No one cares: Ep 1 – What we ignore vs What we should

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pardpardeftab720ri720partightenfactor0 f1b0 cf0 f2 Hello
Welcome to the first, and possibly the last
episode of ’91NO ONE CARES’92.
Yet another podcast, with another middle-aged man, ranting on about things that no one else
cares about, but him.
No one cares because everyone is dealing with their own share of shit.
No one cares because Empathy is a finite resource.

In fact, empathy is like diarrhea. A little is fine, as long as you keep it to yourself.

It might even be good for you; it may help you shed some weight, clear your system.
It’92s when you have a lot of it, is when
you know you are fucked.
You can’92t go anywhere, talk to anyone or consume anything that this world has to offer,
without completely shitting yourself.
You might actually have to get medical attention for your condition, talk to doctor about why
you are butthurt over what the world has put in your system, and why your body won’92t
stop destroying itself from the inside, every time you get taste of humanity.
Which brings me to our first topic of discussion
’96 Depression in the Indian youth.
pardpardeftab720ri720partightenfactor0 f0b cf0 Mental Health is a real tangible
problem pardpardeftab720ri720partightenfactor0 f1b0 cf0 f2 Depression amongst Indian youth between
12-44 has been on a steady rise since decades, while the awareness towards it has not.
We can talk about what we want to on social
media, and god knows we do.
But talk about depression, and you are instantly marked as someone looking for attention.
Post images of your ugly ass baby, awesome,
500 likes that you pumped out another demon spawn to devour this dying planet.
Talk about the fact that your brain might
be tearing itself apart, crickets.
Talk about cricket however, and it’92s bukakke time.
I myself suffer from crippling social anxiety,
peppered with overwhelming depression.
Almost constantly.
At this point, it has become a part of my personality, like many I know.
I try to channel all that chaos in my head
in productive, creative ways, like making music, writing a book, woodworking.
But I’92m fully aware, that this cloud will
not go away by itself.
So we suffer in silence, because talking about it openly has the opposite effect.
It’92s not that people lack empathy, they
They lack awareness.
They lack the ability to deal with it themselves, and thus aren’92t able to help you.
That’92s because our schools don’t teach
it, our friends don’t know it, and our society doesn’92t permit it.
My parents come from a generation where physical
health was nothing to fuss about; mental health was never in their list of things to consider.
We as a country think mental health as a luxury
for rich people, mostly because the ratio of mental health professionals is fucking
According to the newsminute report, there are less than 4000 psychiatrists in India.

That is a ratio of almost 1 doctor to a million patients.
If that doesn’92t explain you how casually
we treat mental health issues, and why we as a country are always behaving like fucking
lunatics, then I don’t know what will.
The World Health Organization conducted a worldwide research on mental health in 2018,
and India ranked #1, hashtag india number 1, hashtag patriotism is a stupid ass concept
and you are fucking stupid for buying into that shit.
India outranked China, US, Brazil, Indonesia,
Russia and Pakistan.
In fact, Pakistan is ranked 7super thnosupersub . Which completely changes my perspective
on the people who have been shouting at me all this while on twitter, asking me to move
to Pakistan.
They were all looking out for me.
So I want to duly apologize to all those troll accounts.
Because Pakistan seems to be 6 times better
in terms of mental health, and India.
You’92ll find the links to my research in the description below.
Which brings me to my next topic ’96 The
identity politics of Flags
Recently, there has been an uprising of toxic nationalism, along with a very weird shade
of toxic masculinity.
And I think they are both connected. We as men are obsessed with our dicks, that’92s
our identity, that’s what the society has told us.
And in a sexually repressed society like ours,
we are naturally drawn towards the next phallic symbolism ’96 Flags.
It can be of a country, a sports club, a school,
a college, a religion, a political party, a corporate entity; doesn’t matter.
As long as it’92s something visual you can
wear, and rally around with other like minded people.
But should you?
Should you be someone who bases their entire
life around a symbol some graphic designer made?
I’92ve never really understood this hardon
that people have over flags.
For example, the flag of india.
People seem to be jizzing their pants talking about it.
It’s just a 70yr old design.
There are people older than that who are still
This land was there before this flag, when there was no India or Pakistan, or Bangladesh.

This land was still there.
It was here before the British colonizers came in with their union jacks, and it was
before there was a concept of flags.
This land will always be there, and the people on it will always be the same.
If you let someone draw invisible lines on
a map and divide humanity, if you let a logo, a colour, a shape define humanity, if you
let your entire identity revolve around something that was made by some dude called Pingali
Venkayya; then how much is your identity actually worth?
Let me tell you, all this is a joke.
And you, me, the majority of the human kind
is the butt of it.
I have spent 16 odd years in advertising, selling you shit you didn’t need.
I have seen brands change their logos, over
and over.
I have seen companies change their colours to appeal to the younger audience.
Did that change the company?
Did that change the product?
Did that change their service?
Did that change you, the audience?
Logos don’t matter.
Don’t rally around logos, rally around values.

If you love this land so much, stop fucking it over.
If you are so proud to be accidentally born
in one piece of land over another, then go out and clean your streets, clean your air,
clean your shit.
Because you will die, I will die, all of this will come to a crashing end.
This land will still be here, and the land
doesn’t care what colour flag you are hoisting on it.
Only you do, because you have been told to
do so, by people who have been told to do so.
Stop being an idiot.
If you go from one state to the other, you
are a Bengali, a gujarati, a Punjabi.
If you go anywhere outside, you are an indian.
If you leave the continent, you are an Asian.

If you leave earth, you will an earthian.
Lines of division in society matter less and
less as you rise above.
What is a small crack to you, is a fucking trench to an ant.
Be bigger.
Don’t be sensitive, be sensible.
Because eventually no one cares, and your
corpse will rot and stink just as much as mine.
The ants will eat you, like they will eat
You know why? Because the ants don’t care.
Good bye.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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