president machine visited tegu of the
center of the nation’s ballooning Kebede 19 outbreak the South Korean leader
promised pan national support to combat the outbreak give media shares with us
his remarks president moon jae-in says the government is directing its full
capacity to containing the spread of covin 19 on Tuesday he visited the
southeastern city of Daegu which has seen the most number of confirmed cases
in South Korea to offer words of comfort to local residents while encouraging
medical and quarantine staff who are working around the clock
moon vowed pan national support including deployment of military police
and civilian resources to win the battle against the virus noting the need for a
turning point this week jaren Vida even though under all fucking Garcia Meza
came just three days after South Korea raised its epidemic alert level to
critical the highest in the four tier system the president pledged to look at
support measures to ease the social economic damages on top of Swift use of
emergency funds moon indicated that Pegu which is currently a special cares only
pro claimed a special disaster zone which would make it eligible for
financial and other administrative support the president also visited
tackle medical center a facility designated for the treatment of Kovan 19
patients to observe front-line efforts and met with small business owners to
listen to their concerns about the economic fallout moon stressed thought
the government is marshaling exceptional resolve saying that the situation
integral will be dealt with as a problem for the entire country
a challenge or case upon dr. Otto Roman Road also saying on Tsugumi Azhar
not one after joking he won comparison on telomere telomere measure of single
core damage and share with general president min also made it clear that
the government’s maximum containment policy integral does not mean a lockdown
of the city after controversy over the term he said it means taking more
thorough nineteen steps to block the transmission
and spread of Kovan 19 to the maximum extent as possible
he means Atlantis

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