Said It, Meant It: “I Don’t Need Anything Special for Valentine’s Day”

[ Cheering ] -What they said was, “Honey,
I don’t need anything special for Valentine’s Day.
I have you.” What they meant was, “Butt stuff.
I really want to do butt stuff.” [ Laughter ] You laughing really loud
over there, sir. And I respect that.
I respect that confidence. What they said was,
“I don’t need to know anything about your ex-girlfriend.” What they meant was,
“I’ve already stalked her for two weeks on Instagram
and she has a lazy eye, so…” [ Laughter ] We’re so petty on that.
Are we so petty? When we’re stalking the ex,
we’re like, “Hmm, well,
she’s kind of lopsided. It’s okay.
[ Laughter ] What they said was,
“I’m kind of tired.” What they meant was, “I don’t want to have sex
with you, so don’t even try.”
[ Laughter ] What they said was, “I don’t mind you leaving
your toothbrush here at all.” What they meant was, “Why are you trying to trap me?
Let me live!” [ Laughter ] What they said was,
“It’s cold outside. Don’t you want to grab
your coat?” What they meant was, “Yo, don’t even think about
asking for my jacket. [ Laughter ] What they said was, “Are you sure your parents
want to meet me?” What they meant was, “You — you told them
I’m not white, right?” [ Audience ohs ] [ Laughter and applause ] Ohh! For real!
For real! What they said was,
“Let’s just drop it.” What they meant was, “Let’s leave it for now, but I’ll bring it back up two
years from now on vacation when you least expect it.”
[ Laughter ] What they said was, “It’s just going to be
a calm guys’ night out. You know, nothing too crazy.” What they meant was… “Strippers!”
[ Cheers and applause ] That was “Said It, Meant It,”
everybody. [ Cheers and applause ]

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. What they said was: it's just gonna be guys night out, you know,nothing to crazy.

    What they meant was: STRIIIPPPERRRSSS!

    Where is the lie though? 😂😂😂


    Also LOVING the pink!!!! (And it is actually pink if anyone corrects me this time.. when I was completely right lastnight.. I will find you!) 😂

  3. Do you guys think Lilly is into butt stuff..? 0:12
    She's mentioned it a couple times. No judgement. Just curious 👀👀😂

  4. Hey Lilly,


    That's what we all need…

    HULK SMASH chocolate 👌
    HULK SMASH pizza 😂👌
    HULK SMASH root beer 👌
    HULK SMASH car (wasn't watching the road) 👊👊🖕

  5. Why does she keep looking at the camera when she “lands” the “jokes” is it to trigger the laugh track? This is asssssss

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