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  1. Stone's housefly sycophants who tooled about at his place and pretended to be bodyguards but mainly ran counter intel like those memes targeting his judge will continue to sputter about like diseased Alka Seltzer tablets spilled into the Black Sea.

  2. Glenn cracked me up when he hypothesized grilling Stone after his sentencing. "How 'bout now, sport?"
    Sport. I'm still laughing at this little thing.

  3. Roger Stone will be fitted with an orange jumpsuit for selling America to Russia through Trump!  Roger Stone is a liar and the worst kind, because he's using the Trump playbook…say anything and 43% of Trumpers will believe you!

  4. Mueller’s gone 6 for 6 on trump’s campaign criminal charges from that Russia investigation…. guess what? Trump’s guilty too 😳

  5. The Americans better get rid of Trump or start living under a dictatorship and start dismantling the the Statue of Liberty seeing that there will be no Liberty🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  6. "Manafort and Stone successfully thwarted this investigation". You Christians out there, is that the best you can do for heroes? Jesus would have punched you right in the collective nose.

  7. America! Has anyone asked the question "why do we have so many liars in government positions, high positions, elite wealthy………. all we hear about is liars. Everyone lies.

  8. I know eventually Trump going to wish he never ran for president. He could have continued living his crime life under the radar. When you're the president you are under microscope and open to scrutiny.

    So you're telling me the Republicans drafted most of these new rules for depositions and other inquiry investigating tools. And now they have trouble with it now that it's being used the hypocrisy is smells really fishy. What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander.

  9. So if a president and a political party conspire to steal money, rig elections, extort other countries, blackmail companies/people …….and the president agrees to pardons all around, there is zero consequence???? It’s absurd.

  10. Obama would have been locked up at the inaugration. WHITE PRIVILEGE. Racism is dead HA HA DAVIS. Being president is going to be a breeze.

  11. Ford pardoned Nixon … GOP goons getting worse… it means 100’s of billions over next 15 years …trillions for corporations and politicians want all they can get … POWER

  12. Even if things appear bad for Rudy now, at some point soon Trump will try to throw Rudy under the bus to save his own skin.
    Rudy will then try to put the blame back on Trump to save his and the last wheel will be off their cart,
    When thieves fall out, honest men profit.

  13. Remamber the day Stone first appeared in court,,both hands raised over his head, ala Nixon, making victory signs?

    I bet he looked a bit different today.

    I love it, A real schadenfreude moment

  14. Caught corrupt crook Stone cold, but contemptible clown wouldn't confess to crimes charged in court! Clueless clown case incinerated, quickly to be incarcerated in correctional compound! Witting or unwitting Russian agent, obstructing justice.

  15. After Toxic Traitor Trump tried terrorizing today's witness–testimony describing the witness being terrorized earlier by Terrorist-in-Thief's goons–think it's time for goofy goon Giuliani to get the guillotine.

  16. Time to bust the Don of the Trump organized crime syndicate. Once again, a federal court drains more swamp:
    Trump personal lawyer Cohen – FELON!
    Trump campaign manager Manafort – FELON!
    Trump asst. campaign manager – FELON!
    Trump national security adviser Flynn – FELON!
    Trump foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos – FELON!
    Trump longterm political adviser Stone – FELON!

  17. My advice to Roger Stone is…..stop cutting your own hair!!!….. because its so far back….. it's almost in the bronze age……but on the plus side…..the "I'm a Child Molester look" … really works for you!

  18. Could it be that
    the Russian “Odessa” (NY based) Mafia has somehow compromised, threatened, &/or is blackmailing Rudy Giuliani? Hard to believe he would stoop to such opposite behavior, compared w his previous life as a Federal prosecutor. One of Trump’s former lawyers speculated that, after making far less, for so many yrs, as a Government attorney, the jet-setting lifestyle, that Parnas & Fruman bestowed upon Rudy, went to his head (which makes a good argument, for paying US Attorneys better, so they can’t be so easily corrupted).

  19. Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, Paul Manifort,… all paid a very heavy price for loyalty to Donald Trump! Rudy Giuliani might be next. This is really a sad sight to read about! Yet, we are learning how easy it is for individuals to get themselves into a lot of trouble!

  20. The demented, orange, clown, is going to light, this country, on fire, and dance, in the glow, of the flames. It makes me really sad, to know, how many are ready, to shed blood, for this sad, old, molester….

  21. Guilani isnt “Americas mayor”, he’s a straight up criminal. Mulvaney is in it up to his eyeballs, and he’s gonna sing like Pavoratti

  22. It's malicious prosecution. After all, 'Coup' is the word used by Strozk and company, to oust the President. So the 'value' of prosecuting Trump supporters on the periphery of his circle in the hopes of getting the goods on the President himself is reaching, it's prosecutorial misconduct..

  23. Between the times that Roger is contemplating his navel and watching that spider so assiduously spin its intricate web in one of the ceiling corners of his cramped cell, he can look back with great pride on how he drummed conspiracy theories and other B.S. into the brain of Trump, the man he so admires and loves, almost as much as he hopes that the fly that keeps bothering him eventually gets caught in that stupid spiders's web.

  24. Somehow I think Roger Stone could get a pardon or escape or commit suicide. I do not believe he will be in jail for a very long time and I hope I am wrong.

  25. That kind of professional crook don't care cause he probable do his time in a resort prison kinda like in the movies good fellows

  26. Letting Roger Stone off with a light sentence is a threat to our constitution and the laws of the land. These are not victimless crimes. They are a threat to our system.

  27. that is part of the attitude that supports the rampant corruption at the top in America – once again underling Stone goes to jail while the leaders that put trump in office and coordinated this whole thing stay in the shadow and trump walks

  28. As much as Mueller found, it is becoming more evident with each passing day that he phoned it in. He never should have just proclaimed he “found nothing” regarding Russia just because Tchump wouldn't answer any questions.

  29. It is obvious from all US intelligence sectors and their investigations , along with the Mueller report that Trump has been a Russian asset !! Putin & his aligarch's , over the last 30 years, have woven a very dangerous net around his business through his greediness to interject this poison into the American Democratic Institutions !!! The majority of the republicans have $$$ skeletons from the NRA and other Sins that Putin has uncovered . So even with Trump's Multi million $$$ Constitutional Attorney firms, they surely have advised the President that unless he wins in the 2020 Election, Trump & his Family will surely be in Prison soon after !! So, you think Putin hasn't thought of this to insure that his Plans go forward ??? Trump is scared to Death for himself and his family from Putin's death squad , which Putin has in broad daylight poisoned several persons to remind Trump & assure that Putins plan goes forward. The Plan is the total destruction of confidence in our Constitution influencing the election through bots in Suckaber's facebook platform !! Putin will attack our infrastructure for the effect of total chaos while he infects our stock market computers for a total meltdown & Trump becomes the Communist Czar of North America !!! Trump will loose and being the coward & Traitor that he truly is, will certainly never concede and risk Federal Prison where as Epstein , will be his demise !!!! God Bless us all that we never see this , and we must all prepare for the WORST

  30. MSNBC….call over to to London. I hear MI6 has the conversations with trump…manafort…stone and trump jr. saying/asking where are the emails? when are we getting them? thats where youll find the what these guys know.

  31. You need to ask Bill Barr, he's the one putting brakes on the investigation of the election.
    Add him to the list of potential inmates.

  32. Why is Chuck Todd asking questions? He didn't ask or grill any questions with Rand Paul when he was on the show and allowed Rand to lie on the show. Chuck should resign!

  33. Stones conviction pretty much proves that Trump solicited foreign intervention in the 2016 election. Impeach Trump and jail his crime family. Illegitimate president.

  34. What is strange that the court trials against Cohen, Manafort, Flynn and Stone were done in a closed sitting. Why not open for the public ?

  35. They lie to congress they lie to ALL OF AMERICA!
    Come on fellow American citizens take back your POWER 💪🏻🇺🇸👍🏻 or learn to speak Russian!
    These monsters are Putin’s lackeys and Russia is winning . WE MUST STOP THIS NOW !
    Every person supporting trump is selling out this country they are all traitors.
    That calls for firing squad or hanging !
    Lock them all up and let THE PEOPLE VOTE THEIR FATE !

    DNC staffer, Clinton connection
    Julian Assange = whistleblower
    He has done a service to the public.
    the government engaged in bad behavior and should be held accountable.
    Love yourself
    Love others
    Love God
    Do good. Be good.
    God bless and God speed.

  37. Yeah but you know this was me or you. That shot of him walking out of the courthouse if it was us we would have been in HANDCUFFS.

  38. Trump was surrounded by treasonous traitors when he walked into the Whitehouse day one.all treasonous obozo bush n Clinton holdovers 😤🤮🤮🤮

  39. Chuck, you lost my respect when you allowed Rand Paul to spread lies and not call him out strongly. So disappointed in you.

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