Ryan Gosling & Jimmy Kimmel on Las Vegas

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  1. I do want greasy bump stocks banned for sure. Just keep in mind jimmy…most mass killers are and have been liberal. they are liberal with bad decisions. Please jimmy..have a speech for the aborted lives of babies as well. The death toll is much higher.

  2. I guarantee you that was a PR interview to humanize Kimmel a little more. To pull our tension away that he's anti-second Amendment and a gun-grabbing literal.

  3. I think it's funny how even Americans think of Vegas as some magical oasis in the desert. I suppose with America being such a big country not that many people, relatively speaking, have been there and only see it in movies like the rest of us.

  4. Ryan saw him getting emotional talking about Vegas so turned it around to him to talk about things that make him happy. 👍👍👌

  5. This is the right way to promote a big movie nowadays I believe. You don't really need to talk about your movie when those trailers are all over the place. Just make people like you would do the job.

  6. A true gentleman is not whom has perfect manners, is the one that make sure people around them feel comfortable, relax and enjoy his company… there is a great example of Ryan turning the interview in a sweet conversation

  7. Let's talk about how kind it was for Ryan to turn the conversation. Jimmy's excited to talk about home, his friends, and family. It's a beautiful thing.

  8. Great show. I just seen this interview between you jimmy and Ryan after seeing Bladerunner 2049 just now and I must say; it was very uplifting. I'm a big fan of yours Jimmy ever since The Man show. Great performance in the movie Ryan. I'm too a fan of yours.

  9. jimmi ain't crying in this one? surprising. I though that he cared and he'd campaign 4 his cause and abuse his platform any time he could if he really cared, but hey, guess he bough a new car and got over it. like all the other celebrities.

  10. This is more of a chill conversation rather than an interview and it's genuinely refreshing and amazing. We need more of this!

  11. Talk about #vegasstrong!!!! How our community started lining up on Monday morning at 5am to donate blood.

    That first responders ran towards the gunfire.

    How the lines to donate blood were 6 hours long and appointments backed up for a week.

    The fact that the gofundme me has raised over 10 MILLION in a week.

    PLEASE SHARE THESE FACTS ON AIR!!! It is a tragedy, but the way MY community and Jimmy's community has come together is a thing of beauty.

  12. MAIN STREAM RETARDS … come on people. nobody died. Stop listenening to these fools – late night TV works with the "NEWS" to reinforce all the crap you're being sold  —  you're supposed to be afraid now and get behind gun removal while you marvel at how tender-hearted movie stars can be after all…if guns are taken away from private US citizens then you will really know what it is to be afraid. Don't be fooled do your own research!!!!

  13. What makes the people who died in Las Vegas on that one particular day more important than thousands of people who anonymously die in their hospital beds every day? By the way, Blade Runner 2049 is an excellent movie. I loved watching it.

  14. Being a Vegas native myself, it’s refreshing to hear him talk about how it’s a community also. Most natives I know avoid the strip and we are at casinos just for the movie theaters, bowling, and the restaurants. I’ve never been prouder of where I’m from after seeing how my community is coming together and doing so much for these victims. I hate that this tragedy happened and feel so violated to be in my city, my hometown. My heart is crushed for the victims and their family.

  15. I love how Ryan Gosling turned it around and got Jimmy talking about himself, and laughing, didn't mention his movie once

  16. i cant understand what everyone see attractive in him, hes got a huge forehead, big nose, and small space between his eyes, to me he looks a bit weird

  17. I love my mexican brothers and sisters and I'm not a mexican.
    what a pity when the Demos use them as a chip labor and voters .
    I Am a building contractor and I worked with them ,as a team very nice people and hardworking .
    the problem is Jerry brown and nancy pelosi and their gang ,do you know they pay fourteen hundreds dollars a month for two bedroom apartments full of cockroaches and mold ( a furry growth of minute fungal hyphae occurring typically in moist warm conditions, especially on food or other organic matter). not to mention no air conditioning.
    Because the law of Mr Brown says (only you can provide heating system for your tenant not air conditioning) and I challenge Mr Brown and nancy to come to monument street concord CA and live two days among the mold and cockroaches with your grandchildren's ! I don't think so you don't have the gut , you Just need their vote and chip labor shame on you human being is a human being HAVE A HEART .

  18. I'm as genuine as Ryan Gosling only cuz I truly respect admire adore appreciate and love Ryan Gosling for his ability to be soft spoken

  19. Wow it’s almost like interviews are better without the pre-interview hmmm if only there was a late night show that did this already

  20. It's saddening to hear when a person worked on a movie worked their hardest to promote the movie and were set to go to the red carpet premiere only for a terrible tragedy to cancel such plans it's saddening I know it's a bummer when a tragedy like this happens I respect Ryan Gosling for his courtesy on that

  21. This is probably my favourite Jimmy Kimmel interview. Such a human moment for him. Mad respect to Ryan Gosling for realising there are things more important than promoting a movie. 👍🏽

  22. It was – home for so long…
    It is special to be part of the community of Law Vegas – over 17years –

    Will always be – where I raised my child and had my career years – VP Sales, major National Corporate Health and Pre-employment Labortory Services

    I traveled a lot – and was always going home – to Vegas (that's special)

    ❤ the state and the people.

    Don was a personal family friend and that was a special part of life too – the great talents.

  23. Ryan Gosling is so sweet.I have a grandson that has those same reactions and mannerisms and the laugh is so genuine.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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