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  1. A pump? I mean, I understand the impetus to do _something_, but where exactly was he planning to discharge all the water he was pumping?

  2. The best way to iron up this matter is to ask the nominee that is running for the supreme court justice to take a Lie detector test and to take it live on television that will care of the whole matter

  3. Don't worry Trump will put all of you up at Trump Towers. He''ll send his chopper and meet you at the tirmax with his limo.. How lucky you are.

  4. Flood the evils of who work against the global warm. Those who voted a devil be the US president now need to face the consequences of the bad weathers. It is pity for other nations suffering as well result from the irresponsible policy by American Government.

  5. Those people choosing to stay are not just foolish. They're downright stupid! What is their daughter gonna do without her parents???!!!

  6. over age 70 ? what kind of half assed study came up with these results. Of course,over 70 the mortality rate rises every year.

  7. The medical profession keeps confusing people about treatments. Take aspirin and then not take it. Eat fat don't eat fat. Eat eggs then skip eggs. I am waiting for the true feedback on statin drugs. Europe discourages it and the USA encourages it. I have found nothing in any study that finds a large benefit at all for using statin drugs. It is a money making drug and the USA is all about making money over anything else. I do not see the point of helping people take drugs unless it is a way to get them to stop. Let them die.

  8. Any republican who complains that the democrats are trying to hold up the nomination process for the supreme court needto remember two words.  Merritt Garland.

  9. why cant they say part of virginia. cause we didnt get bad weather in virginia Beach. just a few light rian. no bad wind or down pours.the news been saying 60 or 90% rain we havent seen half of it fall.

  10. way too many humans, natures fighting back. who do you think is gonna win. old, young, sick are the first to go. thats nature. dont be mad at me about it

  11. This women comes out of the woodwork at the right time come on. It may of happened but she should of reported this along time ago. Not now when she has something to gain. Shame shame

  12. If only transporting water across the country was as profitable as moving oil and natural gas. Record droughts and rainfall at both ends of the energy infrastructure.

    These wildfires in California would love to help those flooded out in NC, not to mention the vegetation that has yet to burn.

  13. Oh I just hate it for this guy. He had saved his whole neighborhood from flooding with that giant pump he had bought out of his own pocket. He had staved off all of that water, he just didn't understand how much water was going to come later. He it's such a good neighbor. One of his elderly Neighbors, who look like they could barely walk in their home called him there hero. My heart's broke for all of them, and everyone that's been in this storm.

  14. God bless you All in the Carolinas. Thanks for showing us pictures and KEEPING us informed about the hurricane storm Florence and FLOODS. Still trying to convince my parents to evacuate. But they r still staying. I hope they make it through this. With water coming into the yard. They r waiting for the last minute to go. Which isn't Safe.

  15. Oh I love the idea how they are teaching girls to build. They need to have it in schools. Also put home Economics back in Our schools. I learned so much a child in that. I use those skills as an adult.

  16. The media got information about the members and corrupt policies of the Bilderberg club.
    The head of the club is an odious financial rascal Soros.
      Head of the club in the US Rockefeller and Rothschild.
    Subordinate puppets: Clinton, Obama, Tusk, Junker, Macron, Bernanke, former premieres Gordon and Cameron, London Mayor Sadiq Khan
    This is the first list. They are waging war against the US presidency and all the people of America, what to fill their pocket

  17. please give me something the Judge did as a grown man. I swear if you do not know you make it up, even if he did do it in HIGH SCHOOL, he is a grown man of great respect. GET A LIFE LADY!!!

  18. All aspirin and baking soda is difficult for your stomach should never take anything once a day unless you absolutely have to. However you are doing a diss favor as an aspirin or baby aspirin can prevent a heart attack on the day of great stress or heart trouble

  19. NBC makes themselves look stupid as ever broadcasting a story, "wahh, when Bret Kavanaugh was a boy he …" liberals and dems bringing more fake drama and wetting their panties because they dont like President Trump. Well, because if Trump our economy is doing amazing and so many other things they dont report. So if you dont like the success of this president, you are welcome to leave America.

  20. If someone is going to make it safe for me to 'use', maybe I will start …… And maybe my friends & family. We can have half the nation using before you know it. Exciting!

  21. Interesting. So, are these the areas of those Politicians that supported the building of the Trump Wall and separating immigrant children from their Parents? Then acting dumb like they don't support such? Indeed, these are the same people asking for blessings for building a wall, more money and sending American Troops to fight in Mid East Countries? Too me, I don't see what they call a blessing? This is the first disaster to come and there will be more! So who are they praying too? What are they praying for? and What are they doing to show God in Heaven their reforms? To me, watch how fast they get the electricity and water back up in comparison to the so-called help Trump and the Christain Republican Posse gave in New Orleans or Puerto Rico. This is a Wow event.

  22. The checks-and-balances in America in our Democracy has died. Sadly, Bret Kavanaugh is guaranteed to be confirmed. If he committed a sexual assault tomorrow on the Capitol steps, he would still be confirmed. Why? Because the GOP is dead – it is now Trump's party. Sadly, whatever he wants, he gets. If you are a Republican and want to commit a crime, do it now because no one in Washington is listening or caring.

  23. Charles and his family should just leave; whilst I understand trying to save your home … I feel its far more important to save your lives. How would his daughter feel going to higher ground and losing her family in the process? They ALL need to leave. Praying for them all. xxx

  24. These women always wait like 20 or 30 years to come toward I think this is a crime they should have done something at the time. You see this all the time only coming forward to make a name for themselves and not a good name at that men should start giving the gold dippers some of their own medicine . FBI can't do anything we all no they have become crooked as their leader Hillary Clinton . Old 82 old Dianna needs to be sent to some nursing home along with Nancy and Maxine .

  25. The bad thing about taking an aspirin is a blood thinner. My mom is 93 and has high blood pressure so the doctor wanted her to take a baby aspirin everyday. But she had fell and spit her head open and she was blooding alot. She i dont give it to her any more.


  27. Ever wonder that these storms do not affect people who are in power. These storms are created by man…people…wake up. So you will be dependent on the government. FEMA is not going to nothing for you, but just give you $500.00 and then after they will leave you to fend for yourself. People better save money for a long time instead of looking to feed your materialistic life.

  28. there should be a lock up law 3 year in lock for drugs where they get drug help any one cauth using is sent to these places

  29. Boycott NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox for not explaining the reasons for such devastation. Human caused climate change is here and this media is not serving American interests.

  30. How old were they in high school? I'm not condoning any kind of assaulting behavior. I went to school with a lot of wild and mischievous teenagers boh girls and guys. It was the 80s. This is so typical it's getting old. First find out which candidate she endorses…they are most likely supporting her cause and this sort of trashy dirt dig…So, if someone shows up allegedly claims having been "assaulted" by someone more than 20 years ago, but does not do anything about it and didn't think it was worthy to call it "assault" back then, can claim being a victim now and name whoever they claim to be charged with it now? How is proving it even possible ? Bring on the evidence. Who is this woman and what was she like back in high school? How long has she been after some kind of justice in this situation? She can't say her motives for just now making claims to destroy someone's career are not relevant. Why didn't she say something before now? Like she's the only one that ever had rejected or/ engaged in any inappropriate conduct with anyone else ever before ever or is it that now she's personally offended by his political agenda and intentions that do not have anything to do with her personally? What is really going on there? Just think if all the hippies from the 60s and 70s started to remember their "assaulting" and repressed emotional or physical issues from high school….should there be some long since retired teachers or successful professionals shaking in their shoes right about now? There's simply not enough prisons to house the just now recalled offenders from everyone's highschool days. I think a sensible Judge needs to tell her to GET OVER herself and old axes to grind, grow up, and remind her she's not in high school, and tell Mr. Brett Kavanaugh that he should forget about being in politics with any kind of hope because there's never been any scandal as big as this and the nation is overwhelmed with the complete shock of it all. Not. Who are they (the media) trying to fool with this as having any relevance to the real criminals that have been for the past 100 years and are in charge of this country today? The ones that put themselves in charge. Who still believes in the myth that our votes count?

  31. I feel bad this Disaster of Hurricane we have to Love each other and prayers together this century is very dangerous situation. I know we are weak in front of God Disaster. May Allah talla accept our dua many people lost his Life millions of people facing problem difficulties. Whatever circumstances we have to worship of Allah talla and pray.ya Allah talla oh Allah you are great and greatest please forgive our sins whatever we did mistakes please forgive our sins because we are weak.

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