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Playstation 2 Network Shuts Down! / Nosgoth News

Playstation 2 Network Shuts Down! / Nosgoth News

Hey! Welcome to the first
episode of Dead Game News. Our first news item is a month old but
it’s a big one and it’s still dead. As of April 1st, the PlayStation 2
network has shut down so every single game on the PlayStation
2 that required an online connection is now unplayable. How about that? This affects so many games,
I’m not going to list them all, where we have titles like “Burnout”, a TON
of sports games, “SOCOM”… lots on here. Now most of these games are still playable
as either single player or local multiplayer, but this is a BIG list of games that are
now completely dead for online multiplayer. And the last game to go, “Final Fantasy XI”, is now completely unplayable
on the PlayStation 2. Now Final Fantasy XI
is still going on the PC but hey, who knows how long that has either? Anyway, the next time you hear
about “cloud functionality” or console games that REQUIRE you to
connect to Sony or Microsoft or whoever, well, remember the PlayStation 2, guys. This may change in the
future, but as of this video, the PlayStation 2 is the best
selling game console EVER. It’s sold 155 million copies, almost
half the population of the United States and we don’t even have a backup
plan to save online games for that. It’s a console
that had a lot of great titles and it’s really the canary in the coal mine
for what’s coming to future games. Moving on, “WWE 2K15” is having its servers
shut down at the end of the month on May 31st. This game is less than two years old on
consoles and just over a year old on PCs. Now I don’t follow wrestling so I can’t
comment as to the quality of the game, but wow! One year for online functionality. That is a HELL of a
standard we’re ushering in. It must be really hard to host
a 1v1 wrestling match, huh? And apparently, 2K Sports did
something similar to an NBA title that only had 18 months before
the online servers were shut down. Boy, if you’re a sports fan, it looks like you’re expected to cough
up the money for the new versions if you want to play online. And our last announcement is the
free-to-play game, “Nosgoth”, is ALSO shutting down at the
end of the month on May 31st. Nosgoth is a third-person
multiplayer arena game; that’s what you’ve been looking at here. It has asymmetrical gameplay between
vampires and vampire hunters, kind of like Half-Life mod “Vampire Slayer”. But its biggest claim to fame is this is the newest game set in
the “Legacy of Kain” universe. The Legacy of Kain series has been a
set of very memorable story-driven games set in the dark fantasy world of Nosgoth. So far, it’s seen five games
in the series prior to this, but the last game was made back in 2003 so it’s been 13 years since we’ve
had a good Legacy of Kain game. So to say fans have been hungry for
more would be an understatement. The series has also seen a
BUNCH of failed game attempts, the most recent being “Dead Sun”. As a Legacy of Kain fan myself, it’s frustrating seeing this series
struggle so much to get back off the ground. Unfortunately, I don’t
think Nosgoth was destined to be the game that
relaunched its popularity. All the other Legacy of Kain
games are singleplayer only and are known for their strong storylines. Nosgoth feels like a companion game or really just a multiplayer
MODE to a bigger game. It’s a very simple formula for the combat and there are many games
and mods similar to this. Still, the production value is quite
high and it’s a sign of crushed hope seeing SOMETHING emerge in the Legacy of
Kain series after so many dormant years. I didn’t think much of this game myself, though I still think the intellectual
property of Legacy of Kain is great material and would be happy for
another attempt at making something good. I think this game would’ve
been much better received if it was released ALONGSIDE
a new singleplayer game. Also, I’ve seen reports of some
fans who really did enjoy this title so it’s a pity this is being killed. Y’know, a lot of people seem to be cool
with a game dying if it’s multiplayer-only. Why? This is a textbook-example of a
game that doesn’t need to die. If it had been designed properly,
you could run this game forever. This is an 8- to 10-player
action arena game. Oh yeah! Try to run that with a
private server on a personal computer? That’s some real arcade magic right there! If only there were hundreds of examples
of multiplayer games from the 90s, and early 2000s, that you can still run
today because they allowed private servers! Thank God we’re running everything
through the company server so they can shut it down and
no one can ever play it again! Okay, I got bitter. Sorry, guys. That’s it for this episode. If you have any dead game news,
send it my way and I’ll report it. See you later. [Subtitles by danielsangeo]

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  1. God, this is just reminding me of Metal Gear Online 2.
    I only played a veeeery minimal amount of it before it got shut down, but, man, MGO3 doesn't compare, and i haven't seen any OTHER games that can compare either.

  2. Nosgoth was fun, i personally lost interest after 100 hours but i had a lot of fun.
    Human side was always a bit less interesting then vampire where each class featured a unique play style or even control style.
    performance was kinda spotty on some maps and matchmaking sometimes broke.
    shame welp RIP Nosgoth i guess.

  3. I find it ironic that one character in the Ratchet and Clank movie was playing R&C: Up Your Arsenal's online multiplayer in the background in an attempt invoke our nostalgia, then Sony made it impossible to play it ever again.

    That game didn't necessarily NEED to be nostalgic, Sony.

    On a related note, does anyone know if the HD collection on the PS3 has online multiplayer?

  4. I can see shutting down servers as old as the ones for PS2 (hey, they cost money), but really EA? You're really shutting down servers for games only a few years or less after release? That's not cool. And like you said, what's wrong with private servers? I know it's some work to give server creation to the players, but it should really be a standard, at least on PC.

    Actually, I'm not really sure why console games never seem to have this functionality, even when dedicated servers became a more recent addition. Yes you could host custom games in Halo, but it seems there is more to it than your Xbox becoming a private server. There's a player host, but from what I can tell some external server is still required.

    Speaking of Halo, Halo 5 will become the biggest culprit of this than any of the games before it. Once the servers go down, if they don't allow private server creation, almost nothing can be run locally. The only thing that doesn't require a server is the campaign, which no longer supports split screen. Yikes.

  5. Hey Ross, I'm not sure if this still works after the server shutdown, but for some PS2 games that already had servers shut down, fans set up private servers with some finagling and what I think is magic. All the posts after the big shutdown seem to be normal, so I guess it still works.

  6. @4:18 I agree with everything said in your tirade and this is one of the reasons I am losing interest in gaming as a hobby.

  7. This is exactly what I wanted and exactly what I expected out of this show, great work ross!

    What game is this in the background, is this halflife source? (joking)

  8. Damn I was wondering who was that voice, fucking Gordon's Mind. Accursed Farms, haha this throws big nostalgia into my face.

  9. This makes me think of Halo 4. Literally every mode, save single player campaign, will be completely unplayable when the servers for it inevitably shut down forever. Next-gen gaming… yaaaaaay….

  10. No, seriously, what's with the dislikes? It's good 25-30% as I'm looking at it now(69-17). Also, wasn't Nosgoth only a few months old?

  11. I loved Nosgoth, I was an alpha tester and played up till the shut down announcement. That was when many of the players seemed to stop. Dynasty Warriors Online and Need for Speed World were also two games I liked playing that were shut down. I still play on a Neverwinter Nights PWRP server, the first one not online, but only because we can play on privet servers.

  12. I was browsing voice actor Steven Blum's game credits and noticed a game I'd never heard of "Infinite Crisis", a DC based MOBA. Apparently it was released on Steam end of March 2015, but in June they announced the servers would be taken down in August. Well… that escalated quickly. Was it good? I'd like to have had the chance to try it.

  13. As someone who's played (nearly) every WWE game since 2000, WWE 2K15 was a travesty, especially on PS3/360. The 8th gen versions are second lowest rated game in the series (SmackDown vs Raw 2008 is the only game rated lower), and the PS3/360 versions are the lowest rated of all. So it's not completely surprising that they'd abandon it this quickly.

  14. You know whats even more miserable about nosgoth? They coded it so it could run on a windows xp machine.

    That meant ANYONE in existence could run this and it would look fantastic even on the crappiest of crap computers or laptops, seriously knocking the graphics down in the settings didnt actually impact the graphical fidelity!

    This game could have been run for over a decade on private servers easily

  15. i didn't even know there was games on the ps2 that had severs up. Really this seem more like a console network problem if anything. i hate to do the pc master race bullshit to you but it stuff like this that made me a pc gamer and i loved ps2 but there no way to support online games on them when severs go down.
     Either way ps2 had some the best single player games so i wouldn't see this as a huge lose.

  16. Company server multiplayer only games are destined to die without a huge community to support it.
    There are some interesting online only games from the mid 90s like Aliens Online, Magestorm and Spellbinder that I would've loved to experience with hopefuly bots or by hosting a dedicated server, but no.
    Dead and lost forever.
    These devs don't care about the product their putting out there.

  17. RIP Nosgoth RIP 200 hours of sweet-sweet sentinel abduction and alchemist massacre! I can't tell how mad I became when I read the news, and couldn't even play a last match, because everyone left already.

  18. Nosgoth was always in beta, it's clear Eidos didn't want to actually fund it and release it.

    It was also the multiplayer component to Dark Sun

  19. That Nosgoth game has such an amazing art style, can't believe it's dead. What the hell were people thinking when they ceased development for that? It looked like an arena shooter with a great style, man this makes me sad. I bet you can't even download it offline and play with bots at least.

  20. They killed Nosgoth as soon as they released Summoner and Vanguard. The game was never the same again.

  21. Nosgoth? Really? I liked that game. I mean, I didn't play it a lot, but it wasn't because I thought it was bad.

  22. Ross, as someone who has played almost every WWE game ever, I can guarantee you that 2K15 is one that I am okay with dying. It was decent, but 2k16 improves on it in almost every way.

  23. About Nosgoth, if it feels like a multiplayer mod, it's because it's exactly that: it was, in fact, a multiplayer mod meant to be alongside Dead Sun, but when they canceled dead sun they were like "hey, competitive gaming is becoming a really big thing, let's try turning the multiplayer mod of our canceled game into a competitive online only game"

  24. I love your bitterness ross, you are passionate about these subjects as they FUCK UP GAMERS. be as angry and bitter as you feel, please.

  25. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a perfect example of a multiplayer only game still alive due to private servers. That game came out in 2003 and it's still kicking 13 years later.

  26. I'm sad that Nosgoth is going to die honestly. Not because I enjoyed the game, but because Legacy of Kain is probably buried, AND dead for good now… Anyway Ross, you should uhm… Totes still do a game dungeon on at least one of the games! I know you said back on one of your monthly streams, that you'd probably have to cover all of them (Or you felt as though you'd be obligated to at least)… I wouldn't object to seing that! 😀

  27. There should be a law for stuff like this. Maybe something like "implement private-server capability before you shut game down, otherwise you're running a scam"

  28. Ross, how is it that we have such a similar repertoire of favourite games? I love Dungeon Siege (both 1 and 2) and Legacy of Kain! By the way I believe that if Nosgoth deserves it, some fans will use the dark arts of server emulation to resurrect it.

  29. Thankfully, people were somewhat successful with reviving the online functionality of some Wii and DS titles such as Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart DS and Super Smash Bros. Brawl with their own Nintendo WiFi Connection replacement called WiimmFi.

    However, it does not work with all games, and most if not all of them need to be patched to use the modified servers, so you either have to use a homebrew patcher that you need to launch on the Wii, or you have to rip an ISO of your existing games, run them through a patcher and then burn it to a DVD or put it on a USB drive to then load it with the USB loader of your choice.

  30. I hate that you have a reason to have this channel. Still, I really appreciate what you're doing and I hope this somehow helps bring attention to this huge issue that just keeps getting worse.

  31. thanks for covering nosgoth ross, i was part of that small community for about a year; makes me sad to see it go.

  32. I loved Nosgoth, but their servers and matchmaking were a mess. Even more than the fan backlash, it was the mismanaged back-end that killed it.

  33. I remember buying the legacy of kain colection on steam and getting free stuff for nosgoth (around about 2 months ago) and now before I could even finish the main series nosgoth is being shut done. good fucking job

  34. Wait, what the fuck? Nosgoth isn't even a full game yet and it's getting canned before its released?

  35. Screw games that need online connection… Just let us DOWNLOAD THE GAME TO OUR COMPUTERS! There is zero benefit to online only games. It's just going to end up getting shut down, which means:
    The company who sold you that game is SCAMMING, let me repeat that, "SCAMMING" you!
    You guys paid for that game, and they tear it out of your hands! >:(

  36. To be honest, WWE2k15 was best in singleplayer or locally with a friend, but I'm still disappointed on principle. I wasn't even aware Nosgoth existed, but that looked like an OK game with some great eye-candy, it's really damn pretty. I'm really angry about that one. Also PS2, that really sucks.

  37. I haven't seen any people yet mention that the team behind Nosgoth (Psyonix) are also the people behind Rocket League, which turned out to be a big success for them. Nosgoth was contract work while RL was their own thing, so dropping Nosgoth development probably wasn't too much of a deal for them.

  38. The way you ended the video gave me flash backs…
    " Help me… report all dead games… if you see a dead or a killed game, take screen cap of it…. and send it my way either twitter or my facebook fan page…. "

  39. I feel like any "like" I give on this channel, might tacitly mean I'm actually approving a shut-down. That's not the case, it goes without saying, but it's still weird. So, I'm going to be calling it the "thanks for the info" button going forward, that way I won't be so ethically and morally confused — and I'd suggest the same to everyone, though a better name may be open to suggestion.

  40. I kind of hope you expected like only 100 people to check out your other channels. I only hope that because I like the idea of your fan base surprising you. You make damn good content, you've earned a following.

    EDIT: you are fighting the good fight here. I fully support you. Start a petition maybe? idk. Just throwing things out there

  41. I think what killed Nosgoth was it's attempt to beat out Tf2 and Cs:go on the community market scene.

    Make a game for gameplay, not for profits, and your game is 10x more likely to survive…

  42. From what I know, Final Fantasy XI's life span officially did end, regardless of the PS2 network shut down or not. They released their last major patch a number of months back for it and have decided to keep it playable for the PC. I do think they still charge a subscription fee to play it as well.
    Given the age of the game and how it ended, I almost want to say this is an online MMO that more so died of old age and is kept preserved by Square Enix than starved like other games are bound to do.

  43. There's a petition to keep Nosgoth alive, but I doubt it'll help.

  44. Die commerce die! The WWE game already being shut down is idiotic. Even EA lets is sports games stay online much longer that and people call them evil. WWE get real. Now as for Nosgoth I loved what I played of it but I just had too many games already to play to put any time into it. In fact I thought I bought it but then suddenly saw it disappear off my Steam list. Anyway I got to say good video and hopefully in the future we can get back to having game servers stay up longer and if it meant me shelling out a few dollars to do so I would be ok with it. Stop killing off games. It is all because of commerce and so once again I will say …. Die commerce die!

  45. oh man, I have 42 Hours in nosgoth (I know it isn't crazy much but I still feel ike I dedicated a good chunk of time to this game) and I really enjoyed it. It was really fun especially with friends, but it has a high learning curve and needs a lot of teamwork. I think the majority of gamers (not all of them, but a lot of them) prefer going out on a rampage and getting kills on their own, in Call of Duty style, and this game is the opposite of that, if ou go out on your own, you're going to die in a split second on either side and in the process weaken your team because they are one man short now for a while. I guess that style of Multiplayer only gameplay didn't attract enough people. too bad it's going to get shut down

  46. Hopefully the Nosgoth Developers and Publishers take this stain to the grave, though I very much doubt they will be adversely affected in any way.

  47. man, I remember when original xbox live was pulled. For some reason players who were connected to each other before the shut down could still play, so there was this bastion of players, only a couple of hundred, still playing Halo 2 custom games, something like 40 days after the plug was pulled. They eventually all got disconnect due to their xboxes overheating or simply disconnecting

  48. Games dying due to online neccisarity reminds me of the free speech arguement, no matter how bad or shitty the speech is, its important that we defend and excersize said ability.

  49. I had Nozgoth in my library since December last year and had no idea it was a LoK game…
    Finish the story already! A novelization or comic book is fine, just let us see what happens!

    I hate it when shit ends with a cliffhanger… and I'm sure I'm most probably 100% alone in that camp (/sarcasm)

  50. surprised to learn that Nosgoth is going under, it was pretty fun, and when i played it the servers seemed pretty populated

  51. This is why Valve is doing it right, the servers aren't from them, but the players. This also makes the experience better because of mods to the game and custom stuff.

  52. I buyed my first PS2 for Christmas 2015. I only played burnout 3 takedown on multiplayer ONCE. I haven't tried multiplayer since, so I didn't realise the servers shut down, but now I know that was my only ever experience of online PS2 gameplay. :/

  53. You know what, people laughed at Nintendo for the Wii and the Wii U (despite the former making an embarrassingly large amount of money for them) but they were the one company that resisted having significant online dependence for the longest time, and they and their games were arguably better for it; at the very least, you can say they can and will be played for many years to come. Games which are dependent on online support have an expiry date, in a way that game from previous generations didn't, and the cultural loss that we're going to face as a result will be staggering. We are LITERALLY living in an era of games that won't exist in 20 years. If games continue to depend on online support with no back up plan for the game's intellectual preservation after the company can no longer support it themselves, there won't be an "Ocarina Of Time" or "Half Life" or "Golden Eye" from our generation; it'll all be gone. The more I hear Ross talking about dead games, the more I realize he's right. It's a terrible practice that unsustainable to say the least. One day, it's all going to come crashing down on the gaming industry, and we will all have seen it coming.

  54. Though I'm with the the people who would have preferred to see a new single-player LoK game, I still found Nosgoth pretty good, but I dropped it since I would often get a ping around 200 or higher and would end up dragging the team back. Still it was a fun game if they had more servers to cover more regions of the world maybe more people would have played it.

  55. oh christ on a toaster your whole rant about public servers vs private servers just made me realize one day blizzard may want to pull the plug on WoW all that story all those raids all that fun questing GONE FOR GOOD! we need to get a small army of super dedicated hardcore fans to create several backup private servers so azaroth can continue on and diehard warcraft fans like me will have someplace to go if blizz ever dies

  56. <–JOIN HERE FOR THE FIGHT TO BRING NOSGOTH BACK! Over 2,000 users signed up already

  57. nosgoth cant do local because it relied on the main server to keep track of your perks and skills. thee reason its dead is because they built it on a shitty p2w progression system that made the game really not fun to newcomers.

  58. Nosgoth was a solid game, but would have benefited from a single player and/or coop more than competitive. Such a shame to see so much potential go to waste.

  59. Wwe 2k16 shut down their severs. it's not even that old. Why the hell are game developers shutting down their online games that are not even 5 plus years old.

  60. I am pretty sure that some of the PS2 games in the list can be played offline, Midnight Club 2 & 3 for example

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