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Hello everyone, um, today I have a very… *heartbreaking* story, very heartbreaking announcement to make. So today on twitter… I- I saw a post that 🙁 *personally victimized me*… and called me out. …And I had to reply to it. I’ll show you the post in question. Hold on I have to edit it in… (my excuse for being too close to breaking character to move the window lmao) Basically, this post said that *those cookies*… you know… The r- (fuckin losing it already) The round cookies– with the pink frosting on them– It said those *are bad*. …And that… they’re garbage 🙁 And I can’t stand for such *abuse* (why did I tilt my head that way???) …At the hands of someone without good taste. I think my camera’s tilting hold on a second (bro just leave it alone) Um… Okay. O_O Okay. We had some technical difficulti– O_O (again) Ahe-hem. But… For calling out this abuse, for defending these cookies with A SIMPLE RESPONSE of “no” and “sadface” I have been… “cancelled”. This is one of the worst things that has happened to me in my entire life. The public will never see me the same way again. The results of this are *astronomical*. And people throw around this word as if it means nothing!! I can’t believe you people… …on the internet …DEFACED by anonymity… (that was a weird way to say anonymity) …would just DO such *harsh things*. It’s always *funny* to make *fun of* things like this– internet culture, cancelling, people you don’t know personally. BUT WHEN IT’S YOU, it… *stings*. (I keep trying to get in frame lol) *angsty sigh* (fuckboy hand motions) I’ll begin to show you… Let’s see… Oh! O_O *breaks character* Sorry. That was a… bit of an interruption. SO. Okay… Here is- here is the uh, The PERPETRATOR. And here is the POST that started this entire trainwreck *off* (you can’t even see the post but I didn’t realize this) These cookies have been *needlessly attacked*. VIOLATED. Their great properties glossed over. And so here’s my response. Very reasonable! I believe I was well within my rights to defend these cookies. And here. *the finishing blow*. I’ve been cancelled :'( I don’t think I was at fault for this. (talking to my 4 subscribers) I think that if you want to continue supporting me, you should KNOW the right answer. I’ve been blamed for something… …that was *virtuous*. I believed in myself for once. It has come back to bite me in the ass. THIS… this was just… *too much*. Y-you don’t know when the line is being CROSSED. When it’s someone you have never met on the internet. Actually, I’ve met this person, uh, *breaks character for the 9th time* When it’s someone on the internet,, you may or may not have met,,, NOT ONLY THAT, but I’m getting a *diss track made* So I KNOW that I’m a *clown* for doing this. But I *have to* stand up for myself. 🙁 TRUE SUBSCRIBERS of the “Alphonse network” (I don’t know where this came from and could NOT take it seriously) …know that you must keep supporting me through these hard times. And I’m *sorry* for the inconvenience this video might make you feel. The emotional TURMOIL make you- it would make you go through… …to know I’m being prosecuted like this. (In the court of law??????) I meant to say persecuted. Well anyway, that’s all I have to say. *DIES* That’s all I have to say. Um, I’m sorry that this week’s video (lmao) –not that I upload every week or anything– but I’m sorry that this week’s video… …is so gloomy and urgent in tone. But it needs must be… said (why did I reference that??) O_O

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