Platonic Male Intimacy in ‘Paddleton,’ Ray Romano & Mark Duplass | Sundance

– You guys made it up but
it’s a game that I would’ve definitely played if I had– – It’s going to be huge, guys. It’s going to be… Lonely men around the country are going to be playing paddleton. – It’s as simple as a
barrel, an empty barrel, a wall, two paddles, and a ball and the goal is to hit
it off the wall and have, it doesn’t matter how many bounces, but it bounce in the
barrel, and we’re a team. We’re not playing against each other. – Nobody wins. – No, we’re playing against gravity, luck, and the barrel. – Well, I pitched the movie as
a really special relationship between two guys and
it’s about letting go. And the characters are Andy and Michael and I want to, you guys talk about ’em. (laughing) – This is why he isn’t
the star of the film. I think when we set out to make the movie it was to really tell a
story of male intimacy that was platonic. That’s really what it’s about and I think that when
that happens in movies it’s usually called a bromance. It’s usually a joke. It’s usually something that almost is like slightly homophobic because
males can’t be intimate unless it’s a joke, you know? And, all of us were just really interested in seeing two people who
can’t really find anybody else other than each other. They’re very much outliers and they’re not very emotionally evolved. They’re not very articulate
and they don’t know how to deal with it. – It was a perfect movie for me. (laughing) They said, after a month or
so, we’ll have a rough cut and we’ll send it to you.
– We never said that. – Month goes by.
– Never said that. – I think Mel said it. I think Mel said it. – Your expectations were that. – I was texting saying,
no news is bad news. No news is bad news. And then at one point–
– It kept going down the well. It just kept going further down the well. – At one point my text to you was just, hey, we gave it a shot. We gave it a shot. It’s a lot of improv. It could be… Just hold our heads high. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. – We don’t have to show it to anybody. – I don’t even know how
you got my new number. That was what was impressive. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Cameraman] Let’s end it
with the epic ring toss. Get over here and grab as
many rings as you want. – See the middle one?
– Yeah. – One just to the left of it.
– Okay. Almost. (snapping fingers) – See, he whip panned. I can do a cut in the middle of that pan and it’s going to be good. – It’s the other way around.
You got to go straight. Sorry. You know what? I’m very OCD. I’m afraid I can’t
leave until I make this. (laughing) Oh man. Do people stay here a long… (cheering)

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