Nunes: Dems fantasize about Watergate, this is their watergate moment

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  1. He looks and sounds like a rat. The whistleblower is an obsession of trump's. If they had their way, trump would arrest the guy but the whistleblower is protected by law so trump is frustrated since he doesn't know who he can pull the same sh*t on with the help of pansy republicans. Now they should be looking at what trump has done to endanger our national security.

  2. Oh I remember "Lets run over to the White House" Nunes. Leaking details of every hearing. Crying about Twitter and suing people over a Nunes cow account. Richard Nixon actually had less proof against him and still chose to resign. Now they are disparaging life long patriots for Trump. When has any ever called Donald Trump a patriot?

  3. BPR article: 'Pelosi says impeachment inquiry not limited to Ukraine issue.'  How could it be limited to Ukraine when they were calling for impeachment three years ago?

  4. hurry hurry we must project our liberal treasonous crime onto the president before he exposes our own crime which are exactly that.

  5. Knowing who the whistle blower is, is now a moot point. There have now been several persons who witnessed Trump’s phone call, and testified before the investigative committee. Nunes is only grandstanding before the cameras. What a maroon.

  6. Fox news cult members are the pathetic brainwashed embarrassment that is sadly the reason we are the laughing stock of the world..projection and hypocrisy is what they live by and is the most unpatriotic route they could have chose…i almost feel sorry for all you sheep..almost

  7. Russian trolls are totally in control of your naratives…they are out in full force and laughing at how stupid and weak you are…

  8. Are you saying that Schifty Schiff who was blown away by the whistleblowers testimony that first blew up this story got blown by the whistleblower and after being blown by the whistle blower he then in turn blew the whistleblower and now this whole thing is going to blow up while the whistleblower and Schifty Schiff are blowing eachother?

  9. Is it true that the House has sent over 400 bills to the Senate but the Senate is just sitting on them, doing nothing, ignoring their oath, stealing tax payer money?

  10. Isn't it time a cadre of psychiatrists and perhaps psychologists got together to examine the one virtal question many of us want the answerr to? That is: Are there any Democrat representatives, rational and mentally balanced enough to perform their official duties?

  11. Rep. Nunes choice of words for this committee is interesting, a cult committee… the cult of establishment politicians with criminal intent.
    Thank God for our warriors, sworn to defend the constitution against enemies, both foreign and >domestic<.

  12. @GreggJarrett
    The so-called “whistleblower” is NOT a whistleblower under the law, as I first explained in a column 6 weeks ago. Hence, he is NOT entitled to identity protection —he doesn’t qualify. He’s an undercover informant and Dem operative who was spying on Trump and working with Schiff.
    Schiff has been hiding his identity and obstructing all questions about him in order to conceal the evidence of how this informant colluded with Schiff and his staff to invent a pretext to impeach the President. This is the “malignant force” I write about in my book Witch Hunt.

  13. Look you fox newz idiot, for the Clinton impeachment, there was Ken Starr doing his investigation IN PRIVATE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS for two years investigating Clinton before he gave his final report to Congress, then there were public hearings where both parties had full due process. For Nixon there was the special prosecutor doing his investigation IN PRIVATE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, before he gave his final report to Congress, then there were public hearings where both parties had full due process. This time there was no special prosecutor, no one doing any investigations, so the House committees are doing it, totally following all House and Constitution rules. Then there will be public hearings and both parties will have full due process. That's the way it works and always has, despite the lying crap out of all the republicans mouths.

  14. Nixon quit the presidency as soon as the impeachment was being announced and he got a whiff that federal charges for felony conspiracy were being already being written….
    so..NO we want trump to be humiliated and then sent to prison for wasting our time and money…

  15. This is nothing like water gate tricky dicky was caught red-handed with the liberal swamp dwellers are doing to President Trump is called a attempted coup

  16. Reading some of these Dem’s comments shows how delusional they are and the majority of their comments don’t deserve acknowledgement. The deranged scientist on the left are perverting our genetics with their experiments and creating different freaks so they can come out later and say “See here are the other genders .” Those genders are not real but perverted creations which the sick demonic D£m0nC🐀s are creating. No different than the supposed Frankenstein. D£m$ are sick evil disgusting beings. Satan’s creations.

  17. 5:10 the hallway works like this
    Schiff: walking down hallway ooh does that room have munchkins/bagels/pretzels this morning? Or this room or this room?
    Staff: ducks

  18. Wisdom begins with the fear of the only true God. Understanding comes with knowing Him. (Prov @) Is there any wonder why lack of Wisdom and Understanding rules these days?

  19. I can totally see the snickering, it's all over Pelosi's face, the kick she is getting out of this. I like to wipe that deepstate look off her face. There is NOTHING funny about what they are doing to America. Its treasonous, they are like little mini terrorists.

  20. Jessie.. learn how to stop interrupting your guests. I get that you want the answer that YOU want, but you're being rude like a little kid that constantly interrupts the two adults that are talking.

  21. Huh no Republicans calling for the release of the full phone call ? Stop the impeachment inquiry and release the PERFECT call !!

  22. Democrat Reps and Senators, along with the leftist fake news apparatus are a RICO, Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization. Republican Reps and Senators and legit News outlets are the Whistle Blowers. The Leftist RICO must be prosecuted under the Judicial Branch, because impeachment of Senators is controlled by the Democrat Rico in the House of Representatives, for the same reason you can not prosecute a RICO judge and court in the court that the Judge presides. This RICO matter should not be litigated in the Fake News Media propaganda court of skewed public opinion, this RICO matter must be prosecuted in a real, legit, criminal RICO court that is not controlled by the RICO US House of Representatives.

  23. Trump was impeached from the moment he came down that escalator. This is disgusting. Dems are so dirty. Can't stomach any one of them. They are scumbags!

  24. Thank you Jesse & Congressman Nunez for being on the front lines against these Satanic Traitors & Child Predators who are about to go down for good! Justice is coming for these Real Criminals says Q…we Trust Potus & Q

  25. If this was Russia and Putin was up for impeachment Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer would be found dead floating down the Moskva River

  26. Thank You, Devin Nunes, For Your Hard Work To Uncover The TRUTH, The WHOLE TRUTH, & NOTHING BUT The TRUTH, FOR "WE TAX PAYING PEOPLE Of The U.S.A."!

  27. It's a joke that congressional committees can alter their rules to behave in a fundamentally Unconstitutional manner when conducting an investigation. After that the whole process is tainted and useless. Then they double down by releasing only the parts of 'testimony' that support their narrative. It's the fruit of a corrupt tree. End of story. It's as un-American as any government undertaking in history.

  28. Great job of getting the news. It's time to take the Democrats-RATS.AMEN THANK PRESIDENT TRUMP on him for standing ground.

  29. I agree with Jesse on the demonrats are hurrying to impeach Trump before they get taken down by Barr…although I don't believe they get due punishment for their crimes.

  30. Didnt he begin and say the whistle blowers name is online in the report, then the guest sayss nobody know who the whistle blower is

  31. The whistleblowers last name starts with Chris Cia something but I forgot the rest of it, I’m old what can I say, but the name is public

  32. I'm with Jessie, I'll pray for The Barr/Durham investigation to conclude earlier than whatever the Dems have planned next.

  33. Donald Trump border wall, claimed to be "virtually impenetrable," is easily cut and defeated with a $100 saw available for purchase at any hardware store

  34. Nunes is starting to dance a little bit, instead of says he will not participate with this mini coupe, he needs to be forceful. If "Schiff for brains" can do anything, they will Impeach Trump, regardless of the witness testimony.! Call Schiff, call him and if he doesn't show, just say say no. Don't accept it!!! Say its a sham, and treat it like a sham!!!!! Put you foot down!!!


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