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Report: Emails may prove Mark Zuckerberg knew about Facebook privacy issues

Report: Emails may prove Mark Zuckerberg knew about Facebook privacy issues

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. All that money and he can’t get a grown up haircut.
    True what they say! Money can’t buy you everything. AKA class!

  2. It was so funny people don't care still Facebooking and snapchatting???it's baffling with some people would do just for some likes

  3. how does anyone think the Zuckster made so much money off of facebook, without selling it. he showed that from the very begining that he was shady.

  4. Facebook will be fined $5 billion by the FTC and the public will forget a month later because they have no comparable options. There is nothing that will stop Zuckerberg except board members ousting him, which won’t happen, and $5 billion is couch change to Facebook.

  5. Is this a worse offense than what Hillary did?
    I would think her crime would have much more severe consequences.

  6. I had to make a pseudonym Facebook page for privacy reasons but somehow Facebook still suggests friends to me of people I know even though I don’t have that person in my contacts or iPhone and I have never mentioned anything. I got no clue how Facebook algorithm is smart enough to even know I am distantly connected to someone without me or my phone supplying any info and even with a fake profile

  7. That's too bad if if they wouldn't want us to see the truth. It's our right! Big Company's get away with too much! It's time for change.Bernie for President 2020!

  8. Facebook has destroyed many lives… Shut it down! Force people to become human beings that respect each other face to face.. No more trolling!

  9. They all know even those outside of facebook cause that's what it was designed to do! Some are just upset with mark cause they can't do it anymore 🕵️🙅🕵️🙀! Lmao!

  10. Shocking that the guy who owns a information gathering advertiser company knew about the criminal conduct of data breaches|selling…


  11. Kind of like 'old world' accusing 'new world' of doing what "old world" has been doing all along. It's usually called college diploma. Promise them the world from kindergarten to Gallup Poll . . . just hit the strip mall and ask consumers about whatever . . . while they're students.

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