Panel spars over how Dem candidates will win over minorities

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  1. Bloomberg should not even be there cheating his way through….this idiot will say anything to win…lie lie lie and cheat

  2. Ok Dems! The biggest lier wins. How much of working Americans money can you give away in your game show?
    Just so you know. Infrastructure does not mean what average Americans think it means to Democrats. It means government infrastructure. More offices with more programs.

  3. American's need to unite to stop these Communist masquerading and Democrat Socialist from taking over and destroying America.

  4. Trump has to focus on criminal justice reform in his messages and he can win 5% more of the black vote than he did last time

  5. Fox is not news journalism, it is only teleprompter reading with an occasional personal opinion from talking heads, sort of like Trump.

  6. Hey Trump, this time around America has great alternatives. and you and your disgusting leach family are not one of em.

  7. President Trump is proving he's the President for all the people. The democrats are nothing but lying pandering corrupt treasonous traitorous criminals.

  8. I'll watch it a minute or two just to get some laughs. Mike trying to buy his way in the American people will not go for it he lives in a bubble called the Slime of New York. I do nothing whatever it is any I don't even know he doesn't even know Percy was a Republican and then an independent I believe who knows why don't you just buy his own Island so you can be his little King on the hill he doesn't have a clue what a work is like not only that he lets Killers loose on the streets of New York City he doesn't care and use the police to take his children to school he is a piece of crap. He's not buying America. If you fall for that crap or Bernie Sanders or any of the Democrats right now you're either deaf dumb or both not to see how art we're doing with the do-nothing Democrats not helping our president but doing everything to hurt him. What's that tell you about what they think about the American people who voted President Trump in. I love President Trump. He doesn't even get paid to be the president he gives all his money to the vets who fought for us so we can live free lives. While the Democrats steal all the taxpayers money and lie to you every 4 years wake up America walk away from them people man

  9. Obama's getting paid probably a billion dollars to endorse that do-nothing Democrat from New York little Mike. Because if Obama can't make money he's not going to do anything except try to ruin America worse and what our yard is done and this President is bringing it back. The magic wand is in President Trump's hand Obama what do you have to think about that you piece of crap

  10. God bless Mike who is this idiot on here is he getting paid by Bloomberg to this guy stupid. Of course he's got to be a Democrat to be that stupid and to see what a President Trump has done for this country I would be ashamed to say that Bloomberg was any good at anything. New York is a slum. Just like Chicago. Just like little Baghdad in Michigan and just like San Francisco in California I could go on and on but how can this guy say that when Mikey all he's got is money no brains. I can't even watch this guy he makes me sick to my stomach.

  11. None of them are worth a crap so it doesn't matter how good they're doing I don't think you're going to see another Democrat in the white house for at least 20 years that's my hope. Do nothing democrats for three years have spent more money on their salaries for doing nothing and having phony hearings and illegal things that cost the American taxpayer money. They are to pay the American people all their salaries back for not doing anything. Or at least pay for their cells at gitmo.

  12. All these idiots are worried about is beating Donald Trump you're not even worried about American people American lives!! Pieces of 💩💩🖕

  13. ummm please allow me to explain how black ppl really vote. Those of us that vote- vote for the right to be treated as equal citizens. We have a claim to this country and we don't favor abortion, illegal immigration, pedophilia or perversities and we are not afraid of global warming duh. We believe in God and We are voting for Donald J Trump.

  14. Black voters are going to check their list and check it twice and then vote for Donald Trump because they want the country to be the best it can be.

  15. I listen to these fools and chuckle, they are oblivious to reality, the Dems have so many that have just walked away from the lunacy of Pelosi, AOC, Omar, and Maxine that President Trumps next presidential win, will be by a record breaking landslide. Obama has nothing to do with the economic boom, that tool thought magic was the only way it could be done, so glad that Mr Trump knows that it only takes common sense and a backbone.

  16. Democrats Tent signs: “Under construction, we are still trying fighting among ourselves”!
    Please come back 2024! 😝😝😝😝😝😝

  17. It's so interesting that politicians don't ask how to win over Americans. They try to win over divided up victim groups. What happens when people stop seeing themselves as victims and embrace the unique opportunities that our Constitutional Republic provides?

  18. Black DEM voters will stay home …wont waste their time voting for any of theses choices. A lot of black voters that actually go to vote ===TRUMP

  19. Maria is good. Doesn't take fluffy answers as answers. She commands answers to her actual questions. She should be a moderator at these dem discussions. Wow they would fear her direct no nonsense no beating around the bush way.

  20. Richard Fowler is a wag for the Democrats. The Dems ARE NOT inclusive – just disagree with them and you're toast! 
    And they don't have a 'broad tent'. All pro-life Dems and God-fearing Dems ARE NOT welcome. And that is a large swath of people!

  21. Why do African Americans want to follow Joe Biden? The last administration never really did anything for the African Americans and they never will. They will just keep you down! Time to get up and make a change.
    Why do they want more of the same. I don't get it! Democrats do not have a likeable candidate for 2020. These are all left overs. Nobody new. Don't you like the economy today for you, your friends, and your family? It is totally booming. Unless you would rather have the government take care of you I don't see any other reason. Why do you want to give it back to the last administration?

  22. That's because they realize we aren't going to fall for their bs anymore and blindly vote for them anymore. Michael Bloomberg is hilarious all these candidates are hilarious.

  23. Trump is gonna win by the biggest landslide in US history. You watch and see. 304 to 227 last time, more than 304 next time.

  24. "Black voters are the conscience of the country" What an idiotic comment. Over 70-80% of black families are fatherless. 
    That is moral bankruptcy.

  25. But what is happening in the criminal justice system? You mean criminals going to prison? Can't do much about that until criminals stop committing crimes. Until then, justice will be needed. There needs to be fathers in the household, & cleaning up the inner city communities. That's the responsibility of the people that actually live there. Government won't be able to solve those problems.

  26. To Richard Flower: All or almost all pale skin americans originated from Europe. 400 hundred years later, no one calls them euro-americans. Why do people like you still refer to dark skin americans as african americans ? That's one of the problems in the country. Stop believing you aren't plain americans like the light skin americans because it's being ignorant of your real status and worth. I have a dream ! Remember !

  27. If black voters look at mayor pete's history and his treatment of black city employees. Mayor pete won't get their vote. Bloomy would very much end 'IF" he were elected, with the black, Hispanic and every other non white race, having an extreme increase, not in jobs but in prison population. And if Sanders really wanted socialism, because it was a better structure, he would have move to a socialist country and give that government all his wealth. But he wants the power he would gain if he converted America into a socialist country.

  28. This is sad I they sit on their chairs and talk about black people like they cant think for themselves and just play fallow the leader? I think all Americans are smarter than this no matter what their color. Everyone think for yourselves and vote for the best candidate take and hour and look at what is important to YOU and your beliefs and your country your families future then take another hour and look for a candidate that matches your needs and beliefs. If your cant find one in your city, county, state or even in the Presidential election please run for office.

  29. I pray they are all wasting there money and time , what the hell is coming over this country liars gays running for president screw all that. Trump 2020

  30. should it not be about, who will win for the American people and not who will beat trump. Trump wins for the people, in office as the president and to be re-elected, seeking power of the people, only for the people, united states Citizen to be safe. And more.

  31. Proportional delegates are a land mine, and so is the fact that superdelegates can swoop in on the second ballot and wreck everything.

    If Bernie doesn't win, super-leftists stay home.
    If Mayor Butt wins, black men stay home.
    If Biden gets dragged across the finish line, he get smashed in the debates and loses 35 states.

  32. Lot of back and forth communication.. I can save your brain cells splitting atoms over candidates.. It just this simple if any democratic candidate other than Bernie secures that nomination its lights out for the Dems…The only one that can stop trumps train who is so well known he is on one name recognition. The only other candidate on the dems side with that type of recognition is Bernie!

  33. Trump and Sanders would make a great team. Both are Millionaire politicians. Both support socialist policies such as investment in infrastructure, both support subsidies to farmers and helping those less well off, both believe in supporting US Business. But Mr Trump is a savage on social media and much funnier/entertaining.

  34. Let's take a quick look at the choices here…
    A systemic racist socialist who's name appears in Epsteins playbook aka Bloomberg.
    A crazy old communist who just had a stroke aka Feel the Bern.
    A lying racebaiting Lobby loving Pocahontas aka Warren.
    A self loathing Bootygig that blames everything on color.
    A child sniffing pervert that's heavily invested in Ukraine and China aka QuidProJoe

    I could go on, but some of those socialist heroes are already behind bars for bribery and extortion charges.

    So to cap it:
    More taxes, No more 2nd Amendment, Illegals Free Everything, Total Overturn of the justice system, Taxpayer funded Infaticide, Systemic corruption, and criminal charges waiting in the isle for each of these morons.

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  35. Yes, Democrats Supported Slavery. Democrats opposed civil rights and the laws were passed by liberal/moderate Republicans. It’s true that many of the first Ku Klux Klan members were Democrats. It’s fair to say that Democratic governors and legislatures are responsible for creating and upholding white supremacist policies. Senator Strom Thurmond, oppose civil rights as a Democrat. He gave the longest filibuster in Senate history — speaking for 24 hours against the 1957 Civil Rights Act. Democrats are not interested in making life better for minorities, take a look at Chicago and Baltimore. Google those cities and problems they've been having for decades. I wonder why?

  36. Bernie Sanders is a communist in 1988 when Russia was full-blown communism he honeymoon in Moscow also just caught flying first class on a planned so hypocrite what about the green New Deal you're not supposed to use planes anymore Bernie also is a multi-millionaire so typical communist socialist don't do as I do do as I say peasant

  37. 06:00 Obama isn't going to endorse anybody because Barack Obama is going to be arrested for a laundry list of crimes and is going to go to prison for the rest of his life.
    All of the candidates know this and none of them will want his endorsement.

  38. What minority in their right mind would look at these monetary buffoons (that don't know Civics or History either) for any financial advice??? Those that are interested in how to lose money may be interested but anyone with half a functioning brain will not be…

  39. Seems like they making hegemony of the black vote – complex beyond understanding unless you are black or pandering to a certain nefarious unattainable class ideology, black community, inner city and schisms (racism, inequality, poverty, unemployment, education). This is the enslavement morass of the Democrats, treating Africans as cheap sheep or lower class.

  40. I hate when people stick up for certain politicians, when these politicians are the people who are deep into…let's just say, they all have their own horrific blackmail tape hanging over their heads. And many people know it.

  41. America is facing double standards in our laws. The Dem's are getting by with the same that they accuse Rep's of. I am tire of this and the Dem's should loose the law license, you think? Thank God for our President that is trying his best to drain the swamp, parasite in Washington.

  42. When Bernie gets asked a question he usually starts pointing his finger everywhere. If he gets stirred up his face turns red and he looks like he is really going to punch someone. How would that work in the whitehouse when you need to work with others, it doesn't. It seems like there is a lot of finger pointing literally on the Dem debate stage. It's rude to point especially when you are pointing at the audience. They didn't do anything wrong.

  43. Minorities are doing great with Trump. Thes democrats have to race bait and have enslaved the African Americans, I am a Bishop and have always looked out for Black people and work with Brothers and Sisters, Trump is not a racist and he supports fairness and good for all people. Get past the labels and see the truth

  44. Glasses think that only black voters are the “morality” of America, and acts as if you gotta have ALL the black votes to win, which definitely didn’t happen in 2016. But now in 2020 Trump still has the same base, it’s just larger and he has more black supporters this time around!

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