Plant-based vegan current event 6/30/19

if it's up guys this is this back another video this is another be concurrent events I've had some more cool stuff and here we go we gather the vegan documentary called the game changers I've been waiting for this documentary documentary to come out for a while so this is where they're taking athletes from different sports I think they used somebody from the military also bodybuilders I'm not sure of different sports and assuming there's I think there's sprinters in there or Olympic athletes Arnold Schwarzenegger is in this so he is you know I don't know if he's fully or has converted to plant-based 100% but he's on board and they go through just like the different benefits of going on a plant-based diet specifically for athletes for like optimal performance now I know for a fact that from the studies everything I've read and even my personal experience is that your endurance actually increases so you can you know go to the gym or go for runs and actually go for longer and I get tired as quickly right and the other thing is that you recover a lot faster so you know if you're sore the next day or whatever now I don't even notice that at all very rarely in my you know sort like I used to be you know I would you go to the gym and not do a muscle for a while and then maybe you do like legs or shoulders or something and you just feel sore for like days and like that doesn't happen so you're able to have the energy to go sooner so this way the people who are in a plant-based diet are actually they have the advantage because they can perform for longer and they can perform more often so somebody who's not a plant-based diet you know they might need a day off like I'm sore I'm tired this with that and the guy besides a young I'm ready to go so for my personal experience when I go to the gym and I'm done I feel like I could probably do the workout again a full you know our again so it's pretty cool and they're going to so this one there the point of this article is that they're gonna finally have it in theaters now it looks like it's going to be in September so this is I'll put the link and description this is from VegNews calm again so I got a lot of stuff from there so it's great it's great let's see so we have here another one from VegNews again it says here well Belden now serves vegan strawberries and creams are so cool if you're a Wilden I think that's tennis right you can order that so again it's just expanding more options people wanted demand is super high next one again from veg dot news sorry prevention it says here Sweden opens its first all V in school so that's amazing so I gotta read this thing here I'm not sure if it's for like elementary school let's see or if it's you know college or something is he served 185 students ages 6 to 15 so guess that's like a no that's actually a full you know elementary school middle school and oh yeah it's immiscible so that's awesome and I also remember that in I remember coming across information that says that the United States is the only country that serves processed meat to kids at schools and that's pretty crazy I mean again she live in the u.s. you don't really take the time to think about other countries and what they're doing but clearly it's pretty well known around the world that processed meat is just horrible it in fact causes cancer in human beings so if you need processed meat that means deli sandwiches I mean hotdogs hamburgers you know bacon all this crap it's just sausages it's it's straight up causes cancer it's horrific it's horrific that's actually for me personally one of actually after going vegan I'll make another video about just like my mindset or how I view the world but one of them the worst things for me is now no opening your mind to what's going on and process me and animals not stuff is walking through like the supermarket not specifically we're like to me you know you see like slabs of meat that's pretty girls but now it's pretty girls to me but where you're in the aisle where there's processed me I'm talking about you know like pepperoni pizzas and hotdogs and hamburgers like that is horrifically disgusting to me and all I all I see now is all the different pieces and forms that people convert the flesh of animals to like they reduce them to like all these different gross as like pieces you know like these were like fully intact animals you know like living breathing feeling beings and they're just reduced it is gross as like pieces oh let's see and let's see so we have from Business Insider calm citizen this is Del Taco sold 2 million plant-based beyond meat tacos in less than two months I says now the chain is rolling out beyond burrito stuffed with it some type of beyond meat and french fries over here and that's great I mean again demand is super high and I think the studies show was a sissy show that vegans aren't really buying this stuff it's actually people that are conscious of what's going on with you know animal agriculture and I think of the environments of big ones so people are understand what's going on and they're incorporating some of that into their diet you know those they're trying it out and they're you know instead of going fully vegan some people were just like hey I want to do two days a week one day a week or a couple meals of a meal a day so whatever reason they have so people aren't really coming back so that's cool mmm what else we got another one from visitors I found says Ben and Jerry debuts secret vegan ice cream flavor at Target so I'm not sure why it's a secret vegan ice cream flavor but there's vegan ice cream at supermarkets I see him at Target I see my stop and shop on Timnath it's you know it's growing there's more so that's cool we have another one says Arby's looks to end plant-based and possible meat to menu so are pieces that come I think it's a fast-food restaurant that serves they're all about deli you know processed meat slices and I think they were like not trying to go and add plant-based options but now they are now they are and that's great anything else from I think we're finishing it here says Little Caesars this is a pizza place they are testing out an impossible pizza so not sure exactly what that means I don't know if Apollo makes cheese but they definitely make different types of meats and if they're gonna test out a pizza with you know instead of flesh of animals they'll put some thinking meat which is cool there are a couple other pizza places around me and pretty sure around you know if you're watching this from any kind of populated place there's Pizza Rev or blaze pizza they do have vegan cheese and vegan meats at our 100 eating cheese one doesn't have eating meat both have vegan cheese in here so you can always check those out but again there's more places adding vegan options and pizza so hopefully one day they'll nail down the cheese the cheese is good not great not exactly the same but again you know people figured out you know this is just it's all it's all scientists all just you know combining the right flavors and textures and getting it the same mmm just takes a little time so that's great more more info there or at about nine minutes so thanks for watching I'll try and do one of these once once a week and once every couple weeks so you can accessorize comment thank you and question everything peace

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