Ominous Outlook for Autos & the Economy (w/ Danielle DiMartino-Booth & Daniel Ruiz)

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Just buy a Harley !!! Maybe not :

    I just drove past my local Harley dealer and noticed the Harley shield on the logo outside of the dealership had been blacked out and the showroom was empty …. not a hog in sight !!

  2. Keep your car , I will not play their greedy game!!! I have a 2013 4 Runner in mint condition and very low miles ! I win!!!!

  3. I'm happy. We need less cars and more TRAINS. Being an "advanced nation" is not about having more cars but about creating efficient mass transportation systems.

  4. Agreed..interesting though is the prices of cars and the amount of cars being sold at Auctions in the past Holiday…are these Dealers clueless about what is going on?

  5. Good info… Danielle and Daniel are probably fuc**ng though. Too much sexual tension that it becomes distracting. Sorry…. I think other viewers noted that too.

  6. What a great video. Everything will sell for the right price. $47,000 for a truck well…….obviously that's not the right price.

  7. the economy eating itself. what happens when psychopaths rule the world….well they've f'd everyone over, now what? hey finance gurus who will be your customers in the future when you eliminate all the workers? wake up!

  8. It's taking more and more propaganda magik to keep the masses asleep in the midst of much real data showing that an economic collapse – especially of the West – is well underway.

  9. If the FED is going to start QE4, then why don't they  just make it permanent, never ending? The FED should come clean and tell the American People that "Free Market Capitalism" has failed. Next the FED could expand their mandate to allow them to print money and buy stocks, real estate and even cars. The stock market would never go down again. We could all stay fully invested risk free. Americans wouldn't have to own homes and cars, we can all rent from the FED. All of our needs would be met through Universal Basic Income Inflation would never exceed our basic needs because the FED can always print more and more money and just dole it out. MMT is such a simple concept. It's difficult for most to comprehend why the Weimar Republic failed. When QE4 begins, America as we know it will change forever. Everyone will ask, "what is money?" Why are we wasting our lives working for money when the FED can just print money and give it out for FREE? If you want the answer, simply read about why Socialism, Communism and Fascism have all failed. Last, never give up your guns America. We can vote our way into Socialism but we'll have to shoot our way out of it. EX-Trump Supporter when QE4 begins.

  10. Reminds me of that famous opening line in "The Big Short" where the narrator says that a few people did what nobody else bothered to do: They looked.

  11. I=My numbers show 5 years the consumer starts switching to electric car 25% and in 10 to 75%

  12. And now… FCA begs the French for a buyout! So the answer is a big wave of M&A coming. Will Apple buy Tesla??

  13. LOL. how the public is dependent on overpaying taxes all year as their means to achieve savings. and when they have less of a year-end refund, they have no means to enact spending. it is funny because people will always perceive government as an "outsized necessity" as they feel that the government either (a) is giving them money every year, or (b) dependent on the "perceived generosity" of the government to save for them at 0 service cost, as a service. …. PLEASE WORLD GIVE ME 10s OF TRILLIONS AND I WILL INVEST AND KEEP THE INTEREST AND PAY YOU BACK EVERY YEAR, HOLDING YOUR MONEY FOR YOU.

  14. Instead of Water – you guys should trade that out for some Tequila – that would be one hell of an interview. seriously give it a try –

  15. I went to buy a replacement truck Ford F-350 dully, replacement cost was $64.500 holy s**t that is a lot of money at 4.9% compounding interest decided to keep my old truck and refresh it way cheaper

  16. old cars can be fixed, some cannot.
    prices for new or replacement parts is another factor.
    I still want to buy old trucks, because they are simpler to fix and to maintain. the Only other car im really looking at buying is a chevy bolt.
    DPF and diesel exhaust fluid is horrible for newer trucks, and makes the long term so bad for owning these trucks because they are so ingrained into the electronic systems that are on them.
    Volkswagen made diesel passenger cars, now after that scandal things might not be so good for that company.
    Im all for electric vehicles but the amount of petroleum going into mining the ore to find the materials for the batteries is just as dirty. The batteries only go for 200-300 miles anyways, and so charging them is also a hassle. A new car battery system is 2-3,000 for a honda…

  17. New Vehicle prices have just gotten out of control. She said the avg p/u costs over $47K?!?!?!? HELLO, p/u's have traditionally been for working people (farmers, builders, etc). So now they're buying used, beater p/u's while the wealthy buy them new. It's out of whack.

    If Hyundai ever decided to build a reasonably priced, 4X4 HD pick-up for the working man (not a $50K yuppie hauler), THEY would clean up!

  18. Feels like everything is coming in at once : huge debt, brexit, trade war, plummeting demand, store closures, housing bubble about to burst, Europe getting really numb, Europe with interest rates at zero hence no leeway to reboost their economy. And I am probably missing a few. It’s going to make a very loud noise when it starts to give.

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