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now to the other big aspect of this story and that's domestic abuse according to the CDC nearly one in three American women will have experienced some form of domestic abuse at some point in their lifetime this very high-profile incident has started something of a national conversation about a topic that of course is very personal to so many Americans and that includes our own Tamron Hall who was with us in the studio here tonight Tamron welcome Brian good to see you it is personal for millions of families including my own and for those who advocate on behalf of domestic abuse survivors but I think this conversation today proves something you don't have to be personally affected to know that this is a public crisis 4.7 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year with women ages 18 to 24 most at risk only 55 percent of the cases of domestic violence or ever reported to police and he slapped me on a beard and duct-taped me I recently sat down with a group of strong women who are the faces behind the numbers like Sheena this woman told me she and her daughter were abused he then grabbed my daughter's thigh and just squeezed it with the same pressure that he was squeezing my neck in 2004 my own sister was found dead in her home while no one was ever brought to justice police told my family all signs pointed to domestic violence sadly she is not alone today the hashtag why I stayed was trending on Twitter she may stay because she believes it's better to keep her family together she may stay because she loves the abuser there are a lot of complicated reasons why people may stay then senator now Vice President Joe Biden introduced the Violence Against Women Act which was signed into law 20 years ago it allows funding for shelters gives prosecutors and police more power and allows an order of protection to follow a person state to state the one regret I have is we call it domestic violence as if it's a domesticated cat it is the most vicious form of violence there is because not only the sickle scars they're left the psychological scars that are left and since 1996 the national hotline for domestic violence they've received 3 million calls Brian that means on the line was a woman asking for help and who answered someone who was there that's incredible

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  1. Ok  it's now time to forgive…..we all are sinners in the eyes of God. This man is not prefect, and makes mistakes like we all do so let them heal and lets forgive this man of this terrible mistake so we can all move on.

  2. What a terrible tragedy on domestic abuse. This case will take a long time to be rectified. I hope Ray Rice and his wife can work it out without going through a legal separation of filing for a divorce. Divorce lawyers throughout the U.S. are busy with these types of high profile domestic violence cases all the time…I feel many are losing their patience and understanding about what a real marriage based on love ans not money should feel like.

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