. We need God to intervene. Help us
    God. Please help us.

  34. Please STOP showing his picture on media. He doesn't deserve to get the publicity. Instead please show the faces of those we lost. It hurts me to see this is happening over and over and over. We all have to come together and seek a solution to this madness.

  35. The jewish religon, in my opinion, as a Catholic, is the holiest of holiest religion, though I respect other faiths. I admire the torah, the synagogue, etc, the jewish people, to this day I still dont understand persecution of the jews even before the Holocaust re . They were an honest, humble hardworking people, and if they were successful, it was because of their hard work. It seems to me, jealousy and envy were some of reasons. But not to point of horrible murders done to them. Why do some people hate so much? AND ITS NOT NECESSARILY FROM INSANITY, EVIL DOES EXIST. I PRAY FOR ALL THE VICTIMS OF THE PAST AND PRESENT. DESPITE THE CURRENT TRAGEDY, GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE, THOUGH YOU HAVE RIGHT TO YOUR ANGER. BUT REMEMBER, THIS EVIL MAN WILL HAVE TO MEET HIS MAKER SOMEDAY, AND FACE HIS VICTIMS AND GOD.JUSTICE IN THE EYES OF GOD WIL BE SERVED. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND "shalom" I hope that mean "hello"

  36. So, people are willing to die for their radical beliefs. Doing the unthinkable. Easily mentholated by media. We now have brainwashed American suicide Terrorist! Operating within our communities. Nice congratulations. Tasting our own medicine.

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