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  1. Gods blessings to all the true Americans giving testimony this week!
    By the way why isn't all the GOP from Castor to Jim Jordan GOP Etc, kicked out of office for embarrassed lying in front of congress, the world media & the American public!
    These Traitorous lies & misdeeds need to be dealt with real actions in, real time, have the Sergeant at arms drag them out & into the arms of the law!
    GOP, do you understand, when you swear an oath of office, Treason needs to be answered swiftly with trial hanging or firing squad.
    Get in line GOP you are all going down with the sinking CommieTrumpship.

  2. Republicans CAN'T win the next election without those same people voting for trump who voted for Obama. I can't say that they're making a good argument. They are suppose to be targeting college-educated people, especially women, and it's not working if they're going down these conspiracy rabbit holes. Most of that crap I've never heard of and I'm one of their demographics that they have to win over next season. A rural educated white woman, lower-class voter who votes dem & repub.

  3. Where is the empeachable offense (with fact and evidence, not i heard it from someone who heard it from someone else who read it in the NY Times….) where is the crime ?
    Let me recap : Kent say he believes there was a Qui Pro Quo because he HEARDS it from Taylor who HEARDS it from Tim Morison, who HEARD it from Gordon Sonland who himself testify that the POTUS tell him directly there was no Qui Pro Quo…

  4. The money was released right after the whistleblower's report came out. Coincidence? I think not! Funny how the favor was asked, and the money was withheld. It doesn't matter whether the Ukrainians were aware, or even denied there was pressure, it only matters that a president asked a foreign leader to do something for his own personal gain, which is a severe violation of our Constitution. It doesn't matter if he received the favor either, the illegal part was in asking for it.

  5. Jordan turned his back on boys being molested, do you think he will hold our national security in sacred trust. Young boys know he's a sneaky, smug, lying coward. Rattcliffe the Rat, enough said, you coward.

  6. The Socialists have nothing. The ambassadors couldn't state a single impeachable action. This is Mueller Report 2.0. it's not going anywhere! As for Trump his Twitter account has only grown. Follow the money. Biden has the money!

  7. It’s the fact that there was conspiracy between the President of the United States and trying to Get political dirt on his political rival, we already know that he was trying to do that again in 2020. Jordan you’re pretty freaking sick, Stick to what you know, cleaning teeth, you make a lousy congressman, once a Dentist, always a dentist.

  8. Devin Nunes sounds like he got all his facts strait off of fox news, and they would never lie or make up a smear story about someone ,yea right? How do lawyers defend the undefendable , they badger lie and try to discredit the witness .There story doesn't fit,so they can't acquit.They looked like a bunch of talking heads with no brains.What a bunch communist spineless sobs.

  9. Medical Examiner: "The time of death was approximately 3 AM and the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head."
    Jim Jordan: "Did you ever meet the suspect."
    Medical Examiner: "That's not really my job."
    Jim Jordan: "And they call you the 'star' witness, hah. I've proven my client is innocent."


  11. It’s a drug deal gone wrong! A lot of Ukrainians dying, Crimea’s still in Putin’s clutches. Attempted extortion is just as illegal as extortion, but only 60% of America knows that!

  12. "Nunes is a one-time dairy farmer who now milks the bursting udders of an entire herd of conspiracy-minded cows." – Richard Wolffe, The Guardian.

  13. Nunez is that you? l didn't recognize him. With out a bearded and messy hair. When in jail for attacking his child or hitting. That's how I know him.


  15. I think soon to be former senator jordan is a disgrace to our Country, I bet he can't wait till this is over so he can "HIT THE SHOWERS"

  16. So glad Adam Schiff didn't allow republican's to water down the hearings. They stayed on point for the America People, so people could understand what was going on… Republican's want to make people think Trump meant nothing by what he did. As much criminal activity as this administration has exhibited in the past, why would they think they are believable? What makes them think the Ukraine President would say anything against Trump for fear of further retaliation from Trump. See how they are hiding information from the Congress as it is, and not allowing people to testify. This administration has a fear of more things coming out if they allow others to come fourth and testify. That's another form of abuse of power, and corruption of Congress too!! The list just keeps going on and on…

  17. I watch the news on both sides of the isle just to get a whole view from both sides before making a judgement call plus i watched the hearings. MSNBC? They chopped the videos to meet their point of view. Wow. At least i got full video clips on Fox. Better reporting as well. This news chanel is incomplete. Yikes. Im going to go watch ABC news and see if i can get better coverage. Fox news cant be the only news channel out there showing better video clips of what is happening in the hearing.

  18. It is not an impeachment it is a Globalist Coup to dump a setting President, it is a Democrat Three Ring Circus with Schiffless the ringmaster! Idiots all of them. Anyone else smell a Soros?

  19. Reading the comments all I hear are TROLLS not addressing the questioning and answer: Jordan is a creep, high for sniffing his jock strap, etc.

  20. They have no defense. He's guilty and they know it. Their impeachment attorney who is asking the questions knows Trump is guilty and he is having trouble finding a way to try to turn the truth into ficion.

  21. Only 100 year ka Jo irdai ka paymenet pada hai wo dekhta qu ki idhar ka milna is India ka akele ki shuruwat karte nahi atti idhar ka Mila ki shuruwat is start karunga

  22. Nunez, Jordan, Castor, Radclift are like Criminal lawyers defending Tramp for commiting a Crime leading the Witness. Tramp is like a Criminal who Robs a Bank and then does not Leave the Bank. He Gives the Money Back, then Says, "I did not Commit a Crime I gave the money back." To any Court in America You are Guilty of Robbery or Extortion. You are a Criminal. You go Directly to Jail !

  23. Too stupid to insult. MSNBC and such has done so much damage to its reputation that it will last long after president Trump's second term. Basically they are trying to charge Trump with Biden's crimes… And hope that that is going to work… Hope that there are enough stupid people that won't understand that…

  24. You have to be abysmally stupid to believe this farce. Taylor admitted the Ukrainians didnt even know the funds were being held, so the entire "quid pro quo" argument went out the window then and there. Everything else on this is fluff. You cannot be guilty of trying to leverage something from someone if they don't even know they are being leveraged. Morons. You will need more than this dog and pony show.

  25. Trump supporters kept bringing up Obama and what he did and didn't do. It was so strange, Trump is very insecure and compared himself to Obama all the time and his supporters echoed what he said. So stupid. This is not about Obama, this is about Trump and his abusive of power. So strange, but this is good for swing voters to see the two parties and decide our country future.

  26. OMG if you set up a crime BUT get caught PRIOR to consummation YOU ARE FREE OF ANY CRIME LOL REPUBLICANS THAT'S ALL YOU GOT!,! LAFFABLE

  27. The Republicans are either stubbornly blind, or deeply corrupted or allies of Russia, North-Korea, etc.
    I search an explanation.

  28. There's something seriously wrong with Jim Jordon. He was fine with a pedophile assaulting young boys. He's fine with a President who lies, breaks the Law and violates our Constitution every day he's in office. What kind of person does that?

  29. It's pretty hard to convince others day is night , yet trump supporters and cowardly republicans ,"yup its noon but I think that's night time too right ?"

  30. Nunes/Jordan/GOP are obnoxious, there is no defense for the Trump kleptocracy; the GOP is the epitome corruption American style, pointing a finger at everyone else.

  31. When will hannity be subpoenaed to testify and answer to his role and Fox's involvement in the slander campaign against Ambassor Yovanovitch?

  32. I have no idea why the media keeps giving air time to these LIARS… I am fed up.. .In the FALSE guise of giving equal airtime to "both sides" what the media is doing is allowing the CASTRATI party and its minions (and lick arses) to come out and spread lies.   Pls STOP THAT… Anytime they come out to spread their lies, give them ONE warning and if they re-start and begin repeating their lies a second time, pick them up by the pants and throw them out the window so that they fall with a big thump or a thud… or perhaps a thrump… PERIOD.

  33. Look at the three criminal trump-stooges "conspiring together! The TRUTH is poison to the GOP-criminal enablers… LIKE TRAITOR-TRUMP IS, THEY ARE PURE EVIL!!!

  34. Oh I see the fact that they had a scheduled interview to announce the investigation into the Biden’s doesn’t matter. Because they released the funds two days after the whistleblowers statement came out and just says before the interview was to take place. Makes sense

  35. Sounds to me like the Democrats played their hand to soon. They should of let the quid pro quo happen. Now they got nothing. Why didn't the Democrats allow the Ukrainians time to start the investgation?

  36. Did they order chicken and eat in front of hungry people again. Hunger issues will get fixed next year I quess from politicians in Washington.

  37. "GYM" JORDAN IS A DESPICABLE LOWLIFE. Here is what I am talking about.
    He is a sexual deviant and pervert. HE LIKES TO WATCH.

    Impeach and incarcerate the treasonous little mushroom dk pussygrabber DRUMPF

  39. Even if Ukraine did not conduct any investigation or make the speech , it's Trump's actual request to take those actions does.


  41. I can't tell if these Republican Congressminions are genuinely stupid or want to be by choice. (Sarcasm)

    Sidenote: Castor has the head shape of a footprint.

  42. And don’t forget that the impeachment process that the GOP are moaning about being “illegal” is a process legislated by the Republican Congress. So if they don’t like the process, they have only themselves to blame.

  43. Typical text of oath of office:
    "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,"
    An actual conspiracy to effect a coup d'etat, if proven, can not be construed as anything but an assault upon the COTUS by a "Domestic Enemy"! Rep. Adam Schiff and company are alleged to be "Domestic Enemies" of the COTUS!
    Democrats going down the tubes!

    150 federal judges have been confirmed under President Trump
    The US is now the #1 energy producer in the world
    The Wall is being FINISHED
    President Trump is bringing JOBS back from overseas
    Our military is being REBUILT to be STRONGER than ever before

    The Donald, HPN = He's POTUS Now:

    >Created the BEST economy ever
    >Brought two radical ISIS leaders to justice
    >Appointed two conservative Supreme Court Justices
    >Implemented the nation’s most historic tax cuts
    >Rebuilt our nation’s military
    >Brought the unemployment numbers to a record low
    >Strengthened our borders like never before – the WALL is being BUILT
    >Initiated the denuclearization of North Korea
    >And so much more

  44. One good thing about this Impeachment attempt is that Dem's are actively helping Trump get re-elected by showing to the world how corrupt they are, I'ts going to blow up in their face and I'll be one real happy American, Go Trump, Go Trump Go Trump. Go Jorden, Jorden was killer,

  45. As hoax #3 burns, what will hoax #4 be?
    1) Trump/Martian Collusion
    2) Trump kidnapped the Lindbergh baby
    3) Trump is actually a nine-year-old Filipino girl

  46. Republicans should get with the Iranians. They can borrow one of their centrifuge machines to spin this. You know the ones they are using to enrich uranium now.

  47. Columbus should be ashamed of jim Jordan! He shouldn't be allowed to be an elected official! Why dont he coach wrestling anymore ? He did even lie about the team doctor jerking off in the steam room! When told he said oh that's no big deal that's dr who ever! Know tell me he didn't know what else was going on! Turns his head like Joe Paterno! Dont matter how old the students were does it?

  48. I have been a Republican all my life until the 2016 election process after they let Trump win the primaries. I have since decided through watching thing sick lying and corrupt Republican politicians do what they have to protect a historically well known corrupt con artist. These republican politicians are the absolute height of hypocrisy ever since in modern times. I am done and I have a sneaky suspicion THEY are eventually done as well being representatives of the American political process.

  49. Republicans are claiming that a thieve trying to rob a bank was thwarted and so cannot be charged for crime. Thus according to them Trump didn't commit any crime because his game plan didn't succeed. What a crazy logic.

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