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let's just pop out the chat chat spot looks like we're live hi everyone this is Chitra we're on June 30th 2019 5 p.m. Pacific time my time we're doing a live stream live stream of current events politics economics investing whatever that comes up that's current events and it's usually politics economics related there is some technology biology certain modern environmental stuff that we talk about but all of that it can be all of it everything can be filled under the umbrella of politics and economics right because everything is politics especially in these times since politics and economics sort of working together as one word really sort of we've talked about this sort of space-time there's no such thing as space bites off your time by itself there's only something one thing called space-time there's no such thing as politics by itself and economics by itself they're put together they function as one right now and right now according to Sheldon Wolin which Chris Hedges has been quoting over the years mentioning that we're living during a period worse inverted totalitarianism where economics is trumping politics so all political decisions that may seem to be political decisions or have an economic base behind them good evening Zara how are you doing and good evening everyone for sure or a good morning or good late late morning if you're in Europe it is what is it Sunday know if it's Sunday then people shouldn't party not too long to mate in Canada maybe tomorrow's a holiday in Canada it's referred to by some as by many as Canada they buy some as cannabis day right and tomorrow we're gonna do a livestream on the patio at 7 a.m. hello great lasagna how are you doing long time no see house is like yeah I was off I was off for boats I guess 10 days now I don't know 9 days with the blast stream Starsky how are you doing it's Monday right now in England early Monday morning what time is it Monday Monday 5 here so you're eight hours ahead I wanna yeah thank you my path was failing I've chosen to the calculation of my Alice's like what yeah how many people how many how many people how many how many hours which way am I going right having some pomegranate for the Cure it's gotten darker delicious we're gonna do we got three more live strings set up right for this week tomorrow is the patio livestream I just wouldn't got an extender cable check things out so we should have a okay connection all in the rat eh-eh-o been ass up for a long time and love your content hope you're having a great day you too brother you too and thank you very much for being aside and following the work I'm glad you're enjoying it I'm glad you're appreciating it that's fun to do sometimes requires a lot of work tomorrow we're gonna do a patio stream at 7 a.m. we're doing reading well I'm right I'm about how deep am i into this I'm on page 125 by Wednesday I might go a little deeper and I just highlighted some stuff so what we're gonna do is just gonna go we might even what up what I'm thinking of doing is whoever's here from page one you know wherever we are to where we're going people who can say turn to a certain page and read anything you've highlighted have some fun with it and I work see emergency side same you son say brother where sister of Kurt's double- double O Negative you're not cooking why are you not cooking teacher hey you know what I was cooking about an hour and half ago I just didn't stream it I'm always cooking I spend a lot of time that it did say that and I eat that I ate a little too much that's why I'm drinking though not too much I eat strong food I'll tell you what I ended up eating that's why I'm drinking Paul McGann look here it's like heavy food rice I need to digest a little bit lonely piggy how are you doing evening all glad I finally catch you laughs she sure glad to have you glad to have you which one home write book was that mass psychology of fascism mass psychology is very much related to what we're doing right now we're just talking about current events which usually ends up being politics and economics right also I teach I hope all is well doing well Silva FSK a brilliant book he goes off sometimes sometimes I don't know what he's talking about he drops names and I guess during the period those people will were well known right it's like some 150 years from now dropping name Paul Wolfowitz right like right now for me if someone drops in the Apollo Wolfowitz I'll know exactly who they're referring to what he did and all that jazz right 50 years from now not too many people are gonna remember right now if I drop the name Paul Wolfowitz anybody that hasn't fallen to politics won't know who he is right so he drops a lot of names and events but there are segments in mass psychology of fascism which are brilliant lick here is pure hell quit literally quite literally as well yeah it starts cute this is the pomegranate liqueur haven't had I haven't had it for a while it's phenomenal really cold hunter good morning afternoon evening night everyone and Chicho and to you as well cold hunter and that's what we're gonna do on Wednesday we're gonna read excerpts of this that on Thursday we're gonna look at some comic books I spent many hours yesterday I went through I pulled out I got up sitting here I pulled out for short boxes of comics for in a bit out of going through 30 long boxes so I was moving things around took me a few hours and the comics I pulled out are from the 80s 90s 2000s and 2010 okay King pom King Tom how are you doing go ahead I finally caught you glad to have you King Tom always glad to have a king here so what we're gonna do on Thursday is I'm gonna show you guys hey Oh God oke Oke 100 come I think I pronounced it better last time and I saw you on YouTube by the way you pop I forget what your handle is on YouTube okok one okay okay one and those are the comics the comics that I pulled are the ones that slowly I'm gonna start putting on eBay and selling and almost all of them I have copies extra copies of our extra copy up so I'm sort of lighten their load and raising we'll talk about it then right start collecting some data as well because what I want to do is I want to start making this stuff up with economics right mathematics so we need some data we've got a lot of data on buying comics now we have to collect some data on selling comics right so it's gonna be a multi it's gonna serve multiple purposes look Claire risky I have no idea what that says Jake will Walker Jake work or Jake yeah that's right that's right thanks brother I'll try to remember I'm crafty with me so I tend to forget a little watched bitch for years but never seen a live stream before suru how are you doing thank you for watching the content four years nothing I'll be creating it for multiple years nice to have you alone they're fun to do I hope you you like how we've grown and more than morphed and expanded our repertoire so apparently Trump met with Kim jong-un again haven't looked much into it myself I saw the lonely piggy I saw the video it's a historic moment all right I mean he's stepped into North Korea you know on the political front as far as meanings go it was pretty substantial pretty important in regards to geopolitics don't worry about remembering my name I'm gonna have to get to see another live stream hopefully I didn't come today we just started we just started at 5:00 p.m. like we just started eleven minutes ago and this is Nikolas how're you doing this is a current events livestream so anything in the news we can talk about maybe politics economics whatever it might be or comics environment science technology if you know and you can inform me right I don't know man I can't I can't stay up with everything right I know certain stuff I'm pretty sure you know stuff that I don't so if you have important information that you think it hasn't circulated well enough for sure sure I think I'm going to go it's 1:00 a.m. and I'm very tired take care she shall take care Starsky thanks for popping by hope you have sweet dreams brother I appeared from nothing due to a quantum fluctuation be careful those same fluctuations can take you out right definitely important moment to be sure hopefully something good will come of it right time will tell time will tell time will tell I like the important moments the full direction though we haven't changed direction right so there's still lots of Wars on the horizon that's such an ungodly thought still online Luna is it it's for me it's in the afternoon just like five what is it five o'clock 5:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon nice chilled a nice chill day well not so chill I've been doing a lot of stuff but nice to be chilling with you guys right now with the entire broad range of content your channel offers you should create your own all straining sore hands golf with mermaids dreaming something something with what content greater me I personally I would love to be enough you know being an umbrella of creators that are creating content in a certain style that is geared towards education right specifically ideally the first thing I had in mind was what I was doing for 420 man it'd be amazing if someone started doing 420 physics 420 chemistry 420 biology 420 whatever right all of that mirroring their work that they're doing funneling money towards ending prohibition and stuff like this right collaboration is the key as a solo operator we can all do our part but to really be able to move these goliath these monopolies these these powers away from the centralization from the direction they're going we need to be working collectively right it doesn't mean we always have to be in touch we have to have to collect them image of pushing things in a certain direction it tiny bit of good but I'm out matched by so much bad welcome to our world yeah I agree with your lonely Peggy important moment it's good to make known of those moments I think those are really important there's a lot of important moments like what I deemed to be important may not be important for other people right but there are few there are like like the important moments in history in Reverse through politics and economics their frequency has been increasing exponentially right like 30 years ago you would have had one or two really important moments in a year right now you have one or two really important moments in like a week right so it's like you stay on top of this thing which is part of the plan I think right there are crazy stuff going on your video how to make homemade liquor inspired me to try strawberry one it's still in making butter perhaps few days from now it's time for more taste it if it's successful I'll make bigger amount of it cool how long did you have it the strawberry that I made cinder cinder 535 cinder within ten days then the cure was absolutely amazing like it's the quickest batch I've made it's the batch of me that tasted amazing so quickly within two weeks it was better within a month it was just like oh we finished the whole batch we made like within like two soon really the strawberry woman is amazing I'm gonna wait until well actually we do have fresh strawberry season right now so you know what with this season's strawberries I might buy frozen this season's frozen who knows but I do plan on making more strawberry crazy stuff almost every day agree definitely hard to keep up with everything happening well good and bad agree the good and bad like I had one person say it's been now one week today one week you could open it up and just pour it a little bit into like a little glass have a little taste for the strawberries always like will smoke good so trying to do there's a lot of good happening I had one person comment that they were you know feeling down a stop it was a source bad and stuff like this they couldn't get a good night's sleep of stuff I said you know it's important to keep in mind there's amazing good stuff happening as well so that's really important to keep in mind I made 50 litres of raspberry genoise summer 50 litres plan on doing the same again this year 50 litres is a lot of her house burden Chinon 50 litres silva 50 litres like a leader would be this much so 50 of these you have leader would be around as much oh yes ice I saw it Trump in North Korea with Kim Jong Kony and shaking hopefully a good side hopefully a good son hopefully it's not them calming down the North Korea and then kicking up the Middle East like it's sort of a tag team Martin how are you doing just finish work 1 a.m. 1:30 a.m. someone from the UK just message wasn't 18 yet but basically between the Democrats and Republicans there's time team each other it's one party really right but basically Obama was more friendly towards Iran more hostile towards North Korea right and then Trump comes in and in Trump is more friendly towards North Korea more hostile towards Iran right Obama nuclear deal Trump kills Obama you know harsh on but thank you for the support the only piggy thank you for the cheers Obama harsh on Korea Trump all buddy-buddy on Korea right so it's crazy but you got an emote thanks to lonely piggies mega cheer awesome we got a new emote we got a little box emote and that's cool how do we use the box well I guess we just got a hit on that let's see where is our box I have played around with these emotes too much thanks for the balloons lovely peach thanks for the bride flag oh I did a lot to get through the suburb seriously you make 50 liters dude that's a lot you must have a lot of friends you share what it's too early for me to awake right now she chose so I think it's time for me to go to sleep okay sweet sweet dreams sweet dreams Oh old ratty sorry I couldn't be here longer have a good time everybody keep it up – it will do will do that's sweet dreams to you for sure there are many people in North Korea with not enough food yeah pity or a cure there's many people in the United States with not enough food but as much as North Korea I don't think percentage-wise anyway but I don't know what the population of North Korea is numbers-wise you asked my beat North Korea if it's not pure savage voice pretty accurate assessment of the for policy of both presidents yeah gaming a dark ISM okay thanks we got lots of multicolored stuff all these pride shine pride party pride flag pride blues have you seen Louisville but I didn't dude that is current events comic books is great events TV shows if you're once you get rupocalypse initially when Krypton it started last year with season 1 I washed like three episodes that was like ah dude I can't watch this like the dialogue was core idea as I go there's you know there's so much amazing stuff out there that I could read I could watch and listen to I could create content and stuff like this even though my downtime you know wait a buck or just go for a walk that I decided not to watch it as soon as I saw Lobo coming for season 2 I started watching I'd even bother watch hey that's the season 1 I watch season 1 of episode 1 2 & 3 I think it's three episodes in with with Krypton right and I think that's Lobos part is done with the third episode because that story was told they zoom back out initially I didn't know what to take I wasn't you know I wasn't expecting much but the third episode with lost doing this thing back up and I liked it I didn't mind it I'm glad to see a live-action level fantastic I hope you liked it what did you think about it it's really hard to know the extent of starvation as such in North Korea there isn't any good any good sources know for sure for sure and we have a Russian friend here I guess I don't know Beks I don't know what that says in Russian and Ottawa grabbed it so I can't approve it because I don't read Russian oh we got a little troll action coming o up first bad doesn't exist how come he doesn't exist let's see if he does that's him there we go well fun we don't have any mods here so I spent some time modding right I've always wondered how much of what you're told about North Korea's is true how much I was probably on that yeah the great you everything you want special repertoire report an extreme poverty in the US was an eye-opener for me I mean read I've read I don't know if it was his stuff that I read but I've read a favor and days of destruction is a revolt this is amazing Chris Hedges and Joe sockos days of destruction days of revolt it covers a fair bit it's pretty good so Harvard in the US is insane if Flint Michigan with the water supply then wake people up then something's going on you ask he asks you to show imagine having this much free time to draw thanks so I'm gonna prove that so other people know because the message got out right oh I shouldn't have added the permitted Big O maybe it's just this chat so should we are responsive and beep oops beep ex timeout that's the Russian one right should be timeout timeout timeout I was in South Korea last year and people there were breathing a lot more easily in an optimistic which I thought was funny because people back in the US were like boo Trump not doing anything both on the street and the news they were giving much credit to Trump for the north south north following of hostilities and allowing avenues of negotiation yeah he deserves a credit right just because you have to acknowledge that someone you do not like that's the thing with people right if they don't like someone then anything they do is considered to be bad which is insane right which is what our new cycle is it's insane right you have to give him credit for delicious now is this just a tag team thing going on between the Democrats and the Republicans I don't know we'll find out that is it South Korea that we're giving the credit yeah for sure for sure try it may actually could contribute positively a Korean situation I think so too racer killed and he yes and he has I think that whether he intentionally wants to help the situation or if he's just using it as a grandstand either way it's making positive changes yeah his intentions Trump's intentions are for Trump but Trump and his empire I guess and his handlers or whoever might be right but I don't think it doesn't seem like he's as much of a hard-core ruthless mass murderer as Bush Senior Clinton Bush jr. and Obama right he's dropped a lot of bombs well that's so than Obama in eight years I guess but military war machine is you know we have to look at the graphs and data out to see you know what the ratios are right but you know people gave Obama the Peace Prize they called they loved him some people love them a lot of people love him is weird he draw way more bombs than Bush jr. right so it's weird to me he started three wars all right Trump doing a war with Venezuela and that is a war economic war waging a war and Iran it is a war it's an economic war and they already hit him with cyber viruses and stuff right so we're in flux right now we're not sure where things are but there would have been a by all accounts and what Clinton was running on things could have been a lot worth worse okay Clinton would have had these Korean sounds for sure Clinton wouldn't know Clinton wouldn't know not by a long shot racer chill I agree with you I think the situation would have been a lot worse under Clinton than Obama as of right now right we'll see where things go right we're see where things go have you ever washed a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 series I would recommend it for anyone who is comic fan as it more more darker plot to tell story really shredder is one of the those villains who always seem to come back and see it no no I haven't seen it I know the original Ninja Turtles were rude all right but they toned it down to a mass-market it I'll keep that in mind I'll keep that in mind thank you for that cyber signal not cyber cinder apologies about the mysteries you just have to look at the live stream video from airing TV yesterday the whole chat was full of South Koreans putting love and thinking Trump they love him awesome a super cool man and I know a fair bit about South Koreans and their mentality when I was going to university I was roommates with a South Korea and I used to play poker weekend poker sessions like seriously start Friday night finished Sunday morning poker sessions with all Koreans I went to Korean food Korean restaurant for like I had a lot of Korean friends Korea has a certain mentality they're very loyal there's very harsh history there they get drunk really fast like the Japanese Japanese can handle their alcohol great spirits anyway Korean not so much right but yeah I'm pretty sure they're loving Trump right now because they want unification Koreans are very nationalistic very nationalistic I had friends Korean friends when he and I first came on the scene back in the early 90s when they could or late 80s early 90s I can't move I was in University of 90s whatever it was right as soon as it could get the money in the fight I sink together there's no other car that would have bought they Bob I am dying right because that was Korean they want unification they want Korea as one country there is no doubt right Kim Canada gaming how are you doing hey Cho just checking and much love to you and chat be well on be well King Canada thanks for popping by well funny thing Obama I got a Nobel Peace Prize despite signing off on drone strikes killing of another Nobel Peace Prize recipient but for anything anything Trump has done for Korea situation probably won't see a Peace Prize yeah which server which Nobel he droned the Nobel Peace Prize winner previous Nobel Peace Prize winner who was that I missed that I know he killed an American teenager two of the early people that had killed an American citizen without trial and the American citizens son a teenager 14 year old without trial sitting in a cafe with a whole bunch of other kids teenager Lee the guy used to wake up in the morning Obama used to wake up in the morning and he had a kill list right from what I understand from all accounts he got up he went through a kill list and approved killings in the morning that's what Obama did every day of his eight years of presidency as far as I know or as far as we know Trump doesn't have this killed us right it says a lot 35 times up in booping shouldn't open public that's true that wasn't a whole negative well they've had so many years of tensions rising and now it feels like it has called that is the best direction for both countries I love him too if I was in Savile if I was South Korean yeah talking about Korean loyalty there was that pole I saw which was posed posed to South Korea's question along the lines of who would you want to side with in a u.s. declared war in North Korea but in if the US declare war on North Korea and most South Korea said side with North Korea where she was I don't doubt it right many of the South Koreans that friends that I had as early 1990s right they wanted us United States out of their country the military base is gone they didn't like it that's back in the nineties lonely piggy all right I'm off as well super happy to have caught you like even though I could only stay for a bit have a good stream sweet dreams sweet dreams if you're going to sleep only piggy and by the way thank you for the cheers thank you for the support brother okay thank you for popping by Kennedy you're still there just leaving I mean you gifted a tear was some totally piggy they've given to good things awesome awesome okay okay one thank you for gifting the subs oh snap sir that's a good parting gift that's a good fighting yet as I recall where there was that drone strike on one of the hospitals in the Middle East that'll bomb I signed off on one of the people killed and the drone strike was a doctor Oh Doctors Without Borders that's right person ah who was also Nobel Prize winner in in like biology it wasn't an international casualty but it still happened oh yes that's right I remember Obama oh the number of it is insanely you talk to people about this and people who love Obama out they're oblivious to it it's just saying to me it's just crazy well now definitely leaving even happier about the page excellence have a good day P Oh God cuz says I think it was doctors without borders doctors without borders yeah yeah I forgot there's I was I was following that stuff very meticulously for in the build-up to the Afghan war pre 9/11 really back in 1999 cuz things were shifting there's something happening back then you could see it in the data coming in from 1999 all the way to 2012 13 or something I kept a really close tab on what was being done that's when I wrote the last article I did strictly geopolitical article on my blog saying this will be my last strictly topic because it's pretty much laid out where we're going I just think this incredible that it was for extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people which has really got the Nobel Peace Prize for and that was before he did anything they gave it to him I heard later on people were like later on the Nobel laureates Peace Prize people Castro what they said well they were try to encourage him to be a peaceful president just like what you give a warmonger a piece for up prize in the hopes that he'll take that piece price seriously and not wage war crazy so yeah Nobel Peace Prize winner responsible for the death of another Nobel Peace Prize Wow the irony the irony the irony Peace Prize laughs out loud yeah and starting three wars the annihilation of a whole country more than one whole country three countries really complete annihilation of Libya complete annihilation of Yemen and the attempted complete annihilation of Syria those are all Obama right and because he was a commander in chief he's the top person in charge supposed to be in charge he bears full responsibility so this Clinton's and all the other Jokers but while my got the Peace Prize after one year in office was it one year in office Eraser kill I thought he got the Peace Prize were right off the bat didn't he if he got the Peace Prize one year in office then whatever the Nobel Committee says that they were hoping that he was not gonna wage war is ridiculous that's you can dismiss their their argument on it because he was already assassinating people one year in okay I'm gonna go eat dinner and finish putting up my blinds and finish pressure-washing have a great day another everyone you too you too akan thank you again for gifting a sub very much appreciate it you sent someone to bed to go to sleep very very happy and gifted us up to my channel thank you very much actually half a year so six months Anna okay people were still hoping remember the catchphrase was hope hope hope if there's no action behind the hole then it's worth nothing right you can't just hope if you're out of shape and if you want to get into shape you can't just sit there and hope to get in shape the axe you'll have to do something to get in shape before I go what are you drinking I got three drinks here I'm mixing it up I'm drinking Persian tea okay just I call it Persian tea but it's like it's like dark either Earl Grey or cyan or or speak or whatever just blends of stuff this is electrolytes like a powder then I add to water it's just really hot here right now and I've already went out for a two-hour walk where I sweated and yesterday I was like literally I was going through boxes moving long boxes and I was sweating as a like 30 bollocks it's not sweating but I was exerting myself eggs how are you doing so this is electrolytes it's very refreshing and one reason I'm drinking does because I ate some pasta I made with shallots and yogurt with lots of greens and herbs are very strong so I'm thirsty and this one is pomegranate the cure that we made during the Cure video that we put together it's probably six months old now so I got three drinks : and the pomegranates you can when you drink those seeds in there if you can see them they come in two and can bite them the C's retained that alcohol flavor really strong oh snap I love those videos good good good research killed such an embarrassment yeah Obama it's 141 am here and I'm sweating in the UK it's that hot in the UK right that's right Europe is being hit with a major heat wave isn't it same with India like one of the most crazy News's I've heard is I have been keeping track of this this became evident in the early 2000s that water wars or gonna be breaking out in a big way and some of the wars that we're in right now are water related but there was a documentary and watched it was about Kashmir saying that there's gonna be serious water wars taking place between Pakistan China and you know over Kashmir because that's about water not one of the muses that came out was in this sixth largest city he's running out of water or has already run out of water and I believe Mumbai was gonna run out of water by 2020 or 2024 talking major cities in India running out of water in the next couple of years we're talking tens of millions of people that are gonna be affected this is gigantic lake Wow holy keep an eye out like things might get really really rough in those in that region I honestly believe if we had some sort of device that to manipulate events throughout time we would we could swap Trump first four years ongoing with Obama's final four Trump would be seen as an evil warlock yeah the evil one longer determined to completely or polar regions throughout the world that Obama would be seen as a president fighting for peace and prosperity putting the American population for Silva 100% agreed 100% agreed and that says a lot about who rules the United States or the Western world really because this isn't a Western world this isn't the specific only the perspective that Americans would have right this is a perspective that the Western world would have us in Canada and Europe and stuff right which is absurd absurd right absurd and on the same level if you switch up Obama and Bush do the same thing they'll both be considered war mongers right it's crazy so that's the level that people say where do you consider Trump to be not a mass murderer yet like Bush jr. and Obama and the rest but I guess that's how the media the ceases yeah Malcolm X said it if you're not careful the the news organizations will get you where the media will get you to will get your paraphrasing of course will get you to hate the people that are being oppressed and love the people that are doing the oppressing Persian teeth sounds good but I'm a fan of tea Earl Grey hot yeah King Canada this is sort of Earl Grey ish some of the blends that I buy I mix it up there's different blends you can buy sometimes there Earl grayish this one I think it's a dollar plus a cyan Cayenne it's not Cayenne it's not kind pepper but see on cyan and another tea I don't know if it's Earl Grey hot I'm in Newcastle England – freezing right now really so Newcastle's cold and Martin I believe is in London and London's hot wow I actually watched that video you're talking about if it was the one that was seven months ago probably seven months ago we make them pomegranates I think so I think we made pomegranates dead baby did I make pomegranates in that video or is that the one we made strawberry strawberry cherry and blueberry well cook Oh cook is that the strawberry true that pomegranates I might have made later I told them well I did that follow up that's right I made that what one of the ones the first one we made strawberry cherry and blueberry and then I did a follow up were meet the pomegranates that's right that's right this is that one if you've seen that one Tai's Man of the Year have chosen some dodgy when there's Yap or was it the one four months ago he might have been the one four months ago I don't know oh it was the one that was four months ago I only watched three-quarters of that video but I did watch it cool cool I highly recommend the pomegranate The Cure's is super delicious I've been burning a bit further south okay Oh BRR me gonna bits so you're further south than the Newcastle I think the other one was the entire Indian subcontinent India Pakistan Bangladesh there on the bad way for water in the coming decades they just have too many people and it could get worse with possible client climate change yes sir and one of the things it's not just about the people it's about the rights that they've given to corporations there's countless stories of Coke or Pepsi or this company setting up shop right a factory in an area in India sending them down their wells and just sucking up water just using water 24/7 and the groundwater starts dropping right all the Sun all of these wells are going dry now people are without water and the only place you can get water is like miles kilometers down the road where the groundwater table is still going up right so as soon as you set a factory pumping out water right below it it acts as a sink right it drops to groundwater for kilometers tens of kilometers all the way around that factor so all those people are without water and they have to go around stuff like this it's its overpopulation it's the rights given to corporations is environmental just destruction right obviously there's climate effects playing into the game changes taking place and stuff like that mismanagement bad of the years and reward isn't an award decided on maurices no no and why not right how come like obviously the Nobel Peace Prize is not given out to people based on moral decisions as well right definitely not right Kissinger got it right so Nobel Peace Prize isn't man of the years and is a Time magazine just garbage anyway right so you know journalists journalistic awards the closest thing I get on a more realistic basis when it comes to giving out awards to is journalistic wars right for putting their lives on the line to a report on something now we know how journalists are treated in the Western world right take a look at Julian Assange weights weight as sex SW weights xx ribs I can't even pronounce I don't know weights weights thank you very much for the twitch prime sub very much appreciated subscribe for two months wow you can subscribe for a couple of months that's cool oh yeah this is the second month in a row that's so do it thank you for this is up oh all Earl Grey is orange pekoe and Burt Burt burger box is it that's crazy cool I didn't know that thanks key Canada so I guess this could be Earl Grey because it says I think on one of the ones I've drinking is orange pekoe something that's cool have you seen that video before showing 36 different perspectives from local news to yeah all reading exact same the thing per verbatim yeah Silva there's a few of them out right and like the following news for a long time man and I have meaning to put out a video regarding how I acquired my perspective on what the news was right and I did that crazy like when I was 10 11 years old because we came from Iran Iran hostage stuff was taking place and the news was saying this about Iran but had just come from Iran and and then once I started learning English and understanding what they were saying I was like wait a second Oh what like it was crazy it was crazy and then I learned about through a friend or through someone acquaintance from Ireland about how the news we was portraying the IRA and the British and this and that and a few other and Beirut when the tanks were lined up in Lebanon Israeli tank like that was insane like that I will never ever in my life I can honestly tell you this I will never in my life forget about those images of Israeli tanks sitting on hilltops with their guns pointed towards bare root and bombarding the city a suburb of the city right wow wow wow wow there was a lot of things that happen in 1980s it was insane I'm really enjoying the Woman's World Cup its England versus United States for a first semi-final dice who is he it was in the other semifinal Martin that'd be a crazy game it did the US team is very strong and for some news stuff of what I haven't had a chance to wash any of it but I heard the u.s. is kicking ass I'm assuming it might be Brazil Germany or something Newcastle I knew an older gentleman Castle very friendly cheer cheery guy but when he got drunk he'd get depressed at Cheers always like but why didn't the Germans bomb you cancel what lady was personally offended his home town wasn't important enough to talk about survivor survival survivor and guilt or something that's crazy sir oh wait really you should probably read about the Newcastle blitz I think he was a little uninformed I think he meant as much as a sale of the house weird so he's upset we weren't before maybe she should yeah I think so I guess one of those my hometown is the best in the world fellas Netherlands vs. Sweden really is the other semifinal Wow Netherlands vs. Sweden crazy who is the buddy on I think us is favorite by big margins but between Netherlands and Sweden have you ever visit the UK no I visited not that UK I've been to Ireland when I was in I wouldn't tracked around Europe now sort of backpacking through numerous countries for like three months two and a half to three months right now what I did was about a two year Europe ass so I went to Spain a spent some time in Spain when I was coming out of Spain I bought a Europe ass right where I bought a Europe ass from a certain act of date anyway I bought it from Canada but in 1998 Europe ass and yet for those I don't know Europe ass is basically a pass you could have bought a probably if still available where you could travel all European country or any European country that's isn't has agreed to this to to accept the euro pass right so you can travel by train to all the destinations right so you don't have to buy individual ticket just go to the counter showing your own pass and you get your ticket sometimes you pay a little extra fee right but at the time the UK did not accept the Europe pass so I went to Paris and you know I was limited of funds so from Paris I how didn't I get to Ireland I must have flown to her that everything was really cheap I think I took to Europe a Europe pass to a city that I could fly out of to go to Ireland who's in Germany I went to loop anyway I made my way to Ireland and I spent some time in Ireland because they accepted the Europe pass so you know I went to Dublin I went to Cork and you know tracked around a little bit and what to Belfast that was cool I really want to go see Belfast a Cheeto our thene how are you doing listening while I clean good to see you good to see you too as well Dean thank you for popping by swam to harvest the North Sea very very cold or is that what it was just straight called Gibraltar knowledge brought us further down I forget what the Strait is called there I should know through diplomacy the game of diplomacy you a sort of famous against England the Netherlands are the favourites against Sweden okay I won't lie and say warmest football has excited me as much as men's but the whole US vs. England hasn't been buzzin cool I have washed Women's World Cup in the past a few times but yeah it doesn't excite me either as much as done as World Cup if it was here I would go see some games in 1999 they visited your neck of the woods to watch the Grey Cup call BC is the most beautiful place I ever visited Grouse Mountain Wow yeah B season beautiful and Canada all of Canada's beautiful really I've been to many parts of Canada England will triumph Morton sense is that the Isle of that the the straight that's between no not the Isle of Man that's the Isle of Man is England and what do you call it Ireland right I'm thinking about the channel between France France and UK what's it called I forget what it's called uh-huh as far as that Canada goes every place in Canada nature wise Canada's absolutely beautiful right however BC has one thing it's just the channel is that what's called is it – no it's just gotta have a name sure true true he's got a Channel Islands is that what it's called Martin the English Channel the English Channel of course the English Channel thanks weeds Frenchy Scala – French dude – it's also called the English Channel and the boardgame the flow will see as well for some reason I thought it was called something else like the agency or something like this right the Asian being in the BellSouth English Channel and that Strait of Dover yeah I can't cool cool oh yeah nature in Canada all across Canada that nature is beautiful however there is a plus side to being on the west coast of Canada the mosquitos are only this big and they don't suck you dry if you go interior BC east of the Rockies the mosquitos for some reason just grow in size a little bit and the black flies come out and black flies can take chunks out of you especially in Labrador and up north up north black flies and mosquitos are crazy they're huge right so at the west coast of BC at nighttime you can sit outside without mosquito protection do you teach physics and math I teach mainly mathematics and I do teach physics as well there are certain topics of physics that I'm not good at I tell my students right off the bat I go look I'm not good at this part this section this chapter so I say it's on you we'll work on it together you know I have to make my way through the problem especially complicated ones right because I don't know the units I'm not familiar with the unit's right so physics is really all about units whatever it is you're talking about whatever system you're looking at everything before that is the mathematics right so I do teach mathematics and physics black flies was that the was that that was an ambulance that drove by we're really close to the hospital like walking wise it's like 15 minutes of walking riding a bike you're there in like two minutes three minutes driving you're there in like same time probably two minutes three minutes there's a funny bit on on YouTube about it the black flies on top never seen it so try to remember to look it up oh you try to submit a link Tsuru Tsuru if you want to submit links we have a discord page if you go to the discord page we have different folders that you can submit something and if you don't if you see if you don't see a folder that you want to submit content to just make a comment in general and either me or one of the subs one of the mods will create that folder right if you submit it there maybe in music the black fly song I think it would have been big help for me with as it was never my strength physics only when it comes to certain aerodynamics amour Motorsports cool yeah I can honestly tell you if you struggled in high school mathematics I could have helped you a lot straight out just because I know I've helped out a lot of people you know people who are getting late in the teens you know you know 15 16 17 getting them to understand mathematics and to a level where in Greek 12 they're taking math 12 and physics walbro it's just a system it's not that you didn't understand mathematics is that the system is horrendous and it didn't do it it didn't teach you math just looked up LaVon Krypton I think I have to watch it also didn't know he was logo but if they ever do little more right and this one was fun it added the humor which was good right if they ever put out a movie that does the last zarnian justice and that's a global miniseries that came out in 1990s in 1990 I believe 1990 in 1991 was a four-issue miniseries if they ever turned that into a movie and they do it justice Louisville will be one of the most popular iid can't call him a hero because he's an antihero or he's neither a hero nor a villain he just is like ever it will surpass spider-man is most popular or bad or whatever because it's brilliant do you support a football soccer team do i I used to I used to brother I used to I've went to my I won't say peak but the highlight of my soccer football fandom was I went to the 1994 World Cup okay in the United States and I wanted saw 11 games starting from round 1 the round-robin and I wanted saw as many of the second round games as possible the quarter-final whatever it was and I even when it saw the final with Brazil and Italy I wanted to saw third and fourth place I want to saw the semi-final so I I want to saw 11 games I spent a month in California in 1994 World Cup I still have the ticket stubs for them and I have amazing souvenir from the 1994 World Cup that I will show you guys one day if you're a soccer fan you did what sort of sort of sort of it's not that bad it's not that there was a mother and a sister in love to think it is not faculty have you been following the recent events that took place in Poland Portland Oregon is that the psilocybin they trotted legalize psilocybin if not that I don't think so if you tell me what the event is I might have heard about it they know where it was all the cement milkshakes is that in Portland Oregon I thought that was in the UK would have videos showing people pouring whatever chemical it is into these charms is that the cement milkshakes that's crazy I thought it was in the UK I like SIL Silva just to let you know where I stand right let me make sure this is the case yeah I hear they're making he-man in into a movie no way again please be better that being said it was fun getting that one too really but please be better please be better it's pretty nasty the cement is highly basic so it causes chemical it is pH basic that is Wow sounds also if you look like a kind of Terra funny funny cracker if your world revolves around seeing people with facial hair and thinking they look like who you who you've been programmed to think to associate them with man you gotta you gotta expand beyond your little bubble that's a nasty little bubble you put yourself in it caring but explosive man okay I'll take that I thought it was like or I get an empty file what is it I I don't know it was an Tifa from what her study I thought it was I tell you what you know it shows you were where I was right I thought it was in the UK because I I've seen the videos of people throwing the milkshake and the pictures on the on the brexit party and stuff in the UK Karen it caring but explosive around that and the by the way Fanny cracker I am a caring but I am I could be because some people consider me a little explosive if they push me I just find it ironic that a branch of the progressive left calling themselves an Tifa thought it'd be a good idea to attack beat and hospitalized a gay Asian Journal leaving in a brain hemorrhage during pride is that what they did silver insane but and that's the direction antiphon and he flies fascist they say they're supposed to be anti-fascist but their tactics are fascist they are fascists but I don't care whoever that says they're not they don't know what fascism is right it wasn't even crazy all right but they've been doing that like those anti-fascist those people that come on they say it's okay to punch people in the face punch fascists in the face they're being fascists it's not okay to punch people in the face for saying anything right that's being fascist like I think they're losing that loop in the UK they're chucking me to make sure milkshakes at people but normal make sure it just just to make fun of them yeah that's the one I know I just assumed they went more hardcore right in Oregon though recently the anti fest are doing cement milkshakes a new nasty one but crazy mirasta at least I think it's that the case could be mistaken does this fascism you talk about refer to Mussolini's idea aunt Eva doesn't realize that they're just the branch of like what they're doing if you're throwing cement just cement milkshakes at people they're just basically the strong arm of the corporate fascists right because they're doing the bidding of centralized power because once you start using violence on that level right at some point that violence is gonna come back on you few orders of magnitude higher right because you're taking all centralized power to a certain degree okay even if you don't know it even if that centralized power is supporting your actions they will come back once once they get you to do their dirty work for them they'll turn their guns on you right so is a corporate fascism it's the brutality of the corporate fascism no maverick what I'm gonna do gonna be timing your brother because I can honestly tell ya the hell was we're banning you're out let's cheat your fascism my house right for our house if anyone thinks I shouldn't the bed let me know Oh D Bennigan's fanny cracker I'm just gonna tie you out we're gonna grab your thing time you up let's see time out time out hey this is a great thoughts or frustrations so they can walk around with them without the cops thinking is wrong now they're gonna start banning anyone that can having containers and rallies right it's crazy u-kiss still waiting on a new prime minister but there still isn't a good choice yeah Boris just this is not a good choice but who else the other the other Lackey corporate Lackey but when they chuck it at people surprised it's not milkshake and you may have to go to a hospital with girls crazy soak up that looks like something else but it's full of cement just a lot of people Wow Wow it's like a normal mix shake up like you said but it's Phyllis I'm not like okay with the ban amber exes laughing is like yeah your house your rules you sent the troll to the gala glad y'all could go off of their heads to bands these leave my buddy oh oh whatever you call that we already been go over an hour a little bit it's great right oh it is quick dry cement so god damn it mix with a milkshake they're doing this because the longer cement stays in the milkshake the more damaging the burn can be even if you wash it off it can climb burn which gets worse over time extending deeper into skin to shoot with potential to damage muscle are you serious where's my bad but get bad those ding-a-lings second time lucky I think Leslie had Nick close second time Frankie exclamation mark I thought you had gone to bed yeah basic burn are worse than acid plants basic burns are worse than house burns really I didn't know about that really basic burn is worse than an acid burn crazy I should have paid more attention in chemistry that's one thing for sure NASA's burns you notice right away aha that's why base burns you don't exactly realize till later when it's worse and the damage is done Oh what would you do I don't know what I would do first of all you would have to catch the person right that did that and if you caught them what would you do I'll mention this she's the odd Mick is not here odd mech recommended Anatomy series in a previous stream it's called wake up and me I'll have to look it up again troopers Gruber but it's a great series when odd mix here I'll ask her I'll mention see yes give me a drink oh they're milkshake in Minecraft I'm not making in real life threats of course give him a drink of their milkshake in Minecraft yeah that would kill them one that no you don't want to kill them I want to kill people that just makes you a killer it's not good it's that you dad remember you left me no I didn't leave you I went to to work new legs actually are our thing no longer around but I've seen where KGB took people before they would be sent somewhere or released with paper that says not no threat to us s are cool cinder yeah I've read some of the history on what happened after World War two specifically after World War two because a lot of people assume that 1944 the war ended the war really a lot of death and destruction took place after that behind the Iron Curtain and in other places as well I don't like the way this is going either it seems like a tactic to create chaos the mayor had police stand down which allowed this to a fault let me see my question Silva as soon as I hear this is who were they agent provocateurs were they the police pretending to be anti fun throwing the acid on people all right or is cement on people I'm going to get to a point where they're having a mini civil war on the streets I think the civil war to a certain degree has already started Silva that's my take that's one thing I mentioned I've been mentioning to people for a couple of years now that the United States is are in a civil war Asha a little bit longer thereby destroying each other's points that they're trying to make yeah or one of the purposes for this might be to only bringing the extremes to make make it look like whatever party whatever group there's in the game is an extremist right so anyone moderate will just step back and let the government run amok where the corporation's run amok because the other choice would be to let these lunatics run amok right so there could be agent provocateurs isn't that like the third time now in port Portland 95 acting up and the cops were told to stand down see here's the thing with Portland Portland supposed to want a progressive cut progressive cities right like I've been to Portland a few times I saw two String Cheese Incident concert in Portland on New Year's Eve I learned how to hula hoop at a string cheese concert incident in the 90s right very progressive was progressive back then is more so progressive so is it possible that there's certain centralized powers that don't want that center core of understanding to take place or is it that they've gone down dark road right what do you think is the biggest issue in us Paulette our politics and do you think that that reflects in Canada or is there's just something different yeah our think the biggest issue in u.s. politics is u.s. foreign policy by far and beyond like it Dwarfs anything else okay the biggest issue that as far as I'm concerned everyone in Canada as well should be paying attention to is Western foreign policy if specifically if you're in the u.s. u.s. foreign policy intervention ilysm has been the norm has been there gained this being has been being played for last century really right if in the United States the non interventionist mindset can get a foothold where all the sudden you see the United States closing military bases around the globe right and taking those funds those resources that energy that training right and bringing it inward and building the US domestic infrastructure industry healthcare education just take all of those resources and just funnel it back right and this has to be done rapidly because as soon as you lose your clothes the united states closes the military bases around the globe they're gonna lose client states right dictators they put into power governments they have overthrown covert operations that they're doing either in that country are using those bases a satellite basis to create chaos around the globe right so that chaos is gonna take a little bit of time to sort itself out right anywhere between five to fifteen years right so in about five to fifteen 10 15 20 years down the road you're gonna start seeing the repercussions of the United States closing the military bases where you know on the most extreme front would be you the Saudi Arabia start selling oil in other currency but as soon as US pulls a sport the House of Saud has gone anyway right so there'll be a short period of a few years where the United States can take all of those funds that it's spending around the globe on a scorched earth mentality where if any nation doesn't abide by the will of the United States don't burn it down right take all of that energy all of that money all of those resources and focus it internally within five to ten years you're gonna see and you make it longer five to 15 years and about the same time span is gonna take for the business opportunities to disappear right new opportunities will come up right if it's done properly the United States will remain the top of the food chain in to global economics right even though they may lose a certain amount of their political power war waging power right influence but economically it'll be number one it will remain number one if it continues on the road that is continuing on right now it's on a downward spiral downward trend let's say it's not a spiral yet it's on a downward trend right the center of economic power is moving towards the east and within third 20 20 30 40 years the united states is gonna be a wreck compared to what it used to be 20 years ago okay US foreign policy is the number one issue for the United States for these elections the only people that matter that have the best intentions of American citizens in mind are those politicians who are setting their platform on non-interventionism period okay that's it everything else is irrelevant it's just a trickle did I mention it was in Berlin 1989 Wow I still have a piece of the wall you stopped a piece of the wall that's awesome Martin very cool that that's etched in my mind to people breaking the bricks down and stuff I went to Berlin I walked around in 98 and there was like sections of the wall you know it's small sections still up that's super cool that must have been a party and a half Martin I can't even imagine what that party was like like I was there I was cheering for Brazil to win the 94 World Cup right and I was there in LA partying with the Latino community right and in San Francisco partying with the Brazilians right that was phenomenal oh what a party that would have been nothing compared to once Berlin was in 1989 hey Chico how do you like Tulsi I love tours so I would just say love I love what I've heard of palsy so far I've watched some I've watched a couple of lectures she's given I've read a couple of things more than a couple of things she's written okay and I've watched some sound bites of her right I saw parts of her with Joe Rogan and stuff like this Tosi is head and shoulders above everyone else except Mike Gravel Mike Gravel and Tulsi are in the same footing Mike Gravel is wiser okay Mike Mike Gravel I hope uh pressing me correctly is knows the game better than Tulsi okay Tulsi has good intentions from what I can tell if my thing would be if on the same on the same level as a major improvement to US political situation would have happened if Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich would have parted ways from the Democratic and the Republican parties and formed their own party and they had ran into at least two presidential elections they could have run together they had so much in common they disagreed on extremes but they have so much in common right if they had ran together they had if they had formed a party and ran as independence political situation you nice things would have been a lot different now than it is at present right on the same front if palsy and Mike Gravel separate runners independence u.s. political landscape will be dramatically changed in the next elections and in future elections important agree that's what makes twacy appealing yeah yang Yang Yang – got to go Chicho so pg-13 so-so pochi 13 have a nice evening you – you – enjoy your evening sweet dreams if you're gonna sleep do you speak any other languages yeah I speak to other languages not very Walden I could only read and write English and English is by far the best language I know but I also speak Farsi Iranian Farsi and Armenian a lot of spider beings how are you doing welcome to the live stream I really like her aunty interventions policy yeah that's the main thing I focused on yeah an teen intervention against prohibition against censorship she's pro-second amendment which will automatically disqualify her to left from across the pond it looks looks to me like it's a straight race between Biden and Sanders and behind it is more horrendous than Sanders Biden is just by that is not going to win it Biden if Biden gets into power it means the election was rigged on the level of the DNC elections and when Sanders and Clinton we're running against each other running against each other right buy-in is like really it's a nobody the guy's a joke okay Sanders is he won't win neither of them will be Trump I'm currently running at the gym so this is perfect I listen to haha nice hope you have a good workout I'm gonna start hitting the gym soon too I'm gonna start taking weight study to the to the beach to do some exercise while I'm doing some writing some work I did it again sixteen thirds of doing it duping everywhere I really hope Biden doesn't leave like this and that's coming from a kind of Democrat I if I was a Democrat and the choice was Biden or a turd or the devil or vegetable or anything I would vote all of those before Biden and if if they put a gun to my head and said you cannot choose anybody else I would just scratch it just destroy the ballot that would never vote by them that's crazy Biden is too prone to gaffes which is perfect for Trump in debates and Biden is disgusting Sanders was good until he started pandering to the fat laughs yeah yeah Sanders was good king Canada I agree with you and then he betrayed his core he betrayed he rolled over like a good little boy right he threw his weight behind the mass murdering war criminal right now people say he had no choice I'm sorry assume your Biden you have one person here is Hillary Hillary Clinton you know is a mass murdering war criminal mass murdering war criminal he's talking tough against the next nuclear power in the world saying that she would go to war with Russia so you have Clinton mass murdering war criminal that is saying that he's going to go to war with Russia a nuclear power that can just Russia won't take it right and then on this side you got a trump which is a trump right he's cares about real estate money he lies he cheats he he's this he's this people say he's misogynist people say this piece of your service right and you put your weight towards your backing towards a mass murdering war criminal that's your morals as Sanders you should have said I refuse to participate in this charade okay I'm forming my own party and I'm gonna run for president I know I'm not going to win but there's no way I'm going to say this mass murdering or criminal would be better than your typical multi-millionaire I don't want to say typical their dirt yeah I don't want to use Robert your terms and stuff but Trump right really that's what Sanders chose no knocking Marvel not that I can't vote why I totally agree I don't believe anyone currently can beat Trump I don't think so when Trump won you know that was talking with people stuff I said look man the guy's gonna do two terms the guy's gonna do two terms the Democrats are corrupt they are so corrupt they're evil man okay not that the other ones aren't right but in the elections you saw what it was I think Sanders would have won against Trump in 2016 racer kill I think so too there are many who aren't loyal to a party but want an on and stablishment present not a part of this population would have voted Sanders of a trump 100% i I'm racer killed I'm 100% agree with you Sanders would have beat Trump so Obama's legacy never says well what's Obama's legacy Obama's legacy is Trump okay that's what one has a legacy okay the Democrats put Trump in power and they're all happy about it though if the stock market went up there making mint there's more Wars coming or they're trying to start more wars or they are doing more worse sanctions or wars Tulsi is the best hope for America yeah and my gravel that we need moderates even in China agreed Kim Canada we need moderates we need people that don't do crap around the globe our foreign policy is the most important thing I like centers better than Trump though but he won't win I feel like Sanders could have stood a good chance against Trump yeah Spyder he would have won in 2016 I don't have a doubt they would have won running against him now after he folded and supported a workroom he's not gonna win no way Sanders could have turned against Hillary if I couldn't turn against her if he did he'd have committed literal suicide yeah he would have been Clinton eyes right by shooting himself eight times and foot back yeah so excited you know that looks like crazy we're laughing at it but the Clinton death sheet is enormous right cult hunter hey Cheech oh you wear of the cloud world and the hunkler me from Fortran that is making fun of the world no I haven't seen those cloud world and Claire no I don't know those cold hunter sure I looked those up I know we did post them in politics or something in the discord in the politics this court that way I'm not in danger of disconnecting the livestream I'm not connected directly to the modem right now I had to move the modem because tomorrow were in the patio so I was testing the system making sure that going doing a live stream without being directly connected connected it's still gonna work Trump's message is much weaker now though he hasn't brought much change make America great again Keep America great Irie securely he's done more for the American working class than Obama did so I think he's done more for the American working class than obama did when obama and clinton were coming on the same we're doing great the economy is great the american working class was what are you talking about right so he's done certain things he's trying to make peace I don't know if it's legit like Obama making peace with Iran I don't know all right who's really in control the United States is it president Bolton right because it wasn't Bush jr. foreign policy was not Bush Junior's responsibility foreign policy was president Cheney's responsibility right Obama and Clinton they divvied out be divided out the responsibilities of foreign policy Obama had his kill list killing people and Clinton was around starting wars I really wish that when the dams lost in 2006 that they looked internal yet the problem with the party not trying to turn the other party into the devil yeah or bring up Russia Gaelic what are you guys talking about like booty man what they Hollywood Russia evil what what what let me I know people who actually believe that garbage I was like what are you do we can't talk anymore you're totally brainwashed stop it right like older people younger people and the younger people no I don't want to really believe that the older people Chucho what do you think is the best person to be our prisoner right now my gravel tulsi gabbard not personally if they would ever come back I would take ron paul and dennis kucinich dude a spider right now if if they said if they said okay ron paul and dennis kucinich are forming a party they're gonna run for president and start a party and these are all the people they're putting into the different districts that are gonna be voting and stuff like this and you know for Congress for two years later and the valta joke of the elections and stuff Matt Ron Paul Dennis Kucinich if they ever do it they won't write next closest best thing is Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gravel time for bed good night waits goodnight waits thank you very much for the for the sub hope you have sweet dreams man I'm well aware occur and whatnot the fact that they can poked so many holes in the Democratic Party's position I just wish it wasn't so full blatant racism is it okay come on world mean is not terribly complicated it's almost like Neil ISM trying the tree in the world we live it like some ridiculous comedy and just finding humor and everything even bad stuff sort of sort of if I'm powerless to change the world then it can sit back and laugh at it yeah I don't know if I would like that not much we're not powerless we were very powerful we're very powerful Ralph Nader showed that right Ralph Nader showed that by coming together forming to meet groups and communities and collectives you can bring about major change yeah don't like anything from Fortran it gets racism Nixon sure and I would go beyond that I would say don't like anything from the real world racism can be mixed in right that's a great way to put it though like anything from Fortran Trump's reelection machine is unstoppable raising more than 16 million dollars sixteen hundred sixteen million plus already thirty six men in the past few weeks and will only continue which is unprecedented for any sitting president he did something extremely smart he started his fundraising as soon as he was elected water has passed presidents of waited till after the first though money is not not everything then now money is not everything when it comes to elections but it's a huge part yeah so that money rules the United States anyway almost 50 years system moon-landing but did it happen the first one who knows the subsequent ones yeah I think they landed a few times I looked at that stuff a while ago my bro space is not even real but to be fair most people don't have the knowledge to make any judgment whether space or whatever exists yeah we're decide to pick mathematic background right that's the kicker right like the one thing I found with people who believe in certain things right imagine if we're actually living in an enclosed system but don't let's say on a flat plane I think the classic classical argument if the moon landing didn't happen then the Soviet Union would have said something is good enough racer killed us pretty good point pretty good point that's a great argument I've never heard that before that's what the Bible says the firmament first one was to scare the Russians into giving up yeah I believe so Martin honker we're Neela's subreddits Oliver I read and made many good points but there was a lot of racism as a Canadian I can't stand for that we are beautiful mix of ethnicities to stand for freedom hike in Canada for me I can I can I go to forums okay where there are certain racist comments and racist content if you totally disengage from people who have distorted views of a reality then you're handing them over to the extremists right so they have to be challenged they have the dialogue has to has to be open right dude I've had people in Canada tell me to speak English in their country where I've gotten into fights with them and they've told my mom and grandma and stuff like this racists are real they exist totally disengaging with them is not the solution engaging with them is a solution cutting off platforms to their lies rhetoric misconceptions stupidity is the wrong decision I think everything should be open other than just blatant you know there are certain things for sure like I'd ban a couple of people here I couldn't make the argument that okay this is our house so it's not an open forum it's our house right so we're not you know that but the truth is you also have to be real about what it is you're saying and your engagement right Wow Majid that's just some older I got a thicker skin I've had to put up with racism all my life right so I realized just ignoring them or fighting them physically is not a solution you have to engage in challenge make them realize how stupid they are right and if they don't want to realize it that's okay if it's on an open forum there are other people reading it and maybe you save that one kid that ten-year-old that might be reading this stuff that all son goes hey wait a second this guy has a point what and then they start questioning which can't create bubbles I might have gone off on that other brother I just have to say it right they faked it doing very American that's funny like said earlier though it's always worth separating the Casas from the people and then looking at it there's always bound to be racist people but things they couldn't could get involved with don't automatically make those things racist sir up per Saru very well put agreed agreed it's just those people coloring what they get involved with yeah that's why when Trudeau said we have no national identity it really pissed me yeah true there was a clown right but is he is he worse than the conservative clowns no he's better than the Kritzer clowns I wish Jacqueline was still around I was jacked late most around we do we are a nation of immigrants we should be proud of that yeah King Canada we definitely have a Canadian national like identity 100% and national I um I tell people I think I mentioned this to people a lot um um west coast Canadian right Canadian in general we have a certain certain mindset there are pockets of anomalies races and separatists and Exceptionalist and all this jazz but if you take a broad stroke across Canada there is a certain vibe that comes out there's definitely 100% of national identity all right almost 3 a.m. I'm not working five hours oh no it's over catch you later have a great evening you too and hope you have good fastly powerful sleep okay not a great work day tomorrow tomorrow's a holiday yes Canada Day or a cannabis day engaging racists makes sense because if you shun them or D platform or censor them that can lead to extremism or even violence down the road 100% they get forced out of places so they cluster among their own kind in echo chambers 100% agree 100% agreed I think the last decade has done a lot to breed racism racism I think it's done a lot to bring racism to the forefront racism was there has been there for a very very long time okay racism stops when people believe they are the same that's why there isn't much racism between white people with safe blond or brown hair they imagine themselves as the same but lately a lot of movement even those who stand against racism intentionally create authorization of different ethnic groups against white majorities in Western countries racer killed one hour centigrade there basically and that's being done from centralized power right they're trying to divide and conquer woman right in this math psychology of fascism he tackles the subject right he talks about this how how the central power does this to a certain degree I heard Mongolia is quite racist dangerous for Taurus I don't know I've worked with Mongolian once she made a lot of jokes about the Mongolian Empire going into villages and cutting people off and dragging him by their entrails behind their horses I was like what and she was a female right she would laugh haha like that that is deep also engaging then it should be easy because they're racist I mean if you can't if you chant about argue and Nazi well I think you're hard icky when sweat like the way you put things the best disinfectant is sunlight yeah oh that's a great sink in Canada I grew up and come back there's massive racism there yeah that's a great scene in regards to put him in the light the best disinfectant is sunlight I'm gonna try remember that Kim Canada the québécois who wants to separate since before I was born Canada's not perfect but to me it's better than most other countries because of our tolerance that's sucking Canada Quebec represents a q-see warrior right awesome I should have read the name first nice now we're into two hours crazy time flies some salute what I mean all your back I blind this dinner was good gave up good good good I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner man awesome awesome you came in time for a closing right we're into our second hour my patios lush green man I set up the so tomorrow 7:00 a.m. I got to get up with like 5:30 6 o'clock to set things up a little bit not that I have to get off a you be up a battery and now we're after I get up I'm gonna go set up for seven o'clock session so tomorrow most likely I'm gonna try to I'll show you guys some of the flats that we have we're gonna do some yeah I don't know if we'll do any potting we've bought some little plants that we're gonna we're gonna try to plot I just want to show you the patio and at some point this year we don't have a barbecue we've been barbecue to friends places and relatives places but this year we're gonna get a barbecue and I'll show you guys my shish kabob recipes that they're fantastic I make good kebabs chicken kebab beef kebab and hamburger kebabs like ground beef kebabs very very delicious so hopefully this summer we'll get a chance to do that so this will be our first live stream tomorrow in the patio and hopefully the weather permitting it might be a little windy we'll see I've set it up that early because that way the Sun is not gonna hit the camera otherwise would have to be later on a stuff like this but we'll do more any advice on growing spider plants mind that your spider plants died dude I got if you were here I would give you spider spider plants don't need any care in Canada there don't water them very much that's one thing the main reason that many plants house plants die is because of over watering so don't water them very much water them maybe once a week if you want if the peak hot season maybe twice a one once every two days once every three days but make sure the soil gets dry right like we have I don't know how many spider plants one two three four five six I got six in my line of sight and one of them is huge but two of them are huge too one huge one medium-sized and stuff regarding the honker stuff honk honk ler because it it's somewhat aligns with what I understand this world we live in politics everywhere are affected after and I despise politics in his current state in almost every aspect and I'm a person who also has a small amount of political knowledge or skill as for Fortran being racist or not in my opinion most of the time they say all those things just because of some random social justice warriors being there it makes Fortran look like they they really are racist job ops Martin you dude you will love these kebabs you love I'm an advocate of free speech above all me to racists or not I don't care the meat to cold Hunter I agree with you 100% it's all for nothing if you don't have freedom yeah but that's why that's my take on this huge world with living ok I think that's what I did wrong yeah yeah you must have overwatered I King Canada don't water too much if you put them in a small pot alright when the roots get tangled like they don't have a room to grow let's start giving off lots of shoots so that way you can collect the shoots when they give roots you can put the shoots in the water if you want to propagate your spider spider plants propagating like mad maybe really yeah there's a reason we have like I don't know at least eight nine spider plants of course journalists are going to seek out the absolutely worst post even obvious troll post they could find a Fortran to paint it as a den of degenerate also sometimes even the journalists themselves actually make the post they arrived yeah yeah and one thing like the form I go to I start a forum so this like a platform and it's the vote by the way if you if you want to know I go to vote right at certain subs right so I go to vote racism their posts are crazy some of it like it's insane right sometimes I engaged on just usually down vote up right the racism I seen on vote is more than the one I saw on Fortran right only in certain sub rats sub votes or vote I forget what they're called I've been there from early on I've been there for a few years now right as soon as another option was available I went there as well I'm still on reddit but not very much only three or four to three sub reddits right on vote I'm only on – okay two or three you're right I also go to set it I'm on two right we have our discord page I go to so the goal expose yourself to a different mindsets that are out there it's always easy to find the worst of something same movement and a paint wider range of people palpable as a same by the way she should do you make a mean laminar no no I don't know how to make lama-june but we will someday la module is more Eastern or me you know more Western Armenia I didn't grow up eating la Madrid but I love it tastes so good I can't get any here freedom speech above all else yeah FBI shitposting now that's something like I'd like to see I wonder if they do good green text haha yeah hey buddy Jared Forge Jared fool how are you doing welcome welcome Voltas cesspool I left reddit for a vote and I couldn't stand the depending on King Canada bet anymore where you are right the comments horrendous some of the post horrendous not in some there's a lot of posts that are horrendous right but there are gems there there are certain things you're gonna see on there which you can't see in other places right and not because they're racist it's just because they're more alternate than other places right now we're at a time where you have to for me anyway I have to sample what's out there because it's been so divided there's so much censorship that you have to go to some of these bubbles and get their perspective because there's a reason why it exists did you see the meeting between the US president and North yeah did my house already doing house life yeah I saw him step over walk shake hands and a little press conference the important moment we talked about this little earlier by doing not sure how much they do but like last week it was a show some for your darkness where the FBI use Fortran is proof and if the picture isn't talking as opposed to use that you indicate themselves that there's not much of morons seriously but the kicker is they're presenting the stuff to Congress or Supreme Court or whatever it is that know less about technology the internet than they do crazy of a bit racist I love Black Cats I haven't used for trend much recently yeah I've gone there for a long time for trend a trend I went there for a little bit it's just so much you can check right but most people are Fortran aren't just lonely people normally social outcasts and they internet lets them all gather together which is cold Hunter which is perfectly fine that's their community that's their community any community if that's the type of people that they're they're enjoying themselves a lot of enjoy themselves what's the problem right and I know you're you're okay with by the way this is not directed at you it's just a general comment right not as much anymore yeah normal is flooding in recently haha for sure I've seen lots of people give up on the idea of killing themselves because of an anonymous comment awesome awesome that's also very true and most of the time they are just doing memes really bad ones I thought most people go Fortran for porn you can go anywhere for foiling the internet we can get born anywhere can you think some of the forms you follow them Aarthi the comic book forums on reddit with how the inform on reddit I go to world politics on the vote conspiracy on the vote conspiracy on reddit world politics and conspiracy on set it those are the main ones I'm plus sometimes you can actually and I should put disclaimers in there but I won't write it's there's disclaimers in there but I don't and plus sometimes you can actually have some decent discussion with other people from all sides of the world I've learned certain things from racist as well right so it's not just about educating people you disagree with or you think they have the wrong perspective where you think that are racist it's also learning from them why do they have that perspective what do they know that I may not know what made them not like you learn from them right by engaging okay I will check it out I really can't stand blatant racism though cuz to me wow there's a lot of Braeden blatant racism one vote I'll tell you that right off the bank back in Canada you don't have to go there well there's so many there's so many amazing places to acquire news and information and engage that you don't have to expose yourself to crap that you really don't want it because there's a lot of stupid people around right it's pure stupidity yes pure stupidity mind you I love a good race is true because he should be able to fulfill itself on the topic of racism I just don't agree with this fixation as it being the primeval I don't think racer kill I don't think it's a prime either personally personally I don't think racism is the primary evil of the world personally I don't see racism is different from other group conflicts in a lot of religions in the world there are groups who hate each other various reasons same religious the effect is almost entirely the same as those of racism in the end there's a group of people who imagine themselves as different which leads to groups of comfort yeah I don't think personally I don't think racism is the greatest evil in the world not by a long shot greed maybe is it it's okay to be greedy sometimes I don't think there's the greatest evil I think maybe the benign things like when you see evil you don't speak out that's a great evil that's one of the greatest evils you could you could commit all right if you see war crimes taking place and you say it's okay right which is my opinion is the better path to reaching a real conclusion to the subject fair enough because because so many people post from all over the world yeah and that's super important super important you get that breaking news headline news the real news not the CNN filtered news or the Fox filtering news or whatever filtered news whatever something is happening it gets posted right away most of the time it's faster up-to-date on the news then dedicated news that you just have to learn to either grow thick skin to be an offensive stuff or learn to sit through it for the content yeah and also you learn what's you're gonna form you learn which posts are garbage and which posts aren't right you start following not following but recognizing users that are posting relevant important information and the type of titles they put on them so it's just like the real world right you use a filter when you see someone with a baseball bat with nails sticking out of it swinging out like this you go okay maybe I'm not gonna go talk to that person right go over here talk to the person handing out cake all right so you slowly learn a Cheeto what is your opinion on the N word being tab on social media on on it being acceptable to be said by blackboard you know what dude I don't say it anymore because because sure right but to me I don't focus on words right man you should hear the things people have called me all right sometimes I count on off sometimes that's not I engaged them something the kicker is all these people that are fixated on the N word they're okay with destroying Libya they don't know that believe me I got destroyed right but don't they'll bring out the pitchforks and hang you for anyone that uses the n-word right oh it's not logic how does that how does that play out right I don't get it I think it's completely stupid no word should be property of anyone let alone a race yeah I agree with you pulled on to right and I know there's white people that use the n-word rappers use the n-word right some rappers say it all you should there are black rappers I say no I'll never use that word again alright and they have a good reason they say why they would never use that word again and I agree with them right they don't want to use it fantastic they've convinced me maybe not maybe do there are other rappers and save down what are you kidding me I can use whatever I would they use it and they make good arguments right so it's a personal choice period no matter its meaning no matter its meaning I mean lots of black people say pigs the police officers yeah and crackers to white people today because we are white like cracker that grabs me up cracker comes from the whip zone is that what it is Oh cracker comes from the whip sound I've heard that from some black friends they said they only say white like a cracker because it's less shocking to hear oh really at least that's what I heard I personally do not share anything about race or people it's the ideas and beliefs of people that I will judge them all and their actions their actions I'm glad you put the actions in their cold Hunter it's their actions that matter a lot yeah like there are people that talk a fly talk write a bitch what they do is prevent us yeah I've heard that before as well boy yeah Fortran when any word when any world event happens is much faster than most news places I still think racism is bad racism is about right miles racism don't be a racist what are you an idiot you hate people because of their eye color or their hair color their skin color their religion the food they eat the way they think what kind of a retard are you right especially if you're committing violence again at Lake what okay you are in desperate need of serious and fusion reprogramming right but it doesn't mean you should ban them from society they exist we have to question why do they exist and it's all economic based it's really economic base right even here it says the the arguments it talks about the flashes and stuff like this and it's explaining the the rise of fascism and what took place and there's a lot of dialogue goes in there that the the main driving force behind that was economic to a certain degree okay and then they came up with philosophy with the gene pool getting this and the polluted and and then you any scientists any mathematician you you look at that stuff you find a hole in it like this big right no like way beyond past people a state powers up time niccola's thanks brother sure I think we got a caller the stream jij Oh over time what is always bet unless it is to do this go you don't want the skull the squirrels brother minutes okay check this out one of the I don't have it here wanted the old school fantastic for that I read what the scrolls and scree whatever the other ones right you always thought squirrels were the bad guys right and then oh no it was offended that Maura Captain Marvel movie and you saw it and the comic books as well well you find out oh the other race was really bad trying to escape both these guys and stuff so there's always always it for perspective when I'm with my friends I guess isn't in Portugal not as taboo as well the N word doesn't exist in Portugal but I use it on the internet just for the fact that it's taboo justice white people had worse hurt them yeah cold under for me I wouldn't do that personally why threw gasoline on a fire right which you know the fire is burning the place down right no one will stop me for saying whatever I want sure but cold hunter can you say things in a more productive way more in a way that's gonna have a bigger impact on them then just engaging their triggers right plant seeds in there that will last with these people much longer than triggering them right so you can poke them yeah all you want right if that's the joy you get who says you know we're supposed to dictate to you how you should enjoy the internet right or enjoy your life or interacting your life right in the real world you might get punched in the face a few times right online you might piss off the wrong person they might figure out where you are and send you some viruses right or whatever else but there are better ways to live your life really there are better ways to live your life it's a matter of choice races and weapon of the uneducated when you have nothing left to attack with Martin well set right there really is too much focused on surface level image in this in this mu clinton is good she constantly talks about various topics of progress ISM and so on racism isn't even that effective when I walk that's what to be honest Creed the Cree that's right thanks Nicholas the Korea I can't believe like I was calling a screed the creep defending the scrolls sounds like skull talk to me I mean if someone argument something against you to attack that that so I'm gonna skip down a little bit gay cold hunter not that I would want to just go around triggering people but people who are like that and get triggered by everything sometimes they really could use some this is this is disincentives that I feel you I have engaged in certain activities to trigger people as well I think they call the strolls around but in real life as well in gatherings but that's just fun there are better ways if you really want to bring about change there are better ways to engage people and I suppose on the internet it is called a way of doing that I'm exhausted no reason okay Martin we got to call it gang thank you for being here okay thanks for sticking around conversations got all weird a little bit when all the races are ruined this is the longest discuss we found on racism that's popped up in our channel I'm not sure how we dealt with that what we've done with it okay I think so anyway hopefully anyway and as someone mentioned racism that if you're racist you dude okay I hope you guys have a fantastic fantastic night good night everyone good night and if you can make it I'll see you guys tomorrow in the patio okay bye for now

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