Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley condemn Trump in explosive press conference

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  1. Trump will be elected. It has to happen. Wandering after the beast is in prophecy so just move out of the way and let this karma build.

  2. Ha ha ha!
    I have told you so many times already, the US is still a WHITE CHRISTIANS COUNTRY!
    You coloured people should stay low!
    Only the Chinese people are proud to proclaim that they are a mixed-blood, multi-racial and multi-cultural civilisation.

  3. Condemn trump wont condemn Omar antisemitism. Bummer. Pressly saying if your black and a conservative you have no voice. Tlbia taking pictures with Louis farrakhan . Aoc Duke as a box of rocks

  4. Lady it's a good thing we have a large country because you take up more than your fair share of space.

    These so called asylum seekers could get asylum Mexico but they come to the US to get more free stuff than they could get from Mexico.

  5. We the People Condemn you Traitors! U should all be hanged for Treason to this country by your necks until you have paid for your crimes against the USA 🇺🇸.

  6. This brod has absolutely no live for America. Look at her rolling her eyes the whole time. Pathetic. Trash.

  7. I do enjoy watching the traders Democrat party eat itself but nevertheless they’re disgusting pigs these for are ugly ugly women

  8. I would be mad too if the Democrats used me as a pawn. Vote these American haters out of congress when the time comes or else they will be getting a pension for the rest of their lives courtesy of the American people.

  9. It looks like the democrats are using minority women as political pawns. They alway love abusing everyone's emotions. God forbid if Biden was the leader they really do hate old white men because they are not a big enough victim. Everyone's being called a racist now even Pelosi. I think they are reading from a script from deep within the swamp.

  10. These 4 America hating anti-white racists haven't got a combined IQ of 150 between them. And now they are the face of democrats. Brilliant move!

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