Ryan Seacrest Explains That Chair Tumble He Took During Live with Kelly and Ryan

-How’s everything with
“Live! with Kelly?” -You know, Kelly Ripa is the most brilliant
individual. She is a classy, lovely woman,
on my dearest friends. -She did a great job on the
Oscars, as well. -She did great, too.
So it’s a highlight of my day seeing her. We have a good time
every morning. -You started the year off a
little rocky, with, I got say, one of the funniest things I’ve
ever seen in my lifetime. -[ Chuckles ]
-It really makes me laugh. You falling off the chair. Did you see this?
Did any of you see this? This is real.
Dude, this is what probably — -This is what I’ll be known for?
-[ Laughs ] -The Radio Hall of Fame
and falling out of the chair. -It was — ‘Cause I’ve been to
the show. They’re pretty high chairs,
first of all. -Well, for a guy my size, yes,
everything’s high. -[ Laughs ] No, no, no.
But you’re pretty high up. -You’re lucky I’m in this.
-And then — What, were you catching beach
balls or something? -You know, Gelman decides to
spend $12 on the new season, and normally we have little
balloons that fall down. Well, he went big and got these
grand, gorgeous, shiny, Disco balloons that caught my
eye when they first started to come
down in the New Year, and I couldn’t stop staring
at them. So, I’m trying to catch one of
the balloons, and then…
-Yeah. Yeah. -It happens.
-But the reaction — Kelly’s reaction, you can just
tell it really happened. -I think she’s… [ Overlapping stammers ] -Well, hopefully, we’ll play it
more than once, but here it is, Ryan Seacrest falling out of his
chair. -That’s Jasmine Gold
from Buffalo, New York. -Whoa!
-Oh, my God! -[ Laughing ]
-Are you okay? Are you okay? Oh, my gosh. He’s fine.
-I got it! -You got the ball! You landed!
You stuck the landing! -I stuck the landing.
-You stuck the landing! -Listen, let me tell you —
-That’s what it’s all about. Stick the landing!
-Ripa’s lucky. There was a moment I almost
brought her down with me. You know, I grabbed —
But what I realized, we have this beautiful hardwood
floor that clearly is just cement with
a sticker on top. -[ Laughs ] That’s a hard fall.
-I learned that — I’ve got a bruise on my thigh. -She turned around, and she was
like, “Oh, my –” Her reaction was so real, I was
like, “That’s a real fall.” -The show’s called “Live!” so we
couldn’t do it again. -[ Laughing ] Yeah, exactly. Well, we’re not live, so we can
do it one more time. Can we show Ryan falling one
more time? We’re gonna slo-mo it.
Whooop! Whoop!
Aaaand beautiful leg! Honestly, Jerry Lewis could not
have done it better than you. That was a great fall.
-The leg over was graceful, wasn’t it? Yeah.
-Oh, it was so good. That made me laugh.
That is a classic moment. -People will come up to me now
and say, “Hey, listen, how are you?”
“I’m…fine. How are you?” “No, how are you feeling?”
“I feel great.” “I saw you fall in the chair.”
“That was the beginning of the year.”
-That was two months ago. -Yeah, it was two months ago.
-[ Laughing ] Yeah, get over it.
It was a classic moment. “American Idol” coming back.
-“American Idol” is back. You’ve got Lionel Richie,
Luke Bryan, Katy Perry. It is a new season.
I’ll tell you something. When I first started,
when Kelly Clarkson won, and she came on the show, and we were looking for a pretty
specific pop star. Now there are no genre walls
in music, and so we’re seeing all kinds of
different true artists who write their songs and
perform, and I think that’s evolved the
show quite a bit. -Oh, that’s fantastic.
It’s good, yeah, because it’s been — what was
it — almost 20 years? -It’s been almost 20 years.
-Wow. -Yeah.
-That’s amazing. It’s a great — [ Cheers and applause ] I’m so happy that you’re still
doing it. -And this season, it’s just
great. We have people who are doing
everyday things for their jobs. One guy’s a garbage man.
One guy is an Uber driver. And they just say, “You know,
I’m gonna go for it and see what happens,” and
there’s real talent in these people across the
country. -Yeah, it’s great.
And you get along with them — the talented ones and even the
ones that kind of — “You got to come back next
year.” Yeah, I’m sure, yeah.
-Yeah, yeah. -That’s what I love.
I want to show a clip. Take a look at a little bit of
this Sunday’s premiere of “American Idol.” -That show that rock is still
alive. I don’t feel like Idol has
something that’s me yet — like in your face, like hyping
everyone up, like all of that energy. Your hair looks so nice.
-Thanks. -I wish mine looked as nice as
yours. -Fortunately, someone helps me
with it. -Ryan Seacrest is pretty —
pretty hot. I listen to your radio station.
-Thank you for listening. I appreciate that.
Well, good luck, man. -Thank you.
-Nice to meet you. [ Cheers and applause ]
-He’s buttering you up. -Yeah, I have no pull.
-He’s not a judge, yeah! He’s the host.
-I question his judgment, but he’s probably a great
artist. -Ryan Seacrest, everybody.

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  1. Don't blame the chairs Ryan. If Kelly can get up there wearing a mini-skirt and heels you should AT LEAST be able to stay upright! 😄

  2. I almost feel like Ryan PUSHED himself to fall. I mean, the discombobulation was real, but then for like a quick mili second you can tell he was like “I looked dumb ALMOST falling out of my chair, why not just go that extra mile and get a reaction?”

  3. I really thought Ryan was gay for the longest time till I saw a video of Britney Spears being surprised about him being straight.

  4. Lair she probably thought u were gay Ruan because she an old lady and looks thristy she looks her age and even more and she does t treat men well but she thinks u gay

  5. I was watching kelly and Ryan here a while back when that happened, first time in a while my mom lmao like she did 😂

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