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[MUSIC PLAYING] Dude, no one buys
anything from me. I mean, it’s your face. Hey. How you doing? Good. I’m hoping you can help me with
this, a bronze Madonna bust. Go ahead, put it up here. Okey-doke. OK. Whoa, you’re strong. Look at you, man. [LAUGHS] CHUMLEE: Well, that’s not
Madonna the pop singer. Not at all. [LAUGHS] I have an exact cast
of Michelangelo’s Madonna bust, licensed by the Vatican. They sell for $80,000
if they’re legit. And mine is totally legit. If I get what I want for this,
I’m gonna let my wife renovate the kitchen however she wants. CHUMLEE: This is
pretty cool, man. This is supposed to be
the Virgin Mary, right? RICHARD: Correct. It comes from the “Pieta”
made by Michelangelo. The original is in the Vatican. CHUMLEE: It’s really cool. It looks like it’s in
really good condition. Does it have any markings
or anything like that on it? It does. It’s got the seal– the license from the Vatican. CHUMLEE: 154 out of 500? RICHARD: That’s it. So the mold was relatively
new when they casted this one. You know, sometimes
the earlier the mold, the better the
casting’s gonna be. So that’s good. You got that going
for you there. It’s a beautiful piece. How much were you hoping to get? $80,000. That’s what it’s valued at. Holy cow. Yeah, I got no idea. I know the original
is iconic, but this is just like a mold of that. I’ve got a few
questions about it, so I’m definitely
gonna have to have someone come take a look at it. Yeah. CHUMLEE: Do you have a
few minutes to hang out? Got all day.
Take your time. CHUMLEE: All right.
I’ll be right back. RICHARD: All right.
Thanks. This is a real piece, and
so I’m happy for anybody to come in and inspect it. They’re just gonna prove
that it is what it is. CHUMLEE: Hey, Chad. Hey, Chum. Looking good, man. How you doing? CHAD: Looking slim, man. Hey, you know. [LAUGHS] Trying to get like Madonna. Ah. So you have a
“Madonna del Pieta.” CHUMLEE: What do
you think about it? It’s absolutely fantastic. You don’t see these
a lot of times. There’s not a ton of them
that come on the market. Michelangelo himself
considered this work, and of course the David,
his two greatest works. And it’s an exact
reproduction of Michelangelo’s “Madonna del Pieta.” This is the only piece that
Michelangelo ever signed, and they say the reason he did
it is there were tourists even back in his day that
went to the Vatican, and they identified it
as a different work. And he heard them, and he
carved his name right into it. CHUMLEE: Well,
that’s pretty cool. This is absolutely legitimate. This is the original
New Renaissance that was commissioned by the Vatican. It’s fantastic. So what does he want for it? He’s asking $80,000. Tell me what you think. I think that’s too high. [INAUDIBLE] This artwork on the
secondary market, in a gallery, it’s right around $35,000. But they’re
selling for $80,000. If you get it from New
Renaissance, it’s $80,000. However, there are some
on the secondary market, and the secondary market’s
bearing right around $35,000. So it’s worth
$80,000, just not today. CHAD: Yeah, not today. But the workmanship
is fantastic, and there’s no doubt
this is one of the pieces that New Renaissance
issued initially. OK. Well, I appreciate
you coming down. Hey, thanks, Chum. Take it easy. I’m looking at like $20,000. Ew. $25,000? $23,000 is– is– is where I feel comfortable. OK. I got a deal for you. I’m like the barter king,
so I trade for everything. I saw you had 100
pounds of silver, and that’s about $24,000,
if my math is correct. It’ll get it out of your way. You’ll get this out of my way. Yeah, so long as the math
checks out, I can do that deal. – OK.
– All right. Let’s check it. Meet me up at the counter and
I’ll bust the calculator out and figure out where we’re at. Thank you very much. Sounds good. I’m making this deal
because I’m gonna show Rick how to buy something with
something in the shop, and then turn around and make a
profit bigger than the profit I could’ve made if I paid cash. Nice doing business with you. Thank you very much. I love it. Out we go. [LAUGHS] CHUMLEE: This guy came in, had
a bronze Madonna bust for sale. Did someone check
this thing out? Yeah, Chad checked it out. OK. But you’re missing
the point of it, OK? He wanted $24,000 for it,
but he didn’t want cash. He wanted to trade
something for it. So me, having a brilliant
thought process that I have, decided to trade silver. OK. CHUMLEE: And since
you’ve been gone, silver’s been down so much
that we made an extra $3,000. How did you know
silver was gonna go down? When you have a talent,
you have a talent, Rick. And mine’s making you money. COREY: No, no, he got lucky. Do I look lucky to you? No. That’s skill. This is pure genius. COREY: By the way, I did
not approve this transaction in any way, shape, or form. I’m gonna go get
his opinion on what’s gonna happen next week. What? RICK: Chumlee.

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  1. bruh chumlee is the stupid one silver value doesn't go low that much it's always stable yet the dollar goes up and down like crazy … who trades silver with paper huh?

  2. As of today September 3 2019- spot $ for silver is $18.44/once. Seller made a good deal seeing how his silver is worth over $50,000

  3. It's not often that you hear the words "chum" and "smart" in the same sentence…

    Unless its followed by "is not" in the middle

  4. And now silver is up almost 5 dollars from what they bought that silver from what i found out so they actually kinda lost out over 6k lol

  5. He said, “ If I get what “I” want for this, I’m going to let my wife renovate the kitchen.” In other words no matter what he gets he actually got “nothing.”

  6. Chumlee was smart to get the expert in there.. but the praise he got from the Old Man after making deals like that always is priceless all in its own.

  7. If you watched this video that lady is anchient the original price of it $100000 so all they do is lower it and never go to pawn shops go to achuns.

  8. If I would sell something and let’s say it was $10,000 I would ask for $20,000 and lie so they say something a little above $10,000

  9. English: Michelangelo was commissioned to do way too much work. He had a team of sculptors under him; doing what most people believe is his art.
    Less than 10% of Michelangelo sculptures were actually done by him.

  10. Jesus… it’s not “Madonna del piate”!! It’s “Madonna della pietà” (pronounced /madoNNA deLLa pijetà/ with the stress on the final a and you need to spell both the i and e very quickly, together)

  11. Is this the direction of the show they decided to take. Chumlee is comic relief. To all of a sudden have all this knowledge, that Walter white stuff must be on point.

  12. SELLER: I’m like the Barter King.

    COREY: I’m like the Burger King.

    RICK: I’m the Bald King.

    CHUM: I’m like the Meth King.

  13. In another episode a customer had something worth like 95k and wanted to trade for gold but rick said it isn’t legal. How come trading silver was legal

  14. Chumlee does not look lucky…he looks like a greasy fat POS meth head pedophile…why do you think he owns a candy store. Can't stand him and his stupid comments.

  15. There's a few of these currently on ebay and they're all selling for 25k.. not that good of a deal.. considering silver is at a low too

  16. Yeah so he said 80 on a good day but took 24 in silver? Niggah you can sell that for 50 or 60 to some Jesus freak

  17. Am I the only one who heard Chumlee take credit for the idea of trading silver for the bust? So not only is Chumlee a meth head but a liar!

  18. Sadly for chumplee silver will always have a market . bronze replica too but not so much unless your dealing with an art collecter

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