Nirvana – All Apologies (Live On MTV Unplugged, 1993 / Unedited)

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  1. This by far my favorite Nirvana song…its so simple and profatic there s two or 3 lines in this song that strike home with me and I get a vibe from Kurt he could not be any truer with his words and a song so the song really come from deep an heartfelt that why it ranks up there as the best,and I love singing along because I used to joke around singing country music and cracking the shit out of my voice till one of friends said that shit is hard….an I laughed yeah first u have to know how to sing to pretend like u can't,cracking…I love it because his voice hits those points like just before u cry and anger comes out….thanks for the post…good stuff….the lyrics in this song always stop me cold in my tracks I stop what I'm doing and shut everything off and just listen,it reminds me of times when u did shit wrong and your parents were laying into as a kid an it was too much for your young shoulders to handle,

  2. I love seeing these new comments. I was in the mosh when Nirvana performed in the Hordern Pavillion in Sydney in 1992, at the first Big Day Out. I still remember every moment. Roadies pouring garbage bins of water over us, it was so hot. I took my t-shirt off and lost it and had to buy a Beasts Of Bourbon t-shirt afterwards. My jeans were black from the knees down and you couldn't tell that my Converse shoes were once green. And they came on at 7pm, so by 8pm we were totally trowelled and wondering how we could back up for Violent Femmes at 10pm. We did, of course : )

  3. this is the first time that i ever noticed that Dave was asking Kurt if he was down to try "Sliver". one of my favorite Nirvana songs. that's really unfortunate that Kurt didn't entertain that idea..

  4. The break at the end is cool,but where did u find that drummer bangles or go go's…I couldn't remember what song it was…..funny….

  5. Was watching this and enjoying this video when my father also sang with kurt. (He's 50 and I'm 15, but I love Nirvana so who cares)

  6. You know we are living in a screwed up society when u a musician can't hold a can of beer while he's doing an interview….and gets told to put it down piss off

  7. Hey anyone up for doing some Nirvana covers,I also like black Sabbath and MOTORHEAD,AN Dio lets do some Nirvana tunes they ought be easy enuf to play I am a singer and love all Nirvana songs,this one is probably my favorite,I laughed my ass off the first time I heard Kurt sing it then I felt bad that he was bummed about it.I up for all Nirvana songs to me they are still the best simple heartfull,fresh still now….I need to do some singing….I got his vocals down pretty f ing good its good vocal fun….everything I tried to learn not to do to be a good singer,I can have fun singing an doing Nirvana….I have loved his music for God has it been 30 years already….holy crap,that sound is still the best….

  8. I always thought that the dude playing cello was a guy. You know, one of those effeminate looking 90s grunge/alternative rock dudes

  9. Did anyone check out the guns n roses mtv unplugged concert? I think the concert was before the spaghetti incident, but I'm not entirely sure…

  10. The audience asking for some songs not knowing that 'Where did you sleep last night?' will capture the most iconic and penetrating stare in rock history.

  11. I wanna know the ass hats who thumbs down. WTF NEVER PROB HEARD OF Aberdeen, Washington and Kurt created Grunge. What you do🙄dont piss Seattleites off

  12. Bellissimo brano rimasterizzato e stupenda performance cari Nirvana ♥ Ti ringrazio veramente per averlo condiviso, e ti auguro un Felice Capodanno !!♥ Un bel saluto!!

  13. What did Kennedy say…rape me…I could make it out…hey they could play it just cover the kids ears…even thought its about man kind an not about…women.

  14. Just want to say thank you to all of us music lover's for keeping all of the old and new song's in our hearts and remembering the beauty of these artist's that God had a plan for.


    I completely dedicate this track in the above link to Kurt Cobain nd Dave Grohl.

    Do listen to it as they r my inspiration in making music….

  16. Mama take me home..mama take me home…mama take me home,mama take me home…right in to rape me…a nice acoustic session…huh

  17. 髪の毛洗うの大嫌いだったカート。



  18. 4:48 here he was trying chords to You know you're right to see how it would sound accoustic which tells me he'd written it around this time already

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