Present Simple – Daily routines

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  1. Good video, but you just forgot to say that verbs endIng in "X" also add -ES such as RELAX= RELAXES, FIX= FIXES, WAX=WAXES among others.
    Anyway is a great and helpful video for beginners. Thanks.

  2. Hello, thanks for the wonderful useful channel, I have some questions about the present tense and did not find anyone to ask him and I wish you to help me because I am prepared to test IELTS, I have a book of rules of the University of Cambridge for IELTS with exercises solutions in the last book, but I do not know the cause of the solution and why they were selected to this solution, I hope you help me, sorry to bother you. Greetings

    exercises ( unit 1) page 5 ( cambridge grammar for ielts with answers.

    fill in the gaps with the verbs in the box in the correct present tense.

    ( agree – catch up-cause have- go up -know – think – use )

    we ………….. energy for three main things : electricity production , heating and

    transport. for the first two, 2- we …………….. optionssuch as solar and wind power,
    at least , three is currently no alternative. in china, domastic energy consumption
    3- ………………… year by year and demand in similar regions 4- ………….. fast.
    5- we …………… how to use energy more efficintly now than in the past but the worldwide rise in demand 6- …………… concern amongst exports. some exports
    7- ……………. that oil supplies will start to fall within the next twenty years. most exports 8- ………….. that we need to find a new source of energy soon.

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  4. This is the best vídeo that I found! Thanks! Today I have a grammar Rally. So, I had a dude and this video is very spesific!

  5. examples :
    affirmative: she always reads a book in the evening
    negative: she doesn´t read a book in the evening
    interrogative: does she read a book in the evening ?

  6. It clearly exposes the difference between regular and irregular verbs, the conjugation with the different pronouns, with ease. And the exceptions that the simple present requires.Including the daily routine.

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