PostSecret Live On Campus

– You know, if you keep a secret inside it feels like a wall that
separates us from others. But if we can find the courage, the vulnerability to share our secrets, those walls become bridges. (upbeat music) Oh my, hi everybody! Wow, thank you so much! Wow, thank you so much! Oh, this is gonna be fun! My name is Frank and I collect secrets. In eight years over a
half a million people from around the world have written down their deepest
confessions on postcards and mailed them to my home. My dad’s the head of a bank in Australia, I’m sitting in his office and
I was reading him PostSecret. He said, “You know what my secret is? “I have no idea what I’m doing “but just act confident
and you will go places.” (audience laughing and applauding) – Olivia’s secrets about
weeing in the shower really amused me and reminded
me that when I was young there were five of us growing up in a household with one toilet and I remember knocking on the door and saying “I really need
to go to the bathroom.” and being told to “Go in the shower.” (audience laughing) And I did. (audience laughing) And I didn’t mean to wee, so yeah. (audience laughing) – My secret is that I’m Muslim. That’s not a secret because
I wear the head scarf and it’s so obvious. (audience laughing) Wait wait wait, I have a secret, listen. My secret is that because
I wear the headscarf because I’m so clearly Muslim I go out of my way to
be nice to everybody, to donate to everybody that ever asked me for money in public just because I don’t want them to think that Muslims are bad people even when I don’t really
wanna donate money or be nice to people or let people merge into my life. (audience cheering and applauding) – We’re all part of something bigger and we’re all part of it together. Thank you for eight years of
trusting me with your secrets. Thank you for sharing your
secrets with us tonight. And if you didn’t get a chance, you can always put it on a postcard and mail it to my home. Thank you and good night. (audience cheering and applauding) Thank you! Thanks! Thank you! Thank you!

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