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hi I'm Bethany and I work at the State Library of Victoria this is the newspapers room where we have newspapers from all over Victoria as well as some from interstate and some of the major international papers we have paper copies from the most recent three months and the recipe store on microfilm or inbound volumes but if you can't come into the library you can always look for newspaper articles online see if you wanted to find a copy of an article from a recent paper like within the last two months and he didn't have a copy of the paper at home the library subscribes to a service called press display if you start on the State Library homepage click on access resources from home and press display is in the newspaper air resources section this is where you'll need to enter the barcode from your library card and your surname to login make sure you read and accept the conditions of access click on I agree and you're away press display will automatically list the top stories in the most current papers click on any of the thumbnails on the right and you'll be taken to the full edition of that paper the thumbnails on the right of this screen will let you virtually read the paper you can zoom in and zoom out and select articles to print as standalone stories you can see at a glance the titles that the library has available through this service there's also a search box where you can enter your keywords to get relevant articles press display has only the most recent two months worth of papers ooh so what if you want an article that's older than that there's lots of links to digitize versions of the papers from the mid 1990s onwards add the page that lists all of the libraries and newspaper resources or you could try using google news archive when you enter a search term here the results come up in a timeline you can choose which time period you're interested in to narrow down the search results this is a digitized version of microfilm like we saw in the newspapers room if you want a newspaper article that's even more historic you could try looking on trove the National Library of Australia site has papers like the Argus one of the major newspapers in Melbourne up until 1957 you can find articles from the 1800s on historic events like the opening of the Melbourne public library now called the State Library of Victoria you so there you go a few ways that you can find some newspaper articles that might help you with these studies or maybe just to find a record of your own existence

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