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Not For Broadcast – Controlling The Broadcast Trailer

Not For Broadcast – Controlling The Broadcast Trailer

Good day. My name is Mr Boseman but you can call me Mr Boseman. Welcome to the Channel One News Team, the home of fine documentaries and pointless art projects. This is the first of 851 company training videos. Today, I, Mr Boseman, will ensure you become strangely intimate with the tender art of Vision Mixing. When you’re Vision Mixing you use this precocious little device here to choose which of the studio feeds to show to the ignorant masses watching at home. You will also use the Vision Mixer to select appropriate images to accompany our award-winning and (mostly accurate) news headlines. But remember, these choices have consequences. The aim is to keep the news smooth and visually interesting, without letting our breathtakingly suggestable viewers peek behind the dirty curtain and see things we wouldn’t want them to see. Like Dave’s behavior at last year’s Christmas Party. What he did with the water cooler… scandalous. Next, Reaction shots. These are important to prevent our audience from lapsing into a news coma, but try not to undermine our frequently competent presenters. Sometimes there’ll be music – you might want to try editing in time with that – rhythm is vitally important, according to your mum. And most importantly – don’t show anything that gets this channel into trouble. If the channel’s in trouble, I’m in trouble. If I’m in trouble, you’re in trouble. Boseman Out.

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