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read all about it latest flip-flops or warnings paper Morningstar paper mister get your morning star lead all ibadis morning paper council vice part just by lost girl morning star paper mister like that read all about it boarding paper paper mister your daily newspaper well this is familiar most of us read a paper every day sometimes it's the comics we want can't miss the doings of our friends in the cartoon then again it's the sports page we all keep track of our favorite team or profitably the ad they give us tips on where to do our shopping yes it's Paul here in the paper we read it every day yet few of us know how it's made or even how a single story gets to the print take this one Scouts find Lost Girl in wood how does it happen to be in the paper suppose we go back to the story behind it first meet the scalp and the girl Suzy is the one who was lost the boys have just now found her and brought her home now this is Joel photographer from the start and over there is charlie a reporter he's on hand to get the story from the boy tell me Tom what did you boys start looking for Suzy well this morning we were playing ball over on the playground with this bat came over and asked if we've seen Suzy she was real worried so we told her we would go out look for we got our Boy Scout shoot together and then we got wait a minute why does charlie want Tom story well let's go back to this morning when Charlie made his daily call at police headquarters he got a tip from the sergeant and passed it on to his boss he said he had a pair of the star study that yeah they've got a hot story here yeah it's a big hunter for lost child listen Susan Scott age 3 1044 North Locust Street missing from home since early this morning all squad cars are out after yeah and here's an angle the Boy Scouts had joined the hunt okay Charlie you'd stay right in the story and call me back a lost child that's always new to a city editor he saw a good story coming up and sent Joe to get the picture well the hunt for Suzy grew into quite a story they searched for her on every street in town then Tom and his Scout Troop joined in the hunt and they began to comb the woods near Suzy's haul in fact they looked for her everywhere and the search went on for hours Charlie still at police headquarters listen to the sergeant broadcasting his orders calling car seven calling cars and Susan Scott reported seen for one o'clock Irving Street investigate afternoon came on and the men of the Stars still had no news of student and then said he does that to Charlie yeah I'm the founder no she was all right that's well come on little races for the next edition so then they bring Suzy home and Charlie gets his story this is the happy end of the story for Suzy and the boys but the news men still have work to do first to develop a picture Joe does live here in the darkroom at the star they look good to him so he hurries them through and takes them into the news that the editor picks out Suzy's picture to run on the front page and he tells Charlie to write a full story playing up the scouts Charlie already has his story well in mind first the leaf giving the main fact three year-old Susan Scott's missing since 8 o'clock this morning was found by two Boy Scouts afternoon down the sleek beneath the tree in the woods near her home that's about it now for the rest of the course he watches the clock or it's almost 9 the hour when the next edition goes to press this is the deadline and all over the news from other reporters are working fast to get their stories in the man who keeps track of doing the City Hall has the biggest news of the day our City Council voted today to give the town a brand new park in playground News sports writer is batting out a good story too he covered the big game played today for the high school football championship here's the feature editor he has the comics and special cartoon these come in the mail from the new syndicate and they reach the star in the form of paper mat like this then this is the advertising department where they handle the advertising that helps so much to pay for the paper they've just got the last of the ads laid out for the printers but Charlie's story is done and he turns his copy in hmm Charlie's knocked out a good front-page story here it goes to the copy editor whose job is to check its form and style and while he's working it over let's get acquainted with the wire editor he handles all the news pouring in from outside the city this news comes in on the wires to the teletype machine news services are flashing stories these machine from all over the world here's the story coming in about a hurricane still raging down on the Gulf of Mexico the wire editor has all this news that his finger did and he decides what's to run on the paper but how's Charlie's story coming along well the copy editor is writing the headlines for it now headlines and story go back to the city editor he okayed them and send them off with all of the other stories to the composing room over in the engraving plant the engravers have already copied the picture of Susie and the Boy Scouts onto the negative when he checks it here through his magnifying glass it looks like this he has the negative mounted on a piece of glass and now he puts it over a metal plate this plate is covered with a chemical the whole works goes under a powerful art glass from here the plate goes into a developing fast in this tank when it comes out of the bath the picture is printed on the plate now 2x the plate the engraver dries it off and puts it into a tank where it is sprayed with a strong acid [Applause] when it comes out the tones and lines of the picture are etched onto the plate and it's ready to print in the composing room this man is setting the type for Charlie storage in front of him he has the copy gentle Charlie wrote it as The Apprentice the key is putting the letters of the story in the type each P releases the tiny molds inside the machine these drop down here in a lot [Applause] then hot metal is poured into the mold and out comes a line of a storage cast on a metal bar [Applause] they bring the type to this table called the stone here the printers are getting it ready to make up at the patient but the first thing they do is to take a proof of the story on this little prep [Applause] this is called a galley proof it goes to a proofreading nearby the proofreader has sharp eyes her job is to read the story carefully the catch mistake the operator has made in setting the type he will correct these right away miss printer is setting larger type for the headline on Charlie's story he makes the mold for the pipe to a casting machine [Applause] then out comes the line of the pipe here's the whole headline now they're making up the front page he slipped in the type to Charlie story and puts the picture into place and the page is up he locks up the form and send it on to the stereotyping department here the Matt krohmer takes over first he pounds the page of type to make sure it's level next he lays on a damp sheet of soft matte paper and puts down a covering then it all goes under a heavy roller the roller presses the mat paper guard against pipe with tremendous force and here's the match for the front page every line and letter of the page is pressed into it now they strengthen the map putting strips of paper across the back they pop it into a dryer and bake it for a while and then it's ready for the casting machine the mat comes off and here it is the whole front page cast on a metal plate [Applause] the plate goes along to iraq or it is trimmed to the right width [Applause] when he shaved edges to make them smooth he marked the plate with a number one from the front page it's ready to print and off it goes headed for the press room with the other plate a moment later it's in the press room the press man locks it into its place on the press and now the presses are ready to roll [Applause] a hidden sheep are drawn together cut and folded and out come the finished papers in a setting three they go up along the belt of the circulation row then down they go off the belt can be sorted and bundled and rushed to the reader and here it is again in the paper the story of Sue thee and thus come right along with all the other new news that come to us fresh every day gathered and written and printed by the men and women of the press get your morning paper boring stuff read all about it latest football scores boy paper boarding star paper mister

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