Ocasio-Cortez blasts Biden's climate change plan, calls it 'a deal-breaker.'

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  1. Ocasio-Cortez doesn't have a single clue as to what she is talking about. She 's just a publicity hound who lives for the attention. Total phony who most likely will have those 25,000 lost Amazon jobs rammed down her throat when she runs for re-election in 2020.

  2. I think the middle ground or the Practical solution is the one Tulsi did propose. Republican should be backing her before it's too late.

  3. the climate change/global warming apocalypse is a lie and a scam. There is absolutely no evidence of climate change(something that has always been happening on earth long before humans ever existed) being a crisis or even so meshing abnormal. during the warming of the Middle Ages 1000 years ago and then the little ice age afterwards nobody blamed people or cows. The earth is still warming again from the little ice age. changes are natural to the earth and have nothing to do with carbon..something all life on earth needs to survive. these politicians don't know anything about it, and if they do its sinister. its just apolitical tool to push the totalitarian changes in government they want.


  5. why in the hell would anyone listen to anything this AOC idiot says ? she is a complete moron and everyone on both sides knows it.

  6. "Climate Change" ???
    Let's see now .. CO2 climate change…not quite their yet
    How about Man-Made CO2 Global Meltdown Climate Change Cult ???
    Yes , but let's add socialist-communist taxation…better..
    The climate is changing, under a quieting Sun "Grand Solar Minimum" where the Sun's electromagnetic shielding weakens and is allowing cosmic radiation to overwhelm the Earth creating clouds, deluged and extreme weather….not CO2
    and no the lunatics won't stop climate change with your money but will have themselves lots of taxpayer money to fund their favorite delusions…
    PS the Earth's electromagnetic shielding is also weakening too.
    Adding more extreme weather fun. Enjoy

  7. She's a fine example of today's liberal society's idea of "let them all get a passing grade". When you are as "dumb as rocks" you get silly "sea sponges" analogies

  8. Biden is not far enuff left for these evil scumbags like aoc although he is not far off. The green new deal lost almost everyone because it was a bit about climate change but she had b.s in there about giving people money, free healthcare and more which people who can think logically know that nothing is free and to support this stuff our taxes will be 60% to 80 % also well on the road to evil socialism where we would all suffer not just conservatives but everyone. I think people on the left have such blind hate that they cannot think logically and they just want to get back at reps/conservatives not understanding that this will effect them in a very bad way as well. Not to mention there obvious hate for this country and not caring and wanting to burn her down and divide everyone like they are already doing which is not Trump's fault it's there own they are responsible for there self. If these evil dems/left win in 2020 with how they are acting and what they stand for and what they are wanting to do there will be a civil war it will be good vs evil and my family for generations haven't gone to war to fight for the freedoms everyone has just to watch these dems burn it down rip up the constitution take everyone's rights and everything else away from them. Good will prevail. GOD BLESS Trump and these UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

  9. that whole BS green new deal was so that biden gets through as a moderate. People need to wake up to the dems tricks.

  10. America's carbon emissions are decreasing faster than any other nation's in the world … without expensive carbon taxes and with Trump slashing EPA regulations … looney lefties are all a bunch of yammering idiots.

  11. This woman is going to cause irreparable damage to the DEM party in favor of Republicans all she has to do is to keep talking! Ha, have, ha, lol…

  12. Tell Dave Brown that the only true existential threat to civilization is big government, something he clearly is wholeheartedly in favor of.

  13. Dear Humanity,

    Keep worrying, because I am almost there…maybe since 1776. God's routes to Earth is complicating. He didn't tell me it was this far from heaven. You see, galaxies between heaven and Earth constantly expand. God dismissed me from his right hand and since then have been reading comics in my room.
    God is a lamb, an actual lamb! Its absurdity I can work around. He sighs every time I ask him how he became one. Did he choose himself?
    I hated floating around in his head. I was relieved when I formed into my human body. Finally! The holy spirit was a jackass. Holy Spirit loved intruding in my mind like he owns it. Lamb doesn't like it either since Holy spirit's thoughts were also Lambs and his thoughts were weird. Lamb hated it. It was lamb's policy that he be
    But..It's so good to be out of that lamb's mind. I am excited to meet you, whomever you are. don't get the idea I know you. Because I am jesus, not holy spirit

    See yall,

  14. middle ground climate change???πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„does that mean we have 24 years to goπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„good grief


  16. cant get tomorrows weather accurate,but Cortez knows the world is coming to an end in 12 years.where did she get 12? Is that when she's running for President to save the planet? stupid [email protected]@ing people.

  17. And why does this psycho Koo Koo crazy even get an opinion? I don't agree with any demonrat plan anyway but wow have you all lost your bloody freakin minds!!!! TRUMP 2020!!! MAGA!!!!

  18. It's too late to do anything about it…that's why nothing is going to be done. Look up Arctic methane emergency and sulfur dioxide emissions spewing out. Also, oceans predicted to be devoid of life by about 2046.

  19. Eating their own.
    $174,000 for AOC. Now That’s Disgusting.
    Dave Brown says nothing that makes any sense. All he talks about is climate change, but it’s not the point of the interview.

  20. Everytime I see Congress including this video they always drink bottled water including little miss perfect Andrea hypocrite you use plastic oil fuel every single thing on the list everyday stfu

  21. This is exactly what I mean the Democratic Party will self destruct themselves people like her needs to go sit her big mouth down get a little position now went to her head she will gradually fade away Trump will be elected again because of people like her I know he smiling right now thanks to her

  22. Remember everyone, AOC is a scientist and is considered one of the brilliant minds in the US Congress! Joe Biden is a privileged white male and that’s that!

  23. The biggest gift to the republicans of all time. Omfg and she blames blue collar workers. This is so great

  24. AOC's racism against whites is more than evident. She called him out for the color of his skin,nothing else. The new green deal is the new race card. Will someone please blow that lady's worthless brain out of her skull.

  25. AOC is a complete moron. I can't even believe these idiot news media people even give her oxygen. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!

  26. Interesting that Democrat voters don't really care about issues but care mostly about "winning". Also interesting that the Democrats get so scared about "climate change" and assume it is new and man made. They forget that the receding Greenland ice mass has now reached where it was in approximately the year 1200, with the historic Danish records of towns in Greenland being proven correct. Is a return to the climate of 1200 really a crisis or dangerous to humans? Also, Democrats seem to believe that government intervention is the only way to have good stewardship of the planet. Really? It seems the worst polluters and worst stewards are Russia and China where the government is in total control. Check out the failures of various "Dept of Family Services" and State "Dept of Education" before declaring that bureaucrats controlling industry in the name of "saving the environment" will do better. 50 – 70 years ago, contour farming was explained in schools and practiced by farmers to limit erosion and runoff. Now, the schools don't mention simple erosion control methods at all and most large rivers have a silt problem from soil runoff. Filled riverbeds then contribute to flooding problems, but that's okay because it let's big government demonstrate that it cares by providing flood disaster relief.

  27. Biden is not a qualified candidate since he was part of the administration that attempted a coup against a fairly elected president.

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