Paul Mason Explains Fake News

hello I’m Paul Mason with the Czech spying allegations
sections of the British media crossed the line from right-wing
propaganda to outright fake news what happened next
has big implications not only for politics here in Britain but for the way
the American media handles Donald Trump and the right going forward so we at Novara Media have put together this guide to how the
fake news ecosystem works it always starts with an outrageous claim against a political
target like for example the idea that President Obama was not an American
citizen or that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring from a pizza
restaurant then it moves to the alt-right social media the websites the Twitter feeds they take it up and they say “wow look at this” but their main aim
is to get it into the mainstream media because here is where it can do the
damage so if the mainstream media refused to take it up what then happens
is conspiracy theories begin about censorship the fake news industry then
asks why isn’t the mainstream media taking up the story is it a case of
self-censorship are their bosses clamping down on them are they under
pressure from dark and sinister forces but if the mainstream media do take it
up what they often then say is well maybe the claim can’t be verified but it
speaks to a wider issue and of course then their op-ed and opinion writers get
to work attacking the target on the wider agenda of their opposition to
whatever the target stands for Hillary Clinton, Obama and in this case Corbyn meanwhile you’ve got the whole social media the conspiracy theory websites
websites and web TV channels which in America make a lot of money
about simply spinning around and around the fake claims always saying the target
has questions to answer even if the claim is not completely verifiable and finally what happens is this if you make an outrageous claim against somebody who
has political power it will often trigger someone just an ordinary person
watching it all their mind dominated by this bullshit to do
something and that something can be write to their MP write to their
congressperson, compile a dossier on their target but it can as in this case of
pizzagate with Hillary Clinton trigger somebody into actual violence And so
fake news is not just about a false claim it’s about how an ecosystem
weaponises this false claim to take down a political target and sometimes
leads to violence now what happened with Jeremy Corbyn? The claim came from a spy
who said that Corbyn was taking money to spy for the Eastern Bloc against the
West in the 1980s no documentation to prove it one single claim and the story
changed over a period of several days the website Guido Fawkes which is rapidly
becoming the go-to alt-right website in Britain then took the claim and they
fired it into the mainstream media the Sun, the Telegraph, and the Mail all took
up various forms of this story but then something happened in Britain that
doesn’t happen in America our mainstream media includes big publicly funded and
publicly regulated TV stations which are not allowed to retell lies they got
their expert reporters many of whom have very expert sources among the
intelligence services to find out if the story was true and it was bullshit so
they said so and what happened next was that some very senior journalists at the
BBC took down the story and they didn’t just take down the story they started to
take down the politicians who’ve been repeating the essential allegation
saying well maybe it’s not completely true but the guy has questions to answer
finally another circuit breaker kicked in because in Britain we have the libel
law and when a politician from the Conservative Party repeated the claim
that Corby n was a paid spy of the Soviet Union the libel law very quickly led to
the claim being withdrawn so what can we learn from this? well the two things that
disrupted the fake news cycle in the Corbyn case
are two things Rupert Murdoch and the other right-wing press barons want to
get rid of that is publicly funded and regulated TV news and the libel laws or
people’s access to those libel laws because of course they’re expensive why does it matter? Well there are three reasons the first is: this is just a
foretaste of what’s going to happen if in Britain we get the Labour government
the right-wing press will weaponise disinformation to try and destabilise a
government led by Jeremy Corbyn the second problem is when you do fake news
you’re just undermining democracy you are creating the conditions as in the
1930s for people to say “I’m just tired I’m tired I can’t work out what’s true
or false anymore” and then they say “please somebody save me please President
Trump or Erdogan in Turkey or Putin in Russia you take control of society
because democracy is too tiring it’s too much effort to work out what is true and
what is not” and that brings us to the third big problem with fake news what
you’re doing if you start this stuff is to open your democracy to all the bad
actors in the world to play in whether it’s the Russian Secret Service your own
Secret Service the Secret Service of another country that doesn’t like the
target or simply these armies of paid private trolls who can be hired by Putin
one day and by somebody else the next you are effectively opening up the core
democratic process of the West to manipulation that’s what happened in
America that’s partly what gave us Trump and it is partly what the people who’ve
begun to do this want to happen here in Britain and I think by knowing what
they’re doing they can be stopped

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. 100% Agree, I think calling people "Traitors" "Sabotuers" "Spy" and other smears lead to this rise in particularly Right-Wing violence! after reading such sensitive untrue information people can be easily moulded into indignant Lone Wolves willing to carry out the despicable agenda of the MSM and discredit anyone who stands in the way of MSM's/Businesses/greedy rich minorities "best intentions"

  2. Hillary Clinton was into all the vice one can imagine up to her neck!
    Obama was born in Hawaii. Jeremy Corbyn could not possibly divulge
    any secrets to the Soviets or their satellites, even if he wanted to.

    And, this arsehole has begun his presentation by mixing truth and lies:
    Just because, allegations of Corbyn involved in espionage for the Eastern-
    Block is ludicrous, it doesn't mean that Hillary Clinton can wipe the slate clean.
    What gave us Trump the Buffoon was Debbie Watson Schultz,
    running the Democratic National Committee, who sabotaged Bernie Sunder's
    efforts to win the nomination.

    Mr. Mason, pull your fucked-up head out of your even more fucked-up arse!

  3. no idea why but I just laughed whenever you said bullshit, it's weird to have such a formal educative video with tid bits of such informal common language 9/10 would watch again.

  4. Why has an intelligent journalist like Paul bought into this Russiagate crap and become a Killary fanboy? Disappointing.

  5. It's good to articulate the nature of the disinformation machine. It may yet be used in America to "justify" military action against Russia. A brilliant analysis by Paul Mason, just one further element which I feel was understated: The echochamber- effect in the internet. This kicks in at the (thus-labelled) "Alt-Right" stage, where there is no longer the need for a large stadium in Nuremberg, because all the yelling and posturing takes place in virtual space. Strengthened by the echochamber, the neo-SA swarms out.

  6. Did Paul really look into the Pizzagate thing ? Did he see the emails from wikileaks ? Has he seen podestas 'art work' ? Etc ? Or is he saying ALL of this was 'planted info' ?

  7. Fake news in the title and loads of American nutters come across it and pollute the comments with their predictable Hillary bashing.

  8. BBC suck tho ! 😕 can't we just ban RM & level out the right wing press …. ???? I thought it had been established that Putin hasn't actually hacked elections ??? Trolls from Russia ? Opening west to manipulation ? Am I the only one confused ???

  9. According to Mr Mason, fake news is something that comes from periphery instead of the very center? LOL
    Fake news (Iraq, Libya, Syria, KSA, Russia, Israel…) are deliberately served through corporate, national security state orifices we call MSM. Establishment's economic and political projects cannot survive without constant reframing, fabrication of fake news and skewing of reality.

  10. This same shit has been done countless times against people the left in general, shit its still going on from those so-called moderates who just want Corbyn to go away so they can have their ball back.

    The numerous list of hatchet jobs on George Galloway and Ken Livingston for example, utterly smeared for antisemitism for criticising Israel's headcase government. Both of these guys were fighting racism, bigotry and injustice long before the vast majority of the public considered it the norm, and yet both have had their careers ruined for stating inconvenient historical facts. They've tried repeatedly to do the same to Corbyn and Mcdonald.

    Operation stop Corbyn is beginning in earnest tbh, only a matter of time until someone starts a new party, under the guise of stopping brexit where in reality their only goal is to split the Labour vote to prevent a socialist Government, just as was done with the SDP last time. It will lead to another 10 years of Tory madness and the labeling of the left again as not being able to win etc.

  11. Where's the alt left part in the disinformation game where we have antifa and momentum "students" going around screaming NAZI/fascist at everyone not agreeing with them FCS?
    Both Alt's are entirely culpable here.

  12. This is better from you Paul, a return to form – of sorts.Sure beats your repeating the false narrative on Syria.

  13. Shows the importance of keeping the BBC publicly funded and defending libel laws. BTW saw this first on Novara website, I am not much of a FB poster, but felt moved to share it on personal timeline, but the way Novara frames it's content this was not possible.

  14. NOVARA you need to stick to economics and keep off topics you don't understand and haven't researched. I had a lot of respect for Paul Mason until watching this horse shit. He literally has no idea what  he's fucking talking about. The Pizza Gate scandal comes from the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks. It was not invented by the Alt Right.  The fake news is that there is no there there. When in fact there is overwhelming evidence that the Podesta brothers and the Clintons are heavily involved in child trafficking. The most notable example of this is the case of Laura Silsby who was arrested attempting to traffic 33 children out of Haiti. The Clinton's intervened to have her released. The pizza restaurant in question is also mentioned in the emails. When people investigated this restaurants instergram, they were shocked to find photos of little girls taped to tables, baby's holding bottles of mogodons and chewing on bundles of cash with the headline Ho tard, and photos of empty freezer rooms with the heading, 'Kill room,' ' just hose it down after you're done.' This was a place where the Podesta's and Clinton's held fund raisers. If you don't believe me go and look for yourselves. Look at the Wikileaks emails. Look at Commit pingpong instergram photos. They are all readerly available at the click of a button.  Paul Mason is acting like the Larry King scandal didn't happen. Like the finders cult didn't exist, Like there was no such person as Jimmy Savile or Leon Britton or Cyril Smith. The thing that angers me so much about this is that this is not a left-right issue as it is framed here by Mason. This is a human rights issue. This is a issue about modern day sex slavery. Slavery of children for God sake. Where do you think all the child porn is coming from? Who do you think is making all the snuff movies? It's not just coming from a bunch of seedy old bastards sitting in their basements. This is coming from the top of the tree. Watching Paul Mason's sneering dismissal of the literal mountains of evidence without doing one shred of research into the subject is vile. And worse of all, lets them get away with it. Stick to what you know. Stick to the NHS and Brexit and public investment and stuff like that because whenever you lot talk about subjects like this you sound like fucking idiots.

  15. I was thinking that maybe a term for debating bigots/Alt Right could be "Cake Flooring"? – after the description of the cake like layering of human feces to be found on the floors of viking homes. But maybe – to be universal – debating such types should be considered "crossing the event horizon"? …As, from what I understand, neither is there no singularity at the centre of a black hole, nor is there anything beyond the event horizon of a black hole – black holes are literally empty – and so by analogy, debating about anything inside a black hole because we believe there must be something there (due to our limited human perceptions) is never going to be something that can be resolved intuitively.

  16. Should have got Max Blumenthal on the case here. CNN and MSNBC have been shameful with regard to the cavalcade of nonsense that is Russiagate.

    Mason is not the worst example, as far as MSM journalists go, but he does buy into a lot of establishment bullshit. His support for a completely needless upgrade of Western defences as a riposte to Russia being one odious example. On that subject he sounded like the worst kind of Neocon Hawk , a mere shill for the Military Industrial Complex. Shouldn't someone at Novarra remind him of previous Leftist commitments to anti-militarism?

    Anyone who has read Chomsky, or other critical voices on the Left, knows that organisations of the sort that Mason works for are veritable fake news factories. Also, the idea that the BBC is some sort of anti-propaganda outfit is pretty naive, to the point of being laughable. Sure, they did the right thing with regard to Corbyn, but there are many examples of them significantly misrepresenting stories. Such as the continued fiction of Iranian support for the Houthis being peddled around by BBC journalists right now. A piece of Saudi propaganda touted as fact. I suggest that anyone reading this should look at Medialens to see the other numerous examples of BBC mendacity. Don't waste your time on Mason's weak sauce. Until then, enjoy this classic piece of Beeb bullshit towing the state line on Iraq, bought to you by the unfailingly nauseating, Andrew Marr,

  17. The left controls the MSM with help from Mr Soro's.
    The actual 'alt-right' is so tiny its insignificant. It's just that leftists think anyone right of Stalin is 'alt-right'

    And in 'Alt-right' you lump in Libertarians, traditional conservatives, classical liberals and civic nationalists.

    The left is authoritarian in nature, just look at antifa and tell me they are not reminders of Nazi Brownshirts.

  18. Paul Mason is the skidmark in the pants of socialism. A total and utter twat. Corbyn admitted meeting the czech spy so why shouldn't people ask questions? Why shouldn't corbyn request the files held on him as he is able to? The left are full to the brim with hypocrisy and bigotry. A proper laughing stock.

  19. Please do not equate the Corbyn smear with Pizzagate. The Podesta emails are absolutely laden with recognised paedophile code. Which has never been addressed properly. How do you explain the conversations in the Podesta emails, Paul? Or have you not read them? I suppose you think Al queda did 9/11 too?

  20. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that Guido Fawkes himself (aka Paul Staines) quite openly states his aim is to undermine and destroy democracy with his “journalistic” work. He states as such in an interview with Owen Jones, printed in “The Establishment and how they get away with it”. He says that he doesn’t think democracy is desirable since it gives poorer people a chance to influence property laws that could potentially make him more wealthy. Therefore, his goal is to cast doubt on the integrity, and bring into disrepute, all the MPs and political figures we put our faith in when we vote. The key thing is, he doesn’t want political change to improve democracy, he wants an end to it. Perpetuating fake news does indeed seem to slot naturally into this Alt Right drive to disenfranchise people from politics and turn them into apathetic bystanders.

  21. Absolutely spot on. I realised what was happening after seeing all of this play out on Twitter and realising that most of the people spouting claims about Corbyn weren't replying to anything said back to them. I realised it was Twitter bots. It didn't take long after that to understand what was going on. The Tory politicians fueling the lies were getting too ballsy and thought they could get away with it all. It worries me that May will use Brexit as a way to illiminate our human rights, our libel laws and every other protection we have from this right wing propaganda. I can't stand Guido Fawkes and the hate and lies they spread. We need to further crack down on these fake news and lies spreaders.
    I used to be a follower of Alex Jones and thought wow this is a man who is getting the truth out there. That's refreshing. Didn't take me long to realise what an attention seeker and actor he really is. The way he backtracked out of stories he initially broke because he was suddenly the victim, repeated over and over. I hope that other normal every day people will start to see through the right wing fake news because the only way we are going to stop them is by we, the people, blocking them from our social media. The Rupert Murdochs and his papers of this world, along with Soros, will hopefully die off when they do. It worries me how many pensioners out there buy these newspapers and will vote conservative because they don't know any better as they don't use social media. What motivates these people to ruin the lives and reputations of others, I don't know. Maybe they should all get screened for mental disorders. It takes a certain kind of sadistic to watch homeless dying on our streets and then fine them £100 for being homeless, if you ask me. This is the type of people we are dealing with.

  22. Novara media is just another example of the male dominated patriarchal 'left-wing'. They are not really left wing, they are not really interested in social justice causes.

  23. Can'r bring myself to watch this all But!
    At the beginning when Paul speaks about Clinton and Obama. His info is false.
    Information came from clintons campaign manager’s, John Podesta,’s laptop, who had some serious porno art of kids in his home, that connected to a pizza restaurant, who’s owner was one of the most powerful men in Washington because of his connection to the Clintons child trafficking/and pedo ring. And Obama’s birth certificate did prove, 100%, to be fake and still is.
    This is misinformation. Paul Mason is deluded, naive, misinformed or stupid. I think he is captive to the system he functions in and an idiot.
    The fake news is not the Ult-News but the Main Stream News that is fake. That is why we can’t and never will, be able to question the holocaust, for example. Or the Pedos in UK house of parliament, or Washington DC and around the world, will never be arrested. Or One of the/our great heros, Dr Andrew Wakefield is still referred to as the fraud Doctor after being complete, absolutely and categorically exonerated in the US.
    Paul Mason, in this vid, is a good example of Fake News/Goons.

  24. A bit naive I think to make the basic assumption that alt right websites are the source. There are think tanks and corporate oligarchs to consider and even the state itself, all seem to be the purveyors of fake news or unverified sensationalist talking points. Wikileaks has made that quite evident. All complain about Assange, but none accuse him of fake news eh. Perhaps Paul Mason could take another look at this since the Skripal case, to see how establishment media take up and perpetuate an unquestioning party line, and Mr Corbyn is lambasted for suggesting a more measured approach. I don't know.

  25. The Skripal case is a demonstration of fake news pushed by the UK Mainstream Media. Skeptics are calling bullshit on the MSM lies.

  26. A) accusations of Clinton being associated with child abusers are 100% credible – there is documentary evidence of this on the web, you just have to look for this.

    Sadly, this is where Paul's explanation of what is and isnt identifiably fake falls short.

  27. Ha ha ha! Who gives a toss about Pizzagate and Corbyn?! It is a well-proven fact that the whole “fake news” thing won its spurs before, during and after the last American presidential campaign, where “news” outlets across the country (and possibly the world) concocted a smelly cocktail of distorted facts, outright lies and blatant propaganda. The lesson of the story is: know WHO the person that is trying to teach you something really is (ie: Paul Mason having worked for those very news outlets that have consistently peddled their own version of political and social facts).

  28. Was there another video Mason did in which he spoke of left fake news, or does the clown think only the right act in this manner

  29. So Fake news comes from the alt right? this is fake news. The left right paradigm is fake, and all the battles between left and right are, and have been for decades or longer, fake.

  30. Since making this video Paul you need to factor in the government funded internet bots Integrity Initiative, who provide the initial catalyst – a lie concocted solely to destroy the reputation of their political opponents, namely Corbyn and Labour. Simply and utterly shocking.

  31. what can we learn from this,, well i think we can understand that Paul Mason hates the right and anyone that does not agree with his view, its that simple.

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