Phil In The Blanks #22 - Jonas Brothers

first off what's happening with you guys now who's doing what what's y'all's relationship with each other what's going on tell me about the Jonas Brothers today huh it's a loaded question yeah bit to be for myself I'm engaged making music in the band dnce been touring with them for the last two and a half three years and I have the best relationship with my brothers that I've ever had last year who's been shooting this documentary and through it having therapy sessions without really trying to and working through some of the stuff that we put under the carpet for six years and kind of just moved on the brother thing where you can look at each other and say you know what I can't stand you right now but I love you and so you find ways to look past it so that's my ketchup and you're engaged to who sophie Turner I know some of your biggest fan and I'm afraid of her yeah she's incredible and a phenomenal actress but more than that a great person and inspires me to do what I love how long have you guys been together as a couple that's coming up probably big this year we'll be three years how did you meet Instagram yeah we had two friends who tried to introduce us that I think take credit for us meeting but the reality is that I took it matters in my own hands and as the kids I slid into our DMS and and right into her heart right into her heart yeah so then we went back yeah very electronic burn millennial and then a month later we met in London and it was just was on we knew it was something unique and it was kind of in a season where you both were really busy so we were dating or kind of a round tour schedules her film schedule and cut to here we are two and a half years later so you approached her on Instagram yeah all right I got a no don't tell me you don't know cuz I know you do what was the first Instagram message this is so bad like terrible my game was so bad but she took the bait so I think technically it worked I realized that she followed me so I got excited and I'm a huge fan of the show like everyone is her character specifically I was like okay if she ever falls me I'm gonna have to do something about this she liked the photo of mine so I commented him on her photos and it was a closed-down burger place and my comment was something along the lines of oh what a tragedy no burger place should ever be closed nailed it just straight game maybe it just diffused her to the point where she's like maybe it's you non-threatening she makes jokes about it but I'm like yeah we met the creator of Instagram years later and we thought it'd be really impressive to tell him that we met on Instagram and so we were waiting to meet him finally we met and were like we actually wanted you to know we met on Instagram where we're engaged now and he was so unfazed by it because he probably hears it all the time no he was like oh great I think this is the new dating app so how does she respond she responded really well look all the women out there want me to ask this question so I'm asking it I mean I don't want to get home my wife jump my cuz I didn't ask this question yeah respond to the message yeah I think she's just sent an emoji back I could probably find it and deepen messages but that's all she sent I don't remember actually I have to ask her but I think we went back and forth for about a month before we finally met and it was just casual but we finally decided let's get together and see if there's a connection people love to know that cuz that's just like normal people I mean you just see somebody and you reach out to them when they hit you back and back and forth you go and then here you are I feel like a lot of people for me I'm 29 people around my age always get a little embarrassed to say that they met somebody on Instagram or online but that's the way it is now of course people are able to take matters in their own hands yeah it's much more efficient no doubt about it so when's the wedding date in this summer actually in France okay it's kind of mutual ground for us and we both I've spent a lot of time in France together and so we was also amazing it also happens to be the most merriment one of the most random place in the world right it's gonna be really beautiful wedding Kevin you're the oldest yes and you're next oh and you're the youngest right of this group we got one yeah you got an 18 year old right he's not here but have the ones here Nick you're the youngest do they pick on you no they pick on me they pick on you yeah the gang up on the oldest aha yeah we've been that way why you ask them I don't know were either no it's just one of those dynamics I'm coming around to it I think this year we realized we picked on him a little bit too much maybe back in the day you know it was I let it affect me I actually wouldn't just play along it actually like got in my head and I think then they realized though this is working so they kept going like you poke the bear any jump so the reaction yeah I think so I've really come around to the fact that I'm okay with being a little bit of a joke as long as I know it's a joke yeah so how do you guys get along now you say chill you guys get along well what do you think I mean I think it's been probably the most important year of our lives as far as our relationship goes we stepped into this potential relaunch of the brothers with a lot of hesitations on all fronts and one of the things that was most challenging to navigate was the fact that you know I had called an end to the group which was painful for all of us and specifically to Kevin and Joe I think a huge surprise so when things came back around you know some six seven years later after I'd had a solo career and success on my own and jodan had success with dnce and Kevin was successful being a father and business man you know for me to come back and say I don't do this again presented some challenges because it kind of felt like I didn't deserve to get to say that given that I'd called quits to this thing prior so what we realized in all of it is that we had to start further back and heal some of the wounds that we actually left from the time we were working together not that break up itself necessarily that was a piece of the puzzle but I think that the biggest thing was let's get into our childhood let's get into some of the pressures we felt but maybe didn't address with each other and just general dishonesty about what we wanted to accomplish and that was everything from a career standpoint to emotional clarity and peace and it's been a crazy year but right now I think we have the best relationship we've ever had we have the ability to be honest in a way we never had before and a care and trust in each other that I don't think was there before I'm really curious about this because when you guys started your dad was the pastor of a church yeah very conservative Church yeah when you started doing your music it wasn't gospel music it wasn't Christian music right and that didn't sit well with the congregation with the church board the Deacons or whoever was in power tutors yeah I think that you know there's an expectation a lot of times when you are so ingrained in the church environment as we were as the first family of the church in a sense that you know if you're gonna be making music if you're gonna be preaching you preach to the choir and for us we had a different vision our music was crossover in that it could be about God or it could be about a girl you know and as we got older and started writing more and and kind of tapping into our interests it wasn't limited to our relationship God it was about everything around us and we were young men growing up excited about girls and love and romance and also felt like you know we think this thing can really explode like we believe that we could become a force in the music industry and didn't want to be limited to just fresh music it's odd for three brothers to all want the same thing at the same time you were all young obviously did you all three want the same thing at the same time when you started definitely yeah he kind of started with Nick I mean he was doing musical theater and Broadway shows when he was really young and then that translated into making his own music and one day me Nick and Kevin we sat down and wrote a song please be mind together not even in mind that would become a group it kind of just fell into place we wrote the song and somebody at the record label David Massey who signed Nick heard there was two other brothers and this guy happened to work with brother bands like Oasis Oasis and Good Charlotte so he was obviously familiar with how this works and we went in there and sang for him and it kind of just happened naturally but me and Kevin we wanted to be in dance we were think about doing something even just me and him we were really into the idea so it definitely happened at a similar time so you all wanted it it wasn't like he had to drag one one guy wanted to go do science lab work or play football or something you all three wanted to do music at the same time we're okay with it now parents are really supportive actually our Father I think never pushed us in any way but was I think more willing than a lot of parents would be to say yeah an education is important but if this is what you want to do you have my full support we never had that battle of our parents saying you have to do this you have to phone with the family business you have to go into ministry you have to go to college they were fully supportive and I think that gave us the freedom to dive all the way in and they were honest to it as well like at a certain point when things started to go he's like we can continue this but we have this money set aside for your college it's going to be used for this or you can stop and go to college in that traditional sense so they were honest with us about that and we were just like yeah we're gonna keep doing the music thing there was a point when and correct me if I'm characterizing this wrong but there was a point where there was a break with the church where it kind of came down to you either as the pastor are all in with the church or you're gonna do this secular music right so there was a break he lost his job he lost his church he lost the congregation he lost the parsonage he lost everything so there was there was a moment where things kind of all happened bad for us as a family at the same time the record label you know we were a part of Columbia Records dropped us as a band mm-hmm our dad lost his job and this all happened probably in the same 3-4 months people of the church were petitioning to get our dad to leave or be fired and these rumors were starting to kind of swirl that he maybe was taking money from the church and more so the biggest issue for them I think was the fact that he was putting his attention on his family over the church and it really made this divide happen between us the thing to understand Suze in a church setting you know it's not as simple as just losing a job which is already a horrible thing was highly embarrassing him and there's untrue scandal attached to it I think it adds another layer of complications and relationships you know a pastor and his wife and family really minister to the church and that means everything from taking the phone call at 4:00 a.m. to show up and be there after a terrible things happened its bedside manner but all the time and showing that love and care so to have some of these people then turn their back was really painful for our parents and for us for us because we had like friends that was our friends growing up right we spent more time at the church than school when we were growing up so once we all laughed so did our childhood friends with that so trying to understand that in a world where we were young is very complicated as you mentioned the parsonage is at home at the church own so we lived in that house and we moved into a home that one of the members of a church who was still a good friend of ours let us live in a house that they owned for very little rent but you know that was a challenging moment cuz there's about seven of us the six in our family our uncle living in a two-bedroom home kind of all on top of each other and working through some of this pain of a church and at that point is when we started writing music for what would become our first successful album and I think it was out of that struggle that really opened up that Lane as kids were youthful be aware of what was happening at the time were you fully aware that there was a break happening with the church that they were turning yeah I think think I was for sure because I was older and I had friends you know even in the high school that I was attending at the time that attended our church and thinks I heard this and I heard that and are you guys leaving and it was always like we have to be careful at the time about MySpace right I remember one of the big things which was really funny and my father was almost getting in trouble for the fact that we had a social media page right where these people comment and girls could say whatever they want and that was a problem and he said to the board and other people like every Church in America will have social media within the next two of the three years never gonna happen you know so obviously that's not the case but the reality of the fact is I saw it firsthand I saw a lot of the pain for my mom and dad in that did you guys know it as well yeah I was also going through pretty intense thing at that time I just been newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was working through all that so I think it's weird to say this but it was a bit of a godsend you know this terribly traumatic thing happens to our family at the same time I'm relearning how to do simple things like eat and manage a new disease so I was a bit distracted but I recall nights where there was a lot of tension within the family and infighting and moments that I think I could hear my father crying and knowing what it was doing to him he put so much of his heart into this and into these people it was so good it was really good as a speaker he was so picker and a singer yeah amazing on the stage and really brought it so yeah it was painful but I think you know the thing that was interesting was we all needed to get some clarity on what faith and religion and all of that meant to us after this had happened and I think you know it really defined who we became as faith based people or not and what our value system was well I have this theory I think it's fact but I call it theory that when things go wrong in a family children have this unique ability to figure out how everything is their fault they look at it it's like if maybe the families have in financial trouble and that trouble might be really of a great magnitude like they're losing a half million dollar house or something the child will go back in their room and say if I didn't need a pair of tennis shoes then we wouldn't be in financial trouble right so they take it on themselves they blame themselves and feel guilty for it and if the marriage is breaking up they say if I was a better kid maybe my parents wouldn't be fighting they have a way of making it their fault and now here you guys are doing music your father is supporting that and his entire life's work his church his congregation everybody is turning against him because of you and what you're doing did you take that on what did you say to yourself about it I think well this year we kind of all realized how much we would take on the thought that everything would go away and it would be our fault like success and music because of the church and all that that we loved so much and even Columbia Records and happened when we were young and when it was stripped from us up until last year we would maybe not enjoy things to the fullest because we always felt like this could just slip from our fingers shoes gonna drop yeah yeah I just feel like it was always that any wrong move could be the end of the entire thing and I think a lot of that carried through from kind of being that like Nick said first family in the church where that pressure that we felt there carried to how we continue to do music going forward and the decisions we made and kind of a live in fear kind of mentality did you talk about it among yourselves at the time because I'm trying to put myself in your shoes here you are you guys are working on this music you get signed your father and mother are supporting you unconditionally I mean a hundred percent but then he loses his job his church his I identity in that regard and then the record label drops you so he's made all this sacrifice for nothing right he did all that then they drop you so now you've got no job no church no home no record deal now you're just these kids standing there and he bet on this and it all evaporated did you feel like you let him down I often think about that period of our lives and where my head was at we had blind faith and our ability to make this happen I'd think about how many things should have prevented the Jonas Brothers from being successful the church being a human factor and in fact we were you know hundred fifty-two and a thousand dollars in debt trying to self-finance the band and the fact that we were kids right there's always things kind of stacked up against us and I think we defied the odds when it did work because it really should not have and at the center of that I think it was the fact that our parents did an excellent job of keeping the weight of all of this away from us I've got incredible admiration for the both of them because in the moment it was tough and wouldn't you hear your mom and your dad fighting and you know there's real tension you can't help but like you said feel like it's your fault or there's a factor of being your fault but I think if I find myself in a similar position one day with my wife with real challenges that cards stacked up against us and we've got kids if I could be half the parent my parents were in a moment I would be grateful because they did a really good job did this car your parents your dad in particular to just take a big toll on him yeah cuz he did have to carry the weight I know as a father you wake up every day you're responsible for your wife and your kids and feeding them and protecting them and housing them and all of that that's actually the pressure on him do you ever think about what he had to go through that time much pressure and burden it was on him and what toll it may have taken on him yeah and I think also every time he looks at us he would have to either say it black or white or sometimes keep some things from us because we were going out to play concerts or we would be in a road trip to go play one show somewhere and just that alone I think is a very scary thing I think as the older we get and I'm sure for honest I don't speak for you but Kevin now being a father that has come to our mind quite a bit more and the more time we spend with him you realize those years were so important for us as a band but we're very heavy on the family yeah I think it shook him for sure I have another theory I always tell people and I've lost my dad and though I lived through this but I always tell people don't ever let the Sun set another time without saying and doing with the people you love everything you need to say and do because you don't know if they're gonna be there tomorrow you don't know if you're gonna be there tomorrow you don't know if they're gonna be there tomorrow and if you put off till tomorrow what you need to say and do and then they're gone you don't have the chance to say it right have you guys said to your parents what it meant to you to have stood by you and believed in you and made those sacrifices for you do they know how much that meant to shaping you as young man it was interesting they say it because I was with my parents when we had our second daughter Valentina and they were both there and it's incredible to think of the moment especially the first time with Alena your parents are now becoming grandparents and it's exciting and different and new and you're becoming a parent and I had a challenge with that at first really understanding the balance of like where I now fit in the day before my responsibility was my wife and hers was me essentially you know in that relationship now her focus is now on this child and so was mine but where do I fit into that new environment and I think learning how to figure that out was a challenge and I actually don't to work a little bit instead of being in that moment and I finally broke down one night with her and I'm just like I just don't know who I am anymore and I talked to my dad about it and he actually said to me that's how I felt when you guys started to take off and I was no longer you know the pastor of the church and other things I was watching something that was bigger than what my vision could become for you and in an exciting way and that proud moment of this is more than I could have ever thought I said it to him in that moment I said the fact that we're able as a family to actually have gone through the things we've gone through and sit here together as you hold your new granddaughter is a testament to how you raised us I thanked him in that moment for that because there is probably a million times where that moment doesn't happen for families and I think it's really a blessing and that was the same when the guys were with the girls you know and for the first time and it was hard it was a challenge you know Alena our first was born four months after the band broke up I hadn't really seen them since then so that one moment was this is now my life and as much as we had a big transition from financial to just who you are as a people I had a life-altering experience which is having a kid and it took me time to figure out who I wanted to be and I think it was this year with some of the letting go of the moments that we had together and also just realizing who I wanted to be as a dad as well to figure out what happiness is again for me this year me our dad also yeah as much as he's gone through it can't imagine going through anything else but he beat cancer this last year and he opened a restaurant in the same few months of finding out that he had cancer so the restaurant business is like buying a boat it's a pretty scary bad idea but he open up a beautiful restaurant his hometown and employed all his family and friends from childhood and for us that's kind of become a nice escape we fly down there we see them every few months and spend time with them but I think he couldn't be more proud and I think what he says in the dock is probably the thing that hurt him so much was seeing us ever have issues with each other when the band broke up but the healthy relationship that we have now he's that's the most important thing and our dad was a co-manager with Philly Mac and he was very good at you get manager you get dad and you get friend when you need that and he knows how to put those hats on I don't think I've said thank you enough as many times if I have to him and our mom because of the way they raised us the questions always interesting that we get as like how do we kind of turn out pretty normal after living through some craziness there's no other example that we can point to is that these guys turned out okay a lot of the time it's a little bit the opposite but I think it's definitely our parents and I would say brothers is unique it's something that siblings in general you have each other to slap each other around when you need it and you can be the first person to say screw you and just keep moving and everything's fine again so it's interesting there's a few things to point to why we're okay still I'm not trying to be morbid but if you were to lose your parents would there be anything left unsaid and if there is you should just say it that's all I'm saying yeah just put it on your to-do list and say I'm gonna say that and I thought I had said everything that needed to be said when I lost my dad he knew he was dying mm-hm he went to the doctor one day his heart was failing and I was there when he got home and I said had to go and he said well let's put it this way don't buy me any green bananas and it was his way of you know joking around saying you know I ain't got long for this world so I had the chance to tell him everything I needed to say some good and some bad yeah cuz he was a bad alcoholic and there was a lot of baggage and you'd think he got it all said until it's over and then you go home innit do-over anymore so I always tell people particularly when someone has sacrificed as much as your parents have just write him a letter tell them in person be sure they know because it'll give you a peace once you know you said what you need to say because yeah it's a pretty amazing parents yeah these are specially loved people now I've listened to your dad talk and your mom as well and they're pretty amazing people they are indeed and they should know that I mean you should just tell them that and I'm sure you have along the way but just tuck that away you think about now thank you how did your dad take it when you guys broke up because I remember him saying you thought they expected this and saw it coming and he said they did not that was his quote they did not again he's made all these sacrifices put everything on the line and then you say well I'm not gonna do anymore really I spoke to him about it before it happens you know before I talked to the guys because I was having a pretty tough time I don't know if it was a panic attack but it felt like that and white people described that I couldn't breathe I was highly emotional which is unusual for me it was just a lot so I called him up and then before we drove around and talked through it a bit and I told him then you know I thought they were they could see it coming they would expect this day would come some day which I was wrong about so I think in the room when things went down and he started to be a father and a comforter to Joe and Kevin who were spinning out about this I felt abandoned in that moment by him are we spoken about this and kind of cleared it up but it's a crazy thought and to answer the question before this which I didn't have a chance to I spoke to my mom my dad specifically about this moment in my life with him where I really felt like he'd forgotten about me and I just said I can't imagine the weight that each decision you make as a parent carries and I just hope that you know the people that we've become make you proud and know that it's a reflection of who you are and the way that you raised us and it was a beautiful moment for us and a way for us to acknowledge all they'd done and also say I want to try to be as good as you were to us to my kids someday and you know in that moment I think with our father it was challenging because he didn't know where he would fit into the equation once we split up and for me that meant telling him as transparent as saying that you know we're not going to MTV with a music video which is me and in a more sort of seductive provocative way with a song that touches on sexuality and things that are adult themes it's not right to have my father in the room with me it's gonna be a tough sell and he understood it was it was hard for him and I just said and I feel like I need my dad the Seas in my life and some addition to this conversation I had that conversation and it was a couple months that were really challenging and rebuilding that relationship while feeling isolated from them my sort of pillars to lean on in moments of trouble were all wobbly yeah and Phil our manager now was a constant and then once these relationships were repaired the next step was my father and we worked through that and had some really good time to build new guidelines for our relationship really like starting over and prioritizing health at the forefront of all of it why did you do it why did I why did you stop Jonas Brothers why did you call that meeting go in and say Jonas Brothers is no more it was a few things I think it was a frustration with the lack of evolution within the group I think creatively we were sort of stalled probably because our emotional relationship was stalled and we were just hitting a lot of walls and during that same time I was feeling like there was just music within me let's create a voice within me that I felt really need to be heard and it was different from what we were doing and I felt you know we've been really honest with each other in this last year so I can say this but frustrations with each other and where our priorities were and and insecurities that were louder than our voices on stage it was really challenging and I became kind of numb at a certain point and the only way to get to the place I wanted to get to which was the the freedom to share my music to share my story and also branch out into acting other things was to just rip that band-aid and I fully did not expect it to be as emotional reaction as it was which then made me question if I had made the right choice but you know I sort of dove right into the water instead of tipping my toe in there first and seeing what the temperature was I just dove in and I chalk it up to immaturity and a lack of emotional maturity that to understand that we've all put so much into this this was our foundation for our lives and a livelihood our identity was tied to it for me to selfishly assume that they would just get that is really naive so he just not being empathetic with them or are you saying you shouldn't have done it or you should have done it a different way should have done a different way I knew it was the right thing it needed to happen that's the funny part like it definitely needed to and I recently thank Nick time was like you're the one that had the balls to do it you know I wish it happened differently but it was time one of the biggest insecurities in my life is that I feel like at different points I've tied a lie to my identity which I know to be a lie and that is that I can be cold and sort of shut off emotionally and in this chapter of my life specifically I did go numb I did go a little cold but it was because I didn't know how to process some of the frustrations I had and instead it came out it was sharp so if I'd had a chance to go back in time and do it again I would have sat down privately with the brothers and said we need to talk about some things and if we talk for three four hours and we can't come to a solve that we're all comfortable with then we know what the answer is it's time to close this chapter but giving them a chance to give some input and to bring a different perspective would have been the fair thing to do mm-hmm did you guys feel betrayed oh yeah yeah yeah did you say so I did it took me a minute my initial reaction was shock we were planning on going on tour the next day our band had flown so we were like already teed up and there was obviously no real right time to have this conversation but for me I was all in on Jonas Brothers that was my life and said no to a lot of other opportunity maybe a film here some music there but at that point I just couldn't believe it and I remember it's interesting you said that I actually remembered now the first time in a while because you kind of block out that day I said I kind of cringe when I think about it but you second-guessing afterwards like you just said did I just make the right decision and you were kind of stopping and that that point was like no you said it oh yeah that's right I forgot about that don't try to backtrack as you said it now so like there's no going back and then we kind of we're trying to have this go malicious and we won't break up then we have this conversation well maybe what we maybe we should just go do like one last hoorah and I was like I can't get on stage and see those fans faces emotional holding signs please don't break up when I'm also dealing with it myself I won't be able to get through a song without crying or getting emotional once I was separated from the situation it was the right thing and mmm that built our relationship better we became friends and it wasn't just work colleagues and then I was able to go on and create music on my own and have this incredible band take off and that wouldn't have happened obviously if he didn't break up the band and the band would be back together also if Nick didn't come back to the door and knock on and said guys what do you think if we could get back on the horses and do this again so both times it's been it's my phone it's it's really Nick yeah to answer your question obviously yeah we felt betrayed and it was shocking because also at that time Nick was kind of calling the shots on a lot of stuff too creatively for touring for big band decisions and that was kind of the main thing we said doing this again is like anything we do all three of us have to say yes it has to be a conversation as simple as are we wearing these t-shirts on stage today like let's all make sure we're comfortable because it really affects a unity in this are you gun shy going in because this has happened once we're all in this is definitely there is different dynamics to get used to though we're in very different places than we were there's different rules and yes in the sense that Joe's still gonna make music with DNC and have the freedom to do whatever he wants and I'll have the freedom to do what I want creatively off on the side and the Jonas Brothers is a part of who we are but it's not everything that goes from our creative lives but also our personal lives we didn't understand that distinction before we have families now and we all have moments where we have to say I cool I'm not doing this thing we're not gonna do this because I have to go to be at my daughter's birthday that's important these moments are important we would have railroaded I mean we would have just blasted through it and said no you got to do this for the band just for the greater good that's because we live with that fear it was all gonna go away but now we have better guidelines of how to live functional lives but I had the fear and I brought that baggage into it like the last week you know they're still getting used to this which was like everybody got stick at home there was a birthday party supposed to happen but they got sick on her birthday we have to move it well we have something scheduled I'm gonna be there if you tell me I need to be there and that's what I mean more than anything we talked you know I think when we were coming around to the idea of doing this again Nick I think just met Priyanka for the first time and I was newly engaged obviously kevin has two kids and we looked at Kevin and said look this was a thing in the past where Nick and I were single and Kevin was married to Danny and we were on the road and we didn't always prioritize personal time we're working from 5:00 in the morning to midnight and then we fly to the next city we get it now and that was a conversation I think we had in Australia we're like we understand finally where you're at because that date night or just wanting to be with your person is very you have one night one day off and you're gonna take two red eyes just to see that person for eight hours you know why are you so stupid was how I felt right but I was gonna do it anyway but now this guy doing the same things you know yeah got a question for you yep some advice I would love and I think it probably could speak for all of us yeah but as I think about the Jonas Brothers days and things that really affected us as we're about to walk back into this again I think individually we've been able to grow and learn on our own but together there's always these triggering things that come up even in interviews or photoshoots whatever it may be and the biggest one I think about is to paint a picture for you I remember us hitting the VMAs years ago and Russell Brand the host and his main joke is the Jonas Brothers whether if it's at the time we had purity ring's whether it's a purity ring thing or if it's selling sex or whatever the joke was really getting to us and we were torn up about comments and and critics and it would eventually start to affect our creativity and now that we've made this album that we're really proud of a bit of my worry but my question for you would be how do we prepare ourselves or handle those type things when they come our way together thence we're doing this again that's a great question and I have to give you a little bit of a long answer please because there are at least four personalities here each of you have an individual personality and then there's the collective personality of the Jonas Brothers that's the fourth personality and that is a distinct personality there's one two three and in the fourth collective personality the thing is you're going into this knowing absolutely knowing that there are gonna be critics I don't care who you are what you do somebody is gonna have a problem with what you do no matter what you do right it doesn't matter you can do a and somebody's gonna have problem with it you can do B somebody's gonna have problem with it you can do C through Z somebody's gonna have a problem with each way you can't please all the people all the time my attitude has always been since somebody's gonna have a problem no matter what you do you might as well do what you want to do because somebody's gonna have problem with what you do no matter what it is so you might as well be doing what you want to do and it boils down to this you cannot and this is a conscious decision that each one of you has to make in your own way is you cannot give your power away to strangers you can't give your power away to people you know if I let somebody else decide how I feel about myself today it's like walking around outside knowing lightnings going to strike you just don't know when it is think about that you're outside and you know you're gonna get hit by lightning you just don't know when but you know for sure it's coming right it's not a question if it's coming you know it's coming you just don't know when and you spend the rest of your life walking around wondering is it gonna be now is it gonna be tomorrow me what I'm holding my baby but it's gonna hit you can't give your power away if you do you've lost all control I made a decision a long time ago that I am NOT going to be somebody that needs to be left by strangers I'm not gonna be somebody that measures my self-worth or my self-esteem by someone else deciding what my worth or value is for two reasons number one they can kiss my number two they don't know me tonight they don't know who I really am they know the Emmys they know what's on television they know what's in the newspapers the tabloids this or that they don't know my heart they don't know who I am they don't know what went into what I'm doing and if somebody wants to have a vote that I will consider seriously then do the homework and show me you know who I am know that you've really studied and then give me an informed opinion and I'll weigh it carefully so if you take that attitude it's not being belligerent it's just being very firm in not giving your power away to somebody and in order to do that you have to know for sure who you are and what you stand for yes that old saying if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything if you don't stand for who you are and what you are and what your music is and what your values are and what you represent then you'll fall for anything somebody says to you because you don't know what to compare it to you don't know who you are and even in the time that's elapsed since the Jonas Brothers last performance was when when was the last performance twenty twelve or thirteen can't remember yes so that's been six or seven years the proliferation of social media in the last six or seven years has been exponential right everybody's a critic seriously everybody has a phone and everybody's phone is a camera everybody has immediate access to a blog message board post on a platform everybody's gonna have something to say and you can put a guitar down funny and it becomes a meme you have no idea what happens and if you don't know who you are then that pulls you it's like you're dead center and if that's solid things won't push you off dead center if you're not solid things will push you off dead center so you guys have to decide who you are individually and who you are collectively and then it bounces off unless you don't know that means you got to know who you are in this band you got to know who you are in the music landscape you got to know who you are as a social force you got to know who you are in every respect and once you know that for sure then it doesn't matter what somebody's this because you already know the answer you're not wondering who I'm gonna be defined as write that data windows closed because you've already defined yourself and it's like poking the bear you know you used to poke you and you'd react and so they'd poke you some more and I always tell people people are gonna get after you on social media just don't ever engage don't ever engage you know I go on Kimmel some time and read mean tweets you know we're making these funny tweets it'll be one like I'd rather have dr. pepper operate on my didn't take advice from dr. hill if you let that bother you then it's gonna really cause you to give your power away to haters yeah they're gonna be haters that are gonna come and say here come the has-beens been there done that rah there will be people that are say that I sometimes have people that come in on the show dr. Phil people that comment on television shows are not representative of the American public who sits around and writes in message boards on a television show they're not people that are at the mall doing commerce they're not people that are at work doing this there's somebody that's in their grandmother's basement haven't seen the Sun in four years they have no life how many times have you written into a television show Nevernever yeah I mean seriously I got to have a lot of free time that is not representative if somebody sitting down and their life is taking the inventory of the Jonas Brothers tour that's not representative of your fan base your fan base is not working and buying tickets and coming and enjoying the music and celebrating the music and if they don't like you they're celebrating somebody else's music right they don't have time to be haters people that are haters are haters they're gonna find somebody somewhere to hate somehow so you've got to decide who you are if you don't know that then you're gonna be highly vulnerable and that's true inside the band you guys have to decide what your roles are inside the band right I mean do you know that think so I think we do I think that was part of the struggle before which was I don't have best to say it but we clashed on who was doing what in perspectives and who had the strengths and when to utilize those strengths and so I think now it's I think a lot of our issue for me which was not being able to really just talk about the simplest thing yeah and I have a problem with that I'd rather do it this way if you guys are cool with that or I think I should take a lead on this just having a real conversation instead of feeling like well you're not better than me you can't be all equally talented in everything now what is gonna be better at one thing was you be better than others especially better to another you just have to find what you're best at and do that and lean it yeah yeah I mean fine what you're good at you can at least be a good bad example he'll so everybody's good at something you find something you're good at yeah and do that I mean if one of these better musician than the other then do the music if one of yous better at working the crowd work the crowd find what your long suit is and embrace it I think we missed that individually going out performing things like that and when Nixon I miss looking to the left and right like I can't wait to share some vocals onstage that's tiring every night you know I'm excited to go and play these old songs and you have partners in crime where you can kind of just lean on each other and we just fall back into the mold but I think it's the time off stage and things like that that we're now excited to be able to lean on each other when for so long we didn't have that we also now realized how much we appreciated it can you guys him brace the problems that you had before and by that I mean you said you didn't communicate really well before will you do it differently this time we have to I think we have grown so much individually and I think that an individual growth was apparent just sometimes we spent casually whether it was over the holidays whatever else before we decided to even do this again just seeing that there has been change and so I think this time around we've set in place some ground rules to ensure that it'll be a healthy experience but we're also learning in real time I mean that was the thing the other day we were shooting this video for some content I think for the documentary something else and I didn't feel comfortable I didn't feel like I was giving my best performance of a song and didn't feel like we'd rehearsed enough and so I just said like we got to stop you know and I walked off the set and it took a second for us to look at each other and just said okay what happened there how can we make sure that they don't feel left in the dark in moments where I don't feel comfortable it's gonna happen for each one of us we learned in real time no so I think taking some of that pressure off to have it all figured out just because we decided to do this again is not realistic I have a suggestion it's like a suggestion 100% please all of them Robin and I have done this in our partnership which is a marriage and this is kind of a marriage we've been married 42 years and in 42 years we've never spoken the D word we've never said divorce inside our house we've never said separation inside our house Jimmy we don't have disagreements from time to time our rule has always been we can disagree that we can say anything we want to say but we agreed in the very beginning that the relationship will never be the stakes for which we are playing and a lot of times people that get in an argument say well this is get a divorce and leave that's never the stakes for which we're playing and because we've agreed to that and we've lived up to that we know no matter what one of us says or does we don't worry is this the end it's like being in a river with a branch hanging over the river you can get in there and splash around but it never splashes up to the relationship it never gets that high because you never play for those stakes and as long as you guys resolve going in you've been there once before but if long as you guys resolve he can walk off you can have a bad day and storm off the stage now you can not show up some day because something happens or whatever as long as you know no matter what happens he's permitted to have a bad day he's permitted to go off and not want to talk to anybody as long as you have the emotional integrity to say no matter what happens this commitment will not be the stakes for which we're playing you can get mad you get pissed off you can go storming off but we don't ever have to worry if what we're playing for are the stakes whether or not we're gonna continue this or whether we're not amazing yeah yeah and if you take that off the table where you say look I'm either in or I'm not and I have the emotional integrity to say I'm not gonna do this if I'm not all-in I've thought it through I felt about it I know it I have the freedom to do other things but you're my brothers and I'll do this till the cows come home this time I'm all in we're all all in I may do other things but this will be part of my life as long as people will show up and if you know that's the stakes that you'll never play for those stakes it's off the table yeah anxiety goes away if you have the emotional integrity to make that commitment then it's never an issue you never have to think about you never have to talk about it but you have to decide whether you have the integrity to make that commitment or not it's good advice look it's great right I like it for me I said I'm not doing this if we're doing it like that again there's no way and I think of dangling that over our heads for all of us like mm-hmm I could just leave when I want and now we don't need this we're not doing this for big sellout tour or not doing this for the fame whatever it may be we're doing it because we want to and we miss it and we miss getting onstage and doing this again and I couldn't see a world where I would do this and the carpet be ripped out again I'd said right away when they brought the idea I was like I'm not walking back into that emotional roller coaster again I can't go through that twice especially after like rebuilding our relationship right I have to tell you the shrink in me tells me there's a little part of you guys that does wait for the other shoe to drop like do we really deserve this a lot of people are that way because you're too normal to be so successful a lot of people that are as successful as you guys have been they were born on third base and think they hit a triple and so they don't appreciate how hard it was to get there and you guys know how easily it could have gone a different way and so you know how fragile it strikes that's that's right but you know how fragile it can be and because of that you go out something could happen yeah it could happen and what could have happened did yeah you can't keep talent down you say this luck play a factor yeah you know the harder you work the luckier you get the more talented you are the luckier you get it's been 81 talk shows launched since mine that didn't make it my guy yeah ain't lucky there's a lot of hard work and I got the best team in television yeah they may I surround myself with really good people and you guys have got the best management in the world you got parents that believe in you surrounded yourself with people that want you to succeed you got all of the things going in the right direction but you got to have that unity from the inside out so you don't ever have to have that anxiety I think that's absolutely critical yeah what do you mean you think we're waiting for the shoe to drop well yeah you were saying before this happened you never expected to be where you wound up right I remember at one point you were in a hotel room what 20 floors up and there's so many people that have two windows are shaking and stuff you look at the winners saying my god what the hell whoever expects that to happen you're from a family in a church in a very conservative quiet life the next thing you know you're mega rock stars and you think if they got the right guys I mean are we it's kind of like is this gonna all go away you guys were not overnight successes at all yeah I mean you worked you wrote songs and you went to high schools and you won people over once you got you know who you were when you got there but they knew who you were when you left and then you got dropped by Columbia you got picked up by Sony you worked for this you learned this you already standing on the right corner at the right time you guys worked for this you're not here by accident and you shouldn't apologize ever for your success however big it gets you earned being here this was not a stroke of luck from the very beginning you've done this there's always that part about if I get too relaxed and too happy there's like something can happen there's that human nature of not wanting to be – happy yeah because something will happen if you get too happy you got to maintain vigilance part of that vigilance shouldn't be whether or not anything's ever gonna happen to this trio yeah you gotta cross that off your list never think that's part of it for us was this time around celebrating the smallest things that come our way yeah this is a very exciting year for us and back then we would be nominated for Grammys and we'd be like hanging our heads low it's like we should have thrown the biggest party in the world or salad or arena as we play at the White House and be like all right to the next thing and this time around we're like even the smallest wins wins for us we want to really enjoy them to the fullest well that was my next question actually is when you're taking a second bite at the Apple what will you do different this time around that you didn't do the first time around I think take the pressure off a little bit and walk with some humility not that we were cocky I just think that I was told from a very young age that musically that I had a gift and started to believe that around 16 17 years old and then you know different points in my life just been humbled you know fallen on my face and sort of figured out that perhaps you know we reached a level of success that our musical abilities didn't merit you know it was sort of like because of our fans and how amazing they were they carried us but it's easy to look at an arena full of people and start to believe that it's because you're musically talented so this time around I think it's walking with an ease knowing that can stay in our lane and do what we do but we don't need to feel pressure to be the greatest musicians in the world we can just be who we are and feel comfort in that and enjoy the ride thoroughly I think we can we all genuinely enjoy being around each other and performing with them again will feel amazing already the creative process in the studio has been more rewarding than a couple years of writing stuff for my solo stuff that didn't really connect I didn't release anything because I was waiting for that moment of magic but we found it pretty quickly so I feel like we are in the right place at the right time I think we also said let's take some time off when we need it mm-hmm we would burn ourselves out burn it to the ground I think we had one missed show and like the Jonas Brothers history and we there was times we played through being sick and that was just our mentality we never said no or never said you know what I need a day and that's what we're gonna do this time as well mm-hmm but I think more than anything for myself I'm just gonna have a blast like let's just have fun if we're doing this was because we want to enjoy ourselves and that's important and that will show on our faces and I also think it's exciting too because the inclusion of our partners in this as well yes it's the three of us but each one of us now you know with our wives but everybody's sure yeah it's amazing this will be our ten-year anniversary yeah nothing on 41 but I mean well 242 sorry pretty good bite at the Apple though I hope that you will take time I do this myself and I say it to my boys too is I remind them all the time to take a minute take a beat take a breath to just stop and look around and try to take it all in yeah because it can go by in a blur and you got to stop sometimes and look around and say wow hey what a ride I think for all of us we can actually say this is that we never expected to do this again together yeah and hopeful I mean I really thought right would you agree I mean ish I mean I thought maybe his fault so it's my fault anyway so I felt like there's no way in hell I'm gonna be doing this again so I put it out of my thought and then it starts to creep back in like oh my god I'm I'm gonna be on that stage again playing those old songs or looking to my left and right on stage with these guys seeing familiar fans new fans yeah and that happiness creeps back in and really I want to enjoy every moment you know whether if it's after a song take a beat and just soak it in or if it's like today here we are sitting doing one of our first interviews back together even this excites us and enjoying that not just letting mmm time fly by and then five years from now we're going I'm exhausted yeah no let me ask you this you were the one that knocked on the door and said let's do this again yeah I mean it wasn't as simple as that I guess it was sort of different conversations right between me and Kevin me and Phil and I me and Joe I sort of came at it from different angles and eventually we all got together and I said it out outright that I want to do this again I miss it we all have seen this but let me contrast this moment as band members and brothers just where I'm at it was the band is over I want to go do stuff without you guys and I've made up my mind hmm these are one of them for saying anything I just remember looking at Joe and being like wait what do you what I felt betrayed I felt lied to I felt angry numb and Joe said I have nothing to say to you Joe has shut down I'm looking at my brother just being destroyed inside I was 25 26 this was all I've known this is what I loved more than anything I love doing this and somebody that you loved and cared about so much she could take it away from you so quickly that was how does heartbreaking because if you get one taste of solo successful can you forget all the work we put in together then what hurt the most is that it came from Nick because he is my best friend and I thought that the Kevin and Nick we're gonna do this forever and it was us against the world you know then Joe finally broke down was like you want to be done fine we're done it's a long way from there to sit and write here today yeah so why are we here today why have we gone from there to here your fans want to know I mean I think it's probably a lot of things and different for each one of us thanks people myself and just say that you know I spent five six years working on my own made a musical want to make put out the records I wanted to put out and had success in that and I'm the acting front and basically did all the things that I put on my white board of things I want to accomplish on my own and after each one of those things that checked off I felt unfulfilled in a sense and I was unhappy I got spent five or six years chasing the happiness that I once had here when we were working together and sort of became accustomed to looking back on that time and only thinking about the challenging moments some of the hurt attached to the end and some of the things that made life as the Jonas Brothers difficult as a way of coping with the fact that I was feeling like it was gonna be nearly impossible to feel that magic again and that was because I have made a tough call and I try not to live my life with regrets and try to find a way to reason with everything and I do believe didn't to this day that although it was painful it was the right choice the right decision but nothing in the world meant more to me than the affirmation and love I felt from Joe and Kevin both but a moment with Joe specifically where he celebrated a victory of mine which was a my song on the radio with me it was more magical than solo success was sharing that with him in that moment so maybe that's why we're here and maybe it's a willingness on their part to forgive and ability for us to grow but I'm really excited and I'm glad that the door is back open well here's what you said at the time sameen Joe sit down Nick says as you guys know like things haven't been the same and did Jonas Brothers should be no more so do you trust this now can you make that commitment that I talked about earlier where we say the relationship the commitments not going to be the stakes for which we play we can get mad we can have arguments we can walk off but we'll do it knowing right this is not the stakes for which we play never again will the jealous brothers be the stakes for which we play yeah yes a 100% took a minute to get to that easy yes but last year I was definitely the last one to say let's do it just because I kept thinking like if I go through that hurt again the man I am today is probably gonna take it just way worse I can't be broken again after rebuilding everything and after really talking through it you say you know what this on all parts is ready and willing to go for it I have a question for each one of you what do you hope he doesn't do this time around and he doesn't do this time around that irritated the hell out of you the last time around drove you crazy last time well I would say kind of make the decisions right like call the shots without kind of all of us being inclusive kind of internalized and not speak to us about what's going on in that head of his because he can kind of sometimes it's better than now but it's like what happened the other day something happens and we walked away and we're like yo talk to your bandmates talk to your brothers so I think that's what I don't want to happen and Kevin Wow well Kevin Kevin given I think back in the past we would probably we did definitely did we would pick on him because we didn't understand what he was going through cuz he would hide things from us sometimes and kind of go behind us and talk to somebody about hey I want to travel tonight to go see Danny tomorrow and we're like you need to be back tomorrow night so just kind of bringing us in the conversation so we can kind of work with him because obviously we understand more than ever where he's at in his life and his comforts and discomforts and we want to be a team and communicate way better all around what do you hope these two don't do this funny because that would be the other side of it right which was me it's like being able to prioritize some of the things that are outside of that band but that are part of my family in my life and they've done that already which is such a testament to where we are because having that conversation and it being not a fearful one but just be like guys this is what I need and they say great we'll figure something else I'll in this moment because I don't really want to go to that anyway and that was the conversation I was so scared of saying that I can't do this one thing I need to get home for just a day that it might disappoint us that it would disappoint them but the thing is they're like we didn't want to go anyway so it's like the overthinking and so yes dude that you know the that I would disappoint them with without a real honest conversation I think that's something I would love to have not happen this time hey we don't love this let's talk why we don't instead of just feeling like I'm not making anyone happy how about you what do you hope each of them don't do that they did last time I think will you look at it from a bird's eye view it all makes sense you know why the brothers ended and it's not as simple as my heart was no longer in it and we had creative differences my taking the reins was because I felt like they were were lacking focus and a willingness to work hard and their priorities were elsewhere which is a real thing we've spoken about that we're honest about it so I hope this time that's not the case because if that happens it might then give me the ability to step off and you know take my hands off the the control button for a second which I think I've done this time around for sure and a willingness from us like the commitment level yeah jumping in yeah I think just honesty too in balance you're like the honesty is key anything is fine they could tell me anything in the world as long as they tell me I don't like being surprised by something or feeling like someone's being dishonest because we're having fun this is great we're having a great time but this is real like you know the stakes are high and you're right the stakes are not the relationship but a lot of people have worked really hard and when you're on tour there's 120 people and on the tour with you and it's people's lives it's their families it's not healthy to live with that and carry that with you everywhere you go but we are adults and we can carry some of that responsibility and know that it's gonna require us putting our heads down and going to work and doing something really great and I hope we're ready for all that talk to me about the music this time you've got an album how do you feel about it it's definitely our best music ever confidently I can say that at the last few albums we were losing that creativity and like I said earlier starting to listen to what people have to say about our music and trying to chase an award or and also we weren't letting anyone help we let our insecurity which was we don't believe anyone wants to work with us at this point in our career and we changed that narrative into we don't need anyone's help you know it's like so stupid yeah and this time around you know Joe and I have had five or six years of working with some of the top writers in LA in New York and Sweden and soaking up all that right my solo stuff and with dnce and for the first time because a lot of people don't know this the general show there's never had a radio success we had you know albums that were on number one of the charts and great tours and amazing fans across the board but we we never really played on the radio so we accomplished something on our own that we'd been dying to do for so long so we brought all that into this and we'd created really unique voices I think with dnce the fun-loving free aspect of their music combined with some of the soulful elements that I was able to do on my own created this kind of instant thing for us as a unit that we would have never had had we not taking that time to go and explore on our own right and i sat there as we're hearing these songs come in in the ease at which were writing them and I was thinking about the two years since my last solo album that I've been laboring over new music and feeling like I got something I was really excited about and two days later listen didn't go it's not there yet doesn't have the magic right and we did that because we trusted in our partners in each other and we built something I think we're really proud of and that is so unique to who we are which was really refreshing to see that you know sometimes it's just right and this one was so you said this is the first real interview back as the Jonas Brothers how does it feel to be sitting here together it feels really good but there's also moments where you say something you kind of look a little too your life you're like are we on the same page right like so it's a little bit of eggshells I mean it's just being real like it yeah there is I feel like navigating the story of it all is something that will start to finesse as time goes on because right now it's in its most raw state which is probably a good thing but it's foreign to me to be in a spot where I'm looking over thinking about if what I'm saying aligns with the way they think and I think that's kind of the beauty of it as well you know something we hated back in the day it was media training sitting down with somebody doesn't know us and they tell us what we shouldn't or should say for us now it feels so good to be able to just kind of be like no if you want to talk about this but I'm sitting with dr. Phil and I'm gonna talk about it because I need the help or whatever and that's I think kind of the beauty within it is that this time around we're telling you everything so there's really nothing that we're hiding from anyone yeah we have a documentary that it's full of tears and and anger and talk about the past so there's really nothing that we have left to say so it's out there to the world so as much as it's foreign for us to talk about these things that we never spoke about it's kind of relieving in the same way is it fair to say that you've come back this time every one of you more mature than you were before you've all come back stronger individually than you were before and you've all come back leaning into it more than you were before yeah I mean I go back to this word but I'm feeling ease to it we were so paranoid the first time around it was all gonna go away and what we realized is that it didn't and every time that we thought we were gonna be defined by our past we were able to grow in some way and push ourselves and so I think knowing now that we're here right we're a part of the fabric of a lot of people's lives in some sense and one of the things that I love about the Jonas Brothers if I can take myself out of it for a second it said it means something to people and that's a really good feeling it's not something that a hit song can accomplish or a hit film it's something that people that love and care about each other and represent something that people can bring to their lives so I think this time around there's an ease to it that I think helps us all there's an emotional maturity which needed to happen for all of us as brothers first and then became a you know a factor in who we are as a group now and I think is reflected in the music itself and above all that there's a family here that just that really loved each other I mean without them I don't know where I would be in my life if I would be it it's because of them and their love and the life we've shared how does it feel I mean do you realize that there are millions of people out there that you have written the soundtrack for some of the most significant events in their entire lives I mean their romances their marriages their graduations their defining summers their coming-of-age that you wrote the soundtrack of their lives and you're coming back to them yeah I got you think about it it's definitely our favorite it's the best kept secret for us like wait it's not that we just decided we've also made an album and a documentary and we couldn't believe I mean who knows I haven't looked my phone maybe it leaked already but like we're so close to this announcement I think it makes me think of a story I saw online an article was posted about this girl who met her best friend on a Jonas Brothers message board and they continued to stay friends they lived in different countries it continued to say friends and that same girl was the maid of honor and the other fans wedding and the power of music the power of the Jonas Brothers of what we've been able to create and like you said the soundtrack to people's lives you don't realize it until you see it happen in real time and I cannot wait to get on stage at that first show I will be struggling emotionally through songs because I'm gonna be so thrilled but you look out there and I think there's a lot of fans who are given up hope I'd see it on Twitter and Instagram every single day that say please get back together and then there's some fans I think probably that I've just said okay like they're happier in their lives now I'm happy for them and some probably that moved on in their life it's gonna be really fun in real time to sit together we said we're gonna crack the cold beer and sit back and watch the Twitter feed roll through of just the reactions because for us it's just as exciting for them yeah if some of this is in the documentary where the crowds are massive I mean unbelievably massive all of those people left those streets and stadiums and went back into their lives they're waiting we're ready to see him again one of my best friend's was Kidd Kraddick in fact I was talking to him the morning that he passed away in New Orleans it was this thing because he and I had talked about you guys before I ever knew you you know he was the one in documented us talking to President Obama about his daughters and he had just talked to me about his insane phenomenon of the Jonas Brothers and he talked about this is just not something you see I mean this is just insane all of those people are out there waiting now you got to share this with me as best you can take me through the moment it's your first stop on the tour you guys are together again for the first time the lights are down the crowd is out there you can hear them roaring you can hear the buzz you can feel the energy your seconds from those lights coming up and this starting what are you feeling I mean I'm crying like a baby that's for sure I don't even know if I'm gonna be able to function through the first song a little bit because my daughters don't know that Kevin or dad right they've never seen it hmm so to have that moment happen daddy's a rock stars pretty cool is going to be incredible but it's also the example I hope I get to set with them that your brothers your sister as right now Eileen and Valentina your sisters that is an unbreakable bond you can go through everything but you never let it go that far let me show you what it looks like to come back together to be the strong thing that you should be and that's the person I want to be for them and so yeah I'm gonna be crying like a little baby but it's gonna be great what will it mean to you to look over and see your brothers in that moment I'm nervous from a technical standpoint I mean and that's a proud with we thought makes me finish my point that's my truth I'm nervous from a technical standpoint about the show itself already which is just fundamentally a part of the way that I think but I'm I keep having this vision of a point in the show where something goes wrong and I've you know had this isolation for so much of my life I feel like at least and I won't have that you know that's gonna be a good feeling to have something go wrong and to have you know that support both on stage and off stage and it's gonna be good got him to cry yay staying in right with him I know you've never made anyone cried dr. Phil but good work yeah and how about you when you look and see your brothers next to you again and those lights are coming up I think I'm probably I'm gonna ask beforehand that whatever that song is we have we don't play it until we stop crying we should take that moment in and let the emotion take over I'm gonna start that song so fast like I'm roller tray yeah whatever song it is just let the emotion play out for a second because I think we should as brothers and as people take that in with our fans and then try to finish the song but I'm gonna leave the fans we look at our wives it's just game over yeah two hours later we'll start the first song but I think it's gonna be really special to have our significant others there our nieces Kevin's kids and mom and dad mom and dad and all the people that have reigned with us along the way our little brother Frankie filly Mac and to say the unthinkable is happening and somebody said it you know the there's so much more at risk with this band breaking up there's family and so for us the emotion of just getting back together with your bandmates is so different there's so much more riding on it that first song is going to be definitely filmed I hope well I tell you you guys being as open and transparent I mean just in this conversation this first interview that we've had and letting people know where you are in your minds and your hearts and how much the fans mean to you and how excited you are to be back there and bringing this back to them they are gonna be so white-hot to be able to go and be there with such talented people that care so much about the music and so much about them this is gonna be an absolute phenomenon and I am gonna be in the front row I guarantee you guys thanks for doing that I need that Dr Pepper shirt guys Thanks thank you thank you you

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