Rejected Thanksgiving Parade Floats with Snoop Dogg

-So, today was Thanksgiving,
which means two things — everyone in America has been
asleep since 3:00 PM, and we had
the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade has
so many great floats, but there’s a lot
that don’t make the cut. So I thought we could have
a mini parade for all the floats that weren’t
good enough for the big leagues in our new segment,
“Rejected Thanksgiving Floats.” [ Cheers and applause ] Now, ooh! It is a beautiful
1:45 AM in the morning. How you feeling, Snoop?
-I’m cold in here, man. -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Let’s watch a parade, shall we?
-Let’s go. -Alright, here comes
the first float. Oh, would you look at that? Yes, it looks like
it’s the Fyre Fest float. -What?
-Yes. -Wait a minute.
-This float is, of course, cut from the parade every year, because it doesn’t look
anything like what the float organizer
said it would look like. -I’m just saying,
where’s the meat? Where’s the beef?
Where’s the meat? -You just got the bread
with the cheese and a bleeding, dehydrated
social media bro who might just perform oral sex
for a bottle of water. -Oh!
-You look desperate. He looks desperate, Snoop. -He looks
desperately seeking Susan. [ Laughter ] -And just like the real
festival, Blink 182 is nowhere to be seen. Alright, next we have the —
Oh, yes, it is the — it’s a flat Earth after all
float. Oh, this is a good one. -Oh, wow. -Always a fan-favorite. This float celebrates
flat Earth theory that is spreading, ironically,
around the world. Do you think the Earth is flat,
Snoop? -♪ It’s a flat world after all ♪
-Mm-hmm. I mean, sure.
Believe whatever you want — the world is flat,
vaccines are poison, the moon is made of milk. Nothing matters. Speaking of
not mattering anymore, I think you’re gonna like
this one. This next float is about
rapper T.I. Let’s bring it out.
[ Audience shouting ] It’s the T.I.’s holiday
gynecologist appointment. [ Cheers and applause ] What do you think of this one? -[ Laughs ] -This rejected float shows —
-That’s funny. [ Laughter ] -Shows a beloved
T.I. family tradition when his daughter’s gynecologist
tells him that she’s a virgin. Whoa. I mean, that’s kind of
weird, don’t you think, Snoop? -Hey, man. It’s Thanksgiving. [ Laughter ] -Alright, what we go up next? I think you’ll
really like this one, actually. I think it’s gonna be
your favorite. This is our 420, a Danksgiving,
celebration float. -Oh, let’s see it.
-Let’s bring it out. [ Cheers and applause ] This float is a salute to
getting high and staying high and should be out here
any minute. -In five, four, three, two…
-Oh. -♪ Buh, buh-da, ba ♪ -Oh, it looks like, Snoop, you forgot to finish the float
again. -What happened?
-I think — I think that they were so high
they didn’t finish the float. -You alright? You good? -I’m fantastic.
You just — You messed up. -I mess– No, let me
tell you something. Look here, partner.
I don’t mess up. One thing I can tell you
is two things for sure, you done messed up. -Okay, I’ll take that and I’ll
tell the producers I messed up. -Okay. Attaboy.
-Yeah, you better. And you tell them we want
a season two of this show. -That’s right.
-You take that back there, too. [ Cheers and applause ]
-That was “Rejected Thanksgiving Floats.”

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  1. How FIYAH is this that you've got Snoop on the show, Lilly?! One of the best to ever do it, PERIOD. Definitely hyped to check for this full episode tomorrow night.

  2. Lilly You're a " Rock Star!" Snoop was laughing @ your great jokes!
    Sending positive vibes your way.
    Peace love dream's!πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  3. "And you tell 'em we want a season two of this show."
    If Snoop Dogg himself tells he wants the second season, you have no choice but to give the second season to people.

  4. Those who haven't watched the entire clip and wondering, 2:01 is exactly when Snoop's weed started kicking in. πŸ˜…

  5. Thank you for introducing your subscribers to the Flat Earth concept. For anyone who is curious, ask yourself: How do I know it's a globe, without using a space agency? It's harder than you think. Do your own research, and never stop asking questions. Long Live Flat Earth.

  6. The only thing truthful in this segment is the β€œ it’s a flat world after all”

    The earth is flat and motionless just as it appears…

    Research flat earth. Google David Weiss Flat earth

  7. I get the vibe that Lilly views black people as props. Something entertaining and pretty to be tossed aside when she's done. I used to be a fan, but… I hope she learns that we are in fact human beings.

  8. I didn't get to watch the whole episode due to the local television cutting it off, I'm so sad I was looking forward to seeing this episode

  9. Snoop showed up at and was ON the show, he showed up IS the point he made himself while on the show, wasn't that the whole point of the exercise? I get it.

  10. legendary snoop doggy dogg loved by whole world.. thank you lilly for bringing legend… love from your home punjab… πŸ’™..

  11. If you think you live on a ball flying through outer space without ever questioning it or seeing it for yourselves then the jokes on you. More proof on my channel

  12. Making this show is a mistake
    It's so unfunny, such forced laughter
    I need an edit made where there is no forced studio laughter, maybe then people will see how bad it really is 🀣

  13. how the fuck are you finna have a show this fucking horrible… trash jokes and laughter. not only that you got lilly, like always, talking about being a bi woman of color. i’m sorry but you shouldn’t make a show just to talk about that

  14. You , you you you fucking suck at everything, I'm not sexist but you go to kitchen and stay the rest of your life there, don't come out , never there is not a single joke that is funny , i mean there is no joke it only you speaking and telling how not white you are . You are just awful just go and be a mom and don't mess it up too

  15. What's so funny or exciting about this?
    EDIT: Also, why have a legend like SNOOP and not have him involved properly? she could have just done this her self

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