Prof John Callaghan - Ideologies of American Foreign Policy

it seems really prescient you ask you at this time we post this in Mexico about ideas around us foreign politic this time and I wanted to extend your book where's history of the early 21st century are bad if it has a bearing on it because if you remember the Trump was elected on a slogan of making America great again and so there's a obvious set of ideas which has been a continuous thread in American foreign policy since the beginning of a 20th century is basically the nationalistic thread so the book because it's about ideologies is about the way foreign policy is presented you know what the steps are taken to try and legitimize it to try and make it appeal to the voters but also the way in which is imagined by those who are making foreign policy so the Americans imagine themselves to be a model country you know they imagine themselves to have an ideal democracy they think that the values that they represent the universal values and that other people would say that American intervention is benign you know is in the interest of other people they don't see themselves as predators they don't see themselves as you know meddlers in other people's affairs they see themselves as coming in to correct things that are going wrong and we're you know the economy is concerned which is the pressing issue now in this country since the brexit vote one of the things which is consistent in American foreign policy is their absolute determination to put the US economy first that isn't unusual of course most countries take the same view the difference is the Americans usually have the power to be able to do that they only really became advocates of free trade when the US economy became so dominant that it was way ahead of everybody else so by 1945 America was making about half the world's manufactured goods it was then yeah it was then that the US declared itself in favor of free trade prior to that they had always protected their industries with really high tariffs you know tariffs as high as twenty five percent so any imported goods had 25% of the cost added to them to make them uncompetitive in America to protect American business so one of the things that you could expect in any trade deal with the u.s. now is that the Americans would try to undermine the National Health Service on the grounds that it's a national monopoly a national monopoly which is preventing US private suppliers of health services from entering the UK market

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