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we've got breaking news House Intelligence Committee Chair Democratic congressman Adam Schiff just reacted to the president's comments about foreign interference the president has either learned nothing from the last two years or picked up exactly the wrong lesson that he can accept gleefully foreign assistance again and escape the punishment of the law there's no claiming ignorance of the law anymore Greg Brower Peter Weiner and basil's Michael back with me to continue digging into this Basile as stunning as the Muller report was 400 pages most people in America haven't read it there's fatigue around it and confusion when it comes to how the Democrats are handling it is the president's most recent admission does this change the game the calculus for Democrats is it time for them to get clearer and more aggressive I think so and I had been resisting a little bit before because as a party leader I understand maybe Nancy Pelosi is trying to balance protecting her members particularly those that flip those red seats but the truth is so many Democrats have come up to me in the street over the last few days made these impassioned pleas to beg the Democrats to actually do something and hold this president accountable so I think you know and I've balanced before but I think we need to go headfirst into impeachment and particularly as an african-american voter as a black man in this country I don't have the luxury of having power and not using it I have to use everything I got to go after everything I want and voters are looking at the Democrats to do exactly that hold this president accountable throw everything you have at him because the stakes are too high we need to get him out of office it's not just Democrats calling for it last night a fellow Republican david jolly was on this network speaking to brian williams but speaking directly to nancy pelosi watch this I think today's moment taken in isolation what the president said behind the resolute desk in and of itself is an impeachable moment the eyes of the nation tonight must look to Nancy Pelosi it is not her fault that this moment has occurred she has not had a hand in Donald Trump's behavior but she occupies the highest constitutional office outside of the White House this is the moment where we're begging for leadership Peter you've said impeachment would turn President Trump into a martyr for his supporters have you changed her opinion well no I mean in one sense yes and now let me explain what I mean by that it would turn him into a martyr and we have to accept the fact that he's not going to be dislodged from office even if he's in Peach because of the Senate won't convict him so he's not going anywhere now that doesn't mean that you shouldn't impeach him because there is an argument for institutional accountability and to enforce standards of conduct that is for Congress to say that there are some acts that have to there has to be accountability for it not necessarily that they're going to get rid of him and but that is a factor in the 2020 election I've been resistant to impeachment though not fully against it but if Donald Trump keeps crashing through these norms it keeps doing things he's essentially forcing the hand of of people who don't want to act that way and I'm I'm now persuaded that that impeachment just for the issue of accountability and and and for the institution of Congress to say we will oversee this and we won't we won't let him get away with it with with no cost that they need to act we need some legal expertise Greg what's your take well Stephanie yesterday morning you may recall that I referenced the tone at the top being flawed if you will with respect to the Russian threat and the threat by other adversaries to interfere with our elections little did we know that after that comment I made to you yesterday morning that the president would say what he did but let's let's look at the the national security implication of this comment and this pattern of conduct this really presents by no less than the commander-in-chief of the United States a flashing green light to our adversaries who are interested in interfering with our democracy why wouldn't they try to do everything they can with with the backdrop of of comments like that and so again I would echo what others have said the comments weren't all that surprising because there has been a pattern now going back a couple of years but what is surprising to me is the silence from the Republican side on Capitol Hill when will more than one House member stand up and say if nothing else this reality is presenting a significant national security problem and we need to talk about it and potentially do something about it when will that happen I ask you Peter you have been a Republican for decades but last week when the president was overseas he reminded his fellow Republicans he said look at my popularity look at the polls do you really want to go against me yeah now that's a great question the answer is that there's virtually nothing that Donald Trump can do or will do that will turn Republicans against him there is a kind of cult of personality that's that has happened they threw their hat over the wall early on with Donald Trump and and and I think you know that they made a deal with the devil to in their mind defeat Satan which would be Democrats and liberals and I think it's coming to tremendous cost to them not not just moral but also eventually political because he is such a toxic figure especially with younger voters that this will come back to haunt them but you know when Donald Trump said during the campaign that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue not lose support he may have been literally not just figuratively correct the whole day Donald Trump has with the base of his party is arguably deeper than Ronald Reagan had and that is a stunning thing to see and for me and a really dispirited thing to say but the base of his party might stand with him no matter what but there might not be enough of them to elect him in 2020 there's been a lot of talk about polls this week George Stephanopoulos was talking polls with the president I want to share some of that even your own polls show you're behind right now don't they no my I'll show that I'm winning everywhere I don't know we hope we've all seen these reports that would 15 out of 17 states you spent 2 million on a bowl in your behind in 15 out of 17 stay nobody showed you those balls because those balls don't exist you those poles don't exist you mean I'm losing at 15 out of 17 states those poles don't exist I just was given a meeting with my pollster I frankly don't even believe in pollsters if you want to know the truth you just run a campaign and whatever it is it is but I just had a meeting with somebody that's a pollster and I'm winning everywhere okay the president then wanted to go off the record to call his campaign manager then the second portion of the interview it was two days they were still talking polls listen why does it bother you so much because it's untrue I like the truth you know I'm actually a very honest guy if I thought they were correct I wouldn't be complaining at all I understand that it's like the witch hunt that goes on the Washington Post at this point says the president has told 10,000 lies since in office so is this to be expected absolutely and I think you know this is why I go back to the Nancy Pelosi sometimes Democrats we're in our head we've got to start acting with a harder with our emotions even if we may lose some seats we may open motion oh no I'm saying that part I what I'm saying is that the part I think the party sometimes we think through things too much and don't engage and tap into the kind of raw emotion in a different way than Donald Trump did but still in many ways similar because there is an opportunity there to motivate voters in ways that Democrats may not have ever been before because of the presence of Donald Trump and we need to open up those new battle fronts and I obviously completely disagree with him about the polling so it is on our side and I think we need to tap into that I think you're tapped into emotions I think we were saying is it's time to take a swing absolutely hey MSNBC fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down there and click on any of the videos here to watch the latest interviews and high like you can get more MSNBC for free every day with our newsletters just visit slash newsletters to sign up now

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  1. Impeach, indict and imprison now, it will get worse if you don't .
    Come the election, Trump is going to be one sore loser .

  2. Come on guys, he will report if the information is incorrect and useless. What's wrong with that? πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  3. "No Collusion".

    ~Robert Mueller.
    ~Attorney General Barr.
    ~Vice President Pence.
    ~President Trump.

  4. When i live in long beach LA California.. I had a flat screem tv with my clone station in i sold my tv to a mexican paisa for 10 bucks i had to get rid of my work it was getting to real.. It had everything CLONES, GIANTS,ANDRIODS.. It was another world #hardtobelieveitsreal

  5. Hey CNN!!! What about Hillary Clinton's purchased Russian dossier? Wasn't that a thing of value given to her from a foreign power?

  6. If the House impeaches him and the Rs in the Senate do what they always do (blocking things), the Rs may TRY to make Trump look like a martyr, but it will only work on the toweringly brainwashed. If they don't impeach, the non-Trumpists will be irate with the Dems and not come out in another blue wave. The price the Dems will pay for not impeaching are HUGE. Republicans calling Trump a martyr are inane on their very faces. The Dems won't lose any votes. Only the rubes would still love him. Moreover, the Rs should realize that they should not have ANY fears about their "base." Who would their base vote for if not Republican? Saying it would be risky to counter trump publicly because of their base is STUPID. They'll get those rube votes anyway.
    It isn't Trump who has the Rs cowed. It's just an excuse for supporting him all the time. In reality, Trump is DOING THEIR DIRTY WORK for them. Then when they get rid of him (which they can and will when they no longer need him), he'll go, taking all the BLAME with him. The Republican politicians can keep saying how clean they are, and be believed.

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